The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 915

Chapter 915 The Evil Gods Original Form

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It held a dying spirit in its mouth, it was Er Ling, who had just been let inside!

Su Yu squinted his eyes. “You’ve recovered a lot, haven’t you? It seems like you’ve benefited immensely from the Evil Long Spear on the Tree God’s body.”

Back then, Su Yu intended to extricate the long spear from the Tree God, but his body had been invaded by the Evil Fatal Energy. In the fleeting moment that his Soul Dimension was loosened, the Evil God took the chance to absorb a part of the Evil Fatal Energy.

The Evil God obtained the nourishment from spirits, which was equivalent to three to four Almighty levels, but his blood drop was strengthened by only two folds. However, the whiff of Evil Fatal Energy caused the Evil God’s blood drop to be strengthened by more than ten thousand folds!

“Haha, kiddo, let’s strike a deal. How about the two of us join hands to go and rob the Evil Fatal Energy from the Tree God b*tch? After absorbing it, I could probably recover one-tenth of my original strength,” the Evil God suggested.

He then said, “By then, if anyone mistreats you, just tell me. I used to be considered the emperor that slaughters the sky and kills the earth. So… If Gods come, I kill Gods. If Buddhas come, I kill Buddhas!”

“If anyone’s blind enough to lay a finger on you, I’ll let them know why the flowers are red!” The dog which was transfigured from the Evil God held the spirit in its mouth as it spoke.

Su Yu shook his head, then said, “Because of your words, I will do my best to stay away from the Tree God’s Evil Fatal Energy!”

He then wondered… If the Evil God really recovered one-tenth of his strength, will a Soul Dimension be enough to contain him?

By then, if the Evil God simply decided to vent his resentful energy, Su Yu would be reduced to ashes!

“Hey kiddo, remember… I’m your beloved Evil God! You know that I’d never hurt you, right?” The Evil God’s eyes rolled as he spoke. They were filled with vileness.

“The Ancient Bronze Tree God does have really impressive beauty, and if you help me recover one-tenth of my strength, I’ll help you tame that b*tch. Then, you can take her as your mistress. How about that? It’s a win-win situation!” he said.

Su Yu shook his head, unwavering. The Evil God was too cunning, and he nearly fell into his trap last time, almost having his divine crystal stolen!

“Don’t waste your efforts,” Su Yu said indifferently as he shot a glance at the Evil God.

He then asked, “It seems like this is your original form, then? Why is it a dog?”

“Hey! Who did you just call a dog? I am the godly emperor, who slaughters the sky and kills the earth, so how could I be a dog?” The Evil God felt humiliated by Su Yu’s words. “My original form is the Heavens Swallowing Divine Canine, and whoever sees me must refer to me as Lord Godly Emperor…”

“Divine Canine…” Su Yu pondered this, then said, “Canine… Isn’t that the same thing as a dog? At most, a divine dog?”

“Hey, I’m not a dog! Woof, woof, woof!” The Evil God let out a torrent of barks.

Su Yu was speechless. He squatted down and gripped Er Ling’s spirit, which was dangling from his mouth. “Godda*n dog! Open your mouth! I have something to ask him.”

“Woof woof! My meal… No…” The Evil God held on tightly to the spirit and kept hauling it backwards.

Su Yu grew impatient and gave him a kick. “Godda*n dog!”

The Evil God was sprawled on all fours by the kick and started to bawl and groan, while rolling on the ground. “Murderer! Dog murderer! Come and save me!”

Su Yu rolled his eyes at him as he caught hold of Er Ling’s spirit. “Who is your and Mo Yang’s master?”

At that moment, Er Ling was almost tormented to death by the Evil God. When he saw Su Yu, he seemed to have encountered his savior. Hence, he spilled all of the information that he knew, “It’s a ghost man, who called himself the ‘Ghostly Soldier Blood Bone.'”

It really was a ghost man! Su Yu thought in awe!

He then asked, “How did the two of you become his servants?”

Er Ling said, “He was being hunted down by someone. I heard that he escaped from the direction of the Red Blood Palace’s Yuling Mountain. Mo Yang and I were looking for an Almighty to attack at that time, but we came across him as he was dying.”

He then continued, “We were about to victimize him when we knew he was a ghost man, even knowing that he was a supreme one of the ninth-grade Almighty level. But, we fell under his control. He ordered us to deliver spirits of the Almighty level to him on a monthly basis to aid him in his recovery from his injuries.”

It was him! Su Yu’s pupils shrank upon hearing this. This was the All Creations ghost, who had possessed Manor Master Zhang, Ghostly Soldier Blood Bone!

Su Yu had an ominous feeling, and he wondered… Why has he awakened suddenly at the Yuling Mountain? Was it just a coincidence… Or a planned event?

The war between humans and ghosts had taken place a hundred years ago, but no one could ever forget that dark and tragic era. It was an era that almost wiped out the entire races!

A hundred years had passed, and now, the ghosts had emerged again. Su Yu was disconcerted by this development.

“Apart from you and Mo Yang, does he have any other servants?” Su Yu then asked.

Er Ling was gradually turning transparent and seemed unable to sustain his own existence any longer. He nodded slowly as he replied, “He does.”

“How many?” Su Yu’s heart thumped as he asked.

Ghostly Soldier Blood Bone had the ability to transform humans into ghosts. It had been four to five months since the incidence at the Yuling Mountain, so god only knew how many humans he had transformed already!

Er Ling grew weaker and weaker as he spoke, “Many… Mo Yang and I were the very first two. After us, he developed… Many… Great influences… All of whom are under his power…”

Even the great influences are now controlled by him? Su Yu’s heart sank upon hearing this, and he asked, “Which specific influences?”

Er Ling’s lips moved as if he wanted to say something else, but no words came out. Instead, he shut his eyes as his soul dissipated into the air.

“Ahh, my meal!” The Evil God pounced forward in his dog form and bit the soul, then devoured it ravenously.

He then licked his lips and wagged his tail before saying, “Kiddo, stop caring about the bullsh*t Ghostly Soldier Blood Bone! Let’s go and find the Tree God b*tch again. I can recover my cultivation, and you can sleep with her… Hey! Don’t go!”

After returning to his body, Su Yu’s expression was solemn. He was thinking…Some influences are being controlled by Ghostly Soldier Blood Bone, but which influences? And… How great are they?

If no precautions were taken to address this new development, it would surely give rise to tragic disasters. Also, as Su Yu was a student of the Red Blood Palace, he had an obligation to warn the faction about the present danger.

After some contemplation, Su Yu wrote a letter to explain the matters about Ghostly Soldier Blood Bone, hoping that it would be given priority when it was brought to the attention of the Red Blood Palace. Then, he summoned the frozen Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

The cold poison in their bodies had diminished by a great deal by that time, especially with Bing Wuxin, whose chest was now emitting warm streams of air. Most of the cold poison had been dealt with.

Su Yu used his palm to condense glorious starlight, which he adhered to their backs, while slowly extracting the cold poison from them. Two hours later, almost all of the cold poison in their bodies had been removed.

Su Yu left a microscopic amount of the cold poison in them intentionally in order to keep them in a comatose state. In their current conditions, they would awake by themselves before too long.

Su Yu put the letter in Bing Wuxin’s hands, then retrieved the space ring that contained Mo Yang’s head. He then stuffed them both into Bing Wuxin’s sleeves.

Then, Su Yu looked at the two of them and gave out a light sigh. “We’re from the same faction, but this is all that I could do for you. Take care… And farewell.”

Once he finished talking, he leapt into the void and took flight. Before long, the two of them awoke one. Gongsun Wuxie shook her freezing petite body and opened her confused eyes, her consciousness slowly becoming clear from its recent sluggish state.

It didn’t take her long to recall the things that happened before she fell into her coma. She then yelled, “Wayaya, how dare you plot against me? I’ll tear you apart!”

It was only when she jumped that she noticed out of the corner of her eye that Bing Wuxin was already standing up. She had a letter in one hand and a space ring in another.

She seemed touched. Gongsun Wuxie had never seen that expression on her face before.

At the same time, Gongsun Wuxie immediately realized that someone was missing. “Eh, where’s the old perverted thief?” Gongsun Wuxie asked.

As she glanced at her surroundings, her face fell. “Could he have been killed by the traitor Er Ling?”

As she thought of that, Gongsun Wuxie fell silent. Although she despised Su Yuxian, when she thought that he could have been harmed by others, a mournful feeling filled her heart.

“Sister Wuxin, how do we explain this to the faction? As assistants, we’re safe and sound, but he has perished!” Gongsun Wuxie said in a low voice.

She then added, “Moreover, how do we tell Cabinet Master Xuelian about it? She treated Su Yuxian really well! Also, the Great Palace Master held him in high regard…”

Bing Wuxin was gazing at somewhere faraway, as if she was lost in her own thoughts. She then handed over the letter, without saying a word.

“What’s that?” Gongsun Wuxie took it and opened it. Then, she exclaimed in shock, “This is that fellow’s handwriting! So… He isn’t dead?”

Bing Wuxin nodded. “Yes. You are right. He is not dead. Also, he saved us!”

“That can’t be! He adhered that purplish-red talisman to himself, just like we did! So, how could he still be okay?” Gongsun Wuxie was utterly stunned.

Bing Wuxin replied, “I can’t be wrong, as before falling into a deep sleep, I vaguely remember hearing his voice. Also, no one else could have saved us in time! It had to be him!”

Gongsun Wuxie was in disbelief, and she exclaimed, “Then, how did he bring us out? Besides Mo Yang, Er Ling was the only one there, and he’s a fourth-grade Almighty!”

“He must have been slaughtered as well?” Bing Wuxin retrieved the space ring and handed it to Gongsun Wuxie.

She then looked inside it and sharply inhaled a chilly breath. “Mo Yang! He killed Mo Yang with his own hands? Yes! It has to be! No wonder, with that unexpected puppet, killing Mo Yang would have been quite easy for him!”

Bing Wuxin’s pretty eyes were full of a bright gleam as she shook her head, then said, “No, look carefully again, there is a moonlight energy left on Mo Yang’s body, which means that he must have been destroyed by some sort of overpowering cultivation technique, or at least have been severely injured by it!”

She went on, “That means that Su Yuxian had even greater hidden capabilities, like an absolute strength that enabled him to kill a third-grade Almighty! We have underestimated him indeed!”

Bing Wuxin’s lips twitched into an upward curve, a proud and glorious smile creeping onto her cold face. When Gongsun Wuxie caught sight of it, she still had some doubts.

She asked incredulously, “Sister Wuxin, you couldn’t have fallen for that old perverted thief, could you have? Humph! That’s not surprising, I guess! If anyone showered me with a mission that was worth 3,000,000 merit points, I might fall head over heels for him too!” She could not help but taunt her.

“Stop talking nonsense!” Bing Wuxin shot her a glare. “I’m just curious, that’s all.”

She couldn’t understand why Su Yu would leave her so many important merit points, especially when he had been giving her the cold shoulder at the Demon Mountain. Her peaceful heart began rippling as Su Yu’s figure crept into her mind.

She couldn’t help but question herself… Is he really in love with me?

“Then, where is he now?” Gongsun Wuxie asked, not noticing the changes taking place in Bing Wuxin’s heart at all.

Bing Wuxin shook her head. “It isn’t mentioned in the letter, but it’s not too late to ask him when we return to the faction.”

What she really wanted to know was what was Su Yu’s intention behind giving away the mission that was worth 3,000,000 merit points. She wondered if it was possible that he hadn’t even thought of acquiring those merit points in the first place, and his intention was solely to help her in silence…

Tick! Tick!

All of a sudden, the messenger jade pendants in their arms began to give off bright and clear ticking sounds. They took them out to listen to them, their faces changing at the same time.

The message from the pendants clearly said, “Urgent command from the Red Blood Palace: All students who are currently executing missions near the Shangguan family territory must head to the Shangguan’s house immediately! Some unknown influences are wreaking havoc there and attacking the Shangguans.”

It went on, “Three days ago, the Luo family was thoroughly devastated, and now, the Shangguans are in the middle of the chaos. Students who have received this message must head to offer them aid right away! Experts from the outside sanctum are on their way there as well.”

Gongsun Wuxie wondered aloud, “Which influence is it? Half a year ago, the fourth-ranking family was entirely wiped out overnight, and now, the fifth-ranking family has suffered the same fate! And… They’re now attacking the Shangguans!”

Bing Wuxin’s eyes flickered with coldness. “Who cares about who they are? Just destroy them! For battles involving an invasion by outsiders like this, if we kill the enemy’s leader, we’ll be offered a lucrative reward of merit points!”

“Humph! You’re right! We were schemed against while on the mission this time, so I’m just looking for somewhere to vent my rage!” Gongsun Wuxie flashed a wicked smile, as she had a lot of pent-up anger at the moment.


Oblivious to where exactly he was, Su Yu arrived at a riverside to take an inventory of his gains throughout the trip. He pulled out a ghastly, eerie arm, from Ghostly Soldier Blood Bone.

The arm was very hard and contained an intense All Creations Mighty Force. Despite being enclosed in Vital Energy, Su Yu could still sense the dangerous threat that was coming out from it.

“I’d like to find out how powerful it will be if this claw is slammed onto something.” Su Yu murmured.

The palm of the All Creation Old Monster had a strong residual mighty force, and he knew that the power that it could generate must be immensely great. This could surely be used as a killing weapon!

After taking out the jade box, Su Yu sealed the ghostly hand and placed it into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

“Master, this one too.” The protective Hu Wangui handed over a black pouch unexpectedly.

Su Yu was shocked. “What’s this?”

“When we killed Mo Yang, I grabbed it from between his waist and his chest,” Hu Wangui said.

Hu Wangui penetrated Mo Yang with one strike of his palm, and took the chance to grab this black pouch that he had hidden on him.

“Mo Yang’s storage pouch?” Su Yu was rather surprised.

He instantly assessed it with his Soul Energy, discovering that there were quite a handful of great items within it. A full million’s worth of crystals were considered a handsome gain, and Su Yu accepted them without any hesitation.

It also contained a dharma that was sealed in liquid, with the wording “Holy Demon Transcendence Dharma” written on it. Su Yu’s eyes shone as he took out the dharma and opened it.

After reading it, Su Yu deeply furrowed his brows. He was very curious about Mo Yang’s molting technique, but only after seeing it with his own eyes did he understand the viciousness of that dharma!

According to this technique, for each layer of skin, one could break through a level. Once they had broken through nine levels, they could successfully achieve the level of All Creations. But, every time, the molting needed to extract an intense essence of flesh and blood in vast amounts!

Mo Yang had molted three consecutive times and had at least killed thirty Almighty before he attained the level he was at today. A demonic technique that fed on humans’ flesh and blood like that really scared Su Yu.

So, he quickly used the tip of his finger and brushed it across a flame, lighting the dharma on fire. After all, things as harmful and menacing as that were better off being destroyed!

Su Yu continued rummaging through the pouch and found a jade box that had been preserved very discreetly. An elixir recipe was quietly lying within it, along with a jade gourd.

Inside the jade gourd was an elixir that had six patterned streaks on it. The elixir was pitch-black, while the six patterned streaks, which resembled meridians, were encircling the elixir.

Through the jade box, Su Yu saw the name of the elixir recipe. It was the Six Demons Incredible Elixir!

“This is the ancient elixir!” Su Yu’s heart raced as he recognized it.

This was the item that Mo Yang had stolen when he betrayed and abandoned the faction! It was the elixir that Master Ghost had spent dozens of years refining!

The elixir was renowned as being the first demonic incredible elixir, and it had mysterious augmenting effects that could help one break through to the All Creations level!

The first demon faction of Jiuzhou, the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, had always coveted this elixir. Initially, it was believed to have been ingested by Mo Yang or to have been sold, but much to Su Yu’s surprise, he had now discovered that it still existed!

Presumably, it had been preserved in order to be ingested when after that fool had emerged to the highest level through molting, thus allowing him to break through to the All Creations level! It was a pity for him that Su Yu was the one who would benefit from it at the end of the day!

Su Yu’s eyes shifted as he searched through the pouch again. Before long, he found a handful of materials that were concealed at the very bottom of it. All of them were precious materials that were hardly encountered on the entire continent.

Each of them was worth a hundred thousand or more! All of them were also materials that were used for refining the Six Demons Incredible Elixir. So, as it turned out, Mo Yang had stolen these materials at that time!

Delighted to discover this, Su Yu transplanted all of the materials to the nursery in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Although there was only one set of each left, they would still reproduce limitlessly if seeds could be obtained after their cultivation. That, combined with the elixir recipe that had already been deciphered, it would be effortless for Su Yu to refine the elixir by himself in the future!

“Haha, my gains throughout this trip were beyond my imagination.” Su Yu stared at the Six Demons Incredible Elixir, a shrewd light flashing in his eyes.

For now, the elixir was rather useless to him, but it contained a stunning demonic energy. So, Su Yu saw the hope of continuing his practice of the Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art in the future.

Just when Su Yu was beside himself with excitement and was prepared to figure out some ways to absorb the demonic energy in the Six Demons Incredible Energy, he heard a ticking sound. After he took the jade pendant out and activating it, the urgent message from the faction was fed into his ear.

“The Shangguan family is being attacked?” Su Yu stood up abruptly, his face slightly changing.

After pondering this situation for a moment, Su Yu tucked the items in the pouch and flew to the Shangguan family. After all, he had received many benefits from Shangguan Yunque and had promised to protect the Shangguan family, so now that they were faced with such a hardship, he knew that he was responsible for offering his aid.

It just so happened that he could now fulfill his promise before leaving the faction…