The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 920

Chapter 920 Obliterating The Ferocious Birds

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“You are shameless!” Lady Situ was so furious that she was trembling.

The people from the Situ family were shocked and angry as well. After all, Lady Situ was regarded as the mistress of the Situ family, but now, she was being threatened that her entire clan would perish if she did not agree to become someone’s toy!

The crowd was agitated, but the vicious purple-clothed youth remained calm as he held the talisman in his hand and said, “Haha, even though it might disappoint my old friend to miss out on his toy, if your lot has such a strong desire for death, I can do as you wish, too…”

As he spoke, he stretched out the talisman on his palm and was about to throw it down…

“Wait!” Lady Situ yelled in a low voice, an internal struggle clearly flickering in her gorgeous eyes.

Then, after hesitating for a long while, she gritted her teeth and glared at the youth. “Can you tell me… Who is this old friend of yours?” Throughout the years, many men had coveted her, so she wanted to know who this person was.

“You really want to know? Well… Here… You must swallow the Seven Desires Forgotten Worries Elixir first.” The youth then threw the elixir at her.

Lady Situ clenched her teeth and caught the elixir. At that moment, the people from the Situ family rushed forward and yelled incessantly, all of them trying to stop her. But, she had already made up her mind.

“I hope that you keep your word!” Lady Situ’s eyes were full of shame and reluctance as she tilted her head back and swallowed the elixir.

Clap clap!

The vicious purple-clothed youth clapped his hands and laughed out loud. “Lady Situ has great courage indeed, giving herself up for her people like this! I’m really moved. But now, I’ve changed my mind. It’s a pity if beauties like you die, but it’ll serve no purpose to keep your people alive! I’d rather fill the stomachs of my babies with them!”

Upon hearing this, Lady Situ was outraged. She had known all along that even if she surrendered, her enemy wouldn’t necessarily keep his promise and let the rest of them go. But, she also knew that she really didn’t have a choice.

If she hadn’t given in, everyone would surely have died. But since she did give in, she had at least tried to choose the possibility that may have offered them some shred of hope. But, in the end, her enemy did not keep his promise.

“Hahaha, when that old friend of mine gets bored of playing with you, I’d like to have a taste too! Imagine… Having a taste of one of the ten great beauties of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands in the past, Wu Xue!”

He said this because Wu Xue was Lady Situ’s maiden name before she was married. Upon hearing this, Lady Situ gritted her silver teeth so tightly that it seemed as if she would bite them into pieces!

“I’d rather die than let you have that!” Lady Situ smacked her abdomen with her palm, trying to destroy the elixir before the medicinal effect was assimilated.

She was grasping at straws in order to prevent herself from being controlled by others. However, unfortunately for her, the effect of the Seven Desires Forgotten Worries Elixir began right when it was swallowed.

Soon, her palm stopped an inch away from her abdomen. It was behaving as if was being refrained by someone else.

At the same time, look in her eyes turned from being stern to being gentle and docile as the consciousness of her original self gradually dimmed. This was a sign of being under someone’s control.

Before long, she would be completely controlled by the medicine, thus becoming a slave to the owner of the Seven Desires Forgotten Worries Elixir. When that happened, she would not hesitate for a moment before destroying the Situ family!

The vicious purple-clothed youth sneered, but stayed quiet. He was silently watching the medicine do its work. When this strong woman was totally under control, it would then be time for the real work to begin!


But, right before Lady Situ sank into oblivion, a palm reached out and slapped her back. Her gradually fading consciousness was quickly recovered, and the turbulent medicinal effects in her body receded like the tide! Three breaths later, the medicinal effects completely vanished!

“My Lady, why hand over the fate of your people to the unreliable mercy of your enemy when you can rise and fight?” When Lady Situ turned, she was met with an old, weathered face.

In the sky, the vicious purple-clothed youth’s pupils shrank, and he was stupefied. “How did you do that? The medicinal effect of the Seven Desires Forgotten Worries can only be suppressed by an All Creations Mighty Force. So… Who are you?”

This guy had just taken back the Dragon-shaped Jade Seal from Ghost Shadow San, and now, this guy had saved Lady Situ! As such, both of the plans that he had absolute confidence in had been turned into complete failures because of this person’s appearance!

So… He clearly had to reassess Su Yu. The harder he looked at Su Yu, the more he found Su Yu to be somewhat familiar. He felt as if he had seen him somewhere before.

All of a sudden, the memory came back to him. “It’s you! The day at the Silver Lake… You were the one who reminded the heir of the Shangguan family and let him run away!”

At that time, he had laid an ambush at the nesting place of a flying demonic beast, but because of Su Yu’s warning, Shangguan Yunque had managed to escape with the Nine Heavens Great Wave Wings!

Su Yu lifted his gaze to him. Su Yu had actually recognized this person from the start.

“Old thing, ruining my plans, time after time! You’ll be the first one to die now!” The vicious purple-clothed youth sneered as he hurled the talisman from his hand.

However, with a flicker of red light from Su Yu’s left eye, the hurled talisman was enveloped by a space energy before it even had a chance to erupt. The next moment, the space on Su Yu’s palm rippled, and the talisman appeared in his hand shortly thereafter.

With a smear of his palm, which removed the Vital Energy in it, the talisman exploded from the edges, then returned to a peaceful state. This performance stunned everyone.

The lower-class students marveled at it, but had no idea how Su Yu had done it. Only those most experienced understood how terrifying such a feat truly was.

“Space Transportation!” Lady Situ exclaimed, while she, Bai Shanliang, Gongsun Wuxie and the others felt their hearts beat faster as they fixed their eyes on Su Yu.

Horror and shock were apparent on all of their faces. Despite being proficient in space, the All Creation Old Monster could only transport himself. But, Su Yu had reached a level at which he could transport other items! This showed how great his space talent truly was!

It was especially astonishing to Bai Shanliang and Gongsun Wuxie. Initially, they thought they had clearly grasped the trump card that Su Yu had been hiding all this time. It was only now that they realized that what they had understood was only the tip of the iceberg!

The vicious purple-clothed youth was so utterly shocked that the light in his pupils constricted to the size of a needle. He then exclaimed, “The Ancient Spiritual Body! It’s even the Inherent Space Body!”

Only the spiritual bodies who had inherited the Ancient Bloodline and possessed innate and unique talents managed to master the magical space power before even reaching the All Creations level! As for the space body, this was an unprecedented, remarkably strong spiritual body!

Su Yu looked calm. He had already decided to leave the Red Blood Palace, so he no longer feared exposing some of his magical powers. What surprised him the most, however, was that the Ancient Spiritual Body was being misunderstood as the Inherent Space Body!

After some silence, Lady Situ finally collected her thoughts. Looking at Su Yu, she felt huge waves crashing in her heart.

After all, the Ancient Spiritual Body was the greatest among all spiritual bodies, so she wondered… Would people like that depend on the Situ family’s power to be recommended into Red Blood Palace… Due to a lack of opportunity?

Despite everyone’s confusion, it was undeniable that Su Yu had rescued the Situ family from crisis once again. After staring at the talisman for a moment, Su Yu tossed it into his sleeve, then looked up to the depths of the heavens.

He then asked calmly, “Do you have any reserved strategies left?”

The vicious purple-clothed youth stared at Su Yu, his face solemn. Every Ancient Spiritual Body on the Jiuzhou Continent was an entity that was cultivated like a valuable treasure by various powerful influences.

A space spiritual body like Su Yu’s held even more significance and importance. Hence, he must be a target for some influence. Now, that they had so terribly offended him, he would surely cause them endless troubles if he was kept alive!

“Humph, do you think that I can’t handle you without breaking the formation? I’ve said it before… You’re the first one I’m going to kill!” The vicious purple-clothed was determined to kill Su Yu, and as he leaped into the air, the fifth-grade ferocious bird that was below him shrieked, while leading the other four fourth-grade ferocious birds to charge down toward Su Yu, all of them howling.

As these five masses of strong colossal pressure descended from the sky, their ear-piercing shrieks were deafening. The decibel level of noise shook those people from the Situ family with lower-class cultivations. Many of them even spat out blood as they sustained internal injuries.

Only the martial artists with cultivations above the fifth-grade fairy level remained unscathed. The less capable ones had hidden away beforehand, so luckily, the casualties weren’t too severe.

At that moment, Lady Situ’s eyes shone with a bright light as she yelled in a low voice, “My people, Su Yuxian has saved us time and again, so we’re now obliged to protect him with our lives!”

She then led the attack, alongside several Almighty experts from the Situ family, fighting the strongest fifth-grade Almighty altogether. However, the disparity between a fourth-grade and fifth-grade Almighty proved to be as great as a wide trench.

A mocking glint shone in the emerald eyes of the fifth-grade Almighty ferocious bird, and with a forceful flap of its wings, an array of black feathers carried horrendous energies toward them.

Bang! Bang!

Lady Situ and the others immediately dodged the energies by joining forces. But, the Vital Energy shield that they condensed was torn apart by the black feathers as if it was a thin piece of paper.

A third-grade Almighty elder from the Situ family had his chest pierced right through and was almost killed when his vital organs were nearly hit! At the same time, the other Almighty retreated in a frenzy.

Lady Situ’s face was flushed red, and the injuries in her body flared up as blood flowed from the corners of her mouth. Just one fight, and they were fatally beaten by the fifth-grade ferocious bird, which then charged toward Su Yu!

“Su Yuxian, watch out!” Lady Situ bellowed, while forcing her Vital Energy to work as she dashed forward.

It was too bad that she was seriously injured, so she failed to block the brutal, intrepid fifth-grade Almighty ferocious bird. Su Yu was about to die at the hands of the fiercely charging ferocious bird when, all of a sudden, its eyes froze, and the claws that were stretching out toward Su Yu were abruptly withdrawn.

At the same time, it fluttered its wings and switched directions, flying straight up. The moment it flew off, barely scraping Su Yu’s head as it went, a dark shadow appeared before him, like an apparition.

The shadow immediately lashed at the spot where the ferocious bird had been with a whip. The whip struck the ferocious bird’s back, causing black feathers to explode out everywhere, along with copious amounts of black remnant blood.

If it wasn’t for its extra-sensitive senses, it couldn’t have detected the danger in time and given up on killing Su Yu in time to escape. In that case, the bird would have suffered a direct smash from the whip, which would have killed it instantly!

“A fifth-grade Almighty!” Lady Situ and the vicious purple-clothed youth exclaimed at the same time. They were both clearly stupefied by what they had just seen.

It was incredible! Su Yu even had the protection of a hidden fifth-grade Almighty expert!

“Do you want to leave now?” Su Yu stared at the injured fifth-grade Almighty ferocious bird that was about to run away and sneered.

Hu Wangui transformed into a remnant shadow immediately and caught up with it, while waving the bony whip and lashing out at it with it. Upon seeing that, Lady Situ and the others joined in the siege.

She then ordered, “The few of you, protect Su Yuxian from being harmed by the remaining fourth-grade Almighty ferocious birds. The rest of you can follow me and kill the injured one!”

Upon hearing her order, not only did the Situ family rush forward toward Su Yu, but even Bai Shanliang and Gongsun Wuxie joined them as well.

“Senior Brother Shanliang, Wuxie, you go attack the ferocious bird. It only sustained a slight injury, so even with the help of Hu Wangui, Lady Situ won’t be able to tackle it without your help. You must go and lend her a hand. As for the four fourth-grade Almighty ferocious birds, leave them to me,” Su Yu said.

Bai Shanliang did not hesitate for long before he nodded. He then looked at the ferocious bird that was currently running away from the formation and smiled. “Ehem! Good boy, don’t run away! Let brother Shanliang spit blood all over your face!”

As if it had understood Bai Shanliang’s mocking words, the fifth-grade Almighty ferocious bird suddenly shuddered, while dread crept into its eyes.