The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 93

Chapter 93: The strongest battle

Liu Guang laughed angrily!

In the Shenyue continent, only he could belittle others! No one had or could belittle him.

Su Yu was the first!

"The one to end the Fight of the Century is not you, but me, Liu Guang!" Liu Guang stood proudly, "Each of you has only one chance to strike!"

Jiang Xin's expression turned grave. She shot nine bolts of black light out from within her sleeves!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Liu Guang held his position and smiled slightly, the tip of his toes lightly tapping the ashy ground.

That light tap exploded with enormous power!



The thirty feet of wasteland around Liu Guang's body exploded!

Dust flew in the air. Debris was thrown toward the sky. A vortex of dust and debris fused into a giant wave, shooting up into the air.

Clink, clink, clink

The nine bolts of black light were all blocked by the giant wave.

At the same moment, Liu Guang extended a finger and lightly tapped a small pebble.



Jiang Xin had no time to react and was hit by the pebble. She groaned, painfully defeated.

The foggy light shimmered. Jiang Xin had been defeated twice and was sent out of the forbidden grounds.

The dust scattered and the debris fell from the sky. Among the ashes, Liu Guang stood with his hands behind his back, as if he was invincible!

Meng Lang swallowed hard, "Kiss of the Hungry Wolf!"


His images became dreamy and hard to distinguish.

Liu Guang, who was surrounded by blurred afterimages, laughed, standing with his hands behind his back.

Suddenly, the multiple afterimages struck from all directions, like a large flood.

It looked like Liu Guang was going to be swallowed by the fists!


There was a light sound, and the afterimages disappeared in an instant. All that was left was the true Meng Lang, standing a few feet in front of Liu Guang.

A bolt of vital energy had taken the form of a sword and lodged itself between Meng Lang's brows.

Meng Lang had been defeated. The foggy light shimmered and sent him out of the forbidden grounds!

While the sword struck Meng Lang, Liu Guang stood peacefully with his hands behind his back, never once moving to make a strike.

Zhao Guang gasped, "To give form to vital energy You are approaching the level of a Holy King!"

The Holy King Li Guang once lamented that the Shenyue continent's resources were limited, and he was unable to nurture a new generation of potential Holy Kings. But Liu Guang had defied the odds, he was approaching the level of the Holy King.

Liu Guang laughed but remained silent, looking at Zhao Guang jokingly. He was making light of the situation, as Zhao Guang now stood alone.

This battle was like a powerful, unsurmountable mountain which shook Zhao Guang's heart. But, Zhao Guang's determination was inextinguishable. He would not give up so easily!

"Three Heads and Six Limbs!"

Zhao Guang's arms and legs began rapidly changing along to a unique rhythm. It was as if he had grown two extra heads and four extra limbs! His attack range now enveloped the whole arena! Meng Lang had previously been defeated by this technique!

"Witness my technique!" Zhao Guang grunted like a wild beast, swift and powerful.


The two finally crossed swords.

A loud rumble shook the sky, causing dust to fly everywhere. When the dust finally settled, a surprising scene was revealed!

Liu Guang had a sneer on his face, his finger lifted.

Zhao Guang stood ten feet away, his three heads and six limbs frozen!

Liu Guang's vital energy had transformed into an ice wall, blocking Zhao Guang's blow. A mere finger had kept Zhao Guang at bay!

Clenching his jaw, Zhao Guang grunted, "Shifting Shadows!"


Zhao Guang disappeared into thin air, teleporting behind Liu Guang. Even Liu Guang had no time to react.


Zhao Guang's six limbs struck out all at once!


The joy on Zhao Guang's face froze; none of his fists had landed on hard muscle or fleshin fact, he felt as if he had just struck air. Then, he heard a mocking call come from behind him.

"Is attacking my afterimage interesting?"

A finger tapped on his back.


Zhao Guang, as if crushed by a mountain, spat out a huge mouthful of blood. He was sent flying into the air and fell in defeat.

"So... fast!" Zhao Guang's pupils dilated. Liu Guang was even faster than his deity level technique, Shifting Shadows!

"You are not the only one who has cultivated two deity level techniques," Liu Guang stood, calmly smiling.

The puppet referee announced, "The victor is Liu Guang!"

"Next, Liu Guang, you choose a challenger!" The puppet referee ordered.

Liu Guang stood in the center of the ashes, his gaze lightly falling onto Su Yu, "I assume, after watching me battle, you now understand the massive difference between our levels of skill. But before we fight, let me take out the trash."


Without turning his head, Liu Guang flicked his finger behind him.


Zhao Guang could not defend himself in time, and a hole bore through his shoulder blades.

Zhao Guang had been defeated twice. The foggy light surrounded him, sending the indignant Zhao Guang out of the forbidden grounds. There, Zhao Guang knelt on the ground on a single knee, pleading in shame, "Your disciple was useless. Please punish me, master."

Li Guang was shocked, his eyes gradually losing their glow.

"Rise Maybe this is fate My wish for a century could not be fulfilled" Li Guang's words carried his sorrow.

At that moment, he looked like he had aged a hundred years, like an elder who had lost his will to live.

His spirit was dead.

Xu Rong had a look of pity, shaking her head as she sighed, "Li Guang, why do you obsess so much? Does Zhao Guang mean that much to you?"

Li Guang closed his eyes. His old frame lightly trembled; he had harbored a hope and wish for a full century, only for it all to be dashed in an instant.

"Master" The Holy Disciples could all feel their Holy King's sorrow, each mournfully kneeling on the ground.

Li Guang forcefully put on a smile, "I am fine"

Zhao Guang was devastated. Only he knew that the Holy King had counted on this moment for his entire life; the Holy King had dedicated a hundred years to this fight, from his teenage years to his current age.

But Zhao Guang had failed to fulfill his wish for him! Guilt and remorse overcame him.

At that moment, a figure crossed his mind. "Master, I may have been defeated, but there is still Junior Su!" Zhao Guang declared, "He might carry a glimmer of hope!"

Su Yu? Li Guang lightly muttered his name. After some thought, he shook his head and laughed, "He cannot"

In the arena, only two were left standing atop the ashes.

One was a silver-haired, purple-robed youth, who had risen from poverty. He was a star who had fallen into the continent's time and space, and his brilliance was shocking.

The other was a legendary genius. He had defied the odds and was approaching the level of a Holy King, arrogantly standing atop the world!

The Fight of the Century belonged to them!

"Miniscule ant, the pity I bestowed upon you is gone. Now it is time to see the true difference between our abilities!" Liu Guang stood with his hands behind his back, his robes gently swaying.

His vital energy formed ten swords which spun around his body. Anyone who approached him would be torn to shreds!


Liu Guang's afterimage flickered as he disappeared into thin air!

The next moment he appeared within ten feet of Su Yu! Ten vital energy swords attacked Su Yu!

Su Yu stood with his hands behind his back calmly.

"Icy Heart Core!" Su Yu grunted lightly.

Rumble, rumble

Near his chest, a heart made of ice began to beat. This was the top stage of the deity level technique, Icy Heart Core!

His heart had been transformed into an Icy Heart Core. As long as he willed it, everything would become ice.


The vapor in the air turned into frost. At his whim, the frost became an ice wall.


The vital energy swords shattered the ice wall, but the attack was blocked.

By the time Liu Guang had collected himself, all that was left in front of him was an afterimage of Su Yu.

"Humph! You run fast!" Liu Guang sneered, scanning the surroundings. His pupils dilated; he could not find Su Yu!

At this moment, snow fell on his head with a light thud.

"Looking for me?"

Liu Guang lifted his head to see Su Yu floating in the air with his hands behind his back!

His purple-robed figure was floating on thin air as if he were a celestial being.

To float on thin air only a Holy King could achieve that!

Floating Light Shadow, top stage, could allow a user to temporarily float!

Liu Guang was shocked, but he continued to sneer, "You merely used a simple floating technique. Let me show you what real flying looks like!"


Liu Guang's vital energy formed a pair of feathered wings on his back. Every flap allowed him to fly upward.

The key to Holy King's flying ability was the manipulation of vital energy. Liu Guang, approaching the level of a Holy King, could manage simple shape manipulationsincluding turning vital energy into wings.

Looking straight at Su Yu, Liu Guang laughed, "Your techniques are pretty decent. Now, let me show you what a true top stage deity level technique looks like!"

"Claw of the Divine Eagle!" Liu Guang grunted.

His fingers formed the shape of a claw. A faint glow encircled his fingers and he sliced downward, like a sharp eagle's claw.


The ash and debris on the ground were violently stirred. Five three-foot deep craters appeared.

A small ripple of a movement had such power!

A top stage deity level technique's power was immense!

Su Yu's expression was calm. He let loose a stream of vital energy from his palm and willed it to become a frost sword.

He lightly flicked his wrist, slicing downward!


His frost sword shattered, the powerful ripple effects dissipating into the surroundings.

Su Yu took ten steps back, a metallic taste rising in his throat!

Liu Guang silently stood at his original position, adjusting his robes. He smiled, "Both techniques are top stage deity level techniques, but yours was merely a supportive technique. How could you stand up against the attack technique I use?"

Su Yu could not rival Liu Guangnot because of insufficient power from Icy Heart Core, but because of the difference in cultivation base level!

Su Yu was only at Level Eight Peak. Liu Guang was at Level Nine Peak! Both techniques were top class deity level techniques, but Su Yu was naturally at a disadvantage.

"The glorious title King of the Century belongs to me, Liu Guang. After this battle, I will become a dragon in the sky, and you will be an ant for eternity!" Liu Guang's said mockingly, "Relax, I will take good care of your Xianer! Her heart and body belong to me, Liu Guang!!"

Liu Guang continued to taunt him, "I'm afraid Xianer does not know that she will soon become my woman. She still adorably calls me Senior Liu Guang. Someday, she will become my plaything! Only a person with her bloodline is worth of being mine! So, give up. I, Liu Guang, will keep your woman for you!"


As soon as Liu Guang finished his sentence, he disappeared once again. This time, he reappeared in front of Su Yu in an instant.

"Claw of the Divine Eagle!" The earth-shattering blow clawed at Su Yu!

Su Yu's expression was cold and murderous; it was like the calm before a storm.

Xianer was his fiance. She was the lady he had sworn to protect forever.

No one could violate her! Be they the heavens, the earth, or the godsthose who violated her would die!

"You shouldn't have humiliated her," Su Yu's tone was calm. The lack of emotion in his voice sent chills all the way to heaven and back.

For the first time, he dropped his hands from behind his back.

A purple lily surfaced in his right palm. Its blinding purple glow contrasted with Su Yu's icy appearance. The petals were exquisite, crisp with purple patterns.

Aside from its beautiful appearance, the purple lily exerted toe-curling oppressive power!

That energy caused Liu Guang's smile to freeze. The skin on his scalp was crawling!

His heart skipped a beat. At this moment, he realized what he should not have said!

"I want you dead!" Su Yu calmly said, taking a small step forward.

This step seemed to cross over the heavens and earth as if he had stepped over time and spaceover every obstacle the world had to offer!

Heaven and earth could not save Liu Guang!