The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 944

Chapter 944 Tao Ties Eye

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After Deputy Region Master Xiao and the Wood Clan’s member left, a look of relief appeared on the faces of the elders.

“Master Su, you have made a great contribution to the Red Blood Palace once again, and even I feel ashamed of my inferiority to you.” Master Ghost strode forward, cupped his fists at him, and spoke. He was treating Su Yu like an equal, and didn’t put on any airs in front of him.

The manner in which the other inner sanctum’s elders looked at Su Yu had also changed, and it was obvious from their expressions that they couldn’t treat him any longer as just a disciple with great talent. His contributions weren’t any lower than those of any elders present here.

“Master Ghost, you are flattering me. I was just lucky, and I’m not on par with one of the sanctum’s backbones like you,” Su Yu replied modestly.

Upon hearing him, Master Ghost just chuckled while shaking his head.

Mo Tianxuan played with the piece of jade in her palm for a while, before she threw it at Su Yu. “You gave a pretty good performance. I’m hoping that you can continue performing well.” She waved her hand at everyone in dismissal, and the meeting broke up. She strode forward, tore the space apart, and left.

Su Yu didn’t know whether it was just a misconception or not, but he clearly felt Mo Tianxuan had intentionally taken several more glances at him. That made him feel wary.

“Ah! Brother Yuxian, you are too amazing!” Gongsun Wuxie ran over with her eyes filled with little stars. Among all people present here, she had been the least worried because she knew Su Yu’s true identity. Such a great man would surely not lose in such a little contest.

Bing Wuxin walked over while wearing a pensive look. She said, “It seems like you touched the great gate of a different realm for a moment. I have only felt such a feeling from my mother’s body.”

“I don’t understand why you are talking about.” Su Yu pretended that he didn’t know anything but, while he was surprised inwardly. Even Bing Wuxin’s mother had such an aura? Who was she?

Gongsun Wuxie said, “Brother Yuxian. Today, you took all the limelight once again, and even the inner sanctum’s talented youths are all overshadowed by you.”

Su Yu smiled, looked at Gongsun Wuxie, and thought for a moment. He took a jade bottle, and drew out a drop of the spring of life from it. “Why don’t you try it to see whether it’s effective to you?”

In the past, Gongsun Wuxie and Fairy Ling had entered the Desolate Evil Jungle just to look for the spring of life, and use it to wash away the medical power in Gongsun Wuxie’s body left by a Fairy Herb she had consumed by mistake. Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes lit up. She received the drop from him, and gave a bright and excited smile. She seemed like a little child who had just tasted honey. “I won’t be reserved then.” Gongsun Wuxie smiled faintly, chuckled and consumed it straight away.

After a long while, a powerful life force emanated from Gongsun Wuxie’s body, coming out through her body’s pores. However, even after a long while had passed, Gongsun Wuxie’s body didn’t experience any changes. Her expression became gloomy. “The medical power has already spread to my four limbs and several hundred of my bones. It’s useless, but it’s still comfortable, and it’s like my whole body was washed by it.”

Su Yu furrowed his brows. Since even the spring of life of an All Creation Realm Wood Clan’s members couldn’t cleanse her body, then even the spring of life of Mortal Fairy Realm Wood Clan’s members wouldn’t manage to achieve it. After all, the difference between those two was just in their life force’s intensity, and they had the same cleansing effect. Could it be that it was only the Tree Goddess’s spring of life which would be effective?

“I will give you five more drops, and you should slowly consume them. Their accumulation may probably have a positive effect.” Su Yu mulled this matter over before he calmly gifted her five more drops.

Upon witnessing this, Bing Wuxin’s pretty eyes flickered. She said, “It seems like you are quite wealthy. You are clearly aware of how precious is the spring of life.”

Su Yu said with a smile, “Even if an object is precious, it will still be provided for people’s consumption.”

Upon hearing this, Gongsun Wuxie was overjoyed, and giggled unceasingly.

“Moreover…” Bing Wuxin looked at Gongsun Wuxie, and said, “You had given her drops of the spring of life. So, why didn’t you give it to me, too? I’m your fiancée.”

Su Yu was taken aback by this, and he said, “Do you need it?”

Bing Wuxin glared at him. “It isn’t a question of whether I need it or not.”

For some unknown reason, Su Yu was treating Gongsun Wuxie well, while just dealing with Bing Wuxin casually. Even someone as cold as Bing Wuxin felt uncomfortable upon witnessing this, and hatred welled up in her heart.

Su Yu thought about this for a moment, before he spoke while wearing a stern look, “Senior Sister Wuxin, if you have free time tonight, I want to have a private discussion with you. I need to talk over something with you.”

“Fine.” Bing Wuxin raised her snowy-white chin, and nodded without giving this matter a single thought.

After they had returned to the Demon Mountain, everyone went back to their houses. Su Yu immediately looked for the cultivation technique which he had just gotten, the Meteor Light Stream Formation. When he stuck the piece of jade against his forehead, a complete cultivation technique appeared in his mind. This technique should have already been inspected by Mo Tianxuan personally, and that Wood Clan’s member shouldn’t have fiddled with it.

It would better to call this cultivation technique a formation rather than a technique. One wouldn’t need to waste any effort to learn it, and as long as he had enough magical treasures, he would only need to follow the instructions, and set up the Meteor Light Stream Formation.

Su Yu thought for a moment, before he took the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation’s orbs. In the past, the blue formation orb had been fused by Su Yu with the Underworld Pearl. That had given the orbs their current appearance. Su Yu hadn’t used the other four orbs for a long time because their grade was too low. They were just semi-finished spiritual artifacts, and couldn’t even be considered spiritual artifacts. Their might was also too limited. “I can use them reluctantly,” Su Yu said. If he had time, he would look for orb-shaped magical treasures of a higher grade, but now, he would just make use of these.

Su Yu got rid of all distracting thoughts, and started setting the underworld pearl, as well as the other four orbs, into a formation according to the instructions in the manual. Just after that, he activated the formation according to the manual’s instructions. The five orbs started floating at the same time, and they were all revolving quickly around Su Yu. At first, they would always leave behind an afterimage, but they gradually disappeared completely. However, they still appeared once again, and it seemed like they were floating on the same place, while in fact, they were revolving around at an extremely high speed, hence why it would seem to the naked eye that they weren’t moving at all.

The five orbs’ quick revolutions formed a vortex in their center, and everything in the surrounding area was pulled toward it. Once one was pulled into the center of the formation, he would be prevented from moving even an inch by the suction force transmitting from al directions. Su Yu felt as if he had fallen into moving sand. Taking a single step was extremely difficult, and he could only move his fingers slowly. He believed that even the movement of a middle-stage Divine Master, or a Level Six Divine Master, would become slow once he was dragged into the formation.

The five orbs’ speed started reducing, and their revolution scope was also lowered. The objects dragged into the center of the formation started suffering the five orbs’ consecutive and quick attacks. When the five orbs reached Su Yu’s head, everything inside the formation was suffering destructive attacks by then. If it was just the five formation orbs alone, it wouldn’t matter, but if one’s body just came in slight contact with the Underworld Pearl, it would crumble, let alone if it suffered consecutive strikes.

If Su Yu could trap an All Creation Old Monster inside the formation, he could depend on it to turn him into dregs. However, it was a pity that this formation couldn’t confine an All Creation Old Monster. They could easily tear space apart and would be able to break free of the formation’s confinement.

However, Su Yu was still satisfied with it. Now, even if he ran into an apex middle-stage Divine Master like the Shao Family’s Master, he could still manage to easily deal with him. Su Yu collected the five orbs. He was quite satisfied with this cultivation technique.

“Master.” After hesitating for a long while, Su Yu called Yun Yazi.

Yun Yazi’s Soul Body appeared here, and he stared at Su Yu for a while, before he let out a long sigh. “The new is constantly replacing the old, and talented people will appear in every generation. I made a mistake by not handing over the Primordial Heavenly Book to you earlier.”

If Yun Yazi wanted to know what was happening in the outside world, he could easily achieve it, and Su Yu’s bodily changes couldn’t escape his eyes.

Su Yu said sheepishly, “Master, If I didn’t know ten thousand clans’ languages, I wouldn’t have managed to understand any parts of the Primordial Heavenly Book.”

“Hehe, do I still need your comfort? If I’m incompetent so be it.” Yun Yazi glared at Su Yu.

What a master would be most delighted and saddened by would be the same matter, and it was having his disciple surpass him.

Su Yu chuckled. Then, his expression became solemn. “Master, may I ask you something? Is the Heart Oath Ancient Scroll effective against All Creation Experts?”

Yun Yazi replied without giving this matter a single thought. “It’s obviously the case. Even Mortal Fairies can’t break free of its binding power, let alone All Creation Experts.”

Is it the case? Confusion appeared in Su Yu’s eyes, and he informed Yun Yazi of his experience with Mo Tianxuan.

Upon hearing this, Yun Yazi spoke while stroking his beard, “If what you felt is correct, it isn’t that she can break free of the Heart Oath Ancient Scroll, it’s just that she didn’t fear its backlash.”

“Once a Heart Oath Ancient Scroll was destroyed, it will turn into a heart demon that will gnaw at the cultivator’s mind. One can’t notice anything usually, but once one was about to make a breakthrough, or comprehend something important, it will disturb him, and won’t let him continue on smoothly. However, if Palace Mistress Mo had already given up on making any more progress in her cultivation, tearing up the Heart Oath Ancient Scroll won’t affect her at all.”

Su Yu furrowed his brows because he felt quite restless. “Master, is there a way to guard against her?” Su Yu’s intuition was telling him that Mo Tianxuan surely belonged to such a category of people. She hadn’t managed to achieve a breakthrough for countless years, and had already given up on trying to make any more progress. She could obviously tear up the Heart Oath Ancient Scroll, and use the Soul Searching Technique against Su Yu.

Yun Yazi chuckled, and revealed a faint smile. “The Soul Searching Technique is just one of the soul techniques, and blocking it is quite easy. I can set up a seal around your soul, which will prevent her from searching it. That seal has also another function, and you can use it to hide a part of your memory in it. She will end up searching a soul with ordinary memory.

Upon hearing the first part, Su Yu furrowed his brows. If Mo Tianxuan couldn’t search his soul, she would only become more suspicious, but the other solution would surely make her give up temporarily.

After a short while had passed, Yun Yazi took a speck of light the size of a grain of rice out of his forehead, and placed it against Su Yu’s forehead. When it came in contact with Su Yu’s forehead, Yun Yazi couldn’t help but furrow his brows, while Su Yu quickly felt like his soul just wore a thick and robust armor.

“If she captures you, and tries to search your soul, don’t resist. Just let her do it,” Yun Yazi said.

Su Yu nodded. “Okay, I understand what I should do.”

Yun Yazi said, “I will retreat for now because I can feel a spatial fluctuation appearing here. Palace Mistress Mo will come here.”

Before Yun Yazi left, he stopped for a moment, and stared at the region between Su Yu’s brows. He said. “The next time I come out, I will deal with the Tao Tie’s Eye between your brows.” When Yun Yazi mentioned the Tao Tie’s Eye, his tone became graver.

“Master, does this eye have any issues? Did I make a mistake?” Su Yu couldn’t help but ask. He hadn’t informed Yun Yazi how the eye was formed, yet Yun Yazi had still mentioned it on his own accord. This made Su Yu feel slightly restless.

Yun Yazi started at the region between Su Yu’s brows, and it seemed like he could see through it. He sighed and said, “I don’t blame you, and it’s me who didn’t stop you in time.”

Su Yu’s heart thumped. Could it be that the eye had a serious issue? Now that he thought about it, that eye could be used by the Demon Clan, and wasn’t suitable for humans. Did the issue lie there?

However, Yun Yazi didn’t wait for Su Yu to inquire more about it. He returned to the jade box.