The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 937

Chapter 937 A Million Of Merit Points

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“Since the time I captured you till now, have you ever come clean about your true identity?” This was what angered Mo Tianxuan. If only he had explained earlier, they wouldn’t have ended up as a laughing stock to the people of the faction.

Su Yu replied coldly, “Dare I ask, Palace Master, have you ever given me a chance to speak?” His unique meridians had been sealed by Mo Tianxuan from the beginning, and he had been rendered unable to speak. When he could talk again, he was being interrogated. Had he ever gotten a chance to explain his identity?

“I…” Mo Tianxuan had a guilty conscience, and for that she became even more annoyed. If it went on, she would have to back down, and she would be embarrassed in front of the outsiders.

“Are you planning to ask for compensation?” Mo Tianxuan’s tone softened a little. “You have been wronged, and the faction understands. You are free to request whatever you want. As long as the faction can afford it, we’ll surely consider it.”

“I want you never to touch me again, and get a thousand miles away from me if we ever meet again!” Su Yu answered without any hesitation.

Master Ghost was speechless. He was inwardly stunned by Su Yu’s great courage in uttering such words.

Elder Jing furrowed her brows. “Bold rascal! How dare you disrespect the Palace Master just because you have made some insignificant contributions?”

Su Yu cast a nonchalant look at her. “I’ll deal with you later!” he said. He then looked straight at Mo Tianxuan, whose eyes were burning with the fire of rage, and said, “If you promise me that, I’ll leave the dungeon; if you don’t, I’d rather die in this dungeon than take one step out. If the faction encounters any difficulties in the future, don’t even think of looking for me.”

Mo Tianxuan clenched her fists, and resisted the urge to step forward and punch him in the face. He had got the upper hand by chance, and so was behaving in this audacious manner. Su Yu was making her stay away from him and had prohibited her from touching him to prevent her from searching his memory.

It was too bad that the circumstances were pressing. Even if they weren’t, it wouldn’t be a wise move to detain Su Yu any longer. Straining to hold back her anger, Mo Tianxuan forced a smile. She said, “I’ll be in isolation all year round. I will not summon you anymore. As for touching you, that’s even less likely.”

“Words don’t carry weight. Pledge yourself to the Ancient Book of the Heart’s Oaths first.” Su Yu took an Ancient Book of the Heart’s Oaths from the space ring.

The green veins on Mo Tianxuan’s forehead pounded. As the Palace Master, she always kept her word, but now she was being forced to pledge to the Ancient Book of the Heart’s Oaths by a brat. She suppressed her animosity and accepted the Ancient Book of the Heart’s Oaths. She dropped her blood essence inside, and signed the pledge. Only then did Su Yu give a soft sigh of relief.

Mo Tianxuan stared at Su Yu. She was enraged yet amused at the same time. She sneered. “If an Ancient Book of the Heart’s Oaths could hold me back, how can I still be known as one of the strongest after the Prefecture’s Kings?” Even without touching him, she had other means of browsing Su Yu’s memory.

“Alright, pack up and recuperate for three days. You’re needed for a task,” Mo Tianxuan ordered.

Su Yu s just stood on the spot and showed no desire to move. “Give me ten more qualifications for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.”

Mo Tianxuan almost failed to suppress her temper and was about to vent her rage then and there. At most, the Red Blood Palace only had 40 qualified quotas for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. Su Yu had asked for ten quotas in one shot! Each person is only allowed to use one. Is he planning on stewing the remaining nine and swallowing them? Mo Tianxuan cursed inwardly.

With a frown, she asked, “Why do you have so many requests?”

“The one just now was only an insurance to prevent you from doing the same to me again. This request is the real compensation! Ten qualified quotas for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland,” Su Yu said very steadfastly.

Mo Tianxuan shook her head. “Even just one is impossible, let alone ten. The Glittering Jewel Wonderland takes place once a century, and it’s reserved for the inner sanctum students to obtain great fortune and create opportunities. Since long ago, it has been a once-in-a-century occasion for various great factions of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands.”

“The luck and capacity of the faction in half a year’s time would be affected even just by missing one quota. As the Palace Master, I have no right to reward the quotas to anyone at will. Every student earns their chance through years of hard work,” she said. Her tone was resolute and staunch, with no space for negotiation. She wouldn’t change her mind about it even if Su Yu refused to leave the dungeon.

Su Yu scowled. It seemed like the importance that the Red Blood Palace placed on the Glittering Jewel Wonderland was not to be slighted. After some thought, Su Yu said, “Fine, I’ll change the condition. I want to enter the Depository of Buddhist Scripture to exchange some cultivation techniques.”

Mo Tianxuan considered his request for a while before nodding. “That is fine. You’ve made a great contribution at the Situ’s, and you deserve 500,000 merit points. Now, as the compensation, you’ll receive another 500,000, adding up to a million merit points.”

She continued, “At the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, you can exchange them for a book of top-grade legendary cultivation techniques.” This was in fact, the compensation for refusing Su Yu’s request for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland qualifications.

Su Yu wanted to enter the inner sanctum to find a unique classic book. He was uncertain if it actually existed in the inner sanctum. “Alright.” He expressed his satisfaction with the arrangements. The Glittering Jewel Wonderland was two months from now. Success was still possible.

Mo Tianxuan asked, “There isn’t anything else, is there?”

“There is!” Su Yu said.

Mo Tianxuan’s face finally darkened, she couldn’t suppress the fire of rage in her any longer. But then she heard Su Yu saying, “I hope the faction can dispatch someone who is on a mission back as soon as possible.”

The anger on Mo Tianxuan’s face was alleviated. She was slightly surprised. “Who is it? What mission are they executing?”

“Xuelian. She’s executing the espionage mission at the Heavenly Knife Region,” Su Yu answered.

“Her?” Mo Tianxuan looked puzzled. “You know Xuelian?”

“You could say that,” Su Yu said. He was also rather stunned. From the way Mo Tianxuan said it, it sounds like Xuelian is kind of a big deal?

“If it’s her, there is no need for that,” Mo Tianxuan said, “Xuelian is most adept at espionage. Her safety must be protected. Instead, if she is summoned back now, it’s likely that her traces will be exposed and danger will arise. After the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, she will return once her term of service is reached. You don’t have to worry,” she said.

Is that so? Despite Su Yu’s insecurities, Mo Tianxuan’s words were rather reasonable. He could only wish for Xuelian to take care of her own wellbeing. Su Yu hoped to remunerate her kindness toward him.

“No more opinions?” Mo Tianxuan was irritated. Her mind was full of thoughts of examining Su Yu’s soul. She wanted to find out the truth about him.

Before Su Yu replied, Elder Jing snorted coldly. “Dare he voice any more opinions? It is his obligation to contribute to the faction. If he threatens that and goes overboard to ask for benefits, it will be traitorous!”

Su Yu would let it go if she didn’t speak, but she kept picking on him. “Palace Master, there’s one more thing that I’d like you to know.” Su Yu retrieved a jade box which was sealed, so its contents couldn’t be seen from the outside world.

Mo Tianxuan took the jade box suspiciously, opened it and glanced inside. The single glance made Mo Tianxuan squint her eyes slightly, and unnoticeably, she shot a look at Elder Jing. “Where did you get this?”

“From the enemy’s hand, during the battle at the Situ family!” Su Yu said, “This is a disgrace to the faction. I believe that the insiders haven’t thought of ways to report it to the faction. There were only a few of us at the scene. As for how to handle it, you will decide, Palace Master.”

Mo Tianxuan held the jade box in her hand and nodded slowly. Her eyes turned cold. She asked, “If someone from the inner sanctum has been colluding with foreign enemies and has brought harm to our own influences, what kind of punishment do all of you think they deserve for the crime?”

Master Ghost, the Left and the Right Palace Masters, as well as Elder Jing, glanced at the jade box out of the corners of their eyes. They felt uncomfortable.

What is in the jade box that could have any relations with a betrayal of the faction?