The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 925

Chapter 925 The Holy Sons Order

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Meng Tian was skeptical. As he began operating his Vital Energy, he discovered that his Dantian was flowing smoothly. It was completely free of any stagnation and bitterness from earlier.

Astonished by this, he stared at Su Yu. “How did you do this? The old ghost Blood Bone’s cultivation has reached the first stage of the All Creations level!”

Su Yu shot him a look. “You don’t need to know about that. What you should know is that from now on, you’ll be listening to my commands!”

Meng Tian calmed down after his surprise, and he looked as if a basin of cold water had just been poured on him. But, after contemplating this carefully, he felt rather relieved and delighted about it.

After all, compared to the moody, temperamental old ghost Blood Bone, the person before him, Su Yu, was of his own race, and he even seemed to have a conscience and some kindness within him. Judging from his recent series of actions, he had shown himself to be helpful and compassionate toward him, at least not killing him at will!

As he thought about things in that way, his thoughts cleared up a lot. Finally, Meng Tian made peace with it.

“You recuperate for a while,” Su Yu instructed, while he began recovering his own Vital Energy and bodily strength as well.

An hour later, Su Yu had been restored to his former vitality, so he took out the Shao’s Family Master’s space ring and looked into it. Within it were ten million crystals, hundreds of books on spiritual level cultivation techniques, and an innumerable amount of elixirs of various levels.

It also held a vast amount of materials. Altogether, the items were worth at least fifty to sixty million!

“Could the Shao’s Family Master have brought along all of the resources of the entire Shao family with him?” Su Yu murmured as his eyes shone.

He was thinking of how he could use these resources to help the residents of the Zhenlong Continent, when all of a sudden, Su Yu found an incredible passage from the cultivation technique. Some words were engraved on black bones… “White Bone Demon Tempering Technique.”

This was a top-grade legendary cultivation technique, and its function was to refine the body. Su Yu had some vague recollection of the book. In the past, Shao Cenjian had performed this technique from it before, and it had palpable effects for refining the body.

Shao Cenjian had only acquired some fundamentals, yet he had experienced such a significant transformation. So… If this technique was practiced in depth, the body would certainly become exceptionally strong!

As Su Yu already had the Evil Dragon Divine Body for refining the body, he wasn’t exactly keen on this item. Nevertheless, the item still had remarkable value. Thus, it would be a great idea to trade it for crystals in the auction or exchange it for his desired top-grade legendary cultivation techniques.

“Meng Tian, what’s the focused aspect of your beast taming technique?” Su Yu asked.

Meng Tian had already accepted his fate, so his mentality had adapted very fast to jump in response, “The beast taming technique focuses on two aspects. The first one is communication. The demonic beasts are cultivated from when they are very young in order to foster a bond, and then, they can be controlled and used to one’s advantage!”

He then continued, “The second one is rearing. The demonic beasts will keep on growing after being tamed. If the beast tamer has strong capabilities, the demonic beasts will be more willing to follow him.”

Under normal circumstances, the demonic beasts of beast tamers were mostly cultivated since they were at the infantile stage. The developed wild demonic beasts were usually tough to domesticate, due to their ferocity, and they would often attack their owners.

Only at some particular times would the beast tamers be able to apply certain unique methods to temporarily manipulate the ferocious demonic beasts. For instance, last time, Meng Tian controlled the ferocious birds at one of the Shangguan family’s birds’ stations, making them lose their intelligence for a short while and attack Su Yu and Shangguan Yunque.

“I learned my way around the demonic beasts, gained experience, and mastered the means of communicating with them through a handbook that a senior beast tamer left behind for me when I was young. That was how I was able to slowly tame the demonic beasts and continued to gradually cultivate them until today,” Meng Tian explained.

Su Yu nodded. “Hmm… So, how exactly do you communicate with the demonic beasts?”

Meng Tian replied, “According to the records in the handbook, that senior spent his entire life in this endeavor, but had only managed to decipher over a hundred simple demonic languages. There were many hand gestures that he used for simple communication with the demonic beasts as well.”

Is that so? Su Yu’s eyes shone with a shrewd light as he asked, “In that case, is communication easier through language or hand gestures?”

His question raised Meng Tian contempt, but he was calm on the surface as he patiently explained, “Of course, language, as hand gestures could hardly make the demonic beasts understand your instructions precisely. On the other hand, languages are simple and straightforward.”

He then added, “The efficiency of communicating via languages is ten times higher than using hand gestures to try and communicate with the same stranger demonic beast. It’s a pity that there aren’t many demonic languages left in all of Jiuzhou. Very few beast tamers are willing to share the demonic words they have mastered.”

He shook his head, then said, “Hence, the development of the beast-taming path was slow and stagnant, far less progressive than the elixir path, the equipment-refining path, and other streams.”

Su Yu pondered this for a moment as he took out a jade pendant. He then searched his memory regarding demonic words. These made up one-tenth of the demonic words that Su Yu had mastered, and as such, they could benefit Meng Tian for his whole lifetime.

“These are demonic words. Take them and study them well,” Su Yu said.

Meng Tian was rather startled, and after he took the jade pendant skeptically, he pressed it onto his forehead. At that moment, a huge flood of memories were instilled into his mind.

At first, he was very confused because he didn’t recognize any of the words. But, very quickly, astonishment gradually appeared on his face.

This was because the 200 demonic words that brought him great luck were all in there! And, they had been translated with excellent accuracy! In other words, the rest of the enormous word memory consisted of entirely demonic words!

As he came to this realization, Meng Tian was so agitated that his whole body was trembling. After all, nothing in the world was more meaningful to a beast tamer than demonic words!

He had been an apprentice to many senior beast tamers, and as such, he had participated in many gatherings of beast tamers. Yet, hardly anyone was willing to share the demonic words that they had acquired with him.

Instead, all of them kept the meager knowledge they had to themselves. Besides, the more experienced the beast tamers were, the more they would regard the demonic words that they mastered as being their heritage. Thus, they would not share any of them easily.

But, the demonic words that Su Yu gave Meng Tian weren’t just numerous, but it was a treasure house that contained almost all of the demonic words in existence! In fact, all of the demonic words that have ever been mastered by all of the beast tamers in the entire Jiuzhou Continent couldn’t even match one percent of this memory!

After learning all of the words within it, it would be like being truly proficient in the demonic language. One could communicate with the demonic race and even convince some highly intelligent wild demonic beasts to serve under them!

Meng Tian was very excited, and he almost felt as if he was dreaming! With such a profound mastery of demonic words, he would rise to become the top beast tamer one day!

As he collected his thoughts, Meng Tian felt jittery. Then, while holding the jade pendant held in his hands, he knelt in front of Su Yu and bowed reverently, his face full of respect and gratitude.

“I will never forget the immense debt of gratitude that I owe you, master!” Meng Tian said.

He finally believed what Su Yu had said about him receiving unimaginable benefits if he served Su Yu. This was beyond his imagination and was a tremendous boon that he had never even dreamt of! For such rewards, he believed that any beast tamer on the continent would rush to fight to become one of Su Yu’s servants.

“This matter must be kept only between the heavens, the earth, and you and I. If it is ever leaked, it will serve no advantage to either of us. Okay?” Su Yu warned.

Meng Tian replied with a solemn face, “Rest assured, master. Without your permission, I won’t ever speak a word about it.”

If it really was exposed, Meng Tian would be the first one to be beleaguered by strong beast tamers attempting to steal the demonic words. Su Yu would then become a target as well.

“Okay, and you can take those ten million crystals from the Shao family too. Use them to purchase resources for rearing the demonic beasts.” Su Yu then handed the ten million crystals to him as well.

He knew that Meng Tian was an assistant worth cultivating. Even though the demonic beasts that were under control currently weren’t considered to be very strong, they had nonetheless displayed an intimidating and horrible nature. If it continued to be cultivated, it would flourish into a tremendous, terrifying influence in the days to come.

“Ten million…” Meng Tian’s palm trembled as he bowed to Su Yu gratefully once again. He had neither resentment nor prejudice in his heart toward Su Yu now, only gratitude and a feeling that he was very fortunate.

“Master, I swear to follow you with my life!” Meng Tian promised Su Yu from the bottom of his heart.

Su Yu nodded, then asked, “Why did your lot attack the Situ family?”

“We were ordered to do so by the Holy Son,” Meng Tian answered. When he mentioned the name “Holy Son,” his voice quivered a little.

Su Yu frowned. “The Holy Son? Who is that?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that he’s the top leader of our organization. I’ve never seen him in person,” Meng Tian said.

There’s actually a mysterious organization in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands? I never knew that! Su Yu was surprised to hear this.

“How big is your organization? Is the old monster Blood Bone in your organization, too?” Su Yu asked.

Meng Tian shook his head. “No one knows how big it is exactly. We only know that there’s only a part of it in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands. In the past, it was managed by an All Creation strong man named ‘Old Demon Qianshan,’ and we referred to him as ‘Hall Master Qianshan.’”

He then added, “Then came Blood Bone, who killed Hall Master Qianshan and swallowed him alive. In the end, not only did the Holy Son not punish this remnant of the ghost race, but he conferred the title of new hall master upon him!”

He shook his head, then continued, “All of us who had originally been subordinates of Hall Master Qianshan’s all worked under the old monster Blood Bone from then onward, myself included. Many of us even had seals inserted into us.”

Su Yu’s eyes flickered with a shrewd light upon hearing that there was one hall master of the All Creations level who was holding the fort in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands! Jiuzhou had 40 to 50 provinces, so he wondered if that influence could consist of at least 40 to 50 All Creations strong men! If so, none of the prefectures could rival such a massive influence!

As he pondered this, Su Yu became increasingly doubtful… Why is there such an enormous, mysterious influence on the Jiuzhou Continent?

“Why did the Holy Son give you this order?” Su Yu’s eyes glimmered as he asked.

Meng Tian laughed bitterly. “I was merely a small figure in the hall, and even less important in the entire organization, so how could I possibly know the Holy Son’s intentions? But, I heard the Shao’s Family Master mention that although the Blessed and Heavenly Lands are located in the barren, desolate regions of Jiuzhou, it’s still a mysterious domain.”

He paused, then concluded, “So… The Holy Son seems to be planning something big, and it seems like he wants to wipe out this region first.”

Su Yu touched his chin thoughtfully as he listened… Hmm… Mysterious? Is it because the Ancient Bronze Tree God is in a deep sleep here?

Su Yu knew that he didn’t know much, so he did not pester him any further. He just asked, “Apart from you, the Shao’s Family Master, and the Purple Moon Demonic Man, is there any other military strength present?”

Meng Tian shook his head. “Our mission this time was to obliterate the Situ family first.”

Su Yu contemplated this a moment, then asked, “Why not the Shangguans? With the scale of the ferocious birds, you could have destroyed the Shangguan family easily back then.”

Meng Tian replied awkwardly, “It was the Shao’s Family Master’s idea, as he’s coveted Lady Situ for a long time. The order from above was only to have us obliterate all of the big and small family influences as soon as possible.”

He then added, “The Shao’s Family Master couldn’t contain his own desires, so when he got the chance, he chose the Situ family as our first target. In order to do that, he even devised a diversion.”

When he heard that the Shangguan family was safe and sound, Su Yu was relieved. Meng Tian’s eyes turned slowly, while he seemed to read Su Yu’s thoughts.

He then asked, “Master, why don’t we take this opportunity to protect the crumbling Situ family? After such a battle, the Situ family certainly needs an expert like master to come to their aid.”

He then added, “By then, I believe that Lady Situ won’t be able to reject any or your requests, as the Situ family will be at your fingertips!”