The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 948

Chapter 948 Becoming Your Girlfriend

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It was at this moment that Su Yu’s sleeves fluttered, and a formless thread streaked across his foot. The extremely firm branches were easily cut into two pieces by it. Su Yu moved his shoulder out of the way, and barely managed to dodge the sharp thorn attacking him. He moved his thumb and index finger several times, and cut apart the thorn.

When Jinmu’s arm was cut apart, a large amount of greenish-blue liquid splattered out of it. However, Jinmu still wore the same calm expression as before, and pain didn’t even appear on his face. He looked in surprise at Su Yu, wondering how Su Yu had managed it. His hand, which had turned into a sharp thorn, was vastly firmer and harder than the branches, yet it was still mysteriously cut apart. A hazy green light appeared on his hand, and it quickly recovered to its former state. Jinmu didn’t suffer any pain throughout the whole process.

“I have underestimated you, and it seems like I won’t manage to deal with you if I don’t reveal some of my techniques,” Jinmu said coldly, while a green bud sprouted out of his chest. It fluttered with the winds and seemed quite fresh and tender. A green fog was being fermented inside the bud, and it quickly emanated from it and spread into the air before disappearing. The fog seemed ordinary and unremarkable.

However, an instant later, the bud started growing quickly, and was soon as tall as a person. The plant broke free of Jinmu’s chest and floated in the air. It emitted a beautiful radiance. Its shape started to change gradually as it glowed, and it took a humanoid form. As a fresh breeze blew at the figure, the tall sapling’s current appearance was revealed. It was a pretty woman clad in green clothes.

Su Yu was surprised when he saw the woman. “Lu Chuyi!” he exclaimed. He really hadn’t expected the sapling to take such an appearance, and Su Yu couldn’t help but wonder whether he was hallucinating for a moment.

“Ah, it turns out that you know her. This is all pretty good. This is a seed which I just nurtured with her blood essence. Is fighting prowess is two-thirds the strength of that of the blood’s owner,” Jinmu said.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered. He still remembered that when Jinmu had challenged him, he had asked him to put ten drops of his blood essence as a stake. Jinmu possessed a strange magical ability, and was able to use just a single drop of blood essence to make a copy of a person which possessed two-thirds of the target’s fighting prowess.

“Charge at him!” Jinmu shouted, while he ran towards Su Yu. Lu Chuyi was holding a wooden sword, and her face was expressionless. Her gaze was lifeless as she swiftly attacked Su Yu. Lu Chuyi’s movement speed was no slower than that of a Level Six Divine Master, and the aura emanating from her was also on a par with a Level Six Divine Master. She really possessed two-thirds of the true Lu Chuyi’s power.

Su Yu hesitated for a moment while facing Lu Chuyi, but his gaze still quickly turned ice-cold. He activated the Fire Essence Jade, unfolded his wings, and quickly moved to his left. However, he had just dodged the attack when a powerful wind appeared quietly behind his back. It went after his heart.

Su Yu snorted coldly, and, unconcerned, took out a thread of silk. He cut the object attacking him in two. At the same time, Su Yu’s right eye shone with a red light. “Spatial Teleportation!” he cried.

Lu Chuyi had just brushed past Su Yu and was now teleported into the space next to Su Yu’s right arm. He immediately used the wisp of silk to slash at her waist, cutting her to pieces. However, Lu Chuyi was surprising still safe and sound. In an instant, her body parts had fused together once again.

Su Yu furrowed his brows, and swiftly used his silk to cut her apart once again. This time, Lu Chuyi’s was cut into two pieces vertically. She still didn’t die. All her wounds were quickly closed up, and she recovered in the twinkling of an eye.

Managing to react, Lu Chuyi waved her sword at Su Yu, forcing him to withdraw. His expression became grave. He was in a really tricky situation, and if he didn’t have a special technique suitable for dealing with her, it would be almost impossible to kill Lu Chuyi, let alone Jinmu. The Wood Clan’s members rebirth ability, as well as recovery power, was quite difficult to deal with.

“A spatial magical ability? Good, pretty good! They already stated that you have an Ancient Spatial Spirit Body. I will gladly tell you that the main reason why I came to the Red Blood Palace wasn’t to complete the assignment of the Heavenly Knife Region’s Master, but just to take your blood essence according to my master’s instructions,” Jinmu said coldly.

His master? Who is Jinmu’s master? Isn’t he the Heavenly Knife Region’s Master?

As Su Yu considered the matter. If the Heavenly Knife Region’s Master possessed a true Wood Clan’s member like Jinmu, they wouldn’t have suffered a crushing defeat in the Desolate Evil Jungle’s sacrificial ritual.

“It’s really coincidental. I’m also quite interested in you,” Su Yu said coldly.

Jinmu mocked him, “You overestimate your capabilities. Vice City Master Xiao should have already dealt with that side’s affair, and I will also put an end to this.”

After Jinmu spoke, another bud sprouted out of his chest. This time, it wasn’t just one, but ten buds. The ten beds all left his body, floated in the air, and turned into people. Ten waves of terrifying aura emanated from them. The people were all outstanding youths, but Su Yu didn’t know any of them. However, he could tell that the aura of the weakest one was still at the Level Seven Divine Master Realm. One of them also had a powerful aura on a par with a Level Nine Divine Master. Since two-thirds of this person’s power was at such a level, then even if that person’s cultivation didn’t reach the All Creation Realm, it should still reach the peak of the Level Nine Divine Master Realm.

Su Yu couldn’t help but look at the youth. He was wearing a golden mask, and just a pair of shining green eyes was revealed. They resembled the eyes of a serpent, and they had strange pupils. Normal human’s pupils were circular, while this guy’s pupils seemed like a blooming flower. They were beautiful and had a strange devilish charm which would mesmerize people. Su Yu had never seen such peculiar eyes before.

While facing the clones of many talented youths, Su Yu flapped the wings on his back, and immediately escaped. Just dealing with the undead Lu Chuyi was difficult enough, let alone facing another ten. Moreover, one of them was a strange golden-masked person with flower-like pupils.

Jinmu sneered coldly, and said, “You want to escape?” He ordered the eleven clones, and they all immediately started chasing after Su Yu. With their strong power, they managed to encircle Su Yu in the blink of an eye. They had all attacked at the same time, and countless attacks of varied radiances engulfed the region where Su Yu was. There was no chance for him to escape. When the radiance disappeared, that place was left empty completely.

Jinmu was taken aback by this, “Did he die that easily?” Jinmu went over to the place where Su Yu had disappeared from. He raised his brows, and said, “Even if his body was torn apart and crushed, a bloody scent should have still been left here. Did he manage to run away?” He wasn’t willing to accept this, and he ordered the eleven clones to search the area. However, they didn’t manage to find anything.

“Damn! He has really escaped. How did he manage it?” Jinmu was furious. Even the clones made by the blood essence of the Heavenly Knife Region’s ten greatest young experts couldn’t deal with him.

Jinmu was just about to continue looking for Su Yu when the jade ornament on his waist suddenly shone. When he raised it, and crushed it, an anxious cry for help transmitted from it.

“He’s really just trash, and couldn’t deal with even a woman,” Jinmu said coldly. He hesitated for a while, before he clenched his teeth, and just gave up. “All of you, follow me!”

Jinmu brought the eleven clones with him and quickly rushed away. A short while after they had left, spatial fluctuations appeared in an empty place near a great tree in the forest. It seemed like something was just lifted, and Su Yu’s body was revealed there. Gongsun Wuxie was also near him.

“Hehe, brother Yuxian, isn’t my spiritual cloak amazing?” Gongsun Wuxie said as she chuckled. She had been following him all along, using this special cloak to conceal her body. At such a precarious moment, she had protected Su Yu, before hiding them both away. The cloak was quite mystical, and it didn’t just hide one’s body and aura. It could also hide their life force’s aura. It would be almost impossible for someone in the outside world to see what was beneath the cloak. The cloak possessed a special power, which was extremely similar to the Mortal Fairy Realm’s power of the Central Prefecture’s King.

“It’s amazing, but you don’t need to stick to me this closely.” Su Yu lowered his head, and looked at her Her arms were holding Su Yu’s arm tightly, and half of her body was leaning against him. This cloak was quite spacious, and it would be easy for it to accommodate another person.

“It will be safer like this. What if the clones ended up discovering us?” Gongsun Wuxie said while rolling her eyes.

Su Yu stood up, and looked in the direction where Jinmu had gone. He spoke in a deep voice. “Bing Wuxin ran into trouble, and we must quickly go back to save her.”

“Can you defeat this many clones? They are all-powerful.” Gongsun Wuxie still held into Su Yu’s arm, and smiled as she spoke.

Su Yu hesitated for a moment, before he said, “It isn’t difficult to deal with Jinmu, and as long as I get a suitable opportunity, I’m confident about killing him. The sole issue is those clones. From what I noticed while exchanging blows with them, it seems like they have a powerful regeneration power, and unless I can find a suitable way of dealing with them, it will be difficult to kill them.” Su Yu furrowed his brows.

As a matter of fact, he had already found a way to thoroughly destroying those clones. It was fire. Flames were born among wood, and they were also the nemesis of wood. If he could summon powerful flames, he would manage to kill those clones, but the flames must be powerful enough, or else the clones would easily manage to recover once again.

The little Kylin’s flames were extremely powerful, but it had reached a crucial juncture in crafting the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords, and it would be difficult to borrow his flames. However, if Su Yu didn’t have another solution, he could just delay the crafting of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword, and use the little Kylin’s flames to kill his enemies.

“Brother Yuxian, I have a way to deal with the clones,” Gongsun Wuxie said with a smile. She was smiling like a sly fox.

Su Yu said, “Well? What it is?”


Gongsun Wuxie took a halberd-shaped weapon. There was a trigger on its shaft, while an opening was at the halberd’s tip. It was eleven-feet-long, and was two times higher than Gongsun Wuxie.

At first glance, it seemed like a firearm from the modern era, but it was different because this strange weapon wasn’t loaded with bullets, but with talismans.

“After I ran into danger last time, father sent it to me to protect myself with it. I can put it to good use now,” Gongsun Wuxie said, “You shouldn’t look down on it, as it’s a semi-completed fairy artifact, and is filled with talismans. They are all top-grade talismans, and as long as I shoot them into someone, even a Level Nine Divine Master will be torn to shreds by them.”

Su Yu could feel that the talismans inside it were filled with a powerful fire element’s aura, and were only slightly inferior to the little Kylin’s purple flames.

“After I short while, I will attack them from a long-range, and I should be able to kill them all,” Gongsun Wuxie said.

Su Yu said, “What are you still waiting for? Let’s head over there. If we can kill the clones, dealing with Jinmu will be much easier.”

Gongsun Wuxie was still unmoved, and just looked at Su Yu with a smile.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered, and he said, “What do you want?” This little demoness wouldn’t forget to try and rip him off even at such a moment, would she?

“Hehe. Brother Yuxian, I don’t want anything, and I just want you to promise me something,” Gongsun Wuxie said.

Su Yu furrowed his brows. “It’s too vague, what kind of promise?”

“I want to become your girlfriend,” Gongsun Wuxie said boldly.