The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Skyrocketing Improvement

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***After concealing the stupefaction in his heart, Su Yu immediately sat with crossed legs and began meditating, to steer the enormous power in his Dantian, because swelling and a lacerating sensation had arisen in his Dantian.

It was a sign of an imminent breakthrough!

First was his external Dantian, which was rapidly filled to the fullest. Yet the power was still as vast as ever, permeating his internal Dantian and fully filling it as well!

Both his internal and external Dantian had reached their limits, and it was beginning to show signs of being ripped.

With an excruciating pain, his Dantian quickly expanded as if tearing the world apart, rapidly growing to twice its previous size.

However, the energy in his internal channels was still flowing towards the Dantian endlessly, causing it to inundate again.

Subsequently, his Dantian was ripped up and being inflated once again.

It happened thrice. Su Yu’s Dantian experienced three consecutive times of acute pain before it stopped.

Su Yu’s face was as pale as a paper and he was entirely sweating profusely, his clothing thoroughly soaked in perspiration.

All meridians and vessels throughout his body were aching faintly, and piercing pain shot through his Dantian over and over again.

The entire process lasted for only a short hour, yet Su Yu seemed as if he had just traveled across mountains of knives and seas of fire.

After a long time, Su Yu breathed out a lungful of muggy air, and the pained look on his face was gradually relieved, recovering to his normal state.

With a shift of his heart, turbulent Vital Energy surged out from the surface of Su Yu’s body and accumulated to a thickness of ten feet!

Even if third-grade Almighty were around, they would have drawn in sharp cold breaths too.

Because not even the third-grade Almighty’s Vital Energy could condense into such a thick, concentrated Vital Energy shield!

Anyone who was there to witness the scene would have thought that Su Yu had condensed into a fetal crystal, that his body could accommodate such tremendous Vital Energy.

The truth was, Su Yu’s abdomen still contained a Dantian, not a fetal crystal which could only be condensed by Almighty strong men!

Just a tiny wisp of the Mortal Fairy’s Strength made Su Yu’s Dantian undergo three times of intense transfiguration, and his cultivation leaped from sixth-grade fairy directly to ninth-grade fairy!!

While his Vital Energy reservoir surpassed that of third-grade Almighty, and was comparable with a fourth-grade’s!

The size of his Dantian wasn’t unprecedented in history, but it definitely was rare in Jiuzhou.

Based on the experience of many ninth-grade fairies who had achieved breakthroughs into Almighty, the larger the Dantian, the stronger the fetal crystals condensed would become eventually.

Su Yu had such a massive Dantian, if he really began condensing the fetal crystal, just how powerful would it be?

By continuously breaking through three levels of cultivation, both Su Yu’s Soul Energy and bodily strength received a baptism.

Now, his Soul Energy had surpassed the ordinary ninth-grade fairies, but was still some distance away from the Almighty.

As for bodily strength, if combines with the Real Spirit Dragon Veins, it would presumably add up to the might of first-grade Almighty.

Such a skyrocketing improvement.

Su Yu’s lips twitched into a smile. Oh my, Central Prefecture’s King, I’ve never thought that it’d be your strength that helped improve my cultivation so immensely!

He had only absorbed a hundredth of the Mortal Fairy’s Strength contained in the dust. If fully absorbed, Su Yu would be able to break through All Creations without a doubt, let alone break through Almighty.

It could be said that for an extended period of time from now, he needed not to worry about the cultivation-enhancing elixirs anymore.

Thinking of that, Su Yu gained more confidence.

The circumstances that he encountered this time were beyond imagination.

Especially from the aspect of Soul Energy, he was only a single step away from becoming an Almighty.

And for this final step, Su Yu had long been prepared!

His soul detached from his body and entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, and sprinted straight for the nursery.

The eight kinds of materials of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid had been cultivated for more than two months, which were equivalent to a hundred years on the outside world.

He had always been keen to find out whether the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid refined from materials of top-grade ages would yield any different effects.

Now that it had been a hundred years, which far exceeded the normal ages of the materials, it was time to extract them and refine a special set of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.

After taking away the materials, Su Yu returned to the outside. He took out a small cauldron immediately, and was about to commence refining the elixir.

This place was a dungeon, and there wasn’t any earth fire to be used.

However to Su Yu, refining elixirs didn’t require earth fire anymore.

Inside his heart, the Fire Essence Jade vibrated and a gust of flames spurt out, condensing on Su Yu’s palm. The temperature was far higher than the earth fire at the Purple Flame Mountain in Tianya City, more than enough for refining elixirs.

Then, Su Yu retrieved the elixir cauldron with his left hand, and put it on top of his right palm to be scorched by the flames. In the meantime, he sorted the materials very deftly.

Once everything was well prepared, he began refining the elixir very skilfully, based on his former experience in refining the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.

Compared to previously, he could manipulate fire smoothly and easily, as if the flames were a part of him and he could control them at will.

The refinement process was smooth-sailing and natural, not choppy at all.

He had achieved the state of fire-heart synchronization on the Path of Fire.

This state was also known as the state of the Union of Elixir and Fire on the Path of Elixirs, and was usually a state which could only be acquired by elixir-refining masters.

Su Yu was concentrating on refining elixir, while the inner palace of the Red Blood Palace had welcomed the emissaries from the Heavenly Knife Region.

Main hall of inner palace.

Mo Tianxuan was seated at the seat of honor, with the Left and the Right Palace Masters sitting on either of her sides.

While the ones sitting side by side were many of the elders from the inner sanctum, among them were Master Ghost and Elder Jing.

In the center of the great hall, three people stood dignified.

One of them had two heads grown on the same body, they were Qin and Lin without a doubt.

Another one was the Deputy Region Master of the Heavenly Knife Region, Xiao Yulang.

The last person was very bizarre-looking, who was entirely covered in a long robe embedded with pieces of emerald jade, even the head. The person was completely bundled up tight, and looked particularly conspicuous.

Mo Tianxuan cast a look at the person, and slightly scowled. The strange jade-pieced long robe made her unable to see through the person’s real appearance.

“Deputy Region Master Xiao, people don’t come knocking on the door without asking for favors, just make your intentions here in my Red Blood Palace clear.”

Mo Tianxuan’s personality was cold and stern, she wasn’t one to care for hypocritical courtesy.

Xiao Yulang was just like his name had suggested, handsome and chivalrous, gentle and polite despite being middle-aged.

“How have you been, Palace Master Mo? Previously on the sacrifice offering at the Desolate Evil Jungle of Tianya City, my Heavenly Knife Region had been defeated.”

He went on, “Our Region Master has learnt a lesson, hence has specially appointed me to visit the Red Blood Palace and request for enlightenment.”

“Hope Palace Master Mo fulfill Palace Hall Master’s sincere wish, considering that we have been neighbors for many years.”

His words were nice to the ear, but wasn’t his ulterior motive to regain their dignity, and preserve the influences they had placed in Tianya City?

“I’ve already understood the purpose of your visit. The challenge has been accepted, but it’ll have to be delayed for a few days,” Mo Tianxuan said.

Xiao Yulang smiled and asked, “Why?”

Mo Tianxuan paused for a moment and said, “Master Su is executing a mission outside the palace and hasn’t returned yet, it’s inconvenient for him to carry out the challenge now.”

Upon hearing that, Xiao Yulang laughed. “Are there no other talented individuals in the Red Blood Palace besides Master Su?”

“Or shall I say besides relying upon Master Su, the Red Blood Palace is actually useless and incompetent?”

The overtone was that the Red Blood Palace was procrastinating for no reason.

The mysterious person clad in jade clothing snorted coldly. “Why keep waiting, whether Su Yu comes, the outcome will not change. To me, he is of no importance.”

His tone was so arrogant that it made people doubt.

Su Yu’s performance during the sacrifice offering at the Desolate Evil Jungle shocked the past and the present. In recorded history, no one had ever mastered Mu words with such proficiency like he did.

Did this person have the capability to outshine Su Yu which made him so confident?

How could Mo Tianxuan not understand? They were trying to provoke her into action. She was an impatient person, but it didn’t mean she would be easily fooled.

She replied indifferently, “I will decide the date of challenge! Three days from now, we’ll determine the winner and the loser. If nothing else, you are dismissed, and you may go to rest.”

Her domineering character spoiled Xiao Yulang’s plans. After pondering for a moment, he nodded. “Alright, I’ll come three days later.”

After seeing them off, Mo Tianxuan’s eyes darkened. “How’s it going, still no news from Su Yuxian?”

The Left and the Right Palace Masters who were in charge of searching for Su Yuxian had bitter smiles on their faces. “From the message replied by the Situ family, he had left in the middle of the night, and was nowhere to be found.”

“Humph! Then send out people and find him right away!” Mo Tianxuan said coldly,

Su Yuxian had disappeared right when the faction needed him most!

“Yes!” Everyone was compliant.

Master Ghost thought for a moment and said, “Palace Master, could Su Yuxian have encountered mishap? Or imprisoned by someone?”

“Based on the news delivered by the Situ family, that Su Yuxian had actually concealed Ancient Space Spiritual Body, Divine Decree talent, Soul talent. With all those gifts bestowed upon him, he could have been abducted by some influences for research, or threatened to succumb by force!”

As she heard that, Mo Tianxuan raised her brows and was in shock. “Ancient Space Spiritual Body, could he be talented in Divine Decree as well, that even his soul possesses talent?”

Especially the Ancient Space Spiritual Body, it was the greatest spiritual body among the Ancient Spiritual Bodies. There was actually such a spiritual body hidden in her own faction!

She felt rueful for letting such a precious treasure slide right past her hand.

“Send my order, acknowledge all the influences in the area of the Red Blood Palace, those who find Su Yuxian’s whereabouts and report to the faction will receive 10,000,000 crystals!”

“Anyone who dares to imprison Su Yuxian and keep him in their private possessions will have the martial path of their entire families decapacitated, and expelled from the Red Blood Palace!”

Mo Tianxuan’s tone was stern and fierce, with excitement and agitation flickering in the depths of her eyes.

She had an extraordinary interest in spiritual bodies.

“Yes!” Everyone’s heart skipped a beat.

Mo Tianxuan was in disbelief. “Not only does Master Su have top-notch proficiency in Mu words, he’s actually an Ancient Space Spiritual Body as well! And he has even acquired achievement in the Divine Decree, which is the hardest to comprehend. Also, he’s a soul talent!”

“Any one of which will be sufficient for an ordinary genius for their entire lifetime, yet he has all the talents within himself! I’m greatly anticipating to meet this Master Su in person!”

About that, Master Ghost was musing as well. “Right, Master Su is usually rather low-key, he actually managed to conceal so many talents, which is truly astonishing. Even I can’t compare to him.”

“Yes, inform me right away when Su Yuxian is found. This time, even if I am in isolation, I’ll have to meet him in person.” Mo Tianxuan’s tone was filled with admiration and respect.

However, right at that moment, a shocking turbulence of spiritual energy was radiated from the depths of the inner palace.

Deep in the sky, a beam of penta-colored sun rays descended, shining on a certain region in the depths.

If it was only the turbulence, it wouldn’t be shocking. There were numerous experts in the inner palace, it wasn’t unusual if they caused the spiritual energy turbulence by accident.

What was rare was that it was accompanied by the celestial phenomenon of penta-colored sun rays!

Mo Tianxuan frowned. “Why does it look kind of like developed fifth-grade elixirs?”

She looked over at Master Ghost with a questioning look in her eyes.

Master Ghost was the only elixir-refining master in the Red Blood Palace that could produce fifth-grade elixirs.

Could Master Ghost have trained another student? She had heard of the talented student whom he had recruited lately.

“Not that girl Yingying! She’s still some distance away from refining fifth-grade!” Master Ghost shook his head, he was utterly shocked. “How strange, who’s refining elixirs in the faction?”

It came from the depths of the inner sanctum, so it mustn’t be outsiders, but those in the inner sanctum.

Mo Tianxuan’s expression was strange. She pondered and said, “Let’s go check it out, it’s a great joy that there’s another master who could refine fifth-grade elixirs, we shall go offer our congratulations.”

“Yes!” The group of people followed Mo Tianxuan as she left the main hall, and headed straight in the direction where the clouds were dissipating.