The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 927

Chapter 927 Defeating The Enemies With Time

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“Yes. We meet again.” Crowned with the majestic sun, the mighty figure spoke with indifference, “Ever since you escaped at the Ice Sealed River, we’ve been looking for you.”

The leader of the Golden Light Guards sighed lightly. It seemed like he wasn’t in a hurry to capture Su Yu. In other words, Su Yu was already a fish in the net, so it didn’t really feel like there was even a need to capture him.

However, they had never considered whether this fish possessed the strength to tear the fishing net apart…

“I still have the same question… Are you coming with us, or are we bringing your dead body back?” The Golden Light Guards’ leader was as emotionally detached as he had been before.

Su Yu replied calmly, “Don’t you want to know why the Central Prefecture’s King wants to capture me, regardless if I’m a living person or a dead body?”

The leader said, “We only do as the Central Prefecture’s King commands, never questioning his reasons. If you’re trying to bribe us with benefits, don’t even waste your time.”

Even though it did seem strange that the five of them were ordered to join forces just to capture an insignificant little fairy, and that fairy had to be brought back no matter dead or alive, it was not their place to question anything.

Apparently, this person held something that the Central Prefecture’s King was determined to own, and it had to be something that was very valuable. They understood this, but they also understood the price of betraying the Central Prefecture’s King even more. If they chose to disobey his orders, no one in the whole wide world could save them.

After hearing his response, Su Yu replied indifferently, “I’m not trying to bribe you, I just wanted to ask you why you choose to serve as an accomplice for someone so evil?”

Su Yu shook his head, then asked, “All that he has done on the Zhenlong Continent, as well as what he did to the former Central Prefecture’s King, Shen Yichen… Do you know about all of that?”

The faces of the Five Golden Light Guards changed at the same time. The leader then squinted his eyes and asked with surprise, “You mean… You know about Shen Yichen, and even about the existence of the Zhenlong Continent?”

At the side, Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes grew wide upon hearing so many groundbreaking secrets from Su Yu’s mouth. The former Central Prefecture’s King, whose strength was unrivaled in all of Jiuzhou and who was about to be coronated as the emperor… His accidental demise was, in fact, related to the current Central Prefecture’s King! It was remarkable!

Su Yu then said, “It seems like all of you are clear about what is really going on, yet you’re still willing to be used by him.” Disappointment filled Su Yu’s eyes as he looked at them.

The leader then answered him with several questions, “So what if we know about it all? All beings in this world struggle for survival. The Central Prefecture’s King struggles, and so do we. So what if he has killed millions of people and plotted against Shen Yichen?”

He then added, “In my opinion, any sacrifice will be worthwhile, as long as progress is made in training! And, he can supply us with the resources that we desire, so… We serve him.”

After speaking his thoughts, the leader asked, “Hence, there’s no point in asking so much, is there?” After all, he was the one who was about to meet his death, which to them, was a meaningless deed.

Su Yu replied calmly, “There is. The point is to make sure that I’m not killing any innocents.”

He had a rule that he never killed innocent people, even if the Five Golden Light Guards were the Central Prefecture’s King’s people. He now knew the reasons that they served the Central Prefecture’s King and committed sins for him willingly, despite everything. So, if they died now, Su Yu wouldn’t blame himself or feel guilty about it.

“Oh? So you don’t just have the courage to resist us, but you also have the confidence to kill us?” The Golden Light Guards’ leader couldn’t hold back his scorn. “You young people think quite highly of yourselves!”

At this moment, Su Yu retrieved a wooden case from his sleeve. Once the wooden case emerged, it emanated a rich and strong wood-based aroma.

Soon after that, tiny ripples began appearing in the deadly silent space. Three drops of remarkably pure liquid were lying quietly inside the wooden case, and every drop was as glamorous as a shimmering gem.

Despite being encased in the absolute seal of the wooden case, they radiated incomparable vigor and vitality. It was as if every gleaming drop was a source of life.

The leader’s smile faded and was soon replaced by shock. “Fountain of Life? It’s the Original Life liquid that was condensed by the Mu people from the All Creations stage six and above!”

As he spoke, a scorching heat flickered in the Five Golden Light Guards’ eyes. Since legendary Fountain of Life was condensed by the Mu people from the level of All Creations Stage Six and above, it could prolong their lives for another thousand years.

To these people, who were eager for a breakthrough, this hope was a secret security that was extremely rare and precious in the world. As such, it couldn’t be exchanged for even a great sum of gold.

“Even if you swallow it, your life can’t be saved,” the leader said. “Hand it to us, and you will be granted a quick and easy death.”

Su Yu’s eyes were full of nonchalance as he shook his head and said, “You’ve misunderstood, as swallowing it isn’t to save my life, but to make it convenient for me to kill you!”

When he finished speaking, Su Yu took out one drop and swallowed it right then. Immediately, an immense vitality filled Su Yu’s body, like an astonishing wave.

Su Yu’s old appearance changed rapidly as well. His old look and white hair deepened in color, turning silver.

His wrinkled, pale face gradually changed as well, becoming the face of an eighteen-year-old young man’s, and he now had smooth, jade-like skin, handsome features, and sparkling vivacious eyes that seemed to contain a vast starry sky within them. His hands returned to normal as well, and they were as fair as jade.

In an instant, an elderly man had transformed into a handsome, silver-haired young man! Upon seeing this, Gongsun Wuxie’s jaw dropped. As she stared at Su Yu’s young appearance, it felt like she was seeing a fairy that had descended into the mortal world!

His elegance and gorgeousness, combined with his air of otherworldly detachment, made him seem unlike any common person that she’d ever seen before. At the same time, his pitch-black eyes were gradually undergoing changes as well.

Specifically, a faint, violet light was radiating out from his left eye, while his right eye was the color of red wine. Different colors were being emitted from his eyes, and at first glance, he didn’t even look like a human, which added an enigmatic vibe to his aura.

“It really is you!” The Golden Light Guards’ leader’s pupils constricted slightly.

The youthful face before him was exactly the same as the one in the drawing that was given to him by the Central Prefecture’s King. Initially, they had been hunting down an elderly man, which they found worrisome. But now, all their doubts had been banished.

Su Yu stood with his hands on his back. Despite facing the Five Great Golden Light Guards, he remained calm and composed.

“You’ve been after me for a year now, so it’s time to put an end to things,” Su Yu said.

Throughout the year, he had felt as if a blade of a sword had been dangling above his heart all of the time. Today, the time had come to face things head-on.

The leader stared at Su Yu, who was exuding a strong and vigorous aura, and his eyes turned cold as he said, “Beware! He’s shown his real self, so don’t be careless! Activate the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation!”

After all, the silver-haired young man in front of him had killed Xue Di, and in terms of duels, among the five of them, only the leader could sustain a hundred strikes with Xue Di. The rest of them would have been defeated within ten strikes! Yet, Su Yu had managed to wipe Xue Di from the world, which meant that he must have some shocking skills!

The five monumental figures immediately began weaving signs with their hands, and all of a sudden, several faint sounds reverberated in the sky. All across the wide heavens, white clouds were rolling past and the winds were howling. Moreover, the space that was enclosed by the five magnificent suns kept trembling because it was being compressed.

In Su Yu’s and Gongsun Wuxie’s lines of sight, the five figures of the Golden Light Guards kept enlarging as the heavens and the earth moved further and further away.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of the Five Great Golden Light Guards, Su Yu and Gongsun Wuxie, who were sealed, alongside the entire region, were all being suppressed and were gradually diminishing in size. The Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation sealed spaces and could even compress spaces. If this was performed on the most profound level, it could compress a 100,000-mile world to the size of a palm!

Once formed, the compressed space would be even harder to break through. Even the All Creations strong men of stage six would be firmly imprisoned within it and unable to tear through the void and escape.

However, Su Yu’s eyes flickered suddenly, and his left eye brimmed with a glorious violet light, while his right eye was overflowing with a red light. This one purple and one red light wove together into a single divine light that covered the sky and sun. It then penetrated through the compressed space, covering a radius of 100,000 miles!

Despite emitting a golden light from their bodies, the Five Golden Light Guards failed to counteract the purple-red light and were all engulfed by it.

“Time Retrogradation!” Su Yu bellowed.

A bottomless abyss seemed to have appeared in his body, and his vitality was rapidly diminished by one-tenth. However, the astonishing thing was that everything inside the region that was enclosed by the purple-red light experienced retrogradation.

Outside the formation, a lone wild goose that had flown by above their heads flew back after flying a thousand feet away. Fish that had leapt out of the water returned beneath the surface with the same unchanged position, and then leaped out again.

The rolling white clouds flowed in the opposite direction creepily. These were the results of the sign-weavings of the Five Golden Light Guards, which had reversed out of their control, returning everything to the very beginning.

The space that had been compressed by half was gradually inflated, recovering to its original normal state. Time was receding, and so was space.

Only Su Yu and Gongsun Wuxie, who was standing very close to him, were unaffected. Hence, they had both witnessed the time retrogradation.

Gongsun Wuxie’s big eyes were as wide as saucers, and she felt as if she was in a dreamland. She turned her head to look at Su Yu and felt like she was looking up at the God of time.

Manipulating time and space… What kind of Great Way transcendental power is that, which is capable of destroying Yin and Yang? Bewilderment filled the eyes of the Five Golden Light Guards.

They remembered clearly that they had performed the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation. Yet, this had happened!

Only the Golden Light Guards’ leader retained some remnants of his memory. He inhaled a cold breath and exclaimed, “Time has retrograded!”

Su Yu nodded calmly. “Yes. You must have thought about how Xue Di died before. Today, I’ll let you experience it for yourselves!” The wine-colored light in his right eye dissipated as he spoke, and only his left eye was giving off a brilliant violet light.

“Time Retrogradation!” As he yelled the command, Su Yu’s left eye was fixed on the Five Golden Light Guards.

The rays of violet light stretched a hundred thousand feet and firmly targeted them. Then, a shocking scene unfolded before their eyes. Their bodies underwent several changes at the same time!

They degenerated from the middle-aged stage to the youthful stage. Their cultivations also deteriorated at the same time.

Meanwhile, the colossal mountains and vast rivers were also shrouded by the brilliant violet light. The range of mountains shortened at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, while the lands kept shifting and altering the topography.

The silver lake dried up and then turned into a mulberry field. The ancient woods that had existed for a thousand years degenerated to young sprouts, eventually turning back into seeds.

At the same time, the Situ’s house vanished, and in its place, there only stood a barren and bleak land. In this way, everything returned to the way it had been hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The same thing happened to the Five Golden Light Guards. It didn’t take long before their middle-aged bodies transformed back into youthful ones. Their cultivations also returned to these same states at that time.

Before this, all of them possessed the cultivations of the All Creations Stage Two level, and their leader had even achieved the terrifying cultivation of the All Creations Stage Three level. But now, four of them had regressed back to the All Creations Stage One level. As for their leader, he had regressed to the All Creations Stage Two level.

Their cultivations had been reversed to the states that they used to be at a thousand years ago through Time Retrogradation! Moreover, the entire process was showing no signs of stopping!

They were still degenerating, speedily transforming back into young people! The nature-defying transfiguration shocked the Five Golden Light Guards, and their hearts were gripped by shock and terror!

They finally understood how Xue Di had died. He was brutally obliterated from the world by someone using Time Retrogradation!

“Hurry up! There is no need to take him alive! Just kill him right away!” The Golden Light Guards’ leader was horrified and distressed, and he made the decision to give up on capturing him alive, deciding to kill him instead.

He was deeply stunned and was filled with an alarming sense of danger. He also finally understood why the Central Prefecture’s King had dispatched the five of them to hunt for Su Yu at the same time. It was because he was too dangerous!

“Brilliant Divine Palm!” The Golden Light Guards’ leader released a loud scream.

At the same time, the moonlight on his left palm created a dreamy illusion, while sunlight gathered on his right hand. Then, the sunlight quickly condensed into two balls of light.

At first glance, it was like he was holding the Great Moon in his left hand, and controlling the Great Sun in his right hand. Shortly thereafter, he held his palms together, intermingling the Great Moon with the Great Sun.

As he did so, a light ball was formed, which emitted a brilliance that cloaked the whole world. Su Yu wasn’t unfamiliar with this scene, as back then, Xue Di had been the one who performed it.

This was the final technique of the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm, the Brilliant Divine Palm!