The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 922

Chapter 922 Space Disorder

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Su Yu’s eyes shone, and the bright light in his eyes shot straight at the vicious purple-clothed youth who was protected by the layers of ferocious birds.

“Do you think that mysterious person cares more about the beast tamer’s life or the Situ family?” Su Yu asked calmly.

The three of them understood exactly what Su Yu was implying. Capturing the vicious purple-clothed youth could make the mysterious sixth-grade Almighty fall into the trap, and he could then wipe out the Situ family. But, the beast tamer could not be revived if he died.

“If we could restrain him, we would’ve done so already!” The brightness in Lady Situ’s eyes flashed for a fleeting moment, then vanished. After all, charging into a gaggle of tens of thousands of ferocious birds and capturing the youth was difficult beyond description!

Su Yu’s lips twitched as he remarked, “Not necessarily!”

When he finished talking, Su Yu looked over at the vicious purple-clothed youth and estimated the distance between them. He then waited quietly as the youth kept approaching.

When they were only 300 miles apart, a violet light suddenly flickered across Su Yu’s right eye. At that moment, the time around him slowed-down.

In his visual field, Lady Situ and the others were motionless like puppets, as if they had just been frozen in their spots. Also, the dark clouds that were 400 miles away were moving as slow as snails.

The wings on Su Yu’s back were spread as he walked among the static deluge of ferocious birds, then continued straight toward the vicious purple-clothed youth, whose facial expression changed gradually into one of shock. Su Yu smiled lightly at him and grasped his shoulder. He then retreated instantly to the Glaze Vehicle.

Right at that moment, his time-acceleration ended and Su Yu entered the normal flow of time. Lady Situ and the others only felt Su Yu’s figure flashing past them. It felt as if a certain scene had disappeared all of a sudden, then reappeared again.

But, when he showed up again, he had the vicious, purple-clothed youth in his grip. There was a shocked expression on the youth’s face.

The scene made all three of them stunned at the same time, and they could not comprehend what had just happened at all. It didn’t look like Instant Space Motion, but more like some kind of mysterious technique that could not be deciphered.

“Ahh!” All of a sudden, the youth gave out a miserable cry as Su Yu’s palm slammed on his chest, knocking him unconscious.

Since this person was the beast tamer, if he was conscious, he could manipulate the demonic beasts. Thus, this was the only way that Su Yu could ensure that he didn’t wreak havoc.

Lady Situ’s eyes were filled with shock.

“Brother Shanliang, have you identified what technique he used just now?” Gongsun Wuxie stared at Su Yu and gradually squinted her bright eyes, while sinking into deep thought.

Bai Shanliang slowly shook his head, his face very solemn. “I have neither heard nor seen it before!” As he could capture a person from hundreds of miles away without space energy, this technique was very intriguing!


Right at that moment, the bamboo hat man finally caught up, but he stood tens of thousands of feet away and did not launch his attack. Instead, he fixed his stare on Su Yu and the youth in his hands.

He had really fallen into a trap, just as was expected. Upon seeing this, Lady Situ felt relieved.

“How about we make a bargain?” Su Yu asked as he gestured to the beast tamer in his hands.

Although the bamboo hat man’s eyes were covered by the hat, Su Yu could feel the intense hatred radiating out from his eyes as he fixed his stare on Su Yu. After several moments, the bamboo hat man nodded, but still kept quiet.

Su Yu’s eyes shone as he thought… This person has such deep enmity in his heart! Who could he be?

Ever since he had traveled to Tianya City, he had made lots of enemies. Thus, he couldn’t determine who the person before him was. But, it did not affect the bargain between them.

“It’s simple, I’ll trade his life for ours. I can’t imagine that you would refuse such an offer,” Su Yu said.

The bamboo hat man clenched his fists and only nodded coldly after a long while. His hatred could be clearly felt, however, and it was so intense that it sent chills cascading down people’s backs.

“Let the people from the Situ family leave first,” Su Yu said.

The deal was struck, and the group of people were immediately returned to the Situ family. Under Lady Situ’s instruction, her people had only brought along some important resources with them, so they were able to quickly spread out and escape in all directions.

“My Lady, you should go too,” Su Yu then said.

She was looking at her people at that time, who were retreating further away, and she only withdrew her gaze after a long while. When she did so, her face was no longer worried.

She then turned and smiled at Su Yu. “You’ve just rescued the Situ family, so if I abandoned you now, wouldn’t I be considered a traitor?”

Su Yu smiled. “Okay. Besides, since you’re the target of that bamboo hat man, if you travel alone, you’ll be in danger. You can come with us.”

After hauling Lady Situ into the Glaze Vehicle, Su Yu looked over at the bamboo hat man. “Half an hour after we leave, we’ll release the beast tamer! You should not follow us.”

“What if you don’t keep your word?” the bamboo hat man asked coldly.


Su Yu opened an Ancient Book of the Heart’s Oaths and made his vow right then and there, saying, “The hostage will certainly be released in half an hour.”

Then, he tossed the Ancient Book of the Heart’s Oath forward. The bamboo hat man caught it, his eyes never leaving Su Yu for one second.

Thus, the agreement was made, and everyone was secretly relieved. If they really were to fight the sixth-grade Almighty, they knew that they stood zero chance of winning!

However, seeing that they had pulled through the crisis with only fright, yet not any big mishaps, Su Yu raised his guard all of a sudden. Then, without a second thought, he activated the Glaze Vehicle, which immediately started whirring into motion.


The moment the Glaze Vehicle began shifting its position, a beam of purple moonlight swept across the spot where it had been. A thick groove that was charred black appeared wherever the moonlight swept past. If Su Yu had reacted any slower than he did, they would have all been obliterated!


In the meantime, a middle-aged man clad in a long gown rushed forward quickly, riding a fourth-grade Almighty bird. The bird was the same one that had escaped previously. It had been tamed by the middle-aged man and had flown right back.

The man had a pair of sharp eyes and a very conspicuous feature between his eyebrows. It was a purple moon that had been scorched between his brows.

“The Purple Moon Demonic Man?” Bai Shanliang, Gongsun Wuxie, and Lady Situ were shocked, and after they all recognized the person, they exclaimed in shock in unison.

Su Yu had recognized him too, and his pupils shrank as he operated his Vital Energy quietly, while concealing his face.

Lady Situ then asked with a solemn look on her face, “Since when has the Soul Seizing Palace started colluding with unknown influences?”

The Soul Seizing Palace was situated at the border of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands and had more than once been suspected of having malicious motives. But, there was no concrete evidence as of yet to prove anything.

Or, it should be said that those who held such concrete evidence were no longer alive! For instance, they could all have been murdered by now! And now that the Purple Moon Demonic Man had showed up in his real form, he certainly wouldn’t let any of them live!

“Aren’t you suppressing the Kongchan Cabinet Master? Why are you here?” The bamboo hat man bellowed in a low voice.

The Purple Moon Demonic Man’s lips twitched upwards as he replied, “Haha, it was such an advantageous situation, but you messed it up. To keep the Holy Son from being angered, I had to come and clean up this mess!”

“How can you clean it up? Will you kill Meng Tian, along with them?” the bamboo hat man asked coldly. If the strike he made just now had been successful, Meng Tian would have been dead too.

The Purple Moon Demonic Man replied, “Haha, of course!”

Once he finished talking, he grabbed the Ancient Book of the Heart’s Oaths that had just been prepared by Su Yu, and with a simple sweep of his hands, he reduced it to ashes.

His sharp eyes were fixed on Su Yu and the others, and as he scanned them with his gaze, he asked, “I heard that Su Yuxian is here… Which one is he?”

He had actually come to find Su Yuxian! Lady Situ, Bai Shanliang, and Gongsun Wuxie all had solemn expressions on their faces. They did not dare look at Su Yu for fear of exposing him.

“Oh… So… You’re not going to say? Let me guess… Leaving the two females aside, you two are the only ones left. You, if I’m not mistaken, should be Bai Shanliang, also known as Poison in the West?” the Purple Moon Demonic Man guessed.

He then shifted his eyes to Su Yu and said, “In that case, you must be Su Yuxian.”

Su Yu stared at him and replied calmly, “Yes, sp what about it?”

“Great! A lord wants to see you, and as an elder, I’ll have to take you away.” The Purple Moon Demonic Man’s sharp eyes emitted an ice-cold light.

Lord? Which lord? Everyone wondered.

The Purple Moon Demonic Man didn’t give Su Yu a chance to speak, as the purple moon between his brows radiated a beam of purple moonlight that dashed toward Su Yu.

Then, the bamboo hat man screamed in shock. “Meng Tian is still with him!”

“Humph! Such a useless scumbag! Our lord doesn’t need him, and the Holy Son certainly doesn’t either!” The Purple Moon Demonic Man snorted coldly.

The bamboo hat man was speechless, and he slowly gave up the idea of trying to stop him. The hatred in his eyes only intensified at this time.

Then, casting a look at Meng Tian, he gritted his teeth. He then said, “Fine. If Su Yuxian can be killed, sacrificing Meng Tian isn’t a big deal.”

“Su Yuxian, brace yourself for death!” The bamboo hat man gave off overwhelming murderous vibes. It was as if he had some resentment for Su Yu that could not be reconciled.

Dealing with the bamboo hat man was tough enough, and here came another Purple Moon Demonic Man! Su Yu really had his hands full!


Su Yu activated the Glaze Vehicle and took off running in an instant. The bamboo hat man and the Purple Moon Demonic Man were hot on his heels. In the blink of an eye, both parties had crossed millions of miles.

Su Yu then said in a somber voice, “Wuxie, bring them away with the Glaze Vehicle! They have set their focus on me now!”

Judging from the way the two men spoke, both of them had the intention to kill Su Yu. In that case, Su Yu knew that if the three of them followed him, they’d be in greater danger.

Moreover, if all of them left, only then could Su Yu retaliate with all of his might. Thus, it was better if he could reserve more of his trump cards for now.

Lady Situ’s face fell as she bit her red lip and said, “I’ll stay. I can hold them off for some time.”

“Don’t sacrifice yourself for no reason! You can’t hold them off for long,” Su Yu said,

He then added, “Also, the Glaze Vehicle is a one-time product, and the more people it carries, the faster its energy is consumed. If I run away alone, I might have a greater chance to escape.”

Gongsun Wuxie shot Su Yu a surprised look as she thought… In times of danger, this fellow is quite reliable! He’d rather risk himself than burden others!

She could not help but recall the time that she was rescued by the ruthless demonic man. The two of them were really similar in certain aspects.

As this was a time of emergency, she didn’t have much time to think. So, with a flip of her small palm, she took out three Glaze Vehicles and said, “Come… You’re welcome to take one for yourself.”

Lady Situ bit her lip lightly, then added, “Be careful!”

Once she finished talking, she activated the Glaze Vehicle and quickly left in the direction where her people were headed. Bai Shanliang and Gongsun Wuxie left as well.

“Senior Brother Yuxian, hang in there. I’ll inform the inner sanctum about this immediately. I believe that reinforcements will be dispatched here very soon,” Bai Shanliang said.

Gongsun Wuxie hesitated for a moment before pouting her lips and saying, “You’d better not die! If you do, Sister Wuxin will belong to some other man!”

Su Yu bid his farewell with cupped fists, then headed straight for his faraway destination. The speed of the Glaze Vehicle was astoundingly fast, and without even realizing, Su Yu had crossed the region of the Soul Seizing Palace and entered Central Prefecture.

This was the first time that Su Yu had been so close to the Central Prefecture. When he crossed the air above the border, he suddenly felt that something was strange about the surroundings. He was surely flying forward, but there seemed to be a force at the border that was trying to draw him back.

As such, he failed to go any further, even after several attempts. Hence, he had to stop in the region of the Soul Seizing Palace.

It was only then that Su Yu discovered with his Transparent Eye that the space energy within this region was in a state of extreme disorder. Once one was within it, the location of the regions would shift due to the change in the space energy. This explained why Su Yu had failed to walk out of it, even after several attempts.

Usually, he would have time to try and cross it slowly, but now, he was in quite a rush. Thus, he had to prepare himself to fight the enemies!

Su Yu’s eyes shone as he advanced non-stop along the border. He was hoping to find somewhere suitable to face his enemies.

Much to his surprise, he found out that the space that was affected by the disorder increased as he moved forward, and there were also signs indicating that the disorder extended deep into the Soul Seizing Palace.

“What happened? Why is there such a huge space disorder?” Su Yu was very confused.

After all, the space in the Jiuzhou Continent was very stable, and even the All Creation Old Monster could only tear it. It was rather impossible to cause such a grand-scale space disorder there.

Could it be a natural occurrence? Su Yu was doubtful. However, Su Yu finally found a place that was suitable for battle!


With a crisp, bright sound, the Glaze Vehicle under Su Yu’s feet was split into a seam that was about the size of the mouth of a bowl, and its spiritual energy was quickly dissipating. As it was a one-time product, its lifespan had officially ended.

Before long, two human figures caught up with him, one after another.


However, they did not stop, but kept sprinting straight toward Su Yu. At that moment, an idea occurred to Su Yu, and he dove into the region that was shrouded in boundless space that was just ahead of him.

“Die!” The Purple Moon Demonic Man’s forehead shone with a splendid purple light, emitting a beam of purple moonlight that pierced right through Su Yu. But then, the straight purple moonlight suddenly vanished midway!

“Be careful!” In the meantime, the bamboo hat man suddenly pulled the Purple Moon Demonic Man away. At that moment, a beam of purple moonlight crept up behind him stealthily, nearly killing him!

“The space here is in disorder, so you can’t just use your magical powers as usual.” The bamboo hat man gazed at his surroundings, his pupils constricting.

On their way, as they were hunting down Su Yu, they had felt a disorderly space that covered a wide area. It was unusually eerie. They had never seen such a region with such an enormous space disorder!

The Purple Moon Demonic Man was the most shocked, as since this place was near the Soul Seizing Palace, he was certain that not long ago, there wasn’t any abnormality here. None of it was important at this time, however, as what mattered most was killing Su Yuxian.

With the lesson just now on their minds, they were more cautious with their actions, relying solely on their bodies to fly and deal with matters and hand. Just like Su Yu, they were often shifted to other zones by the rapidly altering space.

Sometimes, they were shifted far from Su Yu, and sometimes, they were shifted close to him. It was beyond their control.

After chasing Su Yu for some time, the Purple Moon Demonic Man frowned deeply. “Da*n it, what’s really going on here? If we keep wasting time, unless Su Yu happens to be shifted to where we are, there’s nothing we can do about him!”

Su Yu turned, his lips twitching as he yelled, “You’re right! You can’t do anything about me, but I can do something about you!”


Su Yu did not even think before he hurled out a blue-yellow round ball from his sleeve. The speed of the round ball was extremely fast.

The Purple Moon Demonic Man thought that it was only a hidden weapon, so he struck it with a punch, not using his magical powers because he wanted to save them in case he got hurt again.

But, right before the punch landed, the bamboo hat man yelled frantically, “Oh no! Don’t go hard!”

Right at that moment, he moved in a flash, holding the Purple Moon Demonic Man back, then quickly pulling him away. The round ball flew past them both at that time, almost connecting with their faces!

Both of them flew backwards from the impact, which was as powerful as an earthquake. The Purple Moon Demonic Man spat out a mouthful of blood, while the bamboo hat man’s clothes were torn to shreds by the impact.

They were both very frightened, and even the strong wind that flew past their faces was quite terrifying. They were truly afraid that if they were hit by the round ball, they be shattered by it and die!

Su Yu sighed inwardly. Then, with a flash of the red light in his left eye, he retrieved the Underworld Pearl by using space energy. The Underworld Pearl was originally a weapon, and due to his lack of a proper set of cultivation techniques, Su Yu could only toss it like a stone, which was a weak defense indeed.

As such, it was usually hard for it to display its powers when dealing with responsive Almighty strong men. But, this strike had proven that the Underworld Pearl was not influenced by the space shifting here.

Due to its light weight, the space failed to shift it. Hence, it could be tossed straight out.

Upon failing with his first strike, Su Yu tucked away the Underworld Pearl and lifted his gaze to look up. What he saw made Su Yu’s eyes turn cold.

After having his clothes torn off, the bamboo hat man had shown his real self… And Su Yu recognized him!

He then shouted, “I wondered who was hiding in disguise! So, it’s you!”