The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 924

Chapter 924 Reduced To Ashes

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As a sixth-grade Almighty, the Shao’s Family Master had strong combat power, which meant that he could deal with the situation just fine. So, the Purple Moon Demonic Man retreated immediately!

“Now that you’re leaving, it’s too late!” Su Yu snorted, while he leaped into the void, the fiery red wings spreading behind him. He then began his chase!

The Purple Moon Demonic Man retorted coldly, “Killing you is a challenge, but it’s easy for me to run away!”


He then flipped his hand and took out an earth-yellow talisman, which he immediately tossed toward Su Yu, without saying a word. The talisman exploded in the air, a glaring bright light erupting out from it. At the same time, a gust of horrible power came striking outward in an overwhelming manner.

The power of this strike was like a full-force strike of a sixth-grade Almighty. Su Yu evaded it, but was still afflicted by it. The Vital Energy that was concealing his face was dispersed, revealing his real look.

The Purple Moon Demonic Man took this chance of Su Yu’s stagnation and escaped right away. But, before leaving, he cast a glance at Su Yu’s plight after sustaining the blow.

However, what he saw made him stand motionless on his spot, as if he had just been struck by lightning. His pupils gradually constricted as the look on his face changed from confusion to shock, then finally, to jubilance.

At that moment, he could not help but exclaim, “It’s you! You’re…”

As he heard those words, Su Yu had a foreboding feeling that his identity was about to be exposed! Then, as he gritted his teeth, a small purple dragon swam past Su Yu’s left eye and flew out, twining itself around the Purple Moon Demonic Man.

The words “time control,” which were on the tip of the Purple Moon Demonic Man’s tongue, stopped abruptly, and his body could not budge at all!

Su Yu used this opportunity to sprint forward, and with continuous whisks of his index finger, he wound a silk thread around the Purple Moon Demonic Man’s neck.

Then, Su Yu exerted force with his index finger, causing the silk thread to sever the Purple Moon Demonic Man’s head, just like it cutting through a soft piece of tofu! Right at that time, the frozen time reached its end.

Blood mist sprinkled from the Purple Moon Demonic Man’s neck and dispersed in the air, just like a water fountain. In the meantime, a formless transparent figure drilled out from the corpse and scampered far away in terror.

While it was flying, it screamed and yelped in shock and dread, “Ahh! Please forgive me, senior! Please have mercy on me!” Its tone was filled with endless terror and apprehension, as if it had just run into an All Creation Old Monster!

Su Yu’s face turned even colder, while an enraged bellow sounded from the depths of his chest. Four demonic dragons rushed out, all of them howling as they quickly caught up with the Purple Moon Demonic Man’s soul.

Despite his great cultivation, his soul was very weak. Hence, once the demonic dragon pounced onto it, it easily bit and tore at it.

The Purple Moon Demonic Man screamed, “Shao’s Family Master, save me! He is… He’s…”

His final words were drowned out by the mad howls of the demonic dragons, and apart from Su Yu, who was the nearest one to him, no one could hear clearly what he was saying. The Purple Moon Demonic Man, the soul and body of the third elder of the Soul Seizing Palace had perished, just like that!

As he gazed at the scene, the Shao’s Family Master’s eyes became as wide as saucers. Meng Tian also was shocked.

During those final moments, the Purple Moon Demonic Man was fixed on his spot and couldn’t move his body, and they all had to wonder… What exactly happened? Also, his behavior before passing away, what was that all about? Why did he address Su Yu as senior? Who is he?

All of these questions occurred to everyone at the same time. At that moment, Su Yu’s face fell a little. Before he drew his last breath, the Purple Moon Demonic Man really did state the truth about Su Yu being the wanted criminal from the Central Prefecture. So, it was clear to Su Yu now that the elders of the Soul Seizing Palace had already known his true identity, just as had expected.

As he thought of this, a coldness filled Su Yu’s eyes. Shortly thereafter, Su Yu looked over to the entangled Shao’s Family Master.

With a flick of his sleeve, the Underworld Pearl flew out again and crashed toward him with a force that could shatter everything. In the meantime, Su Yu dashed toward him, his index finger and thumb tightly pinching on the silk thread as he prepared to strike a blow at the Shao’s Family Master.

As soon as the Shao’s Family Master realized the incoming threat, he bellowed. At the same time, an Intense Vital Energy gushed out from his hair follicles, toppling and blowing away the numerous ferocious birds in the sky.

He grabbed this opportunity to free himself from the siege and evade the blow from the Underworld Pearl. All the while, his deadly stare was fixed upon Su Yu, as he intended to go after him and kill him.

But, it turned out that his way was hindered by more and more ferocious birds! Frustrated by this, he screamed, “Brat, if I don’t kill you today, I swear not to be a human anymore!”

As hatred was filling his heart, the Shao’s Family Master couldn’t contain his animosity any longer, and with both of his hands weaving signs, a jade seal gradually materialized on top of his head. This seal had an extremely ferocious demonic bird carved on it.

“Tao Tie!” Meng Tian said in a stern voice the moment that he saw it. His voice was filled with envy and fear.

Su Yu frowned. All of a sudden, the spot between his brows grew scorching hot and caused him to feel a piercing pain. It was as if the eye on that spot was going to open by force.

Back when he was being suppressed by Gu Taixu’s consciousness, which was causing Su Yu’s Pure Divine Decree to be sealed, in order to remove the seal, a Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye was trained by using the Tao Tie’s eye, as well as an elixir.

This eye, at the very least, could engulf the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, and at most, it could devour the sun, moon, and all constellations! Nonetheless, such eyes were only suitable to be used by demons. Hence, Su Yu never used them unless in times of great necessity in order to prevent mutations from occurring in his body.

He had been in the Jiuzhou Continent for more than a year now, and this was the first time that the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye was showing any signs of abnormality.

The Shao’s Family Master’s divine symbol was a Tao Tie! The divine symbol made the numerous ferocious birds that were beleaguering him shriek in shock and terror, as if they had just been met with something extremely horrifying.

At that moment, many of the birds broke free from Meng Tian’s control and scampered away in a frenzy. In the blink of an eye, the densely packed ferocious birds all ran away, and not even a single one was left!

“Humph! You little sinful animal! I want to see who’s going to save you now!” Shao’s Family Master laughed hideously.

He then turned into a remnant shadow and charged forward. His body technique was so fast that it was far beyond Su Yu’s ability to block.

Only when he flew to within a thousand feet of Su Yu did Su Yu’s lips twitch. At the same time, a green light glimmered on Su Yu’s arm and a long box appeared.

Inside the box was a ghostly claw that was pitch-black, like ink. It was also eerie and hideous, and it emitted an enormous amount of ghostly energy.

As he squashed the long box, Su Yu held the ghostly claw in his hand and slammed it toward the Shao’s Family Master. All of a sudden, the spiritual energy within ten thousand miles began to boil and accumulated quickly, forming a concrete ghostly claw above their heads.

Ghostly energy that was as thick as ink roiled turbulently in the heavens and the earth, concealing the sky and the sun. The sky, which was clear and bright a moment ago, immediately turned pitch-black. All at once, the winds and the clouds changed.

The Shao’s Family Master, who had rushed forth suddenly, felt his entire body turn cold as he fixed his gaze on the ghostly claw in Su Yu’s hand. He then shouted in terror, “Lord Blood Bone’s hand! How did you get it?”

Su Yu’s eyes shone with a shrewd light as he thought… Lord Blood Bone? The Purple Moon Demonic Man mentioned Lord Blood Bone once before… In that case, do both of them belong to the old ghost Blood Bone?

As Su Yu recalled that the Purple Moon Demonic Man had targeted and hunted him down, Su Yu speculated that he must have received the order from the old ghost Blood Bone.

“Humph! Slamming you to death with your master’s palm would serve you right!” Su Yu yelled, and as the colossal ghosly claw slammed down, the Shao’s Family Master was extremely shocked and furious.

He immediately activated the divine symbol above his head and charged toward it.


Under normal circumstances, the divine symbol of a sixth-grade Almighty would harden gradually. However, under the ghostly claw, it shattered and cracked with a terrifying screeching sound.

The Shao’s Family Master opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood essence, while his body was blown backwards. While he was flying backwards, the ghostly claw continued to oppress him. Seams that were the width of fingers cracked open in his body, and he was about to be lacerated into pieces!

“Ahh! Little evil creature, you’ll die a horrible death!” As he was on the brink of death, the Shao’s Family Master pinned his resentful, vicious eyes on Su Yu and yelled, “Your day will come! When Master is born, all of you must die!”

This evil curse sent chills through all of the people’s hearts. Upon hearing it, Su Yu said with calmness on his face, “At most, I’ll send your master down there with you.”


With a tremendous booming sound, the ghostly claw crashed down, leaving a palm mark on the ground that covered tens of thousands of miles. At the same time, the region within the surrounding hundred thousand miles sustained a severe indentation.

The Shao’s Family Master perished under the impact of the claw. However, the moment he drew his last breath, Su Yu used Space Transportation to take over his space ring, thus preventing it from being destroyed.

Finally, the great battle was over. Su Yu heaved a long sigh and looked over at Meng Tian nonchalantly.

Meng Tian asked right away, “Have you decided whether or not you are going to kill me yet? We’ve been enemies before…”

Su Yu gave him a measuring look. “We’ve indeed been enemies before, but you tried to kill me more than once, right? Gathering so many ferocious birds, it is clear that you wanted to destroy me alongside the Shao’s Family Master in order to take my head and go back to report that you had done so! Am I correct?”

During the battle, Su Yu had felt his murderous intentions toward him several times. Meng Tian took a step back and swallowed his saliva. He did not argue with him at all regarding this point.

After all, he only had the cultivation of a third-grade Almighty, and based on the combat power that Su Yu had exhibited just now, Su Yu could kill him as easily as if he was butchering a dog!

“How do you think that I should deal with you?” Su Yu asked as he squinted his eyes and stared at Meng Tian.

Upon hearing that, the worries in Meng Tian’s heart were alleviated. His eyes flickered as he replied, “Keep me around, as I could still be useful to you…”

He felt somewhat relieved to have been asked this question, as he thought that if Su Yu had wanted to kill him, he would have done so by now.

Su Yu smiled. “It’s good that you seem to understand. My influence and power are still weak now, so I need some added strength. You can manipulate many ferocious birds, thus serving as a helping hand to me.”

Su Yu then added, “So, if you follow me from now on, you’ll receive unimaginable benefits.”

As there really wasn’t any deep animosity between them, Su Yu would naturally desire to have such a rare and strong helper on his side.

“If possible, I’d like to agree to this deal, but…” As Meng Tian spoke, he pointed at the Dantian that was situated at his abdomen, where a mass of pitch-dark gas was vaguely visible.

Su Yu could see that amid the gas was a talisman, which was deeply embedded in his Dantian.

“Blood Bone set up a seal in my Dantian, which is for the exclusive of the ghosts. Thus, it is impossible to remove. If he learns about my betrayal, a single thought of his could end my life, regardless of the distance that lies between us.” Meng Tian smiled bitterly as he explained.

Su Yu replied indifferently, “It’s just a seal, so what’s so difficult about handling it? Release your soul first, and once it’s fully under my control, I’ll remove the seal for you immediately.”

Meng Tian pondered this for a moment. He had to admit that his life wasn’t in his own hands now, and he didn’t really have any choices left. Also, whether he was being controlled by Blood Bone or Su Yu really seemed to make no difference, as either way, his death seemed certain.

“Heaven’s Son Majestic Soul,” Su Yu bellowed, while a beam of transparent light was emitted from his eyes.

The light then quickly disappeared between Meng Tian’s brows. Meng Tian instantly felt the pain. Mere seconds later, he realized that deep inside his soul, there was a subtle, wonderful Soul Energy, which was difficult to understand. He could feel that this energy could detonate his entire soul body at anytime.

“Your soul, it’s really strong!” Meng Tian could not help but feel shocked. In his perception, this person’s Soul Energy shouldn’t be any lower than a seventh-grade fairy’s.

With the cultivation of a sixth-grade fairy, he had the Soul Energy of a seventh-grade fairy. This was solid evidence that he was someone with soul talent!

Su Yu did not reply. Instead, with his right palm pressed on Meng Tian’s abdomen, he activated the Milky Way Star Sand. Before long, whiffs of black ghostly energy were extracted from thin air.

The talisman was solely dependent on the ghostly energy for support in order to operate. As such, it posed a constant threat to Meng Tian. So, after absorbing the ghostly energy completely, the talisman would wither all by itself until it finally broke down.

An hour later, Su Yu withdrew his palm. He then said, “Check now. Has any bit of the talisman been left behind?”