The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Mortal Fairys Strength

Chapter 934: Mortal Fairy’s Strength
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***His eyes shining with shrewd light, Su Yu chose to continue.

Once Mo Tianxuan got to spare some time and found the rings, he would lose the only chance to try.

As he gritted his teeth, Su Yu tried to instill Space Energy into the second space ring, grasped an item and immediately hauled it out.

Before he had time to observe what it was, the ring was shattered with a cracking sound, and the items in the ring were all taken into the turbulent flow of space, and became pulverized.

While looking down at the item hauled out, Su Yu’s lips quivered uncontrollably…. Another three pieces of crystals!

There were at least tens of millions of crystals contained the space rings of the All Creations Old Monsters, the things present in the greatest amount must be crystals as well.

It all depended on his luck if he were to haul out other useful items on a random basis.

After inhaling a light breath, Su Yu instilled Space Energy into the third ring, and very quickly an item was drawn out.

And the third ring splintered unsurprisingly.

He looked at the items on his palm. They were three fiery red, shining crystals. Su Yu frowned… Crystals again.

Halfway through his sentence, Su Yu gazed at the crystals once again, clutching it between his thumb and index finger… Eh, doesn’t look right.

Judging from its appearance, it was no different from the ordinary crystals, yet the purity of its spiritual energy was ten thousand times greater than the ordinary crystals!

Even a single fragmented grain of it was matchless to a whole crystal.

Could it be the legendary top-grade crystal?

Su Yu’s eyes shone brightly. Crystals could be divided into low-grade, middle-grade and top-grade.

The low-grade ones were usually utilized as currency, and were very common.

The middle-grade ones were rather rare, because their spiritual energy was a hundred times purer than the low-grade.

Hence, they were usually used by people as spiritual artifacts for training, and were hardly come across in the market.

As for the top-grade crystals, usually they existed in classic books and rumors. There were hardly any records about top-grade crystals being sold publicly.

This was because the purity of the spiritual energy contained in top-grade crystals were considered the best in the world.

They had very important uses, normally serving as the energy sources of grand-scale, high-class formations.

They were usually reserved as high-class warfare resources of the faction, and would absolutely not be sold to outsiders.

As one of the two greatest factions of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, the Red Blood Palace only had three top-grade crystals in store.

The Purple Cloud Palace wasn’t any better either, their top-grade crystals had never exceeded three as well.

Su Yu had one all to himself, what a valuable treasure!

Its value was similar to that of a remnant fairy artifact.

Su Yu heaved out a sigh of relief, he had finally received something of great value.

Although it was useless for now, but it would definitely come in handy in the future, so Su Yu put it together with the two remaining drops of Fountain of Life, and the two pieces of the Tree God’s leaves.

Anticipation filled Su Yu’s eyes as he looked at the two remaining rings, and opened them.

By using the same means, Su Yu successfully hauled out a mass of jade stones that were glimmering with emerald light.

They weren’t crystals. Su Yu’s heart tingled with anticipation as he fixed his gaze on it. There were closely packed, tiny words on it.

After reading the first paragraph, his pupils constricted immediately, and even his breath quickened.
The two remaining techniques of “Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm”? Su Yu’s heart leaped and thumped. The record on the jade stone was the Great Sun Palm and the Brilliant Divine Palm!

Old Wine only knew the first technique, the Great Moon Palm, so it was the only technique that he imparted. Now that he procured the remaining two techniques, it was like compensating his regrets.

This adventure is worthwhile because I got this book… Su Yu thought inwardly as he kept the jade stones.

Subsequently, Su Yu looked at the last ring left. This ring belonged to the Golden Light Guards’ leader, his savings would most likely exceed the others’ by a great deal.

His eyes flickered, and Su Yu managed to haul out an item rapidly using Space Energy.

With a “bang” sound, the ring was shattered. No one knew what kind of enormous wealth had been sucked into the turbulent flow of space and be wasted.

Remorse filled Su Yu’s heart, as he lowered his head to look at the item retrieved.

Much to Su Yu’s surprise, it wasn’t an elixir recipe or a cultivation technique that had been hauled out, but a brush pot instead.

In the brush pot were five brush pens of various colors.

What is this? Su Yu scrutinized the brush pot, and discovered a line of tiny words at the side of the pot, which looked like a user manual.

The simplified version of Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation.

A bright light gleamed in both Su Yu’s eyes. As he continued reading, he became more delighted, at last he even began laughing.

Hahaha, the Five Golden Light Guards, you even left me a legacy before passing away! Su Yu held the brush pot, smile blossoming on his face.

The brush pot was a treasure crafted by the Five Golden Light Guards by joint force, and had been merged with many fragments of fairy artifacts. In terms of grades, the brush pot was no worse than a semi-crafted fairy artifact.

The function it served was to perform the “Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation” which could only be accomplished by the Five Golden Light Guards by joining hands.

It could seal the heavens and close the lands, and oppress powerful enemies.

Unlike the original version of Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation which required five strong Golden Light Guards to devise together, this simplified version of the treasure only took one person to instill Vital Energy, and would be fully activated.

It could be said that any All Creations Old Monsters below All Creations stage-three could be suppressed by force!

Su Yu could add another powerful strategy to his reserve the next time he encountered All Creations Old Monsters again!

This item served an even greater advantage to Su Yu than the two remaining techniques of “Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm”.

The Five Golden Light Guards were dead now, the refinement imprints left on the brush pot dissipated naturally. Su Yu melted the item with ease, and then made it his treasure.

After keeping it with satisfaction, Su Yu took out a grain of golden dust at last.

It was one of the many grains of yellow powder that were scattered all over the sky after the Tree God’s leaves withered. Su Yu preserved it because it contained incredible energy.

While staring at the grain of dust and discreetly detecting the energy contained it, one would become more and more frightened.

It was a power that overrode the All Creations Mighty Force, phenomenal and extraordinary!

Although Yinmu was powerful and could be considered a superior All Creations, he had never manifested such paramount power before.

Apparently, there was only one possibility!

Mortal Fairy’s Strength!

For some unknown reason, this grain of dust held a tremendous Mortal Fairy’s Strength within.

The power was extremely pure, free of all contaminants and scents and became natural energy that could absorb any living creatures at all.

“Could the Tree God’s leaf have absorbed the Central Prefecture’s King’s strength?” Su Yu squinted his eyes, and fathomed most of the matter.

The Central Prefecture’s King had exhibited inhuman power, which Su Yu had experienced early on. Looking at it now, the Central Prefecture’s King had stepped into the state of mortal fairies!

It seems like the Tree God’s leaf has even purified the energy, the Central Prefecture’s King’s scents were completely eliminated…

Su Yu stared at the granule, his eyes shone. He had witnessed the Tree God’s purifying ability with his own eyes before, it was no wonder to him that the Tree God’s leaf contained such power.

Initially, even if one obtained the Mortal Fairy’s Strength of the Central Prefecture’s King, it would be useless because his residual scent in it rendered the power unable to be dissolved in outsiders’ bodies, and it would even kill them.

But after being purified by the Tree God’s leaf, it had become pure energy.

Even the Central Prefecture’s King had not predicted this.

The Mortal Fairy’s Strength? Su Yu’s eyes shone as he placed the dust between his palms, slowly absorbing a whiff of the energy, not even a hundredth of it.

However, Su Yu was stupefied when the energy entered his body!

The seemingly meager Mortal Fairy’s Strength suffused to Su Yu’s entire body, his limbs and bloodstream, like a tsunami.

Bang! Bang!

Su Yu could even hear the loud clashing sounds as his meridians and blood vessels were being collided. Also, he could feel his blood flow accelerated, while his heart thumped wildly because it couldn’t withstand the burden.

All of a sudden, Su Yu’s whole face was flushed red, his blood arteries and veins swelled like many numerous green snakes, distorted and hideous.

Rivulets of blood gushed out from his hair follicles under the oppression of the immense energy in his body. At first glance, they looked like many red threads being emitted from Su Yu’s body.

Fortunately, the light of Su Yu’s Dantian far outshone his peers that not even the ninth-grade fairies could match.

Part of the energy revolved for a day along the internal channels, and then entered his Dantian. The pressure in the channels was slightly alleviated, pulling Su Yu back from the brink of body explosion.

Su Yu heaved out a light sigh of relief. He was shocked inwardly, the energy that he had absorbed just now didn’t even add up to a thousandth of the Central Prefecture’s King’s, yet it nearly burst Su Yu alive.

The disparity between him and the Central Prefecture’s King was counted by thousands of times!