The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Vain Reputation

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The other four Golden Light Guards performed the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm as well, but they could only perform it until the second strike, the Great Moon Palm.

Su Yu was pale, and his left eye radiated out a glorious violet light, while his right eye was emitting the same wine-red light again.

This was Time Retrogradation! Once time had started receding, the same happened to space as well!

The Great Moons on the palms of the four Great Golden Light Guards withered rapidly, returning to the state of when they were weaving signs. While the Great Sun on the Golden Light Guards’ leader’s palm resisted this tenaciously for a moment, it soon disintegrated into the Great Sun and the Great Moon.

Right after that, it began weakening ceaselessly. “Ahh! Leader, I’ve retrograded back to the state of a ninth-grade Almighty!” one of the four Golden Light Guards shouted for help in horror. He was then joined by the other three, one after another.

Not only had their appearances recovered to their youthful states, but even their cultivations had returned to the time when they were ninth-grade Almighties. They had gone from All Creations stage two and had been forced back to the level of an Almighty.

The Golden Light Guards’ leader didn’t fare any better, as at the moment, he had plunged back to the All Creations stage one level! Right now, any All Creations strong man who showed up would easily be able to kill the prestigious Five Golden Light Guards!

In this moment, the Five Golden Light Guards finally sensed the crisis of life and death, as well as that of survival and elimination. They had never felt such an intense sense of danger in their hearts!

“Retrieve the treasures and the talismans immediately, then slaughter him!” The Golden Light Guards’ leader bellowed.

At that moment, he and all of the Almighties took out a great deal of treasures and talismans, which were all very powerful items with boundless mights. But, what made their hearts thump wildly was that once the things were taken out, they instantly came under the influence of Time Retrogradation.

Before the talismans were detonated, they immediately returned back to the state of ordinary white papers under the effects of the Time Retrogradation. Then, from white papers, they turned into raw materials before finally being reduced into nothingness.

As for those treasures, which were rigorously cultivated with intelligence, they deteriorated to the stage that they were in before they were even formed. This all happened under the influence of Time Retrogradation, right at the moment they were taken out!

After suffering great losses in intelligence, the treasures gradually degenerated to the state of materials as well. No matter what they had retrieved, all of them were downgraded to their initial states by Time Retrogradation.

Meanwhile, the Five Golden Light Guards were still regressing. Four of them had regressed to the eighth-grade Almighty level from the ninth-grade Almighty level. Then, they went down to the seventh-grade level, followed by the sixth-grade Almighty level.

Their appearances had been retrograded back to adolescence. More specifically, they had returned back to the time when they were only eighteen years old!

The Golden Light Guards’ leader had returned to the age of eighteen as well, and his cultivation had finally plummeted through the All Creations level and returned back to the stage of eighth-grade Almighty.

At this moment, a phenomenal sense of foreboding filled the hearts of the Five Golden Light Guards. At the same time, unprecedented fear and insecurities filled the depths of their hearts.

From All Creation Old Monsters, who were venerated by millions of people, they had descended back to Almighties in the middle-late stages. Such dread felt as though they were falling off the edge of a cliff.

Meanwhile, the vitality in Su Yu’s body still was operating at a surplus, so he continued retrograding them. At that time, the Golden Light Guards’ leader screamed loudly, “Stop it! Do you want every one of us to end up dead?”

They were clearly afraid! Before this moment, they were the fishing net, while Su Yu was the helpless fish! But now, Su Yu had become the fishing net, and they had ended up as the fish that were struggling at the brink of death inside!

When they were the net, they had behaved like divine Gods and regarded Su Yu as some kind of insignificant insect. But, now that they were the fish in the net, they became frightened and fearful!

Upon seeing this, Su Yu said with indifference, “Even if the fish die, the net won’t necessarily break!”


At that moment, the Golden Light Guards’ leader quickly retrieved a badge from the space ring. It was shining with a golden light and had the words “Central Prefecture” carved upon it. It also gave off whiffs of terrifying spiritual pressure.

The badge was totally unaffected by the influence of Time Retrogradation, not changing in the least bit! Su Yu was very familiar with this badge, as he had nearly lost his life to it!

This was because this badge could summon the advent of the Central Prefecture’s King’s projection. Even until now, Su Yu hadn’t forgotten the irresistible godly power that it contained!

However, at the moment, Su Yu was totally calm and composed as he said, “Great! I haven’t seen the Central Prefecture’s King in a long while, so let him show himself!”

The Golden Light Guards’ leader gritted his teeth, and as he had no time to care about where Su Yu’s composure came from, he immediately activated the badge.

All of a sudden, the golden badge cracked open, while emitting a beam of light rays that were immediately projected on the skyline. A human figure, whose entire body radiated a golden light, appeared suddenly.

The figure was so dazzling that it was hard to look right at it. Hence, its real appearance couldn’t be clearly seen at first. Only a young man clad in a golden yellow robe was vaguely visible, and at the moment, he was sitting in a secret chamber with crossed legs.

“Five Guards, who’s blocking your path again?” The projection opened its eyes slowly, and once they were fully opened and were taking in the scene before them, these eyes shone.

The figure that was sitting with crossed legs stood up abruptly, his pair of eyes staring straight at Su Yu. “We meet again!” the Central Prefecture’s King exclaimed.

As he spoke, his lips twitched upwards slightly and agitation was apparent on his face. However, he quickly noticed the conditions of the five guards, which made him instantly furrow his brows and yell, “Stop it!”

The Five Golden Light Guards were the subordinates that he most valued. He had invested enormous efforts in cultivating them, yet now, they were being tormented by Su Yu and had ended up like this! It was unacceptable!

Su Yu was more threatening than he had imagined, and it was no wonder that Xue Di died at his hands! What was worse, Su Yu seemed to have no intention of stopping, as he activated the very last tinge of his vitality and continued retaining the Five Golden Light Guards in the state of Time Retrogradation!

Upon realizing this, the Central Prefecture’s King’s eyes turned cold. “Fine. The reason that I gave them the projection-doppelganger badge was to defend themselves against you as well. Since you’ve shown yourself this time, don’t even think about escaping now!”

He then raised the picture and pressed it. Out of the blue, ten thousand miles of space around the spot where Su Yu stood was frozen in an instant!

It was as if his surroundings were being oppressed by intangible and enormous mountains. The space did not budge at all, and Su Yu couldn’t even activate the space vortex!

At the moment, even though the Central Prefecture’s King was a trillion miles away from where they were, just a single touch of the projection’s strength was far stronger than the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation that had been devised by the Five Golden Light Guards!

After sealing off Su Yu’s way of retreat, only then did the Central Prefecture’s King reach out coldly for Su Yu. Separated by the air, he simply grasped outwardly and a tremendous strength caught hold of Su Yu.

To be precise, it had caught hold of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron that was deep inside Su Yu’s soul in an attempt to despoil it from afar. The same scenario had happened once again! But, this time, there was something different…

Su Yu grabbed a golden leaf out of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, then hurled it into the air. The delicate golden leaf grew with the wind, rapidly expanding and blocking the light screen. The force that was holding back Su Yu’s soul was removed abruptly.

Meanwhile, at the Central Prefecture’s palace a trillion miles away, inside a secret chamber, the Central Prefecture’s King’s face turned pale and his body quivered slightly. He then withdrew his hand immediately!

In the center of his palm, the imprint of a piece of golden leaf was vaguely visible. Much to his shock, the imprint was actually decomposing the energy that was inside his body! In a few short breaths, one-tenth of his strength had been decomposed by the golden leaf!

The Central Prefecture’s King’s face fell, and then, operating a subtle, wonderful energy, he eliminated the golden leaf’s imprint by force! The imprint turned into a golden grain, which returned to the other side of the light screen.

“The Tree God’s leaf? How did he obtain it?” After collecting his thoughts, the Central Prefecture’s King exclaimed in shock and surprise.

While fixing his stare on the scene in front of him, the expression on his face kept changing. Although the golden leaf had blocked the light screen, it did nothing to impede the Central Prefecture’s King’s observing the situation from the other side.

Su Yu could clearly feel that the Central Prefecture’s King was still paying attention to the things that were happening on his side. Then, right at that moment, the vitality contained in Yinmu’s single drop of Fountain of Life was finally consumed.

As Su Yu looked at the Five Golden Light Guards once again, he saw that all of them were fifteen or sixteen-year-old adolescents now. The four Guards were naked because their clothing had been destroyed during the Time Retrogradation.

Right now, they were four stupefied young boys, who were all looking at Su Yu with fear and terror. Their cultivations had been forcefully receded to the third-grade Almighty level, whereas their leader had returned to the fifth-grade Almighty level.

In fact, it was quite conspicuous how talented they had been when they were younger. They had accomplished reaching the middle-stage Almighty level at the age of fifteen or sixteen! All across Jiuzhou, there was hardly anyone like them!

The Golden Light Guards’ leader was also staring at Su Yu with horrified eyes. After all, Su Yu had even managed to seal the Central Prefecture’s King’s projection! This caused chills to run up his entire body.

“Central Prefecture’s King, I have some small gifts for you.” The light in Su Yu’s left eye dimmed, while moonlight condensed on his right palm, forming a bright moon.


Su Yu suddenly lashed out his hand, slamming it on the body of the nearest Golden Light Guard. It was too bad for that guard, as he didn’t even get a chance to react before being struck and killed by that single strike!

His soul managed to escape, and it was seized and placed inside the Soul Dimension by Su Yu, thus becoming a supplement for the Evil God. It was a pity that as an absolute strong man of the All Creations stage-two level was forced to degenerate through the Time Retrogradation.

Even the cultivation techniques that he had acquired in the past had regressed to the way they had been before training. The worst part was that he ended up dying a horrible death!

“Stop it!” the Central Prefecture’s King commanded in a stern voice, rage filling his eyes.

In his opinion, Su Yu was a petty insect, not even worth mentioning. Yet, this petty insect had now killed the subordinate that he had put in much effort to train, and right in front of him!

Moreover, he killed him with the unique skill of the Central Prefecture’s security, the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm! Such intentional humiliation enraged the Central Prefecture’s King.

“Haha, it’s not finished yet!” Su Yu yelled as he flashed a slight smile.

Immediately thereafter, wings began flickering on his back, like illusionary shadows, continuously performing the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm. Every time they paused, one Golden Light Guard was killed.

“Hold on! I won’t look for trouble with you anymore! Please, show us mercy.”


“What on earth do you want from us…”


“I’m gonna fight you with my life!”


A scene that was unprecedented in history was unveiled before everyone’s eyes. The notorious Five Golden Light Guards perished at the hands of a fairy strong man!

The four Great Golden Light Guards, regardless of their piteous begging at the last moments of their lives, were killed by the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm. Their bodies were shattered and their souls were suppressed.

As she witnessed the scene with her own eyes, Gongsun Wuxie was dumbfounded and frozen in place. She couldn’t find her voice for a very long time.

Her gaze, that had been fixed on Su Yu, completely changed. She now looked excited and seemed to be filled with anticipation.

“And you…” With blood all over his face, Su Yu’s smile was ice-cold as he looked over at the Golden Light Guards’ leader.

The leader’s face turned very solemn and grave as he asked in a low voice, “Is it even meaningful to you, butchering us like this?”

Su Yu questioned him in reply, “Do you think that I’m despicable, cruel, and unjust? What about you, the Five Great Golden Light Guards, who has been hunting down a feeble fairy junior all year? Have you ever considered yourself as being despicable, cruel, and unjust as well?”

“Besides, all of you and I are the same age now, so what’s unfair about it? Your being slaughtered by me only shows that you were too useless back when you were at this age,” Su Yu said.

Compared to them, who were now the same age as he was, killing them was like butchering chickens and dogs to Su Yu! As he saw Su Yu about to launch his attack, the Golden Light Guard’s face darkened and he said in a low voice, “Hold on! I think, I can still be of great use to you.”

He then added, “If you could keep a beast tamer to be used to your advantage, then I suppose an individual like me, who has attained the All Creations level, will be even more useful to you…”