The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 926

Chapter 926 The Five Golden Light Guards

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Upon hearing what Meng Tian had just suggested, Su Yu’s eyes turned cold, which made Meng Tian’s entire body shudder.

Meng Tian then knelt down in dread and panic as he said, “Please forgive me, master! I was only suggesting that you do this for your own good.”

“No. This is the only exception.” Su Yu refused to demean himself in such a way. He had the power of protecting the Situ family, but it didn’t mean that he had to give up his morals as a man.

When he was done talking, Su Yu stood up slowly. As he walked away, Meng Tian followed closely behind him.

“You don’t have to follow me for now. Your demonic beasts have sustained severe injuries and casualties from the battle, so you should go to Tianya City to rest and recuperate. I’ll notify you if there’s anything that I need,” Su Yu said.

Upon hearing this, Meng Tian acted like he was being pardoned from a death sentence, and he headed for Tianya City right away. A day later, Su Yu returned to the air fortress that belonged to the Situ family.

The fortress was deserted, as people had already left, and now, only the formation was burning in silence. Now that he was here, Su Yu used the messenger jade pendant to deliver a message to Lady Situ, ordering her to return with her people.

Despite the vastness of the world, places that could provide better defense than the Situ’s air fortress were few and far between. Hence, just abandoning it like that was a complete waste.

Then, Su Yu headed to meet up with the Shangguan family. Along the way, he found many corpses that belonged to Situ family members, the ones who were brought away by Cabinet Master Kongchan.

Many of the corpses belonged to those from the Red Blood Palace as well. Su Yu figured that they must have been blocked and killed by the Shao’s Family Master.

As Su Yu flew, he glanced down at the crowds, uncertain if Cabinet Master Kongchan had suffered a tragic fate. In terms of cultivation, Cabinet Master Kongchan was a fifth-grade Almighty, which meant that she stood no chance against the Shao’s Family Master.

While he was searching, out of nowhere, Su Yu spotted a staggering, petite figure from afar. The figure’s eyes were filled with remorse and frustration.

“This is driving me crazy! What kind of awful place is this? Why do I keep coming back here after circling for so long?” Gongsun Wuxie puffed out her cheeks angrily.

Su Yu was startled to hear her words. Upon careful detection, Su Yu discovered that the disorderly space shifting had spread even to this place!

When they were in the battle, the region where the Situ family was situated wasn’t affected. It hadn’t even been that long since then, yet it had already extended to reach here!

“Eh, Su Yuxian?” Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes shone upon seeing him, and she came running toward him, her red mouth panting for air.

She then asked, “Are you alright? Where are those two jerks? I’m guessing that you’ve thrown them off your scent?”

Su Yu laughed. “Yes. We’re safe for now. Where are Senior Brother Shanliang and Lady Situ?”

Gongsun Wuxie retorted angrily, “It makes me angry just talking about it, but not long after we left, the space in the proximity became disorderly. So, we lost each other.”

Is that so? Su Yu stood frozen in his spot while gazing at the wide, boundless region that was now covered by the space disorder. An oppressive feeling filled his heart out of nowhere.

It felt as if an intangible, gigantic hand had caught this vast region in its grasp and was clenching it tightly in its fist! As he felt this, insecurity and anxiety filled Su Yu’s heart.

He then said, “Let’s go. We’ll head toward the Shangguan family now. Cabinet Master Kongchan’s corpse hasn’t been found yet, so she could be on her way to the Shangguans as well in order to meet up with Palace Master Hua.”

Gongsun Wuxie nodded, her mood slightly brightening after hearing this. She then followed behind Su Yu, leaping and bouncing on her feet.

The two of them headed straight for the Shangguan family, but they still hadn’t reached them, even after walking for quite a long time. On the contrary, their surroundings became more and more unfamiliar to them.

Su Yu noticed that the space disorder in this region was more frequent, which meant that they would inevitably be transported somewhere else after only taking a few steps. As such, they were completely clueless about where they had been transported to at the moment.

All the while, the oppressive feeling that Su Yu felt in his heart grew more and more intense, and his anxiety and insecurity were being continuously amplified as well.

“What on earth is happening?” Gongsun Wuxie grumbled again, while pouting with her tiny mouth. “What a totally weird space disorder! It’s just like a big, hideous fishing net.”

Her words were careless, but they sounded like shocking thunder in Su Yu’s ears.

A fishing net… Su Yu seemed to have thought of something, and the agitation in his heart intensified.

Discontinuous and intermittent, the space disorder they experienced along the journey became increasingly dense. Initially, the space transportation occurred once in several dozens of miles traveled. It then started happening once every few miles.

Now, it happened once every few meters. It was as if the space in the entire region had begun to boil! In other words, it seemed like an enormous fishing net was being pulled in.

At that moment, an alarming premonition of an impending crisis came over Su Yu, and he yelled, “Go… Fast!”

Su Yu then grabbed Gongsun Wuxie’s wrist and activated his Soul Eye, trying his best to evade the space transportation. However, as it progressed, it became more and more frequent. Eventually, the space transportation occurred once for every half a meter!

Su Yu held Gongsun Wuxie’s hand tightly as they were propelled directly into the space transportation. “What’s really going on?” Gongsun Wuxie asked in a panic.

She could also feel some changes taking place, and she was growing increasingly terrified. She knew that something big was about to happen.

Su Yu did not answer her. This was because he realized that he could no longer feel the existence of any living creature in this area.

It was like all of the living creatures were being carried away. Regardless of which unfamiliar region they were being transported to, there was only dead silence that met them.


All of a sudden, a huge silver lake appeared beneath Su Yu’s feet. He recognized the lake. It was an enormous lake was under the Shangguan family’s jurisdiction, and the Shangguan’s house was situated right at the center of the lake!

As he lowered his head, he saw the Shangguan’s house just as he had expected, But, as he got closer, he realized that the house was completely empty!

Not only that, but even the lake had lost all signs of life. It was as if all of the living creatures had become extinct!

Right at that moment, the dense, turbulent space disorder stopped abruptly, and even the space became deadly silent. The winds had stopped, the clouds were frozen in place, and the lake water was totally calm, without even a little ripple.

The entire space was completely still, except for Su Yu and Gongsun Wuxie. At that moment, Gongsun Wuxie bent her neck down, as she had an eerie feeling about this place and could not help but scoot closer to Su Yu.

Su Yu concentrated on his vision. All of a sudden, his Transparent Eye malfunctioned, causing the entire world to become increasingly blurry and dark.

A moment later, the world turned pitch-black. There was no color or sound. It was like a dark and neverending inferno.

All of a sudden, a beam of light appeared in the east. A glorious, dazzling sun was rising from the east, illuminating the heavens and the earth.

“A sun?” Gongsun Wuxie murmured, dumbfounded. Nightfall and daybreak were all happening within a moment, and she was bedazzled by such a scene.

Then, another beam of light shot from behind their backs. When Su Yu looked back, a majestic sun was rising from the west as well!

“There’s a sun in the west, too!” Gongsun Wuxie exclaimed.

Immediately thereafter, suns began emerging from the south and the north as well! At last, a sun even appeared right above their heads. Now, from the east, the south, the west, the north, and the center… There were five suns altogether!

Gongsun Wuxie’s mouth hung open, and she couldn’t understand the scene before her. “Five suns? Are we dreaming?” she murmured.

“Those aren’t suns! They are people. We’re not dreaming! We’re in the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation.” Beside her, Su Yu heaved a deep sigh, and there was an inexplicable solemnity in his voice.

“Five Golden Light Guards, we meet again.” Su Yu raised his head and beheld the five golden bright moons.

It was no wonder that the space disorder happened for several days consecutively, and this also explained why Su Yu had felt more and more anxious and insecure lately. It turned out that they had come at last.

Back at the Ice Sealed River, Su Yu took the opportunity before the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation was developed and managed to escape using the space vortex. This time, they had sealed off the entire space, so Su Yu had no way to escape.


Suddenly, five glorious suns radiated an extremely glaring golden light, adorning the entire world with a golden glint. Even every blade of grass and every tree seemed to have been carved out of gold.

Amid the five magnificent suns, there were five mighty figures, all of whom wore the crowns of the sun, moon, and constellations on their heads as they looked down regally at Su Yu on the bleak, desolate land.