The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 931

Chapter 931 Encounter With Tianxuan

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“Don’t be so formal, Chief. Since you agree, then it’ll be easier. Discuss it with Lady Situ, then choose a suitable place to build. Keep in mind to not affect the Situ family. We don’t want any unnecessary conflicts to occur,” Su Yu said.

In this way, the matter was solved easily. Once Su Yu finished talking, he left the meeting chamber and returned to his room to ponder his future plans.

Now that the Five Golden Light Guards had been destroyed and the Central Prefecture’s King had witnessed Su Yu’s leaves from the Tree God with his own eyes, he surely wouldn’t send All Creation Old Monsters to kill him again.

Thus, Su Yu was safe now, and there wasn’t any urgent reason to leave the faction. So, he wondered… Should I return to the faction and continue my training?

The only problem with this was that Su Yu had exposed himself in the previous battles, and even his space talent had been noticed by many people. So, he had to wonder… Will any unforeseen circumstances occur if I return to the faction?

As Su Yu thought about the path that he should take from now on, he had no idea that the Jiuzhou Continent was in an uproar tonight! This was because a piece of amazing news had been released from the Central Prefecture!

The Five Great Divine Guards of the Central Prefecture were all slaughtered. None of them managed to escape!

The news was delivered to various big influences in Jiuzhou with the speed of lightning in a single, short day. Thus, a great commotion had arisen.

Each and every one of the Five Great Divine Guards was an absolute strong man, and they were usually unbeatable when the five of them joined forces. Hence, unless some Prefecture’s King struck, hardly anyone could kill them.

All at once, people began speculating. The suspicion was focused upon the Nine Great Prefecture’s Kings and two other absolute strong men. One of them was the Severed Fairy Cliff Master, and the other one was Mo Tianxuan.

The first two of them were the entities that, apart from the Nine Great Prefecture’s Kings, could obliterate all five of the Golden Light Guards. Mo Tianxuan was undoubtedly the most highly suspected of the trio because she had always opposed the Central Prefecture!

When this news was learned by Mo Tianxuan, even she herself was stunned. “If it was neither the Severed Fairy Cliff Master nor me, could it be the Nine Prefecture’s King?”

She knew that she did not kill the Five Golden Light Guards, and neither did the Severed Fairy Cliff Master, who was training in isolation at that time. However, besides them, only the Nine Prefecture’s Kings had such absolute and unrivaled powers.

While pondering this, the Great Palace Master of the outside sanctum brought along the badly injured Kongchan Cabinet Master and the Hua Palace Master and requested to meet her in order to discuss the upheavals that had just happened to the Situ and Shangguan families.

“It was them again. What do they really want to do in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands?” Mo Tianxuan had also vaguely felt the existence of a certain influence.

“It’s been a couple of days now, so why are you only reporting this now?” Mo Tianxuan was very concerned about this influence.

The Kongchan Cabinet Master said, “Palace Master, punish us. After I ran away, I was trapped in a region with space disorder and had still failed to come out of it, even after two days and two nights. It wasn’t until a day ago, when the space disorder finally ended, that I managed to return.”

Upon hearing that, Mo Tianxuan’s eyes shone. “Space disorder? Tell me about it in detail.”

Then, the Kongchan Cabinet Master explained it further. When she finished listening, Mo Tianxuan looked puzzled. She then exclaimed, “It’s the Five Elements Heaven Extinguishing Formation!”

“They must be capturing somebody!” Mo Tianxuan had doubts since earlier on as to why the Five Great Golden Light Guards had lingered in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands instead of leaving right away.

It seemed like they must have sealed the space in search of someone, especially now that they had even displayed the Five Elements Heaven Distinguishing Formation! Also, it made it appear that this person was quite possibly the one who had obliterated the Five Great Golden Light Guards!

“Regarding the treacherous Shao family, you should deal with it. I want to go there and see it for myself.” Mo Tianxuan’s eyes shone as she tore the void with one hand before disappearing without a trace.

The Situ family, the fortress in the air.

Lady Situ had changed into a silver silk robe that had a mauve belt that was fastened around her waist. The clothing accentuated her elegant, gorgeous figure, and she was extremely mesmerizing.

She pondered over all of this for a long time, and she thought that this was a great opportunity to make the Situ family the powerful leader in the region. If she gained Su Yu’s recognition, in the future, the influences that were supported by Meng Tian, no, as well as Meng Tian himself, would be at her command. Then, the Situ family would have no more worries!

Thus, after she struggled inwardly for some time, she finally decided to serve Su Yu with her body and become Su Yu’s woman.Then, after knocking on the door, she was only greeted by silence in the house.


After she pushed it gently, the door opened. It was empty inside the house, and only a white letter with a small line of words written on it could be seen…

Su has left. See you again.

Lady Situ was startled, and as she sat down on the edge of the bed, she felt dejected and let out a deep sigh. Su Yu had left the air fortress at nightfall. Apparently, he had felt relaxed after settling the matters with the Shangguan family.

Now, the only care he had in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands was the alluring cabinet master. This woman was the only one who knew Su Yu was leaving the Red Blood Palace. She was also the only one who had bid him farewell. Most importantly, she was the one who gave all of her savings to Su Yu.

Those words that she had said to him, “A martial artist’s life is like a firefly’s glow in this mortal world, vanishing in an instant. I hope that in this lifetime, you can return to visit me. It doesn’t matter if it’s me or my grave,” had deeply moved Su Yu.

He didn’t want to see her grave when he finally turned to look at her, and after thinking about this for the whole night, Su Yu had decided to travel to the Heavenly Knife Region and check on the alluring cabinet master’s safety.

He left during the night, crossing the silver lake that had turned into a mulberry field. As he flew above the silver lake, Su Yu stopped before too long. He then turned to look behind him and asked, “You’ve been following me for such a long time, don’t you plan to show yourself?”

The lake was peaceful, and a few breaths later, a pitch-black seam appeared in the space. A purple figure strode out of the seam. She had a gorgeous, pure appearance and was clad in purple clothing. She looked as graceful as a fairy.

She looked at him with a pair of eyes that were as clear as water and glimmered like crystals. “Shall I call you Su Yuxian, Yinyu, or Su Yu?” she asked.

Those words were what Su Yu had once said to Gongsun Wuxie, so it was clear that the purple-clothed lady had been around since that time.

“Since you clearly already know, then just call me Su Yu.” As Su Yu looked over at her, tender affection and sadness filled his eyes.

The purple-clothed lady grew stern suddenly. “Even your name was fake! You were the one who killed uncle Xue Di!”

Su Yu was calm as he said, “In the Fairy Confining Forest, when you disguised yourself as the Golden Light Guard, haven’t you known since then?”

The purple-clothed lady before him was none other than Zixuan! She then asked, “How did you know that I was the Golden Light Guard?”

In fact, Su Yu had only sorted that fact out yesterday. When he went to meet up with the silver-faced man at the Severed Fairy Cliff, he had encountered a Golden Light Guard who did not strike, but left on his own accord. Since that time, doubt had occupied Su Yu’s heart for a long time.

That was, until yesterday, when he had used the time-space energy to kill the Golden Light Guards. It was only then that he discovered that the vibes that were given off by the Five Great Golden Light Guards were incompatible with those from the one he met in the Fairy Condining Forest.

Su Yu understood then that the one he met in the Fairy Confining Forest wasn’t a Golden Light Guard at all, but was someone who had disguised themselves as one of them.

This is actually what led Su Yu into confessing that he had killed Xue Di. And… there was only one person who was familiar with the Golden Light Guards and was capable of disguising themselves as one… Zixuan!

Su Yu had felt that she had changed after returning from Yuling Mountain. She was no longer as adorable as she used to be, but was more like a stranger.

“I trusted you so much, even counting on you to find the murderer! I never thought that you were the one I was looking for!” Zixuan said coldly, waves of anger rippling in her eyes.

As she recalled the past, Zixuan felt that she had been deceived.

“Are you planning to kill me?” Su Yu asked. He still had Xia Jingyu and Qin Xian-er to protect, so he would not sacrifice his life here.

Zixuan trembled, while complicated emotions filled her eyes. Although the past was gone, Zixuan had gained a tenuous friendship during it, which made it difficult for her to strike.

“Can you tell me why you killed Uncle Xue Di? He watched me grow up, so to me, he was like the most benevolent grandfather,” Zixuan said. “So… Why did you kill him?”

“Benevolent? Well… That was only to you. To me, and to all of the living creatures in the Zhenlong Continent, he was the most gruesome, most vicious, most cruel murderer! There were more than a billion living creatures that died at his hands! I killed him for vengeance!” Su Yu said.

Zixuan’s eyes shone with a sharp cold light. “You’re lying! He wasn’t like that!” Her cold snarl reverberated throughout the mountains as she unleashed her murderous intention and fury.

Su Yu was composed and fearless as he remarked, “You know it in your heart whether I lied or not. Don’t fool yourself.”

Zixuan’s petite body shivered, and she was speechless. She had grown up in the palace of the Central Prefecture, and her life was all about training. So, she had hardly interacted with the outside world.

In her eyes, the Central Prefecture’s King and Xue Di were the friendliest, kindest people in the world. But, after she had escaped the palace and stepped into the real world, she had heard about Xue Di’s crimes.

Specifically, that he had killed countless people and was extremely cruel, brutal, and abusive. He had committed numerous obnoxious deeds.

That was why she hadn’t struck when she discovered Su Yu’s real identity in the Fairy Confining Forest. Everything seemed to be different from what she had first thought to be the truth. Thus, she followed Su Yu all the way, from the time he executed the mission of killing Mo Yang to the time that he rescued the Situ family, and even now.

The Su Yu she had seen was the one who would never killed innocents, as well as the one who rescued people of the same faction. He had selflessly saved Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie and aided the Situ family.

To keep them from harm, he had even traveled by himself and was hunted by the Shao’s Family Master. In the end, he had the chance to murder Gongsun Wuxie, but had let her go. Hence, she had trouble believing that Su Yu could really be the cruel, heartless enemy that the Central Prefecture’s King had mentioned. She was deeply moved, and she could not help but doubt that the Central Prefecture’s King, who was a master, was actually lying.

“Zixuan, if you want to fight, the time is now,” Su Yu said. “In the future, it’ll be super difficult to take your revenge.”

Zixuan looked at Su Yu from afar, her eyes filled with complicated emotions. If she had wanted to kill someone, she would have done so already. Besides, she had countless opportunities, and Su Yu wouldn’t even get to use the leaves from the Tree God or discover her trail.

The reason that she had showed up was actually just to get confirmation and ease her heart, then bid him farewell. After a long silence, she regained her nonchalant nature and said, “Wait till I return and sort things out, then I’ll take your life!”

Once she finished talking, she turned into a remnant shadow, crossed the void, and was about to take flight. Su Yu was quiet. He thought that perhaps Zixuan had gradually noticed the unusual signs as she was searching for traces of him near Yuling Mountain.

Su Yu’s traces were always where Su Yuxian had been, but every time that he was with her, she didn’t find any proof. Thus, she disguised herself as the Golden Light Guard and tested Su Yu.

Right at that moment, a pained groan was heard! Zixuan, who had torn the space just now, had been attacked, and her body was now flying backwards from the seam. A white, jade-like hand tore open a seam, and drops of snowy white gleams were dripping from it.

Zixuan looked like she was facing a great enemy, and as she gazed at the seam, she yelled in her soft voice, “Who is sneak attacking me?”


Suddenly, a beam of black light flew out from the seam. When the light stopped moving, a willowy, gorgeous beauty descended gracefully from the void.

She was wearing a Sun Moon Crown and had strong energies around her that sent tremors through the surrounding mountains and made the lands quiver. Countless ferocious birds and demonic beasts scampered away in terror, as if they were awaiting the arrival of an emperor or an empress from the sky.

“Hahaha, the female student of the Central Prefecture’s King, the one from the crystal race of the Ancient Spiritual Body!” the woman exclaimed.

“He was actually willing to release you! Isn’t he afraid that the cauldron that he cultivated for years will be relished firsthand by other men?” The woman smiled coldly.

Zixuan did not understand what she meant. So, she asked the woman in her tender voice, “Who are you, and why did you attack me?”

“Hasn’t the Central Prefecture’s King told you that you have to know the owner of the territory once you’re inside it?” The woman looked at Zixuan, her eyes full of pity.

Zixuan was startled to hear this, and she asked, “You’re Mo Tianxuan?”

Mo Tianxuan? Su Yu was shocked… How come we ran into the palace master of the Red Blood Palace, Mo Tianxuan? Su Yu had heard a lot about this legendary woman, and her deeds were only a step behind Jian Wusheng’s!

“It is good that you know me. Since the Central Prefecture’s King dares to let you come to the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, then don’t go. Stay for me, as I’m very interested in the Ancient Spiritual Body.” Mo Tianxuan laughed coldly, while tossing out a fuzzy mass of black shadows from her palm.

When the black shadows appeared, a shocking and forceful demonic energy was emitted. Its power was stunning.

All of a sudden, the mountains and rivers lost their splendor, and the sky was covered in demonic energy. It was as if doomsday had arrived.

Su Yu was secretly shocked, and he wondered… What kind of weapon is that? It is so terrifying!

The only thing comparable to it was the flying guillotine that he had stolen from the female All Creations! When the thought occurred to him, Su Yu couldn’t help but look at Mo Tianxuan. The more he looked at her, the more he felt that Mo Tianxuan resembled the woman who had disguised herself as a man that day.

He looked at the mass of black shadows again. It then showed its real look during one fleeting moment. During that moment, he saw that it had the shape of a gearwheel! It was the flying guillotine!


Su Yu’s mind was blown. The female All Creation that day was the palace master of the Red Blood Palace, Mo Tianxuan!

As a student of the Red Blood Palace, knocking the palace master out cold and stealing her treasure, then recklessly moving before her eyes and remaining unnoticed until now was a huge affront! As he was thinking of it, Su Yu dripped with cold sweat.

He then thought… How nature-defying is my luck… That I could survive right under Mo Tianxuan’s nose until now?

As the flying guillotine killed people without leaving a trace, Zixuan was injured by taking a blow from it. Upon seeing this horrible demonic supreme fairy artifact striking again, Zixuan’s entire body flickered with a fluorescent light from the inside out, then gradually transformed into a transparent crystal. In the blink of an eye, she had turned from a living human into a sculpture-like crystal!


This demonic supreme fairy artifact that could easily cut open the All Creation strong men had only rubbed against Zixuan’s arm, yet it gave off a string of sparks, left behind a broken trace, and ricocheted out!

“No wonder you’re the Ancient Crystal Spiritual Body! Now, I’m even more interested in you!” Mo Tianxuan smiled as she withdrew the flying guillotine and instilled Vital Energy into it.

Suddenly, the flying guillotine emanated a gruesome aura, and a tiny bit of crimson creepily appeared on its gearwheel. From afar, it looked like a bloodstained gearwheel, and it was giving off an unusually ferocious and ominous vibe.

Zixuan’s face changed at that moment, and the fluorescence on her body’s surface shimmered again, the crystal becoming even more pure and transparent. But, her speed for crystallization was much slower than the shooting speed of the flying guillotine.

“Ahh!” As she let out a miserable scream, Zixuan’s arm was cut by the flying guillotine. The crystalline body was cut open at this time, while her arm was almost severed by the flying guillotine!

Zixuan acted fast and slammed down her palm, while dodging the flying guillotine and saving her own life. When faced with Mo Tianxuan, Zixuan clearly couldn’t even protect her own life!

“Stay here! I won’t hurt you. I just want to study your spiritual body. If you refuse this request, as the foe of your master, I can’t find a reason to let you remain alive,” Mo Tianxuan said.

Zixuan gritted her teeth, then turned and ran away by tearing the space. Mo Tianxuan did not go after her, but only clenched her fingers as the space seam in front of Zixuan closed off.

“Your master must have told you that in this world, apart from the Nine Great Prefecture’s Kings, hardly anyone can rival my space energy,” Mo Tianxuan remarked indifferently, her eyes turning cold.

If Zixuan refused her again, she would show no mercy. However, right at that moment, a beam of space energy appeared beside Zixuan and transported her to Su Yu in an instant.

Zixuan only managed to make out Su Yu’s figure, which was close to her, before Su Yu caught hold of her waist and leaped into a space vortex. The space vortex was extremely profound, so even Zixuan, who was an All Creation being, felt its depth to be unfathomable, not knowing where it led.

At that moment, Su Yu had figured everything out. If he stayed behind, he’d surely be recognized by Mo Tianxuan and be killed. So, it was better that he used the space vortex and brought Zixuan away to escape together. Although he didn’t know where they were heading, it still was better than staying behind here!

All the while, as Mo Tianxuan kept her eyes on Zixuan, she hadn’t paid attention to the person below her. So, this scene surprised her.

But, she responded quickly and asked coldly, “You have a helper? Humph!”

Mo Tianxuan grasped across the air and caught Su Yu, who had strode into the space vortex. She instantly dragged him back! Su Yu was stupefied, and as he was dragged back, Zixuan was also hauled along with him.

Seeing that both of them were about to be pulled back, Su Yu gritted his teeth and stared deeply at Zixuan. “If I’ve hurt you in the past, please forgive me. Take care…”

Zixuan seemed to understand what Su Yu was planning to do, and she was moved. She yelled, “Stop!”

But, Su Yu had already pushed Zixuan toward the deeper part of the space vortex with his palm until Zixuan was thoroughly transported by the space vortex.

“No!” Zixuan screamed.

Her heartstrings were pulled by this selfless act. She never thought that Su Yu, who she wanted to kill, would be the one who would save her! Warmth flowed into the depths of her heart.

Su Yu was dragged back forcefully, then gripped by Mo Tianxuan through the air. Upon witnessing what had just happened in the space vortex, Mo Tianxuan was exasperated. She had finally caught hold of the Ancient Crystal Body that the Central Prefecture’s King regarded as his prized possession, but she had been released by this old fellow!

“You’re looking for death!” Mo Tianxuan was furious. She hauled him toward her, fury showing all over her face.

Nonetheless, when she saw Su Yu’s profile, she was dumbfounded and felt as if she had just been struck by lightning! A moment later, she let out a shrill scream, “It’s you! You old perverted thief!”

She could never forget that familiar face! Not only did he molest her, but he had knocked her out cold and stolen her flying guillotine! Even more detestable, he had sold it!

She dared not make this matter known, and therefore, had not sent anyone to look for the flying guillotine. It would have been too shameful!

As the palace master of the Red Blood Palace, which was an entity that could rival the Prefecture’s Kings, to have her Original Life treasure stolen by an old man who passed by and knocked her out cold was truly embarrassing! The entire matter was unspeakable!

Luckily, the flying guillotine happened to have been purchased by her close acquaintance, the Severed Fairy Cliff Master, thus preventing her from becoming a laughing stock. Hence, she would never forget that face! She never thought that she would cross paths with this fellow right here!

Su Yu’s heart sank as he said sheepishly, “Ehem… Miss, you have mistaken me for the wrong person.”

“I… Did… Not!” Mo Tianxuan gritted her silver-white teeth and paused between her words. She was so angry that it made Su Yu shudder with chills.