The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 930

Chapter 930 Consolidating Forces

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Gongsun Wuxie’s small face darkened as she said, “It’s not over yet! The promise that I made was for the time period until the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. So, there are two months left.”

Senior Lan looked at Gongsun Wuxie in surprise, feeling that something about her had changed. He thought about it for a moment, then said, “Okay then, two more months, but after the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, you have to follow me back to the headquarters at the Severed Fairy Cliff.”

Gongsun Wuxie nodded and said, “Okay! Now, send me back to the Red Blood Palace, and be quick about it!”

“Oh? Is there some emergency?” Senior Lan asked.

Gongsun Wuxie glared at him. “Why do you have so many questions?”

Senior Lan felt saddened by her comment, but was also amused, and he immediately led Gongsun Wuxie as he tore the space apart. In half an hour’s time, they were back at the Red Blood Palace.

Once they landed, Gongsun Wuxie sprinted back to the Demon Mountain and pushed open the door to the central yard. It was deserted, just the way it was when Su Yu had left.

As she looked at the empty yard, Gongsun Wuxie felt utterly dejected. “He probably won’t return again,” she murmured.

Now that Su Yu’s identity had been exposed, he would not return. It would be far too dangerous.

Gongsun Wuxie couldn’t figure out what was left in the Red Blood Palace that would make it worthwhile for Su Yu to stay, and she wondered… How could the Red Blood Palace contain a distinguished figure like Su Yu, who has mastered time and space and easily wiped out the Five Great Golden Light Guards?

Gongsun Wuxie suddenly felt regretful that she had discovered Su Yu’s hidden identity.

Silver Lake.

Su Yu returned to his senile self. Then, with several twists and turns of his figure, he returned to the Situ family’s fortress.

The formation remained, and Lady Situ had also returned with some of her people. Everyone was busy preparing the resources.

Upon seeing Su Yu returning from afar, the worried look on Lady Situ’s face finally disappeared. After closing off the formation temporarily, she let Su Yu in.

“I can rest assured now that I know that you’re fine.” Lady Situ went forward, held both of Su Yu’s hands, then said sentimentally, “You’re quite lucky to have escaped from the hands of the Shao’s Family Master. Leave with me after I order my people to keep the remaining resources.”

As he held Lady Situ’s smooth, jade-like fingers, Su Yu had a strange feeling and quickly withdrew his hand. At that moment, Lady Situ also felt the inappropriateness of her action, causing her to feel slightly awkward.

Su Yu quickly changed the topic by asking, “My Lady, where do you plan to bring your people to settle down?”

Upon hearing his question, Lady Situ looked troubled again. She then said bitterly, “The Blessed and Heavenly Lands are chaotic, so it’s not an ideal place to stay. So, I plan to bring my people to seek shelter in the Lifeless Sword Region.”

But, that was easier said than done, as there were few parts of the Lifeless Sword Region that had opulent resources, but weren’t already colonized by someone else. So, if the Situ family moved there, they would certainly be regarded as intruders.

Besides, being isolated was not the worst part, as the worst part was that their presence might provoke the opposing strong men, causing them to be attacked by them. Moreover, the family had lost more than half of their elites, so the circumstances were even less optimistic!

“My Lady, there’s no need to move.” As Su Yu spoke, he squashed the jade pendant.

Before long, the enormous crowd of ferocious birds came flying toward them, blocking the sky and the sun. Seeing this scene from afar, Lady Situ’s face fell.

She then shouted, “Meng Tian! My people… Prepare for an attack… Now!”

She was so shocked, and she thought… Could the Shao’s Family Master be striking again, now that Meng Tian has escaped?

“My Lady, be at ease.” Su Yu patted Lady Situ’s shoulders.

At that moment, the ferocious birds stopped a thousand miles away, not advancing any further. Then, a human figure dashed forward quickly and landed outside the formation.

Meng Tian looked helpless. After he left, he had been heading for Tianya City and gathering the lost birds at the same time. However, the space disorder grew more intense, causing him to become lost in it, and for this reason, he failed to get out of it, even after half a day!

It wasn’t until the space disorder was allayed just now that he finally managed to gather most of the birds. Then, he was summoned back by Su Yu!

At the moment, the awkwardness that he felt was clearly written all over his face. “Master, I’m sorry for my uselessness. I haven’t even gone to Tianya City yet.”

Su Yu replied, “Yes, I know. That’s why I summoned you back.”

Lady Situ was in utter shock, and she wondered… What did Meng Tin just call Su Yu? Master?

“Lady Situ, let him inside,” Su Yu said.

Lady Situ was startled for a moment, then she quickly closed off the formation momentarily. All the while, her eyes remained fixed on the enormous army of ferocious birds that were hovering in the distance. She was clearly being extremely cautious.

“Meng Tian, this is Lady Situ. I believe that you’ve met her.” Su Yu pointed at Lady Situ. Meng Tian looked sheepish, as not long ago, he was still an enemy of hers, who was trying to destroy her family.

“Greetings, Lady Situ. I know that I’ve offended you many times before, so please forgive me.” Meng Tian bowed to show his respect.

Lady Situ stared at him, while recalling the Seven Desires Forgotten Worries Elixir. Feeling angry and ashamed, she snorted.

“My Lady, Meng Tian is working under me now, and so are the many ferocious birds. After returning from Tianya City, he’ll stay here to practice and protect you and your people,” Su Yu explained.

He then continued, “With the power of the ferocious birds, no one in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands could come and disturb you, except for the Red Blood Palace and the Purple Cloud Palace. So… You can rest assured.”

Lady Situ’s heart thumped. “You’re saying that those ferocious birds will protect the Situ family?”

Having witnessed their powers with her own eyes, Lady Situ was naturally moved. But, she could not help but wonder… The only problem is… Is Meng Tian trustworthy?

Meng Tian then said shyly, “Rest assured, Lady Situ. I’m willing to follow my master and his order. Besides, my life is in his hands, so I’ll certainly follow his instructions and protect the Situ family. I promise that I won’t behave recklessly.”

Upon receiving such a response, Lady Situ looked over at Su Yu doubtfully. Su Yu nodded, then tried to reassure her. “Is there any need for me to harm you, my Lady?”

Only then did Lady Situ’s eyes grow gentle, excitement flickering in them. After all, the power of those ferocious birds could rival the 16 great factions combined!

If what these two had just said was true, the Situ family could certainly command the respect of all of the most influential families, and there would be numerous medium and small-scale families coming forward to request their support. Thus, the Situ family could become the most powerful leader in the entire area overnight!

Nonetheless, Lady Situ understood that this all depended on Su Yu. If he ordered Meng Tian to leave, it would all fall apart!

A single thought of his could render the Situ family back to the way it was. As she thought of this, all of a sudden, she understood Su Yu’s intention.

Su Yu then said, “Also, send a letter to inform the Shangguan family to build a dwelling place nearby.”

What Su Yu had just said confirmed Lady Situ’s thoughts that Su Yu’s intention was to join all of the influential families, then use them to his own advantage! His ambition was truly staggering.

However, Lady Situ had some reservations about inviting the Shangguan family over. “Dare I ask, Young Lord Su, if the many families gather here, who’s going to be the chief? If the influences gather and no one is here to lead them, there’ll be chaos.” She hoped Su Yu would support the Situ family in this instance.

“No one is going to be the leader,” Su Yu replied.

Upon hearing this, Lady Situ fell silent.

Su Yu then looked at her and said, “If you think that a family has to be chosen to lead, I’m more inclined to lean toward the Shangguan family! I ordered Meng Tian to safeguard this place with the intention of protecting the Shangguan family, and I also owe Shangguan Yunque a debt. I promised to protect them in times of crisis.”

He then added, “With their house ruined and them having nowhere to go, I suggested that they move here. Meng Tian can also take care of Situ family, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

He went on, “If you’re unsatisfied with this, I’ll order Meng Tian to find another place for the Shangguan family to settle. Then, if the Situ family wants to move there too, it’s your decision.”

Upon hearing this, Lady Situ’s face turned pale. In fact, Su Yu’s real intention was to protect the Shangguan family, and he was only doing such things for the Situ family out of convenience!

She immediately felt ridiculous for thinking that Su Yu had actually come to protect them! This harsh reality made Lady Situ instantly somber. Realizing that Su Yu did not necessarily have to protect the Situ family was a huge blow to her.

As they had only interacted a few times, her request just now had clearly been too self-righteous! Feeling disappointed, Lady Situ bowed respectfully and said, “I’ve been rude. Apologies… Now, I’ll obey your arrangements.”

Her pretty eyes then moved to focus on Meng Tian, and she thought… In that case, Meng Tian will be giving us orders soon, as he represents Su Yu.

“Great! Now, send someone to look for the chief of the Shangguan family. I’ll wait at your place.” Once he was done talking, Su Yu entered the yard to recuperate. After such a great battle, he was rather exhausted.

Lady Situ dared not delay, and she ordered someone to search for the Shangguan people in the vicinity immediately. At the same time, her eyes shone and remained fixed on Meng Tian.

Suppressing her detest for him, she walked over and said, “Young Lord Meng, please do take good care of us in the future.”

Meng Tian cast a glance at Lady Situ and half-smiled. “My Lady, you seem to have gone around the sun to meet the moon, as you didn’t plead with my master, but came to me instead.”

Lady Situ shot a look at Su Yu, who was resting, and smiled bitterly. “The Situ family can’t give him what he wants,” she replied.

With Su Yu’s cultivation and various magical powers, combined with the nature-defying Space Ancient Spiritual Body, he couldn’t care less about the meagre resources that the Situ family had. However, if they had more crystals and resources, they might at least win Meng Tian over.

Meng Tian smiled. “Of course the Situ family can’t give him what he wants, but Lady Situ can! Why don’t you try? If my master is happy, there’ll be endless benefits for you and your people.”

Lady Situ’s eyes turned sharp as she stared coldly at Meng Tian. She understood exactly what he meant.

“I only pointed out a bright path, and whether you’re willing to follow that path is up to you! Haha.” Meng Tian explained his rude and suggestive comment away, then turned and walked away with a big smile.

Lady Situ gently bit her lip and kept silent for a long time. The Situ family was very efficient, so by the time that dusk had arrived, the chief of the Shangguan family and all of the elders had already been invited over.

At the moment, everyone was sitting in the house. Chief Shangguan was badly injured, and the other elders didn’t look well either.

What surprised Su Yu the most was that Shangguan Yunque and Shangguan Qing-Er had come back. They must have followed the Hua Palace Master and the Kongchan Palace Master back in order to provide aid to the Shangguan family.

They sat on the left side, while the Situ family sat on the right side. Su Yu sat at the center by himself, while Meng Tian stood behind him. All of the people were looking expectantly at Su Yu, waiting for him to call the shots.

“Chief Shangguan, the original house of the Shangguan family has been destroyed, so why don’t you build a new place nearby?” Su Yu suggested.

He then added, “That way, not only could your family and the Situ family look after each other, but Meng Tian could offer you both some protection. What do you think?”

Chief Shangguan stood up solemnly and said, “I’ll obey your orders, my Lord.”

His manners didn’t seem like he was facing a junior, but a senior strong man instead. The unprecedented combat power that Su Yu had displayed with the Situ family had clearly astonished them.

In fact, his various techniques, especially his space spiritual body, had shaken the entire world. Furthermore, the fact that Su Yu had subdued such a terrifying beast tamer like Meng Tian showed that his capacity was compatible to an entire faction’s.

Thus, the Shangguan family was nothing in front of Su Yu. Upon seeing his father’s behavior, Shangguan Yunque put on a gloating expression.

Previously, he had imparted the family’s Five Element Profound Meaning Art to Su Yu, hoping to gain his protection in the great disaster. But, he was severely punished by his father and the other elders in the family instead.

He was even about to head for the Red Blood Palace and ask the Five Elements Profound Meaning Art back from Su Yu. Now, looking at the fearful and discreet looks on all of the people’s faces, Shangguan Yunque felt exceptionally pleased.