The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 918

Chapter 918 Seizing The Formations Eye

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“But… For what reason? Could they be afraid of the defensive formation?” Lady Situ asked.

She had regained some of her composure, and it was just like Su Yu had said. She was the backbone of the Situ family, and anyone else could panic, but not her!

Su Yu looked at the formation and nodded lightly. “Yes. What he fears must be the formation itself, as although there are a lot of ferocious birds, only five of those are at the fourth-grade Almighty level, while one is at the fifth-grade Almighty level. These are the only ones that could barge inside. The rest of them would be like moths drawn to a flame if they tried to come inside!”

He then said, “We just need to take precautions against those six birds and hang in there until the auxiliary army from the inner sanctum of the Red Blood Palace arrives. Then, they’ll retreat on their own.”

After hearing this, Lady Situ gradually calmed down. “Right. Also, although ten people have been killed already, Ghost Shadow San managed to escape, so he could have delivered the message to Cabinet Master Kongchan already!”

She then added, “Even if she’s incapable of aiding us, she’ll still be able to inform the Red Blood Palace’s inner sanctum and ask for help from the strong men!”

What they needed to do now was to safeguard the formation, while waiting for aid to arrive. Ghost Shadow San had escaped, which meant that he had presumably been able to notify Cabinet Master Kongchan of the situation. So, if they managed to hold on a bit longer, they just might have a chance of being victorious!

The six strong ferocious birds did indeed have mighty capabilities, but with what was left of the Situ family’s combat power, holding them off was still possible. As Lady Situ thought of this, she turned to look at Su Yu. Then, as if she had just been infected by Su Yu’s composure and calmness, she felt at ease inside as well.

Then, all of a sudden, she felt the grip on her palm loosen. Su Yu had let go of her hand after he made sure that she had calmed down.

As she felt herself blushing, Lady Situ turned her head away awkwardly. This wasn’t because she had fallen for Su Yu, but she felt bashful because, as an elder, she was being comforted by a younger person, just like a little girl.

“Su Yuxian is right. Now is not the time to retreat, but to safeguard the formation! There is still hope for us!” Lady Situ had regained her composure, so she ordered the strong men of all levels in the family to set up defenses to prevent the six ferocious birds from trespassing into their territory.

After properly delegating the tasks, she looked at Su Yu and the other two and said, “The three of you, follow the young students of the family and take shelter in the house. Leave the outside to my people to handle.”

After all, if three excellent students from the outside sanctum lost their lives at the Situs’, she had no way of explaining such a loss to the Red Blood Palace.

“Ehem, my Lady, it’s fine if you belittle Wuxie and I, but it’ll be unwise to belittle Junior Brother Su in such a way. You clearly must be oblivious to his greatness,” Bai Shanliang said.

Lady Situ was surprised by this, and she cast another measuring look at Su Yu and thought… Could he really have the caliber of fighting prowess that would enable him to fight against those fourth-grade and fifth-grade Almighty demonic beasts? He must have practiced some kind of strong body technique

Lady Situ thought of these things for several moments, then replied, “Please, rest assured, my people are still able to deal with it on their own. If the time comes when we really need your help, I’ll ask for it. How about that?”

In this way, Lady Situ politely rejected the offer. She really didn’t think that their combat powers could be of much help.

After all, in her mind, the enemies were too strong, and the capacities of these three fairies would be like trying to douse a huge fire with three tiny glasses of water! She especially thought this of Su Yu, who was a sixth-grade fairy, so he wouldn’t be able to resist the attack of the Almighty ferocious birds.

Once she finished talking, Lady Situ’s cold eyes turned to look at the purple-clothed, vicious-looking youth. She then yelled, “I don’t care who you are! You can destroy the Situ family, but it will have to be over my dead body!”

She had taken over all of the official family duties after her husband passed away, so she would never allow the Situ family to perish at her hands. Her firm, tenacious words empowered the members of the Situ family.

However, the vicious, purple-clothed youth’s lips twitched upwards into a wicked smile as he started hurling insults, “You all are too confident in your family’s formation.”

Lady Situ sneered. “Come in if you dare! When the great army of the Red Blood Palace arrives, you won’t even get a chance to escape!”

She was only trying to threaten them using the Red Blood Palace as a deterrent, so she didn’t count on them to retreat in the face of hardship. But, it would be good to at least buy them a little time. With the speed of the inner sanctum’s strong men, once these tidings were received, they would probably dispatch their army here within one day.

“Hahaha, you’re still counting on Ghost Shadow San to deliver the message?” Much to Lady Situ’s shock, the vicious purple-clothed youth taunted her nonchalantly.

Lady Situ’s face fell slightly as she exclaimed in shock, “Hold on! How did you know that the one who escaped was named Ghost Shadow San?”

Right at that moment, a cold laughter sounded from beneath them, “Haha, what do you think, my Lady Situ?”

Cold winds rose as those words were spoken. Then, just as the words were spoken, at an extremely terrifying speed that could compare to the speed of sound, a black, broken line approached from behind Lady Situ.

The individual materialized within the Situ family’s formation. As she was busy concentrating her attention elsewhere, Lady Situ had not taken any precautions. When she finally managed to react, she had already suffered a heavy blow to her back.

A heart-piercing, excruciating pain instantly shot through her internal organs. Lady Situ had just sustained a severe trauma, and she vomited a mouthful of blood essence out, while her body was sent flying off.

But, it wasn’t over yet, as the moment that she was blown away, the remnant shadow snatched a fiery red Dragon-shaped Jade Seal from her sleeve. This was the artifact that was used to control the Situ family’s great flames formation.

The Dragon-shaped Jade Seal only needed to be shot into the formation’s eye, and then, the formation would close by itself. At that time, the flames would also disappear on their own.

“Oh no!” Lady Situ’s face fell, while striking out with her palm right after she was blown away.

This strike carried the power of a fourth-grade Almighty, making the air behind her explode and buzz right away. However, the strike landed only in the air.

The black remnant shadow avoided the blow nimbly, instantly moving a thousand feet away from Lady Situ’s side. The individual was holding the Dragon-shaped Jade Seal in his hand as he stared at Lady Situ with scorn.

Lady Situ looked over at him abruptly, her pretty eyes shrinking as she exclaimed, “It’s you! Ghost Shadow San!”

It was clear that he had been dispatched to break through the heavy siege and deliver the news, yet he had crept back stealthily and taken the chance to strike at her, even stealing the Dragon-shaped Jade Seal that controlled the formation! Undoubtedly, Ghost Shadow San had rebelled!

“Haha, Lady Situ, you surely couldn’t have thought that I was totally unprepared when I led the great army of demonic beasts and attacked your Situ family, right?” The vicious purple-clothed youth sneered at her wickedly.

Lady Situ’s heart sank into despair as she fixed her deadly stare on Ghost Shadow San and asked, “Why are you doing this? Although you’re a guard for the Situs, all these years, our family hasn’t mistreated you. We didn’t only provide you with elixirs, but we even helped you find the best aviation technique, and that’s how you have become who you are today!”

She had never thought that a strong man, who her family had been cultivating for many years, would have just rebelled overnight!

“Ha, my Lady, the Situs really did treat me well, but it’s too bad that my life is more important than my loyalty. Since your Situ family is going to perish anyway, why should I risk my life for you?” Ghost Shadow San asked, clearly having already detached from them emotionally.

He then continued, “Besides, you wouldn’t let an outsider like me protect your Situ blood with my life, would you?”

“You’re offering unreasonable excuses! If the formation still stands, the ferocious birds outside it can’t enter, so how are we going to perish? You’re not defending your life, you’re putting my Situ family at the risk of devastation and utter extinction!” Lady Situ’s words were fierce and harsh.

Ghost Shadow San sighed and shook his head, his piteous glance sweeping across all of the Situ people. “You have absolutely no idea who’s going to destroy you! This great army of ferocious birds is only the tip of the iceberg!”

Up in the sky, the vicious purple-clothed youth bellowed coldly, “Why are you talking nonsense with them? Close the formation, right now!”

Ghost Shadow San nodded and turned into a remnant shadow before flying toward the topmost center of the great formation. Over there, amid the sky full of flames, there was a groove that was the size of a palm and could fit with the Dragon-shaped Jade Seal perfectly.

That was exactly where the formation’s eye was! Once the jade seal was jammed into it, the formation would close on its own. Then, the deluge of ferocious birds would have no barrier and would crash downward as they howled.

If that happened, none of the Situ people would survive. They would all end up as a feast of blood and meat for the ferocious birds!

Lady Situ’s pupils constricted as she screamed, “Quick! Stop him!”

The time had come for fate of the Situ family to be decided! Even though she had been severely injured, Lady Situ chased after him with all of her might. But, since she was only a fourth-grade Almighty, her body technique wasn’t exactly dexterous.

Hence, the distance between them grew rapidly, and soon, she stood no chance of catching up to him and stopping him. At this moment, hundreds of people threw themselves into the chase, but they were all incapable of keeping up. Hence, they could only watch as Ghost Shadow San held the Dragon-shaped Jade Seal and moved closer to the formation’s eye!

At that moment, everyone seemed to have fallen into cells of cold ice. It was clear that the fated catastrophe was imminent! Ghost Shadow San’s rebellion had led to the devastation of the entire Situ family!

“My apologies, House Situ.” Ghost Shadow San turned back to look at the Situ people, who were now far behind him. “Don’t blame me for this, as I’m being forced!”

However, at that moment, an alarm buzzed in Ghost Shadow San’s head, as if some crisis was going to befall him soon. As he forcefully snapped his head to look up, he could feel a terrifying, intense heat coming at him.

Shortly thereafter, a fiery red light flickered, while a pair of flaming wings appeared only ten feet away from him! Before his mind could register what was happening, his chest turned cold. Then, following a penetrating pain, a blade of a small golden sword had been soundlessly driven through his heart.

Then, it flew black into the palm of the individual in front of him, with his blood trickling down from it. As he felt his life fading away, Ghost Shadow San stared in disbelief at his chest, where blood was flowing, and he mumbled, “Who…”

He could not believe that there was actually a strong man, whose cultivation was no weaker than his own, who was hidden among the Situ family! This crushed his confidence, and he now saw that his efforts were futile!

Before his eyes shut, an old face was reflected in Ghost Shadow San’s eyes. It belonged to none other than the student from the outside sanctum of the Red Blood Palace!

The doubts in his heart grew deeper as he wondered… How could a sixth-grade fairy catch up with me?

But, he could only die with reluctance, resentment, and doubts in his heart. Then, his body went limp and he collapsed, completely lifeless.

“Forced to destroy your benefactor’s family? Humans are always finding excuses for themselves,” Su Yu remarked indifferently, while sticking out his hand and taking back the Dragon-shaped Jade Seal.

Shortly thereafter, Su Yu’s fiery red wings flew past Ghost Shadow San’s corpse. An agonized shrill scream was heard as the Almighty spirit was destroyed before it could be liberated from the body.

The scene startled the Situ people, who had just been witnessing their family falling apart, and soon, they all became exhilarated. They had thought that it would all be over, just like that, yet Su Yu had actually seized back the jade seal at the final critical moment!

But, before they could rejoice,, the vicious purple-clothed youth’s face darkened as he stared down at them from the sky. One of the five fourth-grade Almighty ferocious birds that was near him then released a bright and clear shriek before it flew right through the great fiery formation and headed straight toward Su Yu in order to snatch back the jade seal!

“Dream on!” Lady Situ reacted in time, rushing forth with all of the Situ family members.

Bai Shanliang’s face turned pale as he rushed forward as well. He coughed out blood while he was flying, then yelled, “Who dares to bully my junior brother? I’m gonna spit blood all over his face! Wah!”

At that moment, he opened his mouth and sputtered out a mouthful of dark red blood, which immediately transformed into a huge patch of blood mist that splattered toward the five Almighty ferocious birds.

Contempt was visible in the ferocious bird’s eyes as it totally ignored the blood mist and extended its claws toward Bai Shanliang, who was blocking from up ahead. However, right when the ferocious bird made it past the blood mist, it suddenly let out several agonized, stringent shrieks!

Cracking sounds were heard, coming from all across its body. Its entire body was decaying! Then, the bird completely dissolved at an alarming speed.

By the time that it flew in front of Bai Shanliang, it was just a gruesome mass of flesh and blood, and then, in the end, all that was left of it was a skeletal frame that was dripping with blood!

Then, when one looked closer, it was clear that even the skeletal frame was rotting! Finally, it turned into a puddle of stinky, gory bloodwater!