The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Mysterious Ghostly Creature

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Su Yu’s eyes turned cold, and as he waved his sleeves, an intangible thread forcefully cracked open the long, bony spike.

Mo Yang let out a miserable scream, “Ahh! My hand! How could you possibly cut it off? Not even the top-grade spiritual artifacts could do that!”

But, Su Yu ignored him totally, while descending like a fly and causing the silk thread to waver along the way, cutting off the bony spike inch by inch. Mo Yang screamed horribly. He was clearly in excruciating pain.

He hurriedly withdrew the bony spike, then drilled into the depths of the cliff without even turning his head. In terms of speed, the third-grade Almighty Mo Yang certainly outpaced Su Yu, so he was able to vanish without a trace after just a few breaths.

But, it was only temporary, as soon after that, a fiery-red bright light suddenly erupted in midair at the cliff. Closely thereafter, a pair of flaming wings spread out!

Su Yu’s body techniques had clearly increased! Hence, he was able to catch up with Mo Yang in just a fleeting moment!

Right then, Mo Yang had almost reached the bottom of the cliff, which was a bottomless pool of cold water. Mo Yang dove straight into it, as if there was something in it that could save his life!

Glancing at the pool, Su Yu suddenly had a chilly sensation. He felt as though there really was something mysterious deep within the pool!

Hence, he couldn’t wait any longer! So, after taking a deep breath, Su Yu weaved a sign with both of his hands, and the blurry moonlight on his right palm expanded. It was shrouding a corner of the world at last!

As Mo Yang raised his head to look upon this scene, terror and shock filled his heart! The skyline was boundless, and it was all shrouded by a gigantic bright moon!

It was as if the bright moon was born from the sky in that moment and was crashing toward him! But… What shocked Mo Yang the most was that he recognized this scenario!

“The unique skill of the Central Prefecture’s King, the first technique of the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm, the Great Moon Palm strike! It’s impossible! You’re a student of the Red Blood Palace, so how could you have mastered the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm?” Mo Yang exclaimed in extreme terror.

Through the endless moonlight, a placid voice replied, “I’ll tell you once you’re down there!”


At that moment, the boundless bright moon came closing in on Mo Yang, who was instantly reduced to smithereens amid the expanse of moonlight. All of his scattered pieces immediately fell into the freezing pool.

The first technique of the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm was a massive success, as it had killed a third-grade Almighty effortlessly! But, at that moment, Su Yu’s ears pricked up suddenly. This was because, amid the crashing sound of torn flesh falling into the pool, Su Yu had heard an unusual motion.

He fixed his gaze to look at Mo Yang, who had just been blown into pieces, and Su Yu saw that Mo Yang’s flesh and blood were coalescing once again!

Su Yu immediately wondered… Resurrection? That’s impossible!

Su Yu then scanned everything with his Transparent Eye and discovered, just as he had expected, Mo Yang was being pieced together from the body that he had shed in the past! Hence, it was lacking a few parts, so his body was in a deformed state! But, his cultivation had still reached the fifth-grade Almighty level!

“Da*n it! You ruined my Holy Demon real form! I want you to suffer in hopelessness, so that you can neither live nor die!” Mo Yang’s eyes were blood red as he shouted at Su Yu, and an immense hatred was radiating off of him.

This body was the empty shell that he had left behind during his molting, which had the cultivation of a fifth-grade Almighty. Originally, after Mo Yang would molt, he only needed to capture a few strong Almighties and use their blood essences to help him recover rapidly to a child form. By then, he could also achieve a cultivation of a sixth-grade Almighty.

Thus, if Su Yu had hurried forward during that time, he was undoubtedly looking for his own death! But now, Su Yu had taken advantage of Mo Yang’s weakness and frailty in order to destroy his newest body!

In other words, Mo Yang’s practice of the Holy Demon Transcendence Dharma had come to an end, and the body that he shed would no longer suffice to undergo another metamorphosis! As such, Mo Yang demanded vengeance and retribution from the one who jeopardized his bright future!

Now, he was forced to return to his former self! But, he wasn’t afraid of Hu Wangui any longer, so Mo Yang absolutely had to take his revenge!

“Go to h*ll!” Mo Yang had turned into a fifth-grade Almighty by this time, so his power had boosted up!

Su Yu didn’t even see his figure clearly before he was already only ten feet away from him. But, Su Yu didn’t panic, and with a flick of his sleeves, a penta-colored small tower appeared on his palm.

He then instilled the five elements into it, and the small tower instantly released a layer of wave patterns that had five colors. The small tower then formed a protective barrier around Su Yu.

With a dull thud, Mo Yang’s body forcefully ricocheted off of the barrier, while the wave patterns on Su Yu’s body remained completely still. After being sent flying off, Mo Yang was battered and exhausted.

He then bellowed in anger, “Who in the world are you?”

He was wondering… Mysterious flying wings… Mysterious threads… Mysterious defenses… Mysterious fifth-grade Almighty puppet… How could he be an ordinary fairy? Even most of the early-stage Almighties are far weaker than him!

“You don’t need to know that,” Su Yu replied with indifference.

Right at that moment, a firm, brutal palm fell out from nowhere and slammed onto Mo Yang’s body! He intended to retaliate, but his body was in a deformed state after molting, so his agility had been greatly diminished. As such, in his sluggish state, he had suffered a blow to the chest.

His chest was penetrated from front to back, and along with the vibration of Vital Energy, his entire body exploded! Moreover, Mo Yang’s head was blown away!

With a wave of his palm, Su Yu enveloped Mo Yang’s skull with Vital Energy. This human head was worth a full 3,000,000 merit points!

After rapidly stuffing the head inside the space ring, Su Yu immediately captured Mo Yang’s soul and destroyed it. He had now finally slaughtered Mo Yang completely!

Nonetheless, Mo Yang was extremely cunning, and the moment that his body cracked into pieces, his soul left the body, immediately drilling into the cold pool of water.

Hu Wangui wanted to dive inside the pool and hunt for him right away, but was immediately stopped by Su Yu, who shouted, “Wait! Don’t go in there!”

Su Yu had shouted this warning because the depths of the pool gave him a very foreboding feeling. Squinting his Transparent Eye, Su Yu scanned the deep waters.

Very quickly, Su Yu detected Mo Yang’s soul, which had entered the water. The pool was very deep, so it took Mo Yang quite some time to reach its bottom. At the bottom of the pool, leaning against the cliff, was a chiseled stone door.

Endless ghostly energy was emanating from the other side of the stone door. It was lethal and ghastly, and it gave one chills.

“I am Mo Yang. Greetings, master.” Mo Yang’s soul knelt before the stone door.

An old, worn-out and cold voice sounded from the inside, “What about Er Ling? Where is he?”

“While we were preparing to look for a few students from the Red Blood Palace, we were tricked by one of the brats. Er Ling is dead, and my two other bodies were destroyed as well,” Mo Yang said with animosity.

The voice sounded from inside the stone door again, “In that case, the spirits you were asked to collect… Were they lost as well?”

“No. I protected the spirits with my life. They’re all here…” Mo Yang said. He then loosened his mouth, and the small parcel of spirits fell on the floor.

As the stone door opened a narrow crack, a pitch-dark ghostly energy came flooding through it. It was extremely eerie.

Then, a withered and ghostly hand that consisted of mere bones stuck out from the crack in the stone door, immediately snatching the small parcel of souls inside. Shortly thereafter, a clamor from countless spirits suddenly sounded, followed closely by myriad terrified and miserable screams, then the sound of chewing, followed by even more shrill screams of agony!

It was as if those spirits were being chewed and eaten by something! A moment later, the screams from the spirits disappeared and were replaced by a low groan.

Mo Yang’s head hung low as he said, “Master, the brat who hunted me is above the pool! Please avenge me!”

The hoarse voice sounded from the inside of the stone door in reply, “I’ll avenge you, but you were foolish to have attracted him here. So, you have to be punished for exposing my existence!”

What? Mo Yang’s face fell upon hearing this. But, before he could react, the bony withered hand stretched out from the gap in the stone door with the speed of lightning and grabbed him, then pulled him inside.

Shortly thereafter, an ear-piercing, a bone-chilling scream of agony was heard, which then stopped abruptly amid the blood-curdling sound of chewing! As he was standing above the pool and witnessing it all, Su Yu’s scalp felt numb and his pupils shrank.

He then yelled, “Oh no! Run, fast!”

Without a second thought, Su Yu spread out his red wings and dashed toward the sky with Hu Wangui. Right at that moment, the pool of water began rippling.

The waves were roiling violently. Then, with a bubbly sound, a huge and withered ghostly claw stretched out from the pool! The ghostly claw was like a flash of lightning, and it was charging straight toward Su Yu!

Seeing that it was about to grab Su Yu’s ankle and drag him to the bottom of the pool, with a move of Su Yu’s heart, Hu Wangui flew forward and blocked it by standing in front Su Yu!


Hu Wangui’s calf was caught, and he was hauled into the pool at lightning speed. A cold light gleamed in the depths of Su Yu’s pupils as he retrieved the silk thread rapidly and struck at the creepy ghostly claw.


The ghostly claw broke immediately. Then, Su Yu did not even think before grasping that ghostly claw and running away with Hu Wangui!

At the bottom of the pool, a pained groan sounded from behind the stone door, followed by a voice, asking, “Who was that? How could my Golden Corpse Form have been severed?”


Then, as the stone door opened, a human figure that was enveloped in ghostly energy rushed out and soon arrived above the pool. Once the ghostly energy had dissipated, a withered, skeleton-like human figure appeared.

The figure’s deeply sunken eye sockets contained two flickering purple flames, and its entire body was emitting a ghastly, evil energy. Instantly, Su Yu recognized that the person before him was Manor Master Zhang, whose body had been occupied by an All Creation Ghost Soul at Yuling Mountain previously!

Apparently, ever since he had escaped from Yuling Mountain, he had actually been hiding here! Moreover, judging from his cultivation, he had recovered a great deal and had now reached the level of All Creations!

His eyes penetrated the void and looked in Su Yu’s direction, but found nothing. Su Yu had already run far away. He then asked, “Who was that? Why is his energy so familiar?”

Manor Master Zhang emitted cold vibes as he then said, “I can’t be bothered with being hunted by the human Divine Masters of Jiuzhou! So, it seems like I must kill him!”

As he spoke, he took out a jade pendant and transmitted a message into it, “Send my order to check out the people at the Red Blood Palace who accepted the mission to kill Mo Yang. When you find them, kill every last one of them!”

After receiving the message, the jade pendant burned across the void, its exact destination unknown. Meanwhile, Su Yu was hundreds of thousands of miles away. He did not fly high, but stayed close to the ground.

He had a purple-red talisman adhered to his body, which was concealing all of his energy. So, anyone who saw him would think that he was just a mere mortal.

It wasn’t until a few days later, when he had ascertained that he had gone far enough, that Su Yu took off this Sumeru Breathtaking Talisman and heaved a long sigh of relief. He then wondered… Who on earth was that at the bottom of the pool? Why is he residing there? Also, that voice… It seemed so familiar!

Su Yu’s expression was solemn. He was specifically hunting for Mo Yang, but his hunt had uncovered a dreadful, ghostly creature!

Luckily, Su Yu could run fast and had escaped in time. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable!

After thinking for a while, Su Yu selected a safe spot and sat down cross-legged, then entered his Soul Dimension. The surroundings were pitch-black as Su Yu asked in a cold tone, “Evil God, where was the spirit taken just now?” He had to get a clear explanation from Er Ling about this!

“Haha, it has become a delicious snack, of course! Brat, do you want a bite?” The Evil God was in the void, not showing himself as he replied to Su Yu.

Su Yu frowned as he yelled, “This is my Soul Dimension!”

Right then, the entire soul space vibrated and the Evil God who was hiding in a secret spot was catapulted forward by some great force. Upon seeing him, Su Yu jumped in fright. This was because it wasn’t a blood drop that had appeared before him, but a dog that was half the height of a human!