The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 932

Chapter 932 Seized And Returned To The Faction

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“Ehem, miss, we can talk this out. We’ve never met before, so you must have mistaken me for someone else. Pulling at each other in public is inappropriate.” Su Yu was calm and composed as he spoke.

Mo Tianxuan was still sneering coldly as if she had just found her foe of a lifetime. “I could still recognize you, even if you turned into a pile of ashes! Now… Follow me back to the Red Blood Palace!”

At that moment, not only did she restrict Su Yu’s Vital Energy flow, but she put a unique meridian seal across his mouth to prevent him from speaking.


Mo Tianxuan then tore open a space seam and brought Su Yu across the void. A few hours later, they had traveled across half of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands and had returned to above the inner palace of the Red Blood Palace.

As he looked at the familiar Fairy Confining Forest, Su Yu wanted to cry, but he had no tears. He had taken a detour and was captured, then brought back here by force. It was unimaginable to him.

“Greetings, Palace Master!” Two ninth-grade Almighty strong men flew out from the inner palace and welcomed them.

They were the Left and Right Palace Masters. As they cast a strange look at the elderly man that was being held by his collar by Mo Tianxuan, they felt puzzled and wondered what was happening.

Mo Tianxuan then asked, “As I’ve been gone for an entire day, did anything important happen in the palace?”

The Left Palace Master nodded somberly. “Two things… Firstly, except for the Central Prefecture’s King, all of the Nine Prefecture’s Kings sent their people to inquire whether the death of the Five Great Golden Light Divine Guards of the Central Prefecture is related to the Red Blood Palace.”

In the whole wide world, Mo Tianxuan was under the greatest suspicion. This was because the Five Great Golden Light Guards had died horribly in the region of the Red Blood Palace. Also, Mo Tianxuan had the motive and the capability to kill them all.

“So what if it’s related, and so what if it’s not? Unless the Prefecture’s King inquires in person, ignore them all.” Mo Tianxuan snorted. However, she did find some clues when she investigated the scene herself.

The Left Palace Master was slightly startled. “How shall we respond if the Wusheng Prefecture’s King inquires?”

Jian Wusheng had a deep relationship with the Red Blood Palace, so their territory was considered as the backers of the Red Blood Palace.

“Her?” Mo Tianxuan pondered this for a moment, then said, “Fine. Spread the news that the one who killed the Five Great Divine Guards of the Central Prefecture was the same demonic freshman who killed Xue Di.”

Upon hearing this, the Left and Right Palace Masters’ faces changed.

“Palace Master, you’re talking about the rumored ruthless demonic man, whose hair and eyes are red as blood and who wears the sea of blood?” The Right Palace Master drew in a cold breath.

Not only had Xue Di died at the hands of this ruthless demonic man, but the Five Great Golden Light Guards had perished at his hands as well. This person had unrivaled magical powers that hardly anyone below the Nine Great Prefecture’s Kings could match.

“It was him indeed. I noticed a great deal of traces of time retrogradation, which were totally the same as those present at Xue Di’s death! Currently, in this world, the mysterious demonic man was the only one who has done such a thing.” Mo Tianxuan frowned, looking slightly fearful.

This ruthless demonic man was indeed overpowering. But, Mo Tianxuan had deemed herself capable of killing Xue Di. As for the Five Great Golden Light Guards, it was easy to kill a few of them, but would be very difficult to kill them all.

Worse still, they had the projection of the Central Prefecture’s King obliterating them, which certainly posed a great challenge. But, the ruthless demonic man had done it!

“In that case, we need to beware of this person, as there are more than just a couple of pieces of news that report him showing up in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands,” the Left Palace Master said in a low voice.

Mo Tianxuan replied, “Don’t worry. If he wants to harm the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, he would’ve done so already. There’s no need for him to wait till now.”

She continued, “Besides, the people that he killed were all significant subordinates of the Central Prefecture’s King’s. He isn’t a demonic man who kills innocents. You just have to be cautious, but don’t worry too much.”

She then asked, “So… What’s the second matter?”

The Left Palace Master answered, “The Heavenly Knife Region sent an emissary here.”

Mo Tianxuan sneered. “The Heavenly Knife Region? They lost their target in Tianya City, yet they sent an emissary here? Are they so anxious that they’re trying to play some tricks on us again?”

The influence that they had been building and strengthening for many years had been demolished overnight, so it would be even more bizarre if the Heavenly Knife Region managed to keep their cool.

“Right. They want to compete with the Mu words experts of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands. If they win, they hope to retain 100 shops. If they lose, they’ll compensate us with a hundred million crystals,” he explained.

A hundred million crystals was a large sum of wealth to the Red Blood Palace.

“A hundred million? Well… It seems like they have come prepared!” Mo Tianxuan’s eyes shone as she spoke.

In reply to that, the Left Palace Master nodded. “Apart from Masters Qin and Lin, the Mu words experts they brought this time consisted of a mysterious person!”

He went on, “Before they came to the Red Blood Palace, they challenged Master Gao in Tianya City. As a result, Master Gao admitted defeat after only three rounds.”

Mo Tianxuan squinted her eyes. “I heard that Master Gao received the precious teaching from Su Yuxian, Master Su. How come he couldn’t last for more than three rounds?”

“It’s true. And… I am unsure. But, Deputy General Manager Wu has delivered an urgent message to remind us to beware of this mysterious person,” the Left Palace Master said.

Mo Tianxuan nodded. She didn’t appear to be very worried.

“Palace Master, please decide how we should receive the emissary,” the Right Palace Master then said.

Mo Tianxuan snorted. “Doesn’t it go without saying? They defeated Master Gao on purpose before coming to us, so of course, they want a challenge. If theRed Blood Palace doesn’t accept the challenge, our timidity will make us a laughing stock!”

She continued, “Besides, we have Master Su in our faction now, so what’s there to be afraid of? Send my order and ask Su Yuxian to take part in the challenge.”

Despite their solemnity, the Left and Right Palace Masters were relieved to hear this. After all, Su Yuxian had a phenomenal proficiency in Mu words.

“Yes. We will work on that,” both of them agreed in unison.

Then, the Right Palace Master paused for a moment before saying, “There’s one more thing… Please punish me, Palace Master.”

“Why?” Mo Tianxuan asked while staring at him.

The Right Palace Master looked bitter as he said, “I’m useless! I failed to see through the Shao family’s ulterior motives early on. The eldest son of the Shao family, Shao Chunguang, tried to escape the faction before their family rebelled and was nowhere to be found.”

He went on, “We hurried to the Shao family’s home, but it was deserted. They had gone into hiding.”

After hearing that, Mo Tianxuan seemed unperturbed. “I’ve been in isolation all year, not caring about matters of the outside world. So, I’m culpable too. The blame isn’t completely on you!”

She then added, “The Shao’s rebellion is only a superficial delusion, as there’s an unimaginable and mysterious influence behind it. You have to beware of this fact.”

Once she finished talking, Mo Tianxuan waved her sleeves, then said, “Go and send my order to Master Su to contend with the emissary from the Heavenly Knife Region. I have some private matters to settle. I’ll see the emissary later.”

After hearing that, Su Yu rolled his eyes, while thinking… I’m the Master Su that you just mentioned!

But, in Mo Tianxuan’s eyes, he was implying something else, and she sneered. “Humph, you’re trying to play tricks on me again!”


While holding Su Yu, Mo Tianxuan strode into the secret chamber. The Left Palace Master shot a look at Su Yu and felt surprised.

He immediately wondered… Who on earth is this person? How come he could get Mo Tianxuan to entertain him in person?

The Right Palace Master was perplexed too, and he felt very doubtful. But, both of them did not waste too much time worrying about the matter, as they immediately commanded their own subordinates to head for the outside sanctum and inform Su Yuxian to come to the inner sanctum.

This time, the emissary had come to meet them, and the honor and shame of the Red Blood Palace were directly dependent upon Su Yuxian. If all of this was handled well, they would get credit for having been a part of a great contribution!

At the moment, Su Yu was brought into the secret chamber. Mo Tianxuan then said coldly, “You didn’t see this coming, did you? You had no idea that you’d fall into my hands! You earned a lot from my fairy artifact, didn’t you?”

Meanwhile, the Vital Energy seal in Su Yu’s body had been removed, so he could speak again. “When did I sell your fairy artifact?” Su Yu chose to deny it.

He then said, “You almost got me killed! I haven’t settled that with you yet, and now, as you are the wicked one, you’re complaining!”

After hearing that, Mo Tianxuan was exasperated. His stealing her fairy artifact was one thing, but this old perverted thief had even molested her while she was in a coma! Su Yu’s refusal to admit his guilt really frustrated Mo Tianxuan!

“You dare to argue with me about this, even now? Apart from you, was there another person there at that time?” Mo Tianxuan gritted her teeth.

If it wasn’t because she wanted to exploit him for the methods that were used in resolving the evil ghostly energy, she would have killed him already!