The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Purple robed divine king

"Su Yu! Do not attempt to humiliate us!" The disciples of the Fenghuang Valley were furious! One person against six people! Wasn't that going too far? They were dragons among men; their achievements were at least Level Nine peak, approaching the limits of the Martial Paths.

And they were all being challenged by a single person.

This humiliation made them furious!

"Referee! We refuse the challenge!" Being so proud, they could not bear such a humiliation.

"You have no right to refuse the challenge. You can either choose to take up the challenge or exit the forbidden grounds!" the puppet referee replied mechanically.

The six of them were furious. They clenched their teeth, staring at Su Yu angrily before stepping to the center of the wasteland.

"Ignorant fool! If you wished to anger us, let me tell you, you have succeeded!"

"We will get payback for this humiliation through your blood and tears!" Who could confidently say they could fend off six disciples combined?

Su Yu was doomed to lose!

Feeling the hateful glares of the six disciples, Su Yu gently creased his brows, "Humiliation? Have you never thought I was maybe only stating a fact? One person against the six of you, I alone am enough!"

Upon hearing this, the six were furious, "You've gone too far! You're suicidal, don't blame us for being ruthless!"

"Let's strike together! Give him what he asked for!"

Thud, thud, thud

They each attacked from six different directions. Weapons, Holy Decrees, and top class saint level techniques; the disciple ranked fourth even used his deity level technique.

The powerful attacks shook the ground.

The celestial fog trembled. The wasteland rumbled.

The immense power of all six disciples struck the purple-robed divine king standing silently in the middle of the ashes!


The air turned cold.

Brisk winds howled; the summer had turned into a harsh winter.


A heavy snow fell from the heavens, obscuring the thick celestial fog, making the scene dreamy and blurry.

The disciples from the Fenghuang Pavilion were all shocked, "Snow?"

The snow was pure. Contrasted to snow from the mortal world, this snow was the purest. But, it was also the coldest!


The snow in the sky broke into pieces, turning into an icy cold liquid and raining down onto the wasteland.

The cold rain was floating, flying in all directions and landing onto robes and bodies in a dazzling display.


Outside the forbidden grounds, Chen Ling lifted her head and looked at the horizon in shock, "It's snowing? Fenghuang Valley is at the southern-most tip of the continent and it's currently summer. While the forbidden grounds were a bit cool, it shouldn't be snowing!"

The Master of the Fenghuang Valley was visibly surprised. She glanced at Li Guang, "If I remember correctly, you have a manual for a divine level technique, the Icy Heart Core. If you achieve top class in that technique, you can develop an internal blood-energy channel made of ice, and your heart will transform into an icy heart core. As long as you will it, everything shall be ice That's the final teaching of this deity level technique isn't it?"

Li Guang looked at the snow in the sky, relieved, "That is correct"

Su Yu's heart had indeed become an icy heart core!

Chen Liang, Wang Jing, and Wang An's expressions all changed.

"Junior and Senior, if I am not mistaken, our Sanctuary snowed recently for the first time too," Wang Jing recalled.

The eyes of the three were doubtful as they all thought about the same person; Su Yu!

Could it be that snow from the heavens now fell for him?

Crack, crack

The foggy light glimmered as six crystalline figures suddenly fell out, exiled from the forbidden grounds.

Xu Rong, who was silently sitting, suddenly stood up.

He observed the six figured closely, his eyes squinted.

Li Guang glanced over, also shocked, "Six people were escorted out together?"

"What happened? Did you cheat and get expelled from the forbidden grounds?" Xu Rong was both shocked and angry. Out of the ten disciples from Fenghuang Valleyexcluding Chen Lingsix of them had been escorted out together! There were only three disciples left!

What had happened in the forbidden grounds?

The six people gradually came-to as the ice encasing their bodies melted. Their entire bodies were cold, and they were shivering violently; they had thought they were going to die. If it had been a fight to the death, Su Yu would have had enough time to kill them ten-times over!

They finally recalled Su Yu's words. Su Yu had not been trying to humiliate themhe was correct in saying they did not stand a chance against him!

Just how strong was the silver-haired youth in the purple robe?!

Hearing Xu Rong's surprise and anger, the ranked-fourth discipl sighed bitterly, "We were all defeated Su Yu fought the six of us alone and, in the blink of an eye, we were all defeated!"

"What" Xu Rong shuddered slightly, taking a step back. His eyes shifted violently.

A single person against six people from Fenghuang Valley; Su Yu had defeated them all simultaneously!

Chen Liang, Wang Jing, and Wang An gasped!

Was Su Yu that powerful?

Is he is he a human or a ghost?

Just what sort of changes had occurred to his body while he was buried under that rubble?! How invincible was he?

Such a genius had appeared in the Sanctuary!

Thinking back, Su Yu had used his life to fight against authority and to claim an opportunity for himself. Li Guang rejoiced the fact that he did not deny Su Yu that day. Otherwise, such a genius would have been buried in the shadows.

Everyone left in the forbidden ground was silent. Snowflakes fell onto the shoulders of everyone present. It was almost as if nothing had happened.

Su Yu alone had defeated six people!

"Su Yu is victorious! The battle for the top five is over!" the black puppet announced mechanically, "This is the final segment, the top five ranking battle! The rules for sparring are: each person has two chancesthey will not be escorted out after their first defeat. The second rule is it is forbidden to kill!"

The final segment had come earlier than imagined, all thanks to Su Yu!

The black puppet pointed randomly at the five remaining people, focusing on Zhao Guang!

"You, come forward! Challenge the four remaining people!"

Zhao Guang's gaze trembled, his eyes burned with a desire to battle. He shot his gaze towards Su Yu!

One person against six people. How arrogant. That should have been Zhao Guang's victory as the top disciplenot Su Yu's!

The purple-robed divine king, the invincible legend, had finally shaken Zhao Guang; he could not deny he had been underestimating Su Yu.

"You, in my heart, are another formidable opponent. You have the right to challenge me for the top spot! I am looking forward to a battle with you!" Zhao Guang looked at Su Yu, smiling.

Su Yu smiled faintly, preparing to step forward.

"But now, the person I want to challenge is not you! It's him!" Zhao Guang turned his gaze, pointing toward Liu Guang.

The person he really wanted to challenge was Yao Guang, but he wanted to get rid of some competition first.

Yao Guang creased his brows, "You are not worthy to be my opponent!"

"Worthy or not, that will be decided after our battle! But before challenging you, I have to get rid of the small fry!" Zhao Guang said cooly.

"You, come forward!" Zhao Guang pointed to the disciple who ranked third in Fenghuang Valley, a powerful warrior of Level Nine peak!

Liu Guang coldly sneered, "Jiang Xin, there is no need to go easy on him. Do not let a person not worthy of battling me be victorious."

Jiang Xin's appearance and mannerisms were bubbly and adorable. She stuck out her tongue, blinking her large eyes, "I know, Senior Liu Guang."


Jiang Xin took a step forward, her sweet smile highlighting obvious dimples, "Hehe, big brother, I am afraid of pain. Please take it easy on me."

"You have three more minutes to spout your nonsense." Zhao Guang deeply grunted, not wanting to entertain her.

Jiang Xin creased her nose, "Hmph! Blockhead spoilsport! I hate you!"


As Jiang Xin finished her last syllable, her red lips spat out a black light!

The movement was swift and sudden, making it hard for anyone to defend themselves against it!

"Measly tricks!" Zhao Guang remained collected, unmoved by the attack. He tilted his head and the black light passed over his shoulders. The disciple was obviously a rare martial artist adept at using hidden weapons.

"I am so angry!" Jiang Xin exhaled, stomping her petite foot.

The simple action of stamping her foot shot out a transparent ray of light from the bottom of her shoe!


The ray of light was close to the ground, transparent and formless, making it hard to distinguish.

Zhao Guang was calm. He looked at Jiang Xin and raised his leg slightly and, at an opportune moment, stepped down.


Under Zhao Guang's foot, a transparent glass dagger shattered!

"Stinky brother, you make me so angry!" Jiang Xin charged forward. Her gaze, every finger, every strand of hairthey were all hidden weapons. But Zhao Guang was merciless, dodging everything with ease.

He had not even shown half of his abilities yet.


A few minutes passed.

Jiang Xin finally slipped up, allowing Zhao Guang to approach her and tap on her shoulder blade.


"Stinky brother, I hate you to the core!" Jiang Xin was livid as she was defeated for the first time.

Wearing a faint smile, Zhao Guang sighed, "I grew up in the forest and learned survival skills from wild beasts. Hidden weapons alone cannot defeat me."

Zhao Guang's original circumstances were mysterious. He had been abandoned in the forest and was raised by the beasts within. He had learned survival techniques from the beasts and his reaction speed was fast due to the cruel environment of the forest.

The effect hidden weapons had on him was not as strong as a direct, powerful confrontation.

"You, come forward!" Zhao Guang's breathing was steady as he pointed at the disciple ranked second in Fenghuang Valley.

Yao Guang coldly sneered, "Meng Lang, Jiang Xin failed. Don't disappoint me!"

Meng Lang lived up to his name. He was skinny and sickly, like an old wolf.

His gaze was crafty and deep, and he wore a cold sneer on his face, "Do not worry, Senior Liu Guang. Jiang Xin does not even have the guts to spar with me. Her defeat was not a surprise."

Jiang Xin angrily stomped her food, but unexpectedly did not attempt to defend herself. In front of Meng Lang, she was a coward. He was too strong!

Taking a step forward, Meng Lang looked straight at Zhao Guang. He licked his lips, "The top genius of the Sanctuary. I think you fail to live up to your name! Your abilities are ordinary!"

Zhao Guang was calm, "Try and you shall see."


Meng Lang's gaze turned cold, like a wild wolf. He tapped the ground with the tip of his foot, turning into an afterimage and circling Zhao Guang! His image blurred around Zhao Guang, he was indistinguishable!

"Kiss of the Hungry Wolf!" Meng Lang grunted!


Both of Meng lang's fists punched down like the fangs of a wolf. The multiple afterimages all acted as one, striking Zhao Guang! It was hard to distinguish one fist from another.

"Upper-Class deity level technique!" Zhao Guang muttered.

Meng Lang let out a cold laugh, "You can feel proud losing to the Kiss of the Hungry Wolf. This technique was personally taught to me by the Holy King!"


The multiple afterimages pinned Zhao Guang to the center of the arena as they attacked simultaneously! Every fist had the power to crumble mountains, they could severely wound an enemy in an instant!


At that moment, Meng Lang let out a pathetic howl. He took a few steps back, astonished!

Zhao Guang slowly retracted his fist, his expression calm, "Apologies, I have also cultivated a deity level technique. It is also at the upper class!!"

Meng Lang gasped. Someone had cultivated a deity level technique at the Sanctuary. He had to admit, he had underestimated the Sanctuary.

"Humph! Both are deity level techniques. Let's see who has the better one!" Meng Lang grunted.


Two blurry figures were locked in combat. Quakes reverberated throughout the surrounding area. Ashes flew everywhere. The celestial fog was flowing.

It was hard to determine a winner!


An hour passed.

Meng Lang's expression was grave, his face pale and obviously weakened.

On the contrary, Zhao Guang's breathing was steady. His stamina was still strong after such an intense battle.

"It's over!" Taking a deep breath, Zhao Guang slowly lifted his finger.

At that moment, it was as if another person took his place.

"Shifting Shadows!"


Zhao Guang vanished from his original position. When he reappeared, it was behind Meng Lang. It happened extremely fast, as though he had teleported!

Meng Lang did not have any time to react as he was struck by a palm to his back.



Meng Lang was defeated!

Visibly surprised, Meng Lang was aghast, "Another deity level technique, this one focused on speed!"

A person had cultivated two deity level techniques, how shocking!

Su Yu was surprised. The two deity level techniques Zhao Guang used were not any of the three in the Sanctuary Divine Vault. It must have been taught to him privately by the Holy King. In terms of power, it might be even better than the three techniques.

"Yao Guang, all that's left is you." Zhao Guang stood with his hands behind his back. He had consecutively defeated his opponents and his streak was imposing. His eyes burned with a desire to battle, and he focused his gaze on Yao Guang!

Yao Guang took a step forward, his lips forming a mocking sneer, "You have decent abilities."

Zhao Guang remained impassive, his expression calm, "You are strong, but the title of King of the Century belongs to me, Zhao Guang!"

"You overestimate yourself!" Yao Guang lightly shook his head.

"Strong or weak, we'll decide based on our abilities, not based on your ridiculous arrogance!" Zhao Guang calmly said.

Liu Guang laughed arrogantly, "That is how you mortals test strength. In my eyes, anybody below the Holy Kings is an ant. Nobody can defeat me!"

Zhao Guang did not reply. He suddenly struck out, speaking with his actions rather than words. He would be King of the Century!

"You are not worthy of battling me." Liu Guang calmly shook his head.

Zhao Guang laughed angrily, "Liu Guang, is everyone from Fenghuang Valley this arrogant?"

"This is not arrogance. You merely do not understand the level I am at." Liu Guang was calm.

"Then who do you think is worthy of battling you?" Zhao Guang laughed angrily. He had never been belittled like that.

Liu Guang scanned the four remaining people calmly, "Jiang Xin and Meng Lang, both of you attack me alongside Zhao Guang."

He had requested three people to attack him together!

This was different from Su Yu's battle against six people. Those six had the weakest abilities from Fenghuang Valley. In this three-on-one battle, it was the top Sanctuary disciple alongside two of three Fenghuang Valley disciples!