The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 923

Chapter 923 Inciting Meng Tians Defection

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The person before him was middle-aged and had a gloomy, fierce expression, and an eerie murderous intention radiated out from his eyes.

“Little monster!” The middle-aged man’s face was bloodthirsty as he spoke, “You killed my son and slaughtered the younger ones in my family. You owe me a debt of blood! Have you ever thought of paying me back?”

The person before him was none other than the Shao’s Family Master! He represented the most influential family from the Blessed and Heavenly Lands that was outside the faction!

So, it was no wonder that he wanted to control Lady Situ. He had always coveted Lady Situ’s beauty since they were young. In fact, he actually murdered Lady Situ’s late husband, which also explained why he now yearned for Lady Situ!

It was even less surprising that he would assume the identity of the bamboo hat man, as if his own identity was made known to the Red Blood Palace at this moment, the Shao family would be destroyed.

“I’ve never owed anyone a debt in my life, but there’s only one debt that I will never pay, and that is the debt of blood!” Su Yu said. He had never killed anyone innocent, so he had no regrets.

“I’ll make you pay today!” With his identity having already been exposed, the Shao’s Family Master would not tolerate Su Yu’s existence any longer. So, with a shrill yell, he transformed into a remnant shadow and pounced forward.

It was a pity that the space was such a mess, as a gust of space energy rushed forward, taking the Shao’s Family Master in entirely different direction! The Shao’s Family Master was furious, and he began charging forward with red eyes. He looked as if he had gone mad!

The Purple Moon Demonic Man frowned deeply. Initially, he had absolute confidence that he could finish Su Yu off, which was why he showed up. But, he never would have thought he would fail to seize him, even after so long!

“Don’t be too proud!” he bellowed as he joined the hunt.

In contrast to them, Su Yu used the Soul Eyes to observe the situations in all directions, so he was able to clearly discern if the space of any regions were about to be messed up. Hence, he could avoid them easily as he transported himself from one area to the other.

However, he also understood that this was only a temporary strategy to hold them off. Then, just like that, they chased after one another in the region of space disorder for quite some time.

Su Yu moved forward in a meandering manner, the Shao’s Family Master and the Purple Moon Demonic Man hot on his heels the entire time. The distance between them was never great.

This chase lasted for an entire day. Finally, the Purple Moon Demonic Man realized that something was wrong.

He then said, “This brat is really strange! He’s only a sixth-grade fairy, yet his Vital Energy and reserved skills couldn’t even match a ninth-grade fairy!”

Under normal circumstances, if a ninth-grade fairy was hunted ceaselessly for a whole day like that, its Vital Energy would have been thoroughly consumed. But, Su Yu was still very energetic and sprightly!

“Then… We definitely need to kill him!” The Shao’s Family Master fixed his deadly stare on Su Yu, determined to kill him.

They had crossed countless regions throughout the day and had traveled to the region of the Central Prefecture from the Blessed and Heavenly Lands. At this point, they seemed to close to Tianya City.

The deeper they ventured into the region of space disorder, the more they were shocked. This was because the size of the region that had been afflicted by the space disorder was enormous!

Apparently, they weren’t the only ones affected, as numerous living creatures were trapped in the region of space disorder, each being unable to fly or move past it. Among them were some of the Situ family members, who had accidentally entered the region.

Occasionally, some groups of ferocious birds that had lost their ways could also be seen. It appeared that a huge portion of the heavens and earth had been disturbed by the mysterious space disorder.

Right at that moment, the Purple Moon Demonic Man and the Shao’s Family Master were once again enveloped by the space disorder that had appeared suddenly, and they were transported by force to an unknown location. They had grown numb to such an experience, so instead of feeling frustration, they focused on maintaining awareness of Su Yu’s direction right after coming out of that state in order to prevent their losing track of him.

Much to their delight, the transportation this time did not set them off track. Instead, they landed twenty feet from Su Yu!

Upon seeing them, Su Yu’s face fell. But, luckily, he had been prepared for this. So, he did not hesitate to activate the Five Elements Divine Prison and release the Five Pulse Dominant Wave to cover himself, thus protecting his entire body.


Almost at the same time, the waves surged, as they had been simultaneously struck by the Shao’s Family Master and the Purple Moon Demonic Man. The Purple Moon Demonic Man’s palm strength did not even cause a ripple, while the strike from Shao’s Family Master made the waves surge, but was ultimately blocked.

“What defense is that?” the Shao’s Family Master wondered aloud. They were both shocked.

Su Yu’s eyes shone and a green light flickered on his arm. Then, Meng Tian, who had fainted, was taken out by Su Yu and instilled with Vital Energy, and he immediately awoke!

When Meng Tian opened his eyes, the first thing that he saw was the scene in which Shao’s Family Master and the Purple Moon Demonic Man were insanely attacking the water waves.

“Your life is in my hands, yet they’re attacking you without a care and abandoning you! This is your current situation…” While staring at the rigid water waves, Su Yu explained the situation calmly.

As he surveyed the scenario before his eyes, Meng Tian quickly realized his predicament. He had been seized and abandoned by the Shao’s Family Master and the Purple Moon Demonic Man. So, if Su Yu died, they would surely finish him off!

“You want to live, and I want the same. So… It appears that we have the same goal,” Su Yu said.

Meng Tian’s heart sank as he asked, “You want me to attack them?”

Not long ago, he had been allies with these two men. It was a tough pill to swallow.

“Why not? You cherish their lives, but have they done the same regarding yours?” Su Yu asked. “Besides, we’ll only have to block their attacks. You don’t have to kill them!”

After he heard this, Meng Tian’s mind raced. Even though they served the same master, he didn’t necessarily have to sacrifice himself for them.

As he thought this, a look of ruthlessness flickered in the depths of his eyes. Then, Meng Tian asked, “What do you want me to do? I suppose you won’t release me for the time being?”

Su Yu shook his head, which wasn’t surprising, as once Meng Tian was released, he would undoubtedly take the Shao’s Family Master’s side again, then take control of his troop of birds and attack Su Yu.

“Use your beast-taming skills and immediately summon the scattered groups of ferocious birds in the vicinity. As I control your life and death, if something goes wrong, I’ll kill you,” Su Yu instructed him.

After a moment of consideration, Meng Tian agreed to the plan, “Fine!”

Once he finished speaking, he retrieved the long purple flute again, placed it on his lips, and started to play it. The sound of flute reverberated throughout the space, ignoring the space disorder and spreading out in all directions.

The ferocious birds that had lost their owner and were disoriented in the region of space disorder all fluttered their wings and shrieked, quickly congregating at the spot where the flute had sounded.

One of the nearest third-grade Almighty ferocious birds immediately pounced forward, and under Meng Tian’s control, it launched its attack on the Purple Moon Demonic Man first…

“Meng Tian, how dare you attack me? Lord Blood Bone will not forgive you when we return and he hears about this!” The Purple Moon Demonic Man furiously butchered the oncoming ferocious bird as he continued to berate Meng Tian, “Don’t be tempted by that man!”

Meng Tian set down the purple flute and sneered. “If I don’t attack you know, shall I wait till the one behind me launches his attack at me? Retreat right now, or don’t blame me for being merciless! You should know the power of these ferocious birds! Once they flock together, not even your souls can escape!”

The Shao’s Family Master seemed to be struggling, but as he looked at Su Yu, he couldn’t appease his own fury. “My apologies, but this is the only chance that I might get to avenge my son!”

“Purple Moon Demonic Man, let’s charge together! This defense requires extremely strong Vital Energy to be activated, and he’s been running out of it! So, there shouldn’t be much of it left now!” The Shao’s Family Master saw through Su Yu’s weakness and snorted.

The Purple Moon Demonic Man didn’t want to grant Su Yu mercy either, so he agreed to join the siege at once.

Su Yu’s heart sank, as it was indeed like what the Shao’s Family Master had just said. The Five Pulse Dominant Wave had consumed a great amount of Vital Energy already, and it wouldn’t last much longer.

The saving grace was that numerous birds were gradually congregating after hearing the sound of the flute, and by now, they had formed a fairly large group.

“Surround the Shao’s Family Master first!” Su Yu yelled as he stared at the Purple Moon Demonic Man.

In fact, Su Yu was far more afraid of the Purple Moon Demonic Man than the Shao’s Family Master. This was because he was one of the few people who knew Su Yu’s real identity.

Once he found that the Su Yuxian before him was actually Su Yu, then he would lose the chance to conceal his identity once and for all! As such, this person posed a greater threat to Su Yu than the Shao’s Family Master.

As for the Shao’s Family Master, Su Yu had several ways to kill him. Although, each would be costly. Regardless, he knew that he must first deal with the Purple Moon Demonic Man!

At that moment, numerous birds charged from all over the sky and surrounded the Shao’s Family Master. Despite having the cultivation of a sixth-grade Almighty, he dared not underestimate the ferocious birds.

So, he was forced to give up on breaking the Five Pulse Dominant Wave and had to shift his focus to contending with the birds. With a leap, Su Yu brought along the Five Pulse Dominant Wave and headed straight toward the Purple Moon Demonic Man.

With the wings flapping on his back, his speed increased explosively, reaching the same pace as the Purple Moon Demonic Man’s. Upon seeing this, the Purple Moon Demonic Man furrowed his brows.

He knew that the defense on the surface of Su Yu’s body was unassailable. Moreover, as Su Yu had various schemes up his sleeve, he felt quite threatened.

If they fought one-on-one, he knew that he couldn’t harm Su Yu the least bit, but Su Yu could certainly take his life! Such a thought frustrated him, and he chose to retreat without a word. He was intending to get close to the Shao’s Family Master so that they could collaborate.

But, Su Yu certainly couldn’t allow him to fulfill this wish, and with a flick of his sleeves, the Underworld Pearl charged brutally toward the Purple Moon Demonic Man with the force of thunder.

The Purple Moon Demonic Man had experienced the danger of the ball before, so he quickly froze his position and recoiled in horror. In the meantime, a glorious beam of purple light shot out from between his brows.

Su Yu’s figure flashed and dodged it. Then, wavering his sleeves again, a thin thread that was invisible to the naked eye cut toward the Purple Moon Demonic Man’s skull.

He felt endangered all of a sudden, so he quickly retrieved a small purple sword from his sleeve. The sword had a stunning spiritual energy and radiated with spiritual light, thus distinguishing it from ordinary spiritual artifacts.

This was clearly a top-grade spiritual artifact that contained a powerful flame energy. Those below the fifth-grade Almighty level could never endure the flames contained in such a sword.

“Sword Devours Lands and Rivers!” the Purple Moon Demonic Man yelled.

He was an expert swordmaster, and with a sweep of the sword, sword shadows surged forward in an overlapping manner, all of them bringing boundless flames along with them.

Although this strike hadn’t reached Bing Wuxin’s proficiency level of sword-heart synchronization, it was very subtle nonetheless. Besides, the terrifying flames had a mighty intrinsic power.

Su Yu did not retreat, but charged ahead, and with a pinch of his fingers, the fire energy was sent roiling all over the sky, suddenly becoming disorderly, then surging away from Su Yu. The fire energy then gradually died off.

At this time, all of the flames were extinguished, and the remnant sword energy did not even disturb Su Yu’s calm water waves. From the Purple Moon Demonic Man’s perspective, Su Yu had barged into the sea of fire, yet the flames seemed to have fallen under Su Yu’s control and were extinguished on their own. Such a mysterious strategy shocked him once again.

“Dance of Mad Swords in the Sky!”

“Sword Severs the World!”

“Sword Terminates Yin-yang!”

As he performed nine consecutive sword techniques, each one more powerful and magnificent than the other, Su Yu continued charging toward the Purple Moon Demonic Man, holding nothing back. The Shao’s Family Master, who was entangled with the ferocious birds, finally returned to his senses in order to respond.

His face changed as he yelled, “Run fast! Don’t fight with him, as he has achieved the level of fire-heart synchronization and has mastered the fire element! Your Purple Scorch Sword can’t hurt him!”

“What? Fire-heart synchronization? That is the level that one reaches after breaking through the barrier of the Path of Fire!” The Purple Moon Demonic Man was stupefied to hear this, and only then did he finally realize the depths of Su Yu’s frightening power.

He wondered… What kind of talent lies hidden beneath this guy’s ordinary appearance?

Knowing that his techniques were useless now, the Purple Moon Demonic Man gritted his teeth and chose to retreat.