The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 913

Chapter 913 Hunting Mo Yang

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“Although I have no idea what tricks you’ve used to resist the cold poison of the Sumeru Breathtaking Talisman, if I were you, I would have run away instead of staying behind to insult people!” Er Ling laughed coldly and said as he walked toward Su Yu.

When he was a hundred feet from Su Yu, his eyes turned cold and turbulent waves of Vital Energy surged all across his body, The Vital Energy waves then charged toward Su Yu.

If such an immense amount of Vital Energy was surging toward a sixth-grade fairy, that fairy would have been stunned right away and wouldn’t have been able to even budge! It’s too bad that Su Yu was no ordinary sixth-grade fairy.

Under the shroud of vast Vital Energy, Su Yu looked calm and composed, and he faced the danger with a smile. When Er Ling was less than ten feet away from Su Yu, an emerald light flitted across Su Yu’s arm and a dark shadow appeared out of nowhere.

The approaching Er Ling was utterly shocked, and he recoiled immediately. Nonetheless, after its emergence, the dark shadow chased after him and caught hold of Er Ling’s shoulder. Immediately thereafter, another palm slammed down ruthlessly on his skull! With a dull thud, Er Ling’s skull was split into smithereens, like a watermelon.

Soon after that, a spirit flew out from the split cranial vault. Its face was horrific and hateful as it screamed, “Ah! Little thief! You played dirty!”

Su Yu smiled nonchalantly. “We’re just the same…”

Right after that, layers of swirling patterns floated in Er Ling’s eyes, which were like bottomless vortexes. His material body was unaffected, but Er Ling, in his soul form, was being endlessly absorbed and torn apart.

“Mo Yang, what are you standing there for? Save me, quickly!” Er Ling growled in terror.

They had been working together for many years. All along, he had been the one hiding Mo Yang and supplying him with a vast number of martial artists. So, it could be said that Mo Yang owed him a great debt of gratitude.

However, he did not receive any response for a long time. This was because Mo Yang had run away the moment that Hu Wangui had appeared.

He was very cunning! As for saving Er Ling’s life, he had never thought of offering his aid.

“Be at ease, and come inside!” Su Yu remarked indifferently.

Amid Er Ling’s enraged bellow, he was taken into the Soul Dimension. Su Yu did not bother to assess his condition in the Soul Dimension.

Then, with a flicker of his eyes and a wave of his hand, he gathered the frozen bodies of Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, then ordered Hu Wangui to lead him in quickly chasing after Mo Yang.

It was a small village town, and Mo Yang had nowhere to hide. Thus, he ran into the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains.

Su Yu could sense that Mo Yang had just molted and was in his weakest fledgling form, currently having the cultivation of about a third-grade Almighty, which was not much different from the time that he had betrayed and left the faction. But, he could also sense that subtle changes were happening to Mo Yang’s energy, as it seemed to be strengthening, bit by bit.

After this molting, the third-grade fairy would be incomparable to Mo Yang’s ability at its apex. Hence, he had to be killed as soon as possible!

Otherwise, if he was given time to recuperate or received a large amount of nourishment, he would quickly recover his apical state. Then, Su Yu would be the unlucky one!

Half a day later, Su Yu finally caught up with Mo Yang by following his scent. But, Mo Yang was very cunning, and he had used certain methods to leave his scent behind, but spread out in three different directions!

Su Yu smiled calmly as he operated his Silver White Eye and looked in the three directions. Seeing past countless mountains, rivers, and obstacles, Su Yu could see everything.

The scent that extended into the depths of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains was a flying demonic beast, and its body was tied up with a stretch of Mo Yang’s shed skin. In another direction was a large python that was frightened and was running frantically. In its stomach lied a swallowed limb, which was also an item that had been disposed of after Mo Yang’s molting.

The only thing that Su Yu failed to see was the last scent, which had headed in the direction of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. This made him think that Mo Yang had most probably chosen to escape through that route.

With a twitch of his lips, Hu Wangui carried Su Yu and broke through the sky to chase after Mo Yang. After another day spent chasing him, they discovered that Mo Yang had once again repeated his trick to divide Su Yu’s focus. But, Su Yu was not hindered by this trickery, and he continued hunting Mo Yang relentlessly.

Another half a day had passed, which meant that they had been hunting him for two full days. Su Yu finally caught up with Mo Yang somewhere near a cliff on the border of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains.

The pair of crimson wings that were on Mo Yang’s back looked lusterless at the moment, having losing all liveliness. Mo Yang’s face was also pallid. His energy also seemed feeble, and he had obviously suffered a great loss of strength. It seemed like he had relied upon the pair of crimson wings to persevere through his escape from the pursuit of the fifth-grade Almighty Hu Wangui.

At that moment, Mo Yang leaned against the edge of the cliff, breathing heavily and staring at Su Yu. His face turned ferocious as he asked in a low voice, “How did you catch up with me?”

He had never discarded the body parts that had been shed from his molting. This was so that he could use them to trick his enemies during his escapes.

The strong men from the inner sanctum of the Red Blood Palace had been after him for ten years. Among them were experts who were adept in tracking scents and energies, but still, none of them had managed to capture him. That was the very reason that some of them even fell into his carefully designed traps in the end.

What he hadn’t predicted was that his ever-useful trick of scattering his scent was insubstantial to an insignificant sixth-grade fairy student, who could clearly chase him all the way here! As such, Mo Yang sensed that he was in danger for the first time.

“Who can you fool with that silly scent tricks? Do you want me to do it? Or… Do you want to end it yourself? The former will cause a great deal of pain,” Su Yu said indifferently.

His condescending tone made Mo Yang very uncomfortable. Also, those were the exact words that he often said to the Red Blood Palace students who fell into his trap, which made it even more painful that Su Yu had used them on him in this moment.

“Brat, what’s the point of killing me? That old thing promised you 3,000,000 merit points, but I can promise you 20,000,000 crystals! With such a large sum of crystals, you wouldn’t have to stay in the Red Blood Palace! In Tianya City, you can buy any resources that you want! Wouldn’t that be great?” An idea suddenly occurred to Mo Yang.

Su Yu replied nonchalantly, “Merit points are no longer useful to me.”

Su Yu thought… What would someone who isn’t returning to the faction do with merit points?

Su Yu then said, “I’m not short of crystals, but since I accepted the mission to kill you and there happens to be a chance for me to do so now, why shouldn’t I do it?”

Mo Yang’s face darkened as he gritted his teeth and said, “Fine. I know that I can’t escape today, but can you tell me… Why doesn’t the Sumeru Breathtaking Talisman have any effect on you?”

Even Bing Wuxin, whose bloodstream was unique, was afflicted by it. So, he could not figure out how Su Yu remained unphased.

“Oh, you mean this?” Su Yu patted his chest lightly, causing a purplish-red talisman to emerge on his chest. It seemed to be adhering tightly to Su Yu’s chest, but Mo Yang couldn’t figure out how the cold poison did not affect Su Yu in any way!


Suddenly, Su Yu tore it off unceremoniously, and a colorful and brilliant thin membrane was vaguely visible between his muscles and his skin. This revealed the poison-resistant effect of the Moonless Tridirectional Elixir!

“You came prepared! In that case, you’ve seen through Er Ling, right from the start?” Mo Yang asked in a low voice.

Su Yu nodded, his hands behind his back.

“That stupid idiot! It’s great that he died! He gave himself away, even when he was disguised!” Mo Yang said in anger, his voice filled with hatred.

Su Yu laughed, then said, “Haha, I saw through him, but not because he gave himself away. It’s actually the opposite! He’s been disguising himself too perfectly!”

He then added, “I have a bad habit. I’m prone to be suspicious of overly enthusiastic people, and Er Ling happened to be one of them.”

Su Yu shook his head, then said, “From helping us find out your whereabouts and watching you to giving us suggestions on how to disguise ourselves, while making you put down your guard, he’s been doing such things that raised my suspicions all along. Then, he took out the precious talismans to help us conceal our energies and enter the village to look for you, even bringing us there in person.”

Su Yu then said, “We’re totally unrelated to him, and Er Ling only used the excuse that he hoped we’d sing his praises when we returned to the faction to explain why he had supposedly spent so much effort in helping us. To be honest, I felt like he was a hunter who was patiently luring his prey into his trap the whole time!”

Su Yu had spent a lot of time in the business world, where he constantly dealt with tricksters and frauds, who were always being nice to him without a reason. This was his biggest taboo, and this also explained why he felt like anyone who offered him something had some scheme up his sleeve!

Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie weren’t exactly careless people, but they had fallen into the trap. This was because they let Er Ling lead the way and walked into his trap without even realizing it! This caused them to put on the talismans of unknown origin, without any preparation first.

Mo Yang heaved a long sigh, then said, “That was it!”

He then said, “I have one last question…”

Su Yu nodded. “Alright. Ask it. Since you’re in such making such an effort to attempt to buy time, you must be intending to unleash your unique skills…”

Hearing that, Mo Yang’s eyelids jumped and his pupils constricted, but he tried to laugh it off. He then asked, “At this point, could I still have any chance of survival?”

“Oh… Well… What about the talisman that’s being activated inside your stomach at this very moment?” Su Yu asked indifferently.

Mo Yang was shocked, as it seemed that Su Yu had once again seen right through him! The act he put up about hoping for a peaceful death was indeed just to buy himself some time so that he could activate the talisman that was hidden in his body!

He was then hoping to murder Su Yu whenever Su Yu let down his guard! But, Su Yu had noticed right away, the moment that Mo Yang had started activating it!

This made Mo Yang wonder… There was the belly skin serving as a barrier, so how did Su Yu realize what I was doing?

Suddenly, Mo Yang had a thought… The hardest person to deal with wasn’t the brutal Bing Wuxin, who had mastered the killing methods of a ninth-grade Almighty, but it was Su Yuxian, who did not appear to be threatening at first glance at all!

“Go to h*ll!” Mo Yang yelled suddenly.

He felt frightened and anxious. He had spent the last ten years being hunted, yet he had never felt such terror. He opened his mouth and spat out the talisman that was in his stomach, which immediately charged toward Su Yu.


Once the talisman emerged, it transformed into an exploding fiery ball, which had an enormous, explosive force that was like a full-on strike from a fifth-grade Almighty! At that moment, Hu Wangui’s black shadow flashed, and he drew out a long whip, which was covered with horrifying flames.

Under the lashings of the whip, the exploding fire was quickly contained. Incredibly, the seemingly dangerous strike did not harm Su Yu in the slightest!

Mo Yang did not even have a chance to look at the outcome before he plummeted down from the cliff. However, not long after he flew down, the howling sound of wind came from above his head. Apparently, Su Yu had chased after him right when he jumped down!

Mo Yang wasn’t angered by this. Instead, he was actually delighted.

What he feared most was the manipulated fifth-grade Almighty strong man. As for Su Yu, despite his creepy nature, his cultivation was low in the grand scheme of things.

So, Mo Yang thought… What is there to fear?

Mo Yang then yelled, “Brat, since you’re hot on my heels, don’t blame me for being cruel and ruthless!”

Mo Yang then stretched out his hand, and a white bony spike appeared on his palm! The bony spike extended infinitely outward, like a beam of light, penetrating Su Yu’s position in the blink of an eye.


The bony spike then pierced the space, causing it to sway slightly! The entire space in the Jiuzhou Continent was extremely sturdy and stable, and only the All Creation All Monster had the strength to tear a seam through it.

Even a late-stage Almighty could hardly waver the space! Thus, the single strike of the bony spike could match the penetrating force of a sixth-grade Almighty!

Su Yu felt an inner dread fill his heart at that moment. He could clearly see that Mo Yang’s peak combat power wasn’t any weaker than a sixth-grade Almighty’s. So, he knew that he couldn’t give him the chance to recover!