The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Man Of Hollowness

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“One part of the world only has one Heavenly Law. Since he already exists, there will not be the second Heavenly Law,” Yun Yazi said..

Su Yu stared at the “Book of First Heavens” on his palm and asked, “Master, which aspect of profound meanings have you been studying. Is it souls?” Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air was a gift from Yun Yazi. It was a book about souls. Perhaps Yun Yazi’s field of study was the profound meaning of souls?

Yun Yazi shook his head lightly. “I only discovered the book later on. Despite my wish to study it in depth, I did not have the capability.”

Su Yu was even more curious now. Which profound meaning had Yun Yazi actually chosen to study? Why hadn’t he displayed it before? “If so, Master, may I know how many words from the ‘Book of First Heavens’ you have mastered?” Su Yu asked.

Yun Yazi’s facial expression froze a little. “Not many.”

“How many is ‘not many’?” Su Yu pressed on.

Yun Yazi lifted a finger.

Su Yu’s eyes shone. “Master, you have comprehended a thousand, a full one-tenth of them?” Yun Yazi shook his head unnaturally.

“A hundred?” Su Yu was stunned. Yun Yazi’s face fell.

“Ten?” Su Yu was stupefied.

“What’s the point of asking so much? Won’t you comprehend them yourself?” Yun Yazi was embarrassed, so he told Su Yu off.

Su Yu inhaled a sharp cold breath. It seems that Yun Yazi has only comprehended one word!!

“Why so surprised? The ‘Book of First Heavens’ has existed for billions of ages, and people who manage to comprehend it are rare and sparse. There’s even only a handful of Gods that can comprehend it.” Yun Yazi was annoyed, his old face reddened. This was the first time he had been embarrassed in front of a student.

Gods? Su Yu was inwardly stunned… Was he referring to Gods like the Tree God?Between the heavens and the earth, are there other Gods besides the Tree God? Was Yun Yazi once a God as well, before his demise?

Just as Su Yu was about to enquire further, Yun Yazi suddenly said, “There are two women looking for you. I’ll guide your training next time.” As soon as he had finished talking, Yun Yazi immediately returned to the inside of the jade box, faster than he had ever done previously.

Su Yu was speechless. He seemed to have touched on Yun Yazi’s sadness. He was even more interested in the Book of First Heavens. It concerned the great laws of the universe, and was exceptionally enigmatic and fascinating.

“Brother Yuxian, I heard that you’re poised for a battle against the emissaries from the Heavenly Knife Region. We’re here to support you.” Gongsun Wuxie giggled cheerfully as she ran into the yard.

Su Yu kept the Book of First Heavens. The instant he set the book down, many of the words in his mind underwent subtle changes. For instance, the Mu words which he had acquired full proficiency in seemed to have merged into one. There were millions of words, yet now they seemed to form a trend. The other words were showing signs of merging into one as well. Su Yu was stunned… What’s happening? It was the effect of reading the “Book of First Heavens”!

The millions of Mu words had been derived from a single word. Were the Mu words in his mind merging into that word now? Once successfully merged, it was clear that Su Yu had mastered one word from the Book of First Heavens. Yun Yazi had spent his entire life on it and had only managed to comprehend one word, yet Su Yu had comprehended one in a fleeting instant. He was skeptical. After a long contemplation, Su Yu thought that the most logical explanation was the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

Among the Eight Great Heavenly Law’s Profound Meanings, the profound meanings of time and space were included, and the red liquid inside the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron gave Su Yu these two profound meanings. They weren’t exactly complex and recondite, but no other people possessed them. This made Su Yu’s heart thump. If he told Yun Yazi about it, the elderly man would be jaw-droppingly stupefied, and would be ashamed to ever see this student again.

After composing his emotions, Su Yu looked over at the two women. “What are you two following me for? It’s just a normal challenge.”

Bing Wuxin held the long sword in her arms and said coldly, “I’m your fiancee. Is that reasonable enough?”

Su Yu had a headache. However, Gongsun Wuxie was standing there, so it was inconvenient for him to speak his true thoughts openly. He had to find an appropriate time to talk to Bing Wuxin alone, as soon as possible.

“How about you?” Su Yu looked at Gongsun Wuxie.

Gongsun Wuxie pumped up her chest. “We are the five great demons that have been through thick and thin together. Of course I have to support you.”

“Fine.” Su Yu was helpless. He strode through the courtyard over to them.

“Eh, how come your Soul Energy has broken through the third-grade Almighty?” As Su Yu approached, Bing Wuxin’s eyes shone and she stared at him with stupefaction on her face.

It must be Yun Yazi who had made Su Yu break through the third-grade Almighty. During his deep sleep, the warm power that had mitigated his pain must have come from none other than Yun Yazi. Yet, Yun Yazi had not mentioned a word about it.

Gongsun Wuxie walked around Su Yu with her hands on her back. She scrutinized him and grew indignant. “So you’re the greatest demon. Not long ago you were a sixth-grade fairy, and then you were a ninth-grade fairy a few days later. Now you have the soul of a third-grade Almighty. My goodness, I’ll beat whoever calls me demon again to death,” Gongsun Wuxie said.

Su Yu cast a thoughtful look at Bing Wuxin. Only the All Creations Old Monsters could see through an Almighty soul at first glance, yet Bing Wuxin had done it. Recalling the ninth-grade Almighty energy that radiated from Bing Wuxin’s chest, Su Yu grew even more curious about Bing Wuxin’s identity.

“It was an accidental breakthrough.” Su Yu was reluctant to elaborate further.

Bing Wuxin stared at Su Yu and said, “You’re strange from head to toe. I’ve never seen anyone’s Soul Energy break through so fast, and become so strong.”

Under normal circumstances, Soul Energies were difficult to be enhanced. Even the Almighty who had specially trained their souls only managed to develop a little more strength compared to their peers. To break through a whole level was an anomaly. The breakthrough of Su Yu, whose Soul Energy was as mighty as a third-grade Almighty for a ninth-grade fairy, could not be explained by common sense.

“Everyone has their own secrets,” Su Yu remarked indifferently.

As she sensed Su Yu’s displeasure, Bing Wuxin snorted. “Who do you think I’m doing this for? If you have any peculiarities, you’d better conceal them as best as you can. Otherwise, when my mother comes to inspect you, it’ll be too late if she spots anything unusual. She’s not as communicable as I am!”

Gongsun Wuxie chipped in. “It’s right, Brother Yuxian, Sister Wuxin’s mother is one who cannot be reasoned with.”

Su Yu shot a look at Bing Wuxin and muttered, “Like mother, like daughter.”

“What did you say?” Bing Wuxin’s brows shot up.

Su Yu’s lips twitched, and then he stood on his tiptoes, leaped into the air and flew off.

Bing Wuxin snorted coldly. As she stepped astride with her long slender legs, she caught him up quickly, standing on the left side of Su Yu. They stood shoulder to shoulder. If seen from afar, they looked just like husband and wife.

Gongsun Wuxie giggled, and then came to stand on the right side of Su Yu. Her gesture was natural and close, indicating intimacy. Her behavior made Bing Wuxin frown. Her lips twitched a little, but she did not stop her.

The three of them arrived at the inner sanctum. Many of the elders of the inner sanctum were already inside. Su Yu and the two landed, and captured all the attention. Su Yuxian had the reputation of the first-ranking student of the outside sanctum. They had only heard of the name but had not seen him in person. The sacrifice offering at the Desolate Evil Jungle had fascinated them and aroused their curiosity. But, after the battle at the Situ family, accompanied by the Ancient Space Spiritual Body, Divine Decree, and soul talent, Su Yu was equivalent to an unprecedented prodigy of the world in their eyes. With all the talents he possessed, he was destined for great achievements if his talents were further honed and developed. They definitely wanted to witness his true self. They were scrutinizing Su Yu, and Su Yu was scrutinizing them too.

His glance swept over them one by one as he nodded lightly, then he came to Master Ghost’s side and stood quietly.

“Haha, Master Su, you could’ve come to the inner sanctum with your reputation. Why did you yield to the outside sanctum?” The Left Palace Master had a smile on his face. Beside him was Xueqi, whom Su Yu had met several times.

Su Yu nodded and smiled. “Left Palace Master, thanks for your appreciation. I’d better follow the faction rules. It’s won’t be too late to come to the inner sanctum after breaking through the Almighty.” Of course, Su Yu had detected his intention of recruiting him in his words. He had brought Xueqi along for the purpose of forming closer ties. However, Su Yu didn’t want to be overly restrained. Furthermore, the Left Palace Master could not afford to give him what he wanted. In terms of resources, Su Yu wasn’t exactly weaker than the Left Palace Master.

“The Martial Path requires determination and patience. If you think that way, I won’t try to persuade you any further.” The Left Palace Master smiled, feeling rather disappointed.

Su Yu was at his zenith right now, and had gained admiration from various parties. He would receive special cultivation, and wouldn’t face scarcity of resources even without joining any camps. Chances of recruiting Su Yu were slim now. Even he had been unable to: the Right Palace Master had very little chance. Some of them who had thought about recruiting Su Yu as their student had now banished the thought.

The Ancient Spiritual Body was where Palace Master Mo’s passion lay. Who dared to deprive her of her love?


At that moment, three human figures strode into the main hall. Two of them were strangers, but Su Yu recognized one of them. It was the two-headed man, Qin Lin.

Master Ghost explained matters, “That middle-aged man was the Deputy Region Master of the Heavenly Knife Region, while the man in jade clothing was an expert they had sought. Master Gao from Tianya City couldn’t withstand more than just three rounds with them.”

Su Yu examined the jade-clothed man and felt strange inside. This man gave him a sense of discomfort. After pondering matters for a moment, his eyes glimmered with silver light as he operated the Transparent Eye, allowing him to see through the jade clothing. The material from which the jade clothing was made was unknown. It was extremely unique for the Soul Eye to take great effort to penetrate something.

Once he could see through it, he found out that there was only hollowness inside the jade clothing. Su Yu was dumbfounded. What is this all about? Before Su Yu could carry out a careful inspection, a strong resisting vibrating force catapulted his soul out all of a sudden. Su Yu’s soul ached slightly, but he remained unruffled on the surface. He withdrew his Soul Eye as if nothing had happened.

“Eh!” The jade-clothed man made a soft sound as he glanced at the surroundings.

Deputy Region Master Xiao noticed the jade-clothed man’s abnormal behavior. He asked via telepathy, “What’s going on?”

The jade-clothed man replied in a grave voice, “There’s an expert here! He or she has penetrated the jade clothing and has nearly seen through me.”

Upon hearing this, Deputy Region Master Xiao turned solemn. In a low voice, he asked, “How come? The jade clothing is made of the fairy artifact fragments, which can even withhold inspection by All Creations Old Monsters. How can it be seen through?”

“I don’t know how they did it, but the jade clothing was indeed penetrated by a line of sight,” the jade-clothed man said.

Deputy Region Master Xiao narrowed his eyes. “It seems like there’s another mysterious expert here in the Red Blood Palace besides Mo Tianxuan. Could it be the Severed Fairy Cliff Master? He has close ties with Mo Tianxuan.”

Right at that moment, a space tremor spread from above the Palace Master’s royal seat. A stunningly beautiful willowy woman in black clothing descended gracefully, and sat down effortlessly. The ambience she gave off was tremendously magnificent, as if a monarch had arrived on the lands.

“Greeting Palace Master Mo!” All the elders showed their respect for her.

Mo Tianxuan’s bright eyes glanced at everyone, coming to rest momentarily on Su Yu and on the emissaries from the Heavenly Knife Region. “Since everyone is here, Deputy Region Master Xiao, please reiterate the purpose of your visit.”

Deputy Region Master Xiao stepped forward and said with a smile, “On behalf of our Region Master, I ask for the Mu experts of the Red Blood Palace to share with us your Mu vocabulary. I have specially brought a hundred million crystals. If the Heavenly Knife Region is defeated, these will be a compensation for disturbing the Red Blood Palace. But, if luck is on our side and we happen to win, I hope the Red Blood Palace gives some thought to retaining the Heavenly Knife Region’s shops in Tianya City.”

Mo Tianxuan stared at Su Yu with her gorgeous eyes. “Do you understand now?”

Su Yu stepped forth, with his hands encased in his sleeves. “There is one thing which I don’t quite understand.”