The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 936

Chapter 936 Charging An Exorbitant Price

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***They arrived near the sun rays. Everyone stopped in their tracks, as strange looks formed on their faces.

“How could it be the dungeon?” Mo Tianxuan was startled.

Master Ghost brooded and said, “Elder Hui should be the one in charge of the dungeon, she used to ask for my advice regarding elixir refinement. Could she be the one refining elixirs in the dungeon?”

Upon hearing his speculation, everyone nodded in agreement.

“Congratulations, Palace Master, the Red Blood Palace has acquired another renowned expert in elixir refinement.”

“With advanced training, she could be an elixir-refining master who could refine sixth-grade elixirs in the future,” the Left and the Right Palace Masters offered their congratulations.

In the present time, there were many elixir-refining talents in the Jiuzhou continent, but those who could be addressed as masters were extremely rare.

Over the past few hundreds of years, Master Ghost was the only elixir-refining master of the Red Blood Palace.

The condition to become an elixir-refining master was to succeed in refining sixth-grade elixirs. This proved that the particular elixir-refining expert had attained a certain level of eminence in elixir refinement.

Mo Tianxuan began to ponder. Her intuition told her that the truth wasn’t that simple.

“Let’s go inside and see,” she said, then led everyone into the dungeon.

Right when they stepped into the dungeon, an old lady stood up immediately, seeming rather frantic. “Greeting Palace Master, I was just about to report to you.”

It had been such a great bustle, how could Elder Hui not notice at all?

Master Ghost and the rest looked puzzled and strange.

“Elder Hui, who is refining elixirs?” Master Ghost was doubtful.

Was there anyone else in the dungeon besides Elder Hui?

Elder Hui cast a discreet look at Mo Tianxuan, and said, “It’s the criminal that Mo Palace Master has just caught.”

Her reply made Master Ghost, the Left and the Right Palace Masters, and Elder Jing who had come in pursuit exchanged looks of surprise.

They had come such a long way to find out, and it turned out to be a criminal!

One who had been caught and detained by Mo Tianxuan herself, was certainly not an ordinary criminal.

“Haih,” Master Ghost sighed, his face full of disappointment.

He had expected it to be someone from the faction, now it seemed like not only was the person not from the faction, he or she even came from the opposing influence.

The Left and the Right Palace Masters who had just congratulated the Palace Master looked rather awkward. They kept silence, not saying a word.

Elder Jing remarked coldly, “Humph, being detained by the Red Blood Palace, yet instead of indulging in retrospection, he’s taking his leisurely time refining elixirs! He is indeed treating the Red Blood Palace with contempt!”

She had always been known for her fierce and ruthless character, and she treated her enemies and her own self just the same.

Mo Tianxuan was stunned. None of the people that she detained herself wasn’t strong, surly and overbearing figures.

But that old perverted thief was the only one that had detained of late.

“Follow me to check it out,” Mo Tianxuan said.

Before long, they followed the scent of the elixir, and found themselves in front of a sealed house with courtyard.

Under the seal, a mansion stood quietly.

The front gates were closed tight, and the exact happenings inside remained unknown.

The only detectable sign was the scattered elixir fire that burned everywhere within the seal, and the house roof was being lifted by some kind of explosive energy.

A drop of purple spiritual liquid encased by penta-colored sun rays was colliding in every direction. Whenever it came into contact with the seal, it ricocheted right back, unable to break out.

Right at that moment, an old, battered soft yell sounded from the weather-beaten mansion, “Withdraw!”

Vast Vital Energy that could only be possessed by third-grade Almighty gushed out from the house, took away the purple spiritual liquid in the sky and returned it inside the house.

“Third-grade Almighty?” Mo Tianxuan was startled. The old perverted thief’s cultivation was merely sixth-grade fairy.

Could it possibly be someone else?

“Elder Hui, who is being detained inside?” Mo Tianxuan enquired.

Elder Hui was stunned. “Pardon me, Palace Master. This person was escorted here by the Palace Master’s servants. They said that Palace Master will interrogate him afterwards, hence I did not act on my own initiative and ask for his personal details.”

His name and background were unknown, yet he was certainly the one detained by Mo Tianxuan.

“Impossible!” Mo Tianxuan stepped forward. With a lift of her hand, the considerably strong seal was removed by itself.

Standing in the yard, Mo Tianxuan stared at the tightly shut gates. She waved her hand, and a mighty force roiled turbulently, forcing open the gates.

Inside the house, a haggard, black-faced old man whose clothing was blowin into shreds was holding a jade box smilingly, with satisfaction and excitement written all over his face.

Such behavior, combined with his battered appearance made him look all the more vile and debauched.

Especially when many parts of his body were exposed. It was too abrupt that it caught Mo Tianxuan unawares.

She was slightly angered. “Put on your clothes properly! Come outside!”

It’s him! She could recognize him even if he turned into ashes, let alone just having a pitch-black face for now.

Su Yi was shocked as well. Without hesitation, he concealed the fifth-grade spiritual liquid which had just been refined.

Speaking of refining the spiritual elixir, Su Yu himself was startled too.

Ever since he attained the Union of Elixir and Fire, Su Yu felt that refining fourth-grade spiritual elixirs was no challenge to him, even without trying hands-on.

Who could have predicted that it was even smoother than expected when he began refining for real?

The essence of the materials was fully extracted, and the flames had achieved the impeccable level of the Union of Elixir and Fire.

Eventually, the elixir fusion process was tempered for a few hundred times, even reaching a thousand.

More importantly, the materials of the spiritual liquid were all top-grade treasures aged a hundred years.

The medicinal effects they contained far exceeded their original properties.

This gave rise to the emergence of fifth-grade spiritual liquid toward the end of the elixir refinement, and even inflicted faint abnormal phenomena of the heavens and the earth.

That was exactly what captivated Mo Tianxuan’s and the others’ attention.

Master Ghost and Elder Jing felt a vague sense of familiarity as they looked at the disheveled person in ragged clothes. However, they failed to recognize him due to his charred black face.

The Left and the Right Palace Masters had never seen Su Yu before, so for sure they didn’t recognize him.

“Old fellow, you even know elixir refinement?” Mo Tianxuan stared coldly at Su Yu, and began to doubt Su Yu’s allegations even more.

How could there possibly be such a coincidence in the world? The ruthless demonic man happened to pass by when she was knocked out cold, helped treated her wounds for no reason.

Then, he resolved the Central Prefecture’s King’s Mortal Fairy’s Strength, and took her demonic fairy artifact by the way.

It sounded reasonable the first time she heard, now that she came to think about it, it was full of errors and loopholes.

Su Yu changed into a set of clean garments and wiped his face. He asked with a grin, “What does it have to do with you, Palace Master?”

Mo Tianxuan scoffed. “Of course it has nothing to do with me, but it does concern your life greatly. I’m not a narrow-minded person, if you can’t provide me with a reason that could convince me to agree with you, you know the consequences.”

An elixir-refining talent who could refine fifth-grade elixirs would be regarded with great importance no matter which influence they were placed in.

It was fine if placed in an allied influence, but wouldn’t it be like providing for the enemy if they were recruited by opposing influences?

While Mo Tianxuan was sneering, Master Ghost and Elder Jing were startled at the same time. They looked like they had run into ghosts as they stared at the person who had appeared in the house.

A moment later, Master Ghost stepped forward and scrutinized Su Yu’s face carefully. Only then did he affirm the suspicion on his mind.

He exclaimed, “You, aren’t you Su Yuxian, Master Su?”

She felt absurd, the Red Blood Palace was flipping over the world in search of Su Yuxian, so he could deal with the challenge from the Heavenly Knife Region.

They had even speculated that the reason Su Yu hadn’t turned up after so long was most likely because he was secretly imprisoned by certain influences.

Who could have thought that he was in fact, imprisoned by the Red Blood Palace, and even by the Palace Master herself, instead of by some other influences?

Such a plot twist stupefied Master Ghost, he looked at Mo Tianxuan with wide eyes.

Elder Jing was stunned to, her eyes were filled with doubt and suspicion as she looked at Mo Tianxuan.

Mo Tianxuan’s enthusiasm about the Ancient Spiritual Body far exceeded the normal All Creation Old Monsters’, hers was almost zealous.

Could Mo Tianxuan herself have captured Su Yu for research purposes, and then covered it up by shifting the blame to others?

The Left and the Right Palace Masters were confused and frenzied, they had not gotten their heads around the matter yet.

So the “foreign enemy” who was seized by Mo Tianxuan and was standing before them right now was actually one of their own, and even the Master Su that they had gone to great lengths to look for?

Mo Tianxuan herself seemed thunderstruck, her gorgeous eyes were glaring wide. “You’re saying that, he is Su Yuxian? That Master Su who excels in Mu words from the outside sanctum?”

Her heart was filled with a puzzlement that felt as if being struck by five bolts of thunder at the same time.

“Exactly! May I know where did Palace Master capture him, and how did you identify him as a ‘foregin enemy’?” Master Ghost was befuddled.

Mo Tianxuan was startled. “Near the Situ family. As for why I identified him as a foreign enemy, that’s because he molested me before…”

Her words stopped abruptly midway.

The look of suspicion in the eyes of Master Ghost, Elder Jing, the Left and the Right Palace Masters as they looked at Mo Tianxuan had turned into stupefaction and terror.

Su Yuxian, molested the Palace Master before?

“Oh, ehem, I’m saying that, he has molested a female servant of mine!” Mo Tianxuan altered her allegation in time. She cast a glare at Su Yu secretly, extremely angered and frustrated.

Master Ghost and the rest were embarrassed…So that was it.

They did not suspect it further. In the whole wide world, there weren’t many that could actually molest Mo Tianxuan.

Su Yuxian wasn’t among them.

“Palace Master, I think there must be some misunderstanding in it. Su Yuxian has made many great contributions to our faction, he’s a precious talent that we can pin our hopes on.”

Master Ghost explained hurriedly, “It’s alright for Palace Master to have misunderstood, but it should be resolved as quickly as possible, otherwise if the imprisonment of an exemplary student by Red Blood Palace is made known to the public, disconcertment will arise.”

Su Yu had achieved phenomenal credits for the faction during the Desolate Evil Jungle sacrifice offering, and the battle at the Situ family.

Out of expectation, Mo Tianxuan didn’t know Su Yu, and even mistook him for a thief and held him prisoner.

If this was spread, would the members still work for the faction to their best abilities? Who wouldn’t feel disheartened?

Even Su Yu who had made remarkable contributions ended up like that, wouldn’t it be worse for them?

Upon hearing that, Mo Tianxuan was unsettled and fretful, as if ten thousand horses were riding across her heart.

The old perverted thief whom she had been painstakingly searching was actually in the faction, right before her eyes!

Even more ridiculously, she had mistook him for an outsider and imprisoned him.

Currently, the unknown influences were wreaking havoc in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands. The people were anxious and frightened, and now was exactly the critical juncture to reassure them.

Yet, she had been too clever for her own good, that the whole incident of beating down a student with great contributions ensued.

Moreover, considering the nearest factor, Su Yu was the only person who could contend with the emissaries dispatched from the Heavenly Knife Region.

What could she do to Su Yu?

Not only could she not interrogate him, she had to be generous toward him and grant him favors in order to eliminate his pent-up resentment.

“I…” Mo Tianxuan stared at Su Yu, extremely reluctant. “So you are Su Yuxian, I’ve heard about your past achievements, and I’ve wanted to summon you earlier on, but I had to give up because you were in isolation.”

“Now, I exempt you from your punishment and announce you not guilty, you may leave.”

She thought of releasing him temporarily, and waiting until the emissaries from the Heavenly Knife Region were dealt with. Then, she would assess this person through soul searching.

Ancient Space Spiritual Body, mastery of the Divine Decree, Mu words, and he was even an elixir-refining master. He was equipped with all the extraordinary traits, how could he possibly be an ordinary human?

Also, he was suspected of stealing the fairy artifact, therefore his soul must be searched in order to understand the course of matters.

“Leave? Dare I ask Palace Master, where can I go?” Su Yu was serious. “I’ve always been loyal to the faction, yet I was thrown into the jail. If I step out of the jail for real, will Palace Master judge me guilty of escaping?”

Mo Tianxuan was frustrated and annoyed by his deliberate pester.

She could see that Su Yu was charging an exorbitant price because the Red Blood Palace needed him!