The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 919

Chapter 919 Seven Desires And Forgotten Worries

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Everyone shuddered with fright. The one with the strength of a fourth-grade Almighty had just been dissolved into nothingness by the blood mist that Bai Shanliang had spat from his mouth!

Lady Situ’s eyelids fluttered as she drew in a cold breath and exclaimed, “What a horrifying and acute poison!”

Everyone was terrified. Bai Shanliang had always been known for his wicked poison, but barely anyone knew that it was so terrifying!

Su Yu was taken aback, as this was the first time that he had witnessed Bai Shanliang using the acute poison. Before this, he had only heard about it.

Even the fourth-grade Almighty was reduced to blood water by the poison, so it was unimaginable how the acute poison could be contained in his body! It seemed that he could kill numerous early-stage Almighty strong men simply by spitting out a mouthful of saliva!

“Ehem… I’ve said it before… Beware of me spitting blood! Why didn’t you listen?” Bai Shanliang’s face had grown even paler, and he looked as if he was about to pass about. But, judging from the way he spoke, he was still very energetic.

Up in the sky, the wicked young man clad in purple clothing frowned. People from the Situ family had come forward to protect Su Yu, and the attempt to despoil the Dragon-shaped Jade Seal was a failure.

Lady Situ retrieved the Dragon-shaped Jade Seal from Su Yu’s hand, then paid her respect to him by bowing solemnly. She then said, “We’re fortunate to have received your help. I hereby express my gratitude to you on behalf of the entire Situ family.”

Su Yu waved his hand. “Now is not the time for that. Take care of the jade seal, and also, beware of their dirty tricks.”

After so many twists and turns they managed to free themselves from danger. The vicious-looking young man dressed in purple did not plan to let it go, so he did not leave either. Instead, he stood on the ferocious bird, looking as if he was waiting for something.

Both sides were safe and sound for the moment, but anyone could feel the tension in the air. A greater chaos was surely on its way.

“Who is he waiting for?” Lady Situ asked. She had a foreboding feeling.

Su Yu nodded, not directly answering her, but saying, “You must be prepared.”

After that, Su Yu, Bai Shanliang, and Gongsun Wuxie returned to the house and took turns resting. Su Yu took this chance to take out the Six Demon Incredible Elixir.

The elixir was known as the supreme demonic incredible elixir, and the stupefying demonic energy that was contained within it was considerably great. And… It just turned out that exactly what Su Yu was lacking was demonic energy!

After Su Yu voiced his intention of undergoing short-term training in isolation, the Situ family had provided him with a high-quality secret chamber. As the great war was just around the corner, Su Yu went into isolation immediately and focused on practicing the Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art.

The medicinal effect of the elixir was so overpowering that Su Yu could not digest it. So, he had to opt for this method instead, which would have angered many if they found out about it.


Suddenly Su Yu smashed the container of Six Demons Incredible Elixir that many from the Demonic Path had failed to obtain! Then, he used the Vital Energy to divide the powder into ten equal portions.

Su Yu took out a portion and held it between his palms, absorbing the demonic energy that was in the powder. Before long, a whiff of demonic energy that resembled a hair was extracted from the powder and was slowly immersed into Su Yu’s palm. It then entered his bloodstream from his palm, flowing toward his chest.

It was only after half an hour had passed, when the black powder on Su Yu’s palm turned pale, that he finally stopped. The demonic energy in the powder had been thoroughly extracted, and it was now equivalent to one-tenth of the demonic energy that was able to be stored in the Demon’s Hair in the past.

What slightly puzzled Su Yu was that the demonic energy of the Six Demons Incredible Elixir was far less pure than the Demon’s Hair. Thus, although its amount added up to one-tenth of that of the Demon’s Hair, the quality only reached up to one-twentieth of it.

Su Yu took another portion and continued extracting the demonic energy. As he did so, the outside world was on the brink of war. Still, Su Yu continued to practice patiently.

Finally, after five hours, Su Yu opened his eyes. At that moment, he heard four consecutive dragon howls in his chest. The first three were extremely loud, but the last one sounded rather light and frail.

He then thought… It’s unbelievable! The demonic energy that is equivalent to half of the Demon’s Hair is only sufficient to condense half of a demonic dragon!

Upon realizing this, Su Yu’s face was pallid. He seemed haggard at the moment.

Then, as he progressed toward the end, the condensation of the demonic dragon became even more challenging. Although the purity of the demonic energy in the Six Demons Incredible Elixir could not be compared to that of Demon’s Hair, it outdid the latter in regards to amounts.

As they were cancelling the weakness of one another, the effect should be equivalent to half a Demon’s Hair. However, in the end, it failed to condense even one complete demonic dragon!

“Should I use the Severed Fairy Cliff token to find the demonic energy treasure?” Su Yu mumbled to himself.

Knock… Knock!

At that moment, someone knocked on the door. When Su Yu opened the stone door, he was surprised to see Gongsun Wuxie.

She was pouting and had both of her arms crossed over her chest. Then, without saying a word, she stuffed a small and delicate round wheel, which looked like a waterwheel, into Su Yu’s hands.

“This is the Glaze Vehicle. After Vital Energy is instilled into it, it can move at the speed of a sixth-grade Almighty. In times of danger, you can activate it for a quick escape! This item can only be used once, and also, it uses up a great deal of Vital Energy. So, use it carefully!” she said.

Su Yu held the Glaze Vehicle, his eyes staring at Gongsun Wuxie in shock. He could not figure Gongsun Wuxie out at that moment. One moment she despised him and gave him the cold shoulder, while the next moment she was presenting him with a life-saving treasure!

“Don’t overthink it. After all, I already have a crush on someone else, so I won’t fall for you!” she said.

Gongsun Wuxie then further explained the matter as though she was afraid that Su Yu might misunderstand her intentions, “This is to repay you for saving my life. I just don’t want to owe you any debts! Humph!”

Then, with a whip of her black braids, she turned to leave. Su Yu had saved her and Bing Wuxin from the hands of Mo Yang and Er Ling. Clearly, this little girl had not forgotten it.

Su Yu shot Gongsun Wuxie a look and chuckled. He then tucked away the Glaze Vehicle and left the secret chamber before meeting up with people from the Situ family in the sky.

“My Lady, how’s it going? Have there been any unusual movements?” Su Yu asked.

Lady Situ furrowed her thin brows as she said, “No. I don’t know who he’s waiting for, but I have a very ominous foreboding feeling about all of this…”

Su Yu gazed at the vicious-looking, purple-clothed youth and could not help but wonder… Could it really be like what Ghost Shadow San said… That the deluge of ferocious birds is merely the tip of the iceberg, and that he’s waiting for aid?


Right when he was trying to figure all of this out, a shriek sounded from the sky all of a sudden. An enormous black vulture appeared. The vulture had a black talisman held in its beak, and the talisman had the picture of a hammer imprinted upon it.

The purple-clothed youth opened his eyes, which were filled with a hint of delight. He then lifted a hand and waved, causing the talisman with the black hammer on it to fly into his palm from the black vulture’s beak.

“Formation Breaking Hammer! It’s the Formation Breaking Hammer of Elder Jing from the inner sanctum of the Red Blood Palace! How come it’s here?” Bai Shanliang exclaimed in a tense voice.

Gongsun Wuxie then said, “That’s so weird! How could the talisman that was drawn from Elder Jing’s Formation Breaking Hammer be in his hands at this moment?”

Lady Situ stared at the black talisman and shuddered. “You’re talking about the Formation Breaking Hammer that can break any formations? Isn’t that Elder Jing’s original life treasure? Why is its talisman with him now?”

A thought flashed through all of their minds at that moment… Has Elder Jing from the Red Blood Palace rebelled?

“Haha! It seems like all of you recognize the Formation Breaking Hammer. I suppose that you all understand your fates, without me having to say too much? Your formation couldn’t withhold a single strike from this talisman!” The vicious purple-clothed youth sneered.

Lady Situ’s face turned pallid again. The foreboding feeling that was deep in her heart earlier had finally become a reality! It seemed that the formation would be broken after all!

“Now, do you still have anything to say?” The evil purple-clothed youth toyed with the talisman and stared below as a fierce, callous look appeared on his face.

The Situ family members all clenched their fists, but dared not voice their anger. The entire place was instantly silent and filled with despair.

“Everyone, prepare for battle.” Lady Situ inhaled a deep breath, while a cold light radiated in the depths of her pupils.

In the end, even if they had to fight in a rather futile attempt, they would still give it a try. Even though their deaths were almost certain!

“Haha, since you’ve got nothing to say, it’s my turn to speak!” The vicious purple-clothed youth’s gaze penetrated the formation and fell on the gorgeous figure of Lady Situ.

He then said, “The survival of the Situ family lies in a single decision of mine! If I want your clan to perish, none of you can escape! But, as I was reminded by an old friend, if Lady Situ promises me one thing, it’s not totally impossible for me to let the Situ family live.”

Upon hearing that, everyone was shocked, and they all shifted their gazes toward Lady Situ. They were all wondering… Could they have been putting up such a huge show just to compel the Situ family to agree to a certain condition?

Lady Situ’s beautiful eyes hardened as she asked, “What condition?”

“You must consume this Seven Desires Forgotten Worries Elixir, and the people of the Situ family must bend their knees to us! Then, I’ll show you mercy.” The vicious purple-clothed youth took out a pink-colored elixir as he spoke.

Upon hearing that, everyone scowled.

Lady Situ’s delicate body trembled as she yelled in anger, “That is absurd! I’m a married woman, so how could I consume such a vile thing?”

The Seven Desires Forgotten Worries Elixir was a widely known elixir that was mostly used by wicked martial artists who practiced the Yin-yang Evil Cultivation. By dropping a drop of blood essence on the elixir and having a woman consume it, the medicinal effect would infiltrate deep into the woman’s soul, making her spiritually obedient and psychologically dependent upon the owner of the blood essence.

Even for enemies with intense animosity with one another were not immune to these effects, as once the woman consumed it, she would give into the effects and become insanely infatuated with the owner of the blood essence. No matter what conditions the blood essence’s owner brought up, even if it meant her own death, she would die willingly and without hesitation if the owner wanted her to do so.

Wicked martial artists often used the Seven Desires Forgotten Worries Elixir to manipulate beautiful, outstanding women, thus taking their Yin Elements at will and keeping them as captives to use for venting their vicious desires! As such, it could be said that the Seven Desires Forgotten Worries Elixir was basically the epitome of all things evil and lustful, and the women who were forced to consume the Seven Desires Forgotten Worries Elixir would end up as slaves to the owners of the blood essence.

Lady Situ had been a widow for many years. Hence, she was pure and clean. But, as she was now being forced to swallow such a shameful elixir, she naturally felt ashamed and angered.

Although Lady Situ was over forty years old, she still had a beautiful appearance, which was no worse than women in their thirties. She also had a perfect body and an elegant physique.

Her bosoms were ample, and she had a slim waist and long slender legs. Underneath her green dress, the contours of her body were faintly visible. Also, her face had retained its beauty and charm over the years.

Her eyes and brows were gorgeous, and her features were gentle and delicate. All of this, combined with her willowy figure, made her exceptionally beautiful.

It was said that when she was younger, she was a widely renowned beauty of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, who had many pursuers. Now that she was still as good-looking as ever, there were still many people who wanted to lay their hands on her.

Su Yu was startled. As he turned to look at Lady Situ, it was undeniable that she was still an attractive beauty. He recalled that he had indeed been impressed by that kind of thing once.

“Humph, Lady Situ, do you still have a choice in the matter? Either you take this Seven Desires Forgotten Worries Elixir and become a toy, or you let the Situ family’s blood run in rivers as a consequence of your refusal!” He made no attempt to conceal his old friend’s evil intention in order to make Lady Situ agree.

“I give you until the tenth breaths to consider carefully whether to agree or to refuse!” The vicious purple-clothed youth laughed coldly as he scanned Lady Situ’s beautiful body with his lustful eyes.