The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 939

Chapter 939 The Master Awakened

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Even putting aside her one-sided decision to announce their engagement, Su Yu wasn’t delighted by the way she talked about it at all. She sounded as though marrying Su Yu was a haphazard, random decision.

Su Yu’s face darkened. “Bing Wuxin, I think you have misunderstood. In fact, the reason I gave you those merit points was that I knew that you needed a million merit points urgently. I had no other intentions.”

Bing Wuxin looked calm and composed. “Wasn’t that a sign of your affection towards me? I have many pursuers in the inner sanctum, and many knew that I was short of a million merit points. However, you were the only one who willingly gave up your own opportunity of entering the Glittering Jewel Wonderland to fulfill my wish. If that isn’t adoration, then what is?” she asked. She stared at Su Yu matter-of-factly, as if she knew a great deal about relationships.

Su Yu was rebutted to the point at which he became speechless. His random act of generosity had ended up giving rise to such a misunderstanding.

“Alright, that’s all then. I’m going back to training,” Bing Wuxin sounded as if she had just announced something casual and ordinary, and then stood up to leave. Before leaving, she turned to look at Gongsun Wuxie, and then at Su Yu again. She stopped. “I’ve noticed this recently. When did the two of you become so close?”

A few days ago, Gongsun Wuxie’s attitude toward Su Yu was atrocious. After their return, she had taken to wait for Su Yu all the time, and now she even vaguely appeared to be very intimate with him. Nothing obvious had happened, but based on her intuition as a woman, tBing Wuxin could see an enormous change in the way Gongsun Wuxie treated Su Yu.

Gongsun Wuxie giggled as she answered. “Brother Yuxian is going to my brother-in-law very soon. How could I not be close to him?”

Bing Wuxin furrowed her brows. It sounded reasonable, yet it didn’t seem to be the case. “I don’t care if Yuxian has confessed everything to you in the past. Wuxie, you can keep your distance from now on. He is my fiance now,” Bing Wuxin said.

Gongsun Wuxie drawled in response. “Oh!” Only then did Bing Wuxin leave.

Su Yu was speechless. Bing Wuxin had not even given him the chance to explain. This matter could not be postponed: he had to clear things up with Bing Wuxin as soon as possible. He was a man with a family. How could he become the fiance of another woman?

“Wuxie, you go back and rest too,” Su Yu said.

Gongsun Wuxie wrapped her arms around her chest, and said with a smile, “Congratulations Brother Yuxian! You’re going to get the beauty soon. Even I would fall for a woman as beautiful as Sister Wuxin.” Annoyed, Su Yu landed a knock on her forehead, but Gongsun Wuxie ran away laughing.

This was but a small disturbance to Su Yu. He had many things to do now. With a flash of his figure, he arrived at the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures. He searched every nook and cranny while he was in there.

He came out a day later, disappointed. He had wanted to look for a book about a set of accompaniment cultivation techniques for the Underworld Pearl. At the hands of the Great Emperor of the Ghost World, the Underworld Pearl was a full set of treasures, consisting of nine pearls fused into one. Now that it was on its own, it could only perform simple functions like tossing and hurling things at Su Yu’s hands.

Due to gravity, its power was undeniably strong, but the assaulting techniques were rather tedious and repetitive. They would cause no substantial harm to an enemy. It was too bad that the cultivation techniques in the round pearls were remote, and that those suitable for the heavy nature of the Underworld Pearl were extremely rare. Luckily Su Yu was mentally prepared, so he wasn’t too disappointed. Quickly readjusting his emotional state, he went into isolation immediately.

There were two tasks to be completed throughout these three days. The first task was to thoroughly integrate the last part of those remote Mu words into his vocabulary. The second task was to consume the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid of the fifth-grade spiritual elixir level, to enhance his soul to the Almighty level. Su Yu executed his plans without further ado. He activated the Power of Time and mastered the final Mu words under double time acceleration.

The uncommon golden words were all ancient Mu words. Despite their rarity, Su Yu recognized a large proportion of them. By referring to the scroll left behind by the Underworld devotee, it was not a big problem. A day later, Su Yu had mastered integrating the words. No Mu words would be of difficulty to him now. The challenge two days from now was no big deal.

While taking a brief respite, Su Yu retrieved a jade vessel. The vessel contained a mass of transparent spiritual liquid. It was as clear as water: only the five colored patterns were faintly visible. It was the fifth-grade Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid! It was easily distinguishable from the common third-grade Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid sold on the market. Its effects, however, were unpredictable. Could it possibly help Su Yu break through the Almighty level once and for all?

With a sense of anticipation, Su Yu opened the jade box and gulped down all of it. All of a sudden, a shocking fiery spiciness spread from the depths of his throat. The sensation felt like burning flames that were about to penetrate his throat. The unusual pain and anguish made Su Yu’s entire body tremble. It was almost like the excruciating pain which he had experienced when his Dantian was being remoulded.

The pain wasn’t alleviated as the medicinal effect deepened. Instead, it spread relentlessly to the depths of his body, until it reached his soul. The instant it came into contact with his soul, Su Yu groaned, his brows deeply furrowed. Not only did the pain show no sign of diminishing, but it also continued to increase and surge rapidly.

“Hiss…” The pain was so intense that it made Su Yu draw a sharp cold breath. However, the pain that reverberated from the depths of his soul did not dwindle the least bit but kept intensifying. Acute pain kept spreading over and over again from his soul. It was so miserable it felt as if he was being fried with oil. The pain spread to every corner of Su Yu’s heart, making his body spasm. He gritted his teeth so tightly that a clanking sound could be heard. His facial features were contorted together, indicating the misery inside him. The intense pain had far exceeded the pain he felt when his Dantian was being remoulded.

Su Yu’s vision blackened. He passed out amidst a burst of immense pain that erupted brutally. While he was unconscious, the intense pain was still present, as if it was trying to burn Su Yu’s soul into ashes. The agony was boundless and never-ending. Nonetheless, it was the scorching pain that made Su Yu’s soul undergo a gradual metamorphosis.

His soul that was once weak experienced substantial changes under the scorching pain, becoming even stronger and more forceful. Its sense of touch also became clear and concrete, just as how the original form was in contact with the outside world.

Before this, Su Yu had felt a bone-freezing coldness whenever his soul left his body, so it was unable to remain outside the body for too long. Now the situation had improved, and the freezing coldness had turned into a mild chill. It was a pity that Su Yu was in a coma and was unable to perceive the gradual changes in depth.

At some point of time, Su Yu sensed warmth in his dreams. It was gentle and firm, nourishing his soul, and rapidly mitigating the scalding pain. The comfort and ease made Su Yu feel as though he was being reborn, and the anguished look on his face was gradually relieved as he sank into deep sleep. He slept for two days and two nights.

When Su Yu opened his eyes again, the sky was full of stars and the outside world was pitch-black. “Hiss…” Su Yu touched his head subliminally. The weak piercing pain from his soul was the residue of the extreme pain. While shaking his head from side to side and recalling the events from a couple of days ago, Su Yu remembered the horror. It was the very first time he had fainted because of pain since the day he began his training. The agony he had felt during the Dantian remoulding was like a molehill compared to the agony he had just experienced.

The medicinal effect of the fifth-grade Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid was a hundred times greater than the third-grade, so the pain was no surprise.

Now that his mind was sober, Su Yu could not hold back a shudder. He felt his senses undergoing astonishing changes for the second time. The whole world felt like it was being pulled closer, and he could clearly detect the movements of every grass and tree within a hundred miles without having to search deliberately. He could hear the countless soft murmurs of the grasses and insects, and the intimate low whispers of men and women in the faction. Each and every one of them had become so clear, so lucid. Su Yu was greatly astounded by such novelty. Could I possibly have achieved a breakthrough? With a movement of his heart, Su Yu tried to liberate his soul from his body. A transparent figure floated out from Su Yu’s cranial vault.

A gust of wind blew past. Su Yu remained calm and placid. He was completely unruffled and had not felt a tinge of coldness. This, isn’t this much stronger than the soul of the early-stage Almighty’s souls? Su Yu looked at his own soul, and he was taken aback and utterly shocked. He had killed Almighty many times and had seen numerous Almighty souls, so he had mastered a certain level of accuracy in judging the strength of souls. At the moment, his soul had reached a level that was far more than merely breaking through the Almighty!

Impossible! The medicinal effect of the fifth-grade Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid could hardly make the soul breakthrough Almighty, which is the limit already. How did I break through two levels consecutively? Su Yu was bewildered.

He was deep in thought when a familiar, long-unheard soft laughter sounded from inside his chest. It said, “Waking up from sleep, you have already accomplished Stage Two Top Class of ‘Heaven’s Son Majestic Soul’ technique. That’s far beyond my expectations.”

Su Yu’s body quivered, excitement roiled in his eyes. “Master, you have finally awakened!” It had been a few years, and now Yun Yazi had finally awakened from his long sleep!