The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Opening his eyes

The purple lily in his palm spun into the air. It was beautiful and luscious, a mystery to all life.

The purple lily gently collided with Liu Guang's claw of destruction.


An earth-shattering sound spread both inside and outside the forbidden grounds. The sky of Fenghuang Valley trembled!

Disciples in the Fenghuang Valley training grounds all felt the impact. The ground trembled and the roofs shifted.

Only the power of two Holy Kings could split the celestial fog. But, the celestial fog was spinning rapidly!


Li Guang and Xu Rong's expressions changed. Zhao Guang, Chen Ling, and the rest of the disciples were all appalled.

Xu Rong was doubtful, "This is a spirit level cultivation technique?!"

Spirit level? Neither the Holy Disciples from the Sanctuary nor the disciples from Fenghuang Valley understood. As far as they knew, the highest level of cultivation techniques in the continent were saint level techniques.

Only under the tutelage of the Holy King would they learn of deity level techniques, which were even more powerful than saint level techniques.

But what were spirit level techniques? Could it be that deity level techniques were not the limits after all?

Li Guang's expression was grave, and he was unable to hide the shock in his eyes, "A spirit level technique! This is dangerous, the contest must be paused! We must go in, quickly!"

Xu Rong was worried about Liu Guang. Both Holy Kings struck the fog together, splitting it down the middle.

Whoosh, whoosh

The two Holy Kings, the Holy Disciples, and the disciples from Fenghuang Valley all entered the forbidden grounds. What they saw completely shocked them!

Atop the ashes was a scene of destruction! A deep pit thirty-feet across had formed in the middle of the arena! There was debris everywhere, with purple thunder embers burning the edge of the pit.

Dust and smoke filled the air. A burning smell filled their noses!

At the bottom of the pit, the handsome Liu Guang was covered with blood. His robes had been turned to ash by the thunder flares. The arrogance he used to wear on his face was replaced with blood. His nostrils, mouth, and eyes were all covered with blood, and his hair had been burnt off.

His limbs contorted in pain and his pupils dilated with fear. He looked at Su Yu in absolute surprise.

Su Yu stood silently atop the pit. His peaceful appearance had not changed. Only his silver hair and purple robe billowed in the wind.

His blow had been god-like!

"What what technique did you use?" Liu Guang's heart was trembling. If he had not used the deity level technique Claw of the Divine Eagle to block Su Yu at the last moment, he would have been completely obliterated!

The purple lily was exquisite and radiant. But after it had come into contact with Liu Guang, purple thunder flares had spread to the skies; its power was limitless.

Su Yu calmly shook his head, "A dead person does not need to know."


Su Yu's figure disappeared, instantly reappearing above Liu Guang's head. He pressed one foot onto Liu Guang's chest.

Death was incoming! For the first time in his life, Liu Guang faced death!

He could call himself the legendary genius, but in the face of death even he bowed down his noble head.

"Don't! Don't kill me I I am sorry" Liu Guang's humiliation showed in his eyes. He was filled with fear and regret. Had he known his humiliating actions and words toward Xianer would trigger such a blow from Su Yu, he would never have been so arrogant.

He would at least waited until Xianer had become his woman before he said such words!

Su Yu apathetically shook his head, "You evaded my gaze, you don't mean that at all. You are not regretful, so die!"


Su Yu let out a stream of vital energy. Utilizing Icy Heart Core, he materialized an icy thorn and stabbed down toward Liu Guang's chest!

"Stop!" Xu Rong shouted, overwhelmed by what she saw as she entered the valley!

Everyone else was equally overwhelmed!

The legendary genius, the person approaching the level of the Holy King, Liu Guang, was was stepped on by Su Yu. His life depended on Su Yu's whims!

At this moment, the silver-haired figure in the purple robe in the snow seemed invincible. His silver hair obscured the side of his face, but it could not obscure his murderous fury.

"Splitting apart me and Xianer, only to send her away to get violated by this scum? You are a really great granny!" Su Yu's cold tone caused the celestial fog to shudder, striking a chord in everyone's heart.

No one knew of the humiliating words Liu Guang had said, but they could imagine he had deeply humiliated Xianer! Something had triggered Su Yu into displaying his monstrous anger!

"Su Yu! As master of this valley, I order you to release him, or you shall die!" The Master of Fenghuang Valley's eyes harbored deep anger.

In truth, she was indecisive on whether or not to kill Su Yu. Compared to Liu Guang, Su Yu was the better genius; could she easily kill such an outstanding man?

"Hehe," Su Yu stepped on Liu Guang's head, laughing loudly, "This is already the second time you've wanted to kill me. Since I may die, why should I spare him?"

"Die!" Su Yu suddenly stabbed the icy thorn down!

Liu Guang's turned red with fear. He was completely remorseful. He would have sacrificed his reputation to avoid upsetting Su Yu!

"Stop! Your engagement with Xianer, I I do not care anymore! Release him immediately!" Under such critical circumstances, the Master of Fenghuang Valley had disregarded her reputation in order to save Liu Guang's life.

Unexpectedly, Su Yu did not stop. He coldly laughed instead, "You had no authority to meddle with the engagement between me and Xianer in the first place."

"Su Yu! Xianer is yours! I, I was wrong. I will not compete with you anymore, please spare me!" In the face of death, Liu Guang trembled violently. He practically squealed. Tears of fear rolled down from his eyes.

His mental state had been completely destroyed. Su Yu's terrifying figure had been imprinted on his soul!

Su Yu was cold and merciless. He pressed down harder, the icy thorn stabbing into the flesh of Liu Guang's chest!

"You are seeking death!" Xu Rong was furious! She was, after all, a Holy King. She was a legend to all martial artists, undefeated for a century.

Her abilities were beyond imagination!

Su Yu's icy thorn had fully stabbed down when Xu Rong teleported over and angrily pushed her palm toward Su Yu's head!

Before Liu Guang dies, Su Yu must perish!

"Scram! I want to kill him, don't try to stop me!" Su Yu growled!

Xu Rong roared, "Vermin! Die!"

At this critical moment, Su Yu was still bent on killing Liu Guang, and the Holy King was intent on killing Su Yu!

Su Yu faced an insurmountable crisis!

The force of the Holy King's palm stirred up a strong wind. Su Yu was sent flying!

Xu Rong pushed forward, taking advantage of Su Yu's prone position; the anger of a Holy King could massacre all within a thousand miles!

In the air, Su Yu's silver hair danced wildly.

It covered his face but did not manage to mask his fury. It also did not cover his closed eyes!

"Old dog! It was you who forced my hand!" Between Su Yu's brows appeared a thick crease.

Xu Rong had used her familial right over Xianer to interfere with her and Su Yu's engagement and had now vowed to kill Su Yu. She no longer even bother trying to hide her murderous intentions!

Su Yu would not show mercy to that despicable woman, even if she was Xianer's granny!

"Brazen vermin, die!" Hearing Su Yu's arrogant tone, Xu Rong struck out furiously!

The wind flowing from Xu Rong's palm was as powerful as the purple lily, surpassing the power of deity level techniques. Its intense power destroyed everything in its path!

But, Xu Rong's heart still skipped a beat!

Su Yu's closed eyes quivered slightly.

As a small slit started to appear, a feeling of unease gripped her.

The sky, earth, forests, trees, and every spirit trembled; it was as if his eyes sealed an otherworldly power.

Once they opened, the world would be destroyed.

Li Guang's heart also pounded wildly. Even he had been curious as to why Su Yu had never opened his eyes. Even when he had personally asked, he had always been given the same reply, "It is inconvenient."

He wondered if it had been Su Yu's trump cardbut he had never imagined he would feel such unease upon seeing them open!

The energy flowing from Su Yu was more than just destructiveit was complex and mysterious, beyond the grasp of even the Holy Kings!

Just what was sealed within Su Yu's eyes?

Finally, Su Yu's eyes opened for the first time!

A set of elegant purple eyes was revealed, their gaze harboring an opulent yet mysterious glow. For the first time, they saw the world!

Other than a few who practiced special techniques, purple eyes had never before been seen on a human!

It was certain that these eyes did not belong to a human, but they were instead the eyes of a spirit!

Magnificent, noble, and mysterious. A mere glance would send chills down one's spine.

"Seal! Of! Time!" Su Yu growled deeply, focusing on the words intently.

A purple glow radiated from his mysterious purple eyes!

The sky and land, time and space, suddenly all froze. Clouds stopped in their tracks and waves stopped at their crest, everyone around Su Yu froze along with them.

Even the powerful Holy King Xu Rong, despite being so close to him and so furious, froze.

What the mortal eye could not distinguish was the figure of a purple dragon coiling around Xu Rong's body.

It was this dragon who had bound Xu Rong's body, freezing her in time and space.

Her thought processes still worked. Her soul was shaken and fear spread within her veins. But her body was sealed in time, she was immobile.

Su Yu was in front of her, his purple eyes cold and unfeeling. His silver hair flowed like an immortal spirit!

"Old dog! I shall kill you first!" Su Yu grunted.


"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" Su Yu let out a low grunt. Gripping his purple lily, he thrust it toward Xu Rong's body!

Xu Rong, being trapped in time, took the full brunt of the blow!


Her chest was burnt by the ferocious thunder flares. She opened her mouth and spat out fresh blood, flying backward!

Martial arts legend Xu Rong had been wounded by a vermin!

Twice Su Yu had used the purple lily, and once he had used Seal of Time.

Su Yu paled, unable to steady himself as he dropped down. But, his eyes remained furious!

"Die!" Su Yu clenched his jaw, lifting his finger, "Ice and Thunder Feast!"

Ice fused with thunder in a beautiful natural spectacle. Purple and white lights intertwined and formed a destructive glow.

Top Class Icy Heart Core and Stage One Upper Class Purple Star Thunderbolt; the two were much more powerful than they had been previously!

The fusion of the Ice and Thunder Feast had reached even higher levels. In terms of power, it was only inferior to the purple lilybut still far above deity level techniques!

Making the most out of Seal of Time, Su Yu wanted to completely obliterate the old dog, Xu Rong!