The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 912

Chapter 912 Precarious Trap

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“Yes, it is. The Red Blood Palace has a legendary demonic technique called the ‘Holy Demon Transcendence Dharma.’ There are three levels in total, and every time one succeeds in training, the martial artist will experience a transformation. It’s like being reborn, and I’m talking a real rebirth!” Bing Wuxin explained.

Bing Wuxin then continued, “From the skeleton to the blood essence, then to the appearance, these all will experience astonishing changes, and their own abilities will rise as well. In the past, it was very popular in the faction. It’s too bad that when Mo Yang betrayed the faction, it was brought along as well. As such, Mo Yang is the only one training with dharma now.”

Bing Wuxin then said, “If this severed arm really is Mo Yang’s, then the news about Mo Yang’s emergence is definitely true.”

Upon hearing that, Su Yu finally understood that there were techniques that enabled martial artists to molt like animals in this world!

“In that case, does that mean that the current Mo Yang no longer looks like the way he did ten years ago?” Su Yu asked.

Bing Wuxin nodded deeply. “Yes, that is why he was able to escape the numerous killings in the past ten years. No one knows which level of “Holy Demon Transcendence Dharma” he has attained or how many times he has molted. So, there’s no way to find out about his current appearance.”

Su Yu frowned as he stared at the severed arm. “The only way to find Mo Yang is by this arm. City master, where did you find this arm?”

They could only inspect the place where this arm was found in order to see if there were any clues that had been left behind.

“Haha, don’t worry, emissaries. Before you came, I sent someone to investigate it in secret. Now, Mo Yang’s hiding spot has been found!” The city master smiled. Despite his fierce appearance, he was very compassionate.

Bing Wuxin’s eyes shone. “Really? Where?”

“Do you doubt me? I’m only a small city master, so how would I dare lie to you? I only hope that you could sing praises about me in the Red Blood Palace,” the city master simpered.

If he could contribute to this matter and receive compliments from the Red Blood Palace, then the Soul Seizing Palace, which he was under, might give him some rewards.

Bing Wuxin nodded. “That’s for sure. So, where is he hiding?”

“According to my people’s investigation, Mo Yang has become very feeble after molting. In order to avoid attracting attention, he has hidden in a remote and desolate place. Specifically, it is a small village,” the city master’s face was somber as he explained.

He then said, “However, my people couldn’t go near it, as Mo Yang is very vigilant. Any slight movement would cause him to alter his hiding place. As such, the tracking experts that I hired have already lost track of him several times. If you really want to capture Mo Yang, you’d better be prepared, as such blatant hunting will most probably make Mo Yang want to flee.”

Bing Wuxin’s eyes shone. “Oh? So… In your opinion, what should we do?”

The city master suggested, “It’s best to disguise yourselves as a family that is passing by the village. To avoid Mo Yang’s suspicion, I suggest that the three of you pretend to be a mortal refugee family.”

Upon hearing that, Bing Wuxin was startled. “A mortal refugee family? Us… And him?” As she spoke, she pointed at Su Yuxian.

“Right, I have several special talismans that will conceal your cultivations, making you seem just like the mortals. That way, you’ll surely be able to slip under Mo Yang’s radar,” the city master said.

He then added, “As long as you infiltrate the village successfully and ask around, you’ll likely find out Mo Yang’s exact location. It’s only a small village with limited people, after all, so the presence of a stranger will surely be noticed.”

Right when he finished speaking, Gongsun Wuxie jumped up and said, “I strongly object to this plan! If we disguise ourselves as a family, what role will I play?”

Bing Wuxin answered indifferently, “You’ll be my younger sister! Isn’t that great? I’m fine with you being my daughter, too.”

“Oh no! I don’t want to be your daughter! I am already 18!” Gongsun Wuxie’s short and tiny body jumped around, while her face reddened.

“How about him?” She then pointed at Su Yu.

Su Yu replied nonchalantly, “I can be your grandfather or something.”

“Get lost!” Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie yelled at him in unison.

Upon seeing that the two of them were unable to come to a consensus, the city master shifted his eyes and said, “How about this emissary disguises himself as a mortal landlord, and the ladies pretend to be his wife and concubine? Apart from that, there’s hardly any better option…”

Bing Wuxin didn’t mind this plan, as she never cared about things like fame or reputation. But, Gongsun Wuxie was furious at the suggestion, and she thought… How can it be like that?

But, what Er Ling said was right. Their age difference made it difficult to make up suitable identities for them that would make sense to the mortals.

The large age gap between the two ladies would make the grandfather and granddaughters relationship seem far too unreasonable. But, it would fit the mortals’ normal scenarios for an old landlord to marry two gorgeous wives.

“Yes, but if you dare lay a finger on us, don’t blame us for being harsh with you!” Bing Wuxin remarked coldly.

Su Yu replied indifferently, “As you wish. I’ve never had such thoughts about you two anyway!”

The three of them finally came to terms while glaring at each other.

“Okay, we can’t delay any longer. I’ll now bring you to that remote small village. If the need arises, you can summon me anytime,” Er Ling said.

Su Yu nodded. He was grateful, as he knew that a fourth-grade Almighty could offer useful help in a critical time. With Er Ling leading the way, they left Tianyuan City and headed quickly toward a huge desolate mountain. Many small cities could be seen along the way, and almost all of them were occupied by mortals.

“Just ahead of you is the famous Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. The whole mountain range has a very complex topography. As such, many mortals spend their whole lives there, unable to leave,” Er Ling explained.

He then said, “Also, they’re faced with a scarcity of resources, which explains why almost no martial artists are willing to venture inside. Mo Yang really made a great choice by choosing this place to heal his wounds.”

Hundred Thousand Great Mountains? Su Yu gazed ahead, a hidden bright light flickering in the depths of his pupils.

Even after three days had passed, they still hadn’t crossed the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, even at their fast speed. At the moment, they had just landed outside an ordinary village.

Er Ling’s face grew solemn as he led the three of them in landing. He then said, “We’re here. Mo Yang’s hiding spot is just ahead. Here are three talismans. They will help conceal your energies.”

As he spoke, he took out three purplish-red talismans that had bizarre colors and were somewhat vicious-looking and slightly gruesome. Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie were slightly stunned, as although they could both be considered as experienced and knowledgeable, they did not recognize these talismans.

“These are the latest talismans that have been recovered from the ancient times. They are known as the Sumeru Breathtaking Talismans, and once they adhere to the body, they will conceal one’s energy,” the city master explained, while placing one on his own chest.

The talisman instantly became transparent. At the same time, his martial artist’s energy was completely suppressed. As he stood before Su Yu and the others, they could not sense the slightest bit of martial artist energy from him!

“Wow! It’s so wonderful!” Gongsun Wuxie was the most curious of them all, and her eyes shone as she took one of the talismans and playfully pressed it on her forehead. All of a sudden, her energy dissipated rapidly, and she became an ordinary ten-year-old girl!

Bing Wuxin’s eyes flickered. She then took one and adhered it to her waist. Just as the two before her, her ninth-grade fairy cultivation dissipated along with it.

Su Yu was the last one left. He took a talisman and adhered it to his chest. In this way, all three of them became very ordinary mortals.

“Let’s get going.” Bing Wuxin held a long sword in her arms and led the way.

Behind her, Su Yu followed in an unhurried manner. “What? I’m your husband, yet I’m being left behind, just like this? We don’t look like a landlord and his wives!”

Bing Wuxin’s pretty eyes turned cold as she snapped her head back fiercely and gritted her teeth. At last, she still paused to wait for him before replying harshly, “My lord, let’s go.”

Su Yu smiled. “My lovely wives, follow me.”

“Old rogue!” Gongsun Wuxie clenched her fists in anger, while both of the women stood on one side of Su Yu.

Although their connection seemed forced, it really did make sense for them to take on this guise as mortals in this way. When they arrived at the village, whiffs of smoke were billowing out of chimneys, children were playing on the street, and the livestock were returning to their pens. It was a delightful scene.

The arrival of Su Yu and the others instantly commanded everyone’s attention. After all, they were three very unfamiliar faces.

“Big sister, little sister, and old uncle, who are you?” A little boy with a braid and ragged pants asked, while looking natural and innocent.

Bing Wuxin said, “There is an epidemic in the village where I, my lord, and my younger sister were living, and many people died. So, we ran away and barely made it here. Where are your parents? Are they at home? We’d like to stay for a night in this village, so could you bring us to your parents?”

The child nodded. “No problem! My parents are in the house, and they’ll welcome you for sure. Come with me!” He skipped and ran ahead of them, leading them to his house.

“It’s a really peaceful village,” Gongsun Wuxie said as she glanced around.

Su Yu stared ahead, the corners of his mouth twitching upwards as he asked, “Is it?”

With the boy leading the way, they arrived at a small yard, which was ordinary and tidy. The plants in the yard were well taken care of, which made it seem like the . boy’s parents were diligent people.

After pushing open the gate to the yard, the boy pointed at the house and said, “Big sister, little sister, old uncle, come inside! My father and mother are inside.”

Gongsun Wuxie cast a look at the tightly shut door and windows, getting a strange feeling in her heart. “It’s still dusk, yet they have shut the door and windows?”

The boy’s face darkened. “My mother is seriously ill, and she can’t be exposed to the wind. That’s why our door and windows are always closed.”

“If that’s the case, I’m immortal, so I could surely save your mother.” Gongsun Wuxie laughed. When using Vital Energy to heal the mortals, most illnesses could be cured.

A cheerful smile bloomed on the little boy’s face as he nodded at her.

Bing Wuxin then knocked on the door. “Hello?”

But… There was no response. Bing Wuxin slightly scowled and pushed the door open. Surprisingly, it opened with ease.

However, right at that moment, a gory gush of air came rushing at them, bombarding them head-on. There was a revolting, stinky odor amid the gory air.

Bing Wuxin’s face hardened, and she yelled, “Beware! There are dead bodies inside, and by the smell… It seems like they died at least ten days ago!”

“Wait! There’s something wrong with that little boy!” Bing Wuxin suddenly exclaimed.

But, when they turned to look, there wasn’t any little boy in the yard! He had run to the outside of the yard without them realizing it, and his pure and lovely face was full of slyness as he sneered at them.

“Who are you?” Bing Wuxin’s eyes turned cold.

The boy held his across his chest as a calmness and dejection that didn’t fit with his age appeared in his eyes. His voice was hoarse as he replied, “Aren’t you looking for me?”

The three of them were startled, and they all gasped before asking in unison, “You are… Mo Yang?”

The boy laughed wickedly. “What do you think? It’s great! I devoured two fourth-grade Almighties and a fifth-grade Almighty for molting last time, and now, here are you three! I’m especially excited about you, Bing Wuxin, as I’ve always wanted to taste your blood!”

Bing Wuxin’s eyes froze. “How do you know that my name is Bing Wuxin?”

They had not met before, and Bing Wuxin dwelled deep in the faction and rarely came out, so she could not imagine how Mo Yang could know her!

“Haha, of course…. I was the one who said it.” A familiar voice sounded in their ears.

Then, an elderly man, whose forehead had a horizontal scar on it and whose right ear was deformed emerged above their heads with his hands on his back. He was looking at them and smiling.

“Er Ling, you planned all of this with Mo Yang? Luring the students of the Red Blood Palace inner sanctum here?” Bing Wuxin was suddenly struck with the realization that they had fallen into a trap!

Er Ling laughed, his smile eerie. “Isn’t it too late to just be figuring this out now?”

If news of this incident was spread to the faction, it would surely cause a huge shock to ripple through the city! No one would be able to believe that a city master under their jurisdiction had actually colluded with Mo Yang to harm the faction students! In fact, that stench of blood that had just emanated from the house had probably come from the inner sanctum students who were hunting Mo Yang!

A cold look appeared on Bing Wuxin’s lips as she asked, “Is it? Do you think we can be killed if you join hands with Mo Yang?”

Mo Yang, in his little boy form, laughed coldly. “You’re not aware of your own imminent death! Er Ling, don’t waste time on her… Let’s get started!”

Er Ling laughed, while a cruel light flickered in his eyes. “Bing Wuxin, I admit that I’m no match for you, but you seem to have forgotten something!” Then, with a pat on his chest, he caused a purplish-red talisman to slowly materialize.

“Haha, I forgot to tell you all, the Sumeru Breathtaking Talisman has a big side effect besides concealing one’s energy, which is…” Er Ling smiled coldly.

Bing Wuxin’s and Gongsun Wuxie’s faces fell as they frantically patted their chests in an attempt to remove the talismans. However, it was too late!

Bing Wuxin’s chest started cramping all of a sudden, and a cold chill that penetrated her soul invaded her body, freezing her limbs and all of her veins! She wanted to operate her Vital Energy to resist it. However, when the Vital Energy came into contact with the cold chill, it froze!

Bing Wuxin was in a state of complete shock and terror. “What kind of chill is this? Why is it so terrifying?”

Gongsun Wuxie’s small face turned pale as a layer of cold ice gradually appeared on her body’s surface. Her lips shivered as she said, “This isn’t a chill… It’s… Cold poison…”

At that moment, the two of them turned into ice sculptures in a few breaths, standing motionless and rooted on their spots. Dread filled their eyes.

The cold poison did not stop, but continued to ravage them. Not long after that, even their consciousnesses were frozen, and their visions gradually blackened before their bodies finally fell into deep sleeps.

Er Ling laughed an evil laugh. “Haha! These so-called excellent students of the Red Blood Palace! They were so easily fooled!”

The little boy laughed hideously and stared at Bing Wuxin, a light of excitement flickering in his eyes as he licked his lips. “Bing Wuxin’s blood was inherited from that lord, and I believe one will experience nature-defying, miraculous effects after consuming it!”

Er Ling’s eyes were hot with desire. “I made a contribution too, so give me half of it!”

“No problem!” The boy chuckled.

Right at that moment, a discordant voice sounded in their ears, “Isn’t dividing the loot now being a bit too disrespectful toward me?”

The abrupt speech startled both of them. The little boy raised his brows. “Er Ling, is this the way you handle things? Why is this fellow unharmed?” Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie were frozen by the cold poison, yet Su Yu was standing unscathed in the yard!

Er Ling was shocked. “I have no idea! This brat is rather weird! I saw him adhering the talisman with my own eyes! But, I think his function as a fifth-grade fairy is only to fill the numbers, so we’ll just have to finish him off by ourselves.”

Su Yu smiled calmly, his smile placid and indifferent as he heard this. He shrugged nonchalantly. “Is that so?”