The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 933

Chapter 933 Taking Inventory Of The Gains

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Su Yu shrugged. “You’ve got it right: there really was someone else there! It was a mysterious youth. After saving you, he said that he wouldn’t just save someone for free, the saved person should pay the price. And then he took your stuff, I couldn’t defeat him, so I could only watch as he walked away,” he said.

Mo Tianxuan’s eyes became puzzled. According to the Severed Fairy Cliff Master, the one who sold his fairy artifact was the ruthless demonic man whose name was well-renowned.

Could she have mistaken this elderly man for the person who had saved her?

“If that’s the case, why were you so abashed and why did you claim that you didn’t know when I captured you? Besides, the one who knocked me out cold the last time was you, wasn’t it?” Mo Tianxuan asked doubtfully.

“Isn’t that reasonable?” Su Yu replied. “You were all geared up to kill when you awoke, so of course I had to knock you out cold so that you didn’t misunderstand! After being captured, I covered things up because I was worried that I’d be blamed and would be hurt.”

Upon hearing what he had to say, Mo Tianxuan found that it wasn’t completely illogical.

The elderly man before her looked like just another ordinary fairy. How could he have been able to deal with the Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy of the ghostly world’s great emperor?

Was it really that demonic freshman? Mo Tianxuan thought deeply, slight disappointment filling her heart.

When she had captured Su Yu she had felt very excited and overjoyed inside. She had been caught up with the Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy for many years, making her stagnant on the All Creations level and preventing her from advancing further.

Initially, she thought that an opportunity had finally come. Who would have thought uncertainties would get the better of it?

Somehow, however, Mo Tianxuan felt as if something was wrong. Her clear eyes stared at Su Yu distantly. “Why do I feel like none of your words are credible?”

In fact, Su Yu’s heart was racing fast too. If Mo Tianxuan ran a body search on him, not only would the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl be discovered, the space ring which he had just gained from the Golden Light Guards would certainly be exposed as well.

His ruthless demonic man’s identity would also be revealed.

“Then what do you have in mind?” Su Yu was as calm as he had always been.

Mo Tianxuan’s eyes shone. “I’ll know once I search your soul and browse through your memories. Then your truthfulness will be determined.”

Su Yu’s heart sank. Soul search? That was even worse than a body search!

Will I need to use the Tree God’s leaves? But from such a close distance, I’m afraid that I won’t even get a chance to use them.

Mo Tianxuan was a strong, intrepid entity who could defeat the Five Great Golden Light Guards all by herself.

“Palace Master, bad news.” All of a sudden, two voices sounded together from outside the door. They belonged to the Left and the Right Palace Masters who had returned just after they left.

Mo Tianxuan scowled and asked coldly, “What happened? Didn’t I give you the command to have Su Yuxian, Master Su, entertain the emissaries first?”

It hadn’t been long at all, yet they had already returned.

“Palace Master, it’s about Master Su.” The Left Palace Master’s face was somber, with hints of urgency.

Mo Tianxuan was forced to give up on soul searching temporarily. Opening the stone door, she asked, “What about him?”

“Palace Master, when we delivered the message to the outside sanctum, only then did we discover that Master Su had accomplished a mission and left the faction a few days ago. He hasn’t yet returned,” the Left Palace Master said.

Mo Tianxuan’s brows were creased. “At this critical juncture, he’s not in the faction? What mission was it? Where is he now?”

“It was a mission to kill Mo Yang. According to Cabinet Master Kongchan and Palace Master Hua from outside the sanctum, the last place Su Yu was spotted was at the Situ’s house. Later he went missing and couldn’t be contacted,” the Right Palace Master said.

The Right Palace Master had a deep frown. If Su Yuxian wasn’t here to hold the fort, no one else in the Red Blood Palace could accept the emissaries’ challenge.

Mo Tianxuan was irritated. “Then what are you still waiting for? Assign someone to inform the Situ family right away. Then enquire about Su Yuxian’s whereabouts and dispatch some fast inner sanctum students to go search for him. Find him as soon as possible!”

“What about the emissaries?” The Left Palace Master felt the urgency of the situation.

“I can only go meet them in person and try to delay things for some time,” Mo Tianxuan replied.

She turned and shot a look at Su Yu, who was in the secret chamber. “Put him in detention. I’ll interrogate him afterwards,” she said.

Once she had finished talking, Mp Tianxuan left hurriedly. The Left and the Right Palace Masters followed closely behind her.

Several servants with cold, indifferent faces walked in and took hold of Su Yu. They escorted him to the Red Blood Palace’s prison.

Su Yu quickly said, “Eh, wait, I’m Su Yuxian!”

Unluckily for him, Mo Tianxuan and the Left and the Right Palace Masters were absolute strong individuals who could travel millions of miles in one stride. Su Yu’s words were only heard by the two servants.

They were unruffled and complied with Mo Tianxuan’s instructions robotically. He was detained in the prison of the inner palace.

It was more of a sealed house with a courtyard than a prison and was equipped with a lounge, martial training chambers and female servants. Su Yu received even more satisfactory treatment here than he had at the Demon Mountain outside the palace.

Besides the loss of freedom, he wasn’t suffering in any way.

Su Yu smiled bitterly. Since he was here now, it was better to accept the circumstances. He would prepare the axis first, then escape using the Tree God’s leaves.

Once he was sealed in the house, Su Yu immediately entered the martial training chamber to train in isolation.

The first thing he needed to do was to take an inventory of the five space rings.

Su Yu was anticipating the contents of the five rings. The collections by All Creations must be tremendous. It would be even better if they were the Five Golden Light Guards whom the Central Prefecture’s King relied most heavily upon.

Su Yu inserted a whiff of Soul Energy for observation. Before his eyes, there was only pitch-black darkness.

His soul had failed to venture inside!

“What’s happening?” Su Yu was stunned and confused. The Five Great Golden Light Guards had indeed perished. Both their bodies and souls had gone, so why did the rings remain inaccessible?

Under normal circumstances, the space rings would become unowned properties after their owners’ demise, and could be opened by any martial artists.

Is it because my Soul Energy is too weak? Is it inadequate for opening space rings that have been owned by All Creations owners before? Su Yu could not help but speculate.

In fact, his speculation was close to the truth.

Rings that belonged to All Creations Old Monsters not only had the owner-recognizing feature of blood essence, but they were also usually enhanced with space comprehension, which was unique to the All Creations Old Monsters.

The space comprehension of one All Creations Old Monster differed from another’s. Therefore, the space rings were impossible to open, even for the All Creations whose capacities were higher than his.

Apart from the owners themselves, no one else could open them.

Su Yu tried each and every one of the five rings, yet his Soul Energy was blocked each time, with no exception.

This greatly disappointed Su Yu. However, he wasn’t willing to give up. After a great deal of contemplation, an idea materialized from the depths of his mind.

A beam of wine-red light flickered in Su Yu’s right eye and shot into one of the space rings.

Su Yu was attempting to transport the items out from the rings through Space Transportation.

When the Space Energy was inserted, it was severely hindered and unable to travel deep inside. The difference from Soul Energy was that a weak, faint bit of the Space Energy successfully penetrated into the internal part of the ring.

Su Yu’s eyes shone. He took control of the bit of Space Energy right away and randomly grasped the items in the ring.

Due to the frailty of this Space Energy, the items that could be transported out were very few.


All of a sudden, with a flare of light, a mass of something was hauled out by the Space Energy. It fell onto the ground, making a tinkling sound.

He lowered his head to look. There were three to four crystals. Su Yu was disappointed. Crystals were the last thing he needed!

Just as he was about to continue transporting items out, the surface of the ring suddenly cracked! A seam the breadth of a hair was formed. Suddenly, there was a booming sound, and the ring exploded into fragments.

Su Yu’s face changed and he tossed the ring away. The instant he loosened his grip on it, a mass of pitch-black space seams burst out from the internal part of the ring.

All of the items inside the ring were hauled into the depths of the space seams.

Su Yu’s face darkened. The space ring had actually shattered!

Transporting the items by force had affected the space force devised in the ring, leading the ring to self-destruct.

While looking down at the four remaining rings, Su Yu was slightly hesitant. Judging from experience, all four of the rings could only be tried on once.

As for how much useful stuff could be retrieved from the rings, it was all a game of luck!