The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 949

Chapter 949 Preposterous Arguments

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Girlfriend? Su Yu was so startled for a moment that he could not immediately make sure that he had heard Gongsun Wuxie correctly. His mind was soon shrouded in confusion and panic. Putting aside the fact that he had married Qin Xian-Er, he was now also Bing Wuxin’s fiance by law. Was it actually a righteous act to steal your best friend’s man?

“What’s so strange about it? It’s true that Su Yuxian is Sister Wuxin’s fiance, but does it contradict with making Su Yu my boyfriend?” Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes shone with the sharp light of slyness.

Su Yu was speechless. He couldn’t find the words to dispute her preposterous arguments. “Ehem, now is not the time to talk about this. We have to act fast and provide aid for Bing Wuxin.” Su Yu tried to distract her.

But Gongsun Wuxie flashed a smile. “Why should I lend my own semi-manufactured fairy artifact to an outsider? Unless you promise me, I won’t let Su Yuxian go and save his fiancee. If he loses his gorgeous wife, Brother Yuxian will be very sad.”

Su Yu was once again speechless. But due to the urgency of the situation, he had little choice. “Well, I promise, but afterward I have something to discuss with you and Bing Wuxin.” Now that things had turned out like this, he could only be honest with both of them.

“Oh.” Gongsun Wuxie waved her fists, signifying her victory. She carried the pike on her back and said, “Let’s go quickly and save your fiancee.”

At the giant rock, Deputy Region Master was haggard and exhausted. Numerous hideous scars had cracked open, and his entire right arm had been severed from his shoulder. Most severely, a bloody hole the size of an egg had formed on his abdomen. His fetal crystal was affected, and his Vital Energy was gushing out.

Fetal crystals were the crystallized products of the Vital Energies of Almighty Divine Masters, and they were the sources of Vital Energy supply for the Almighty strong men. Once damage was inflicted upon them, at the very least it might cause harm to take root. In severe cases, one’s cultivation might be relinquished.

“Who on earth are you?” Deputy Region Master Xiao gazed at the woman before him, as if he had met his greatest enemy, and he would never be as relaxed as he was before.

In front of him was a woman with nine virtual sword shadows flickering on her back. Her entire being was radiating intense sword energy, and her chest was faintly gleaming with a sword-shaped mark. Through her clothing, it was vaguely visible. The sword-shaped mark contained a mighty, imposing sword ambiance. She seemed like the Paramount Saint of Sword, looking down at the worldly creatures. The sword ambiance she emitted far exceeded his understanding. It was way beyond the level of Traceless Heart Sword.

On the entire continent, there were no more than ten individuals of the Upper Tier of the Path of Swords who had succeeded in practicing the sword ambiance to such a level of utmost perfection. This woman seemed rather young, yet she had acquired such a terrifying sword ambiance! Once her cultivation caught up, could any of her peers actually rival her? Who else could the woman before him be, if she wasn’t Bing Wuxin? Her temperament had undergone a great transformation. She had the touch of a cold beauty by nature, and now she was surrounded by dense, fierce sword energy, which made her look like a female sword saint of the era.

The nine blades of virtual sword shadows behind her had diverse patterns and looked very antique. Each of them emanated the scent of bygone, faraway times. One of the blades was tinged with some blood. It was that sword which had severed Deputy Region Master Xiao’s arm.

Bing Wuxin seemed cold and callous. “You don’t need to know! Pride of the Heavens Sword Formula!” she bellowed. All of a sudden, the second blade of virtual shadow on her back let out a bright, loud screech, and flew out from behind her like a divine dragon with an immense air of arrogance. It transformed into a broken beam of light and slashed across Xiao’s body.

The sword had reached its greatest possible speed, and the air was sliced into numerous faint, broken black lines as it moved through it.

Xiao only managed to bellow in time. He pinched his thumb and middle finger together, and performed a Returning Principal Sword Wave. The fierce sword wave collided with the broken light ray in the air, but it was soundlessly pulverized. The sword wave rolled backward, and along with the broken light ray, it penetrated Xiao’s body.


With a dull thud, countless closely packed bloody marks were formed all over Xiao’s body, as if he had been cut and sliced hundreds and thousands of times. Those marks were as vivid as a fishing net. His body then began disintegrating along the lines of blood, turning into pieces of flesh of various sizes.

Deputy Region Master Xiao, a ninth-grade Almighty, was killed by two of Bing Wuxin’s blades. No, to be precise, just his body had perished. A mass of bleak, empty soul had escaped from his body, full of panic and terror as it ran frantically toward the skyline.

Bing Wuxin’s lips twitched into a cold smile. She pointed a finger in the distance, and a broken ray of light dashed forward. It had the momentum of a lightning bolt, and very soon, it was on the verge of making Xiao’s soul vanish into nothingness.

Just as the broken light ray was about to perish, a dull thud sounded.

A figure entirely clad in emerald green stood in front of Xiao, and dodged the fatal strike. Xiao took the opportunity to retreat madly with dread, until he reached the skyline where he found safety amidst a large crowd of human figures.

Bing Wuxin’s eyes turned cold. She glanced at the many emerald green figures, and finally fixed her gaze on one with a golden mask.

She was rather stunned. “Ten genius experts of the Heavenly Knife Region? And you, Bi Lingtian!”

The man with the golden mask was named Bi Lingtian. He was the rare prodigy of the Heavenly Knife Region and had been crowned with the title “First Expert of the Era”.

The rest of the new arrivals were all outstanding too. They were famous experts of the Heavenly Knife Region. Each of them was an entity capable of fighting the heroes. Place them anywhere in Jiuzhou, and they could stand on their own two feet and conquer that part of the world.

As she glanced sideways, her gaze fell onto Jinmu. Bing Wuxin’s eyes were full of ferocity as she asked him, “Where is Su Yuxian?” She had a sense of foreboding. “Has Su Yuxian died at your hands?” Bing Wuxin couldn’t help but worry as she looked at the 11 genius experts before her.

“Worry about yourself first!” Deputy Region Master Xiao shot a resentful stare at her. His body had been destroyed and he had only a soul left. What use was that? After he went back to the Heavenly Knife Region, even if he managed to find a body to possess, he would never achieve the All Creations level due to the aftermath of possession. It could be said that his martial path in this lifetime had come to an end.

Jinmu looked at Bing Wuxin from afar, his stare fixed on the nine blades of virtual shadows on her back. Excitement and surprise bloomed in his eyes. “Ancient Spiritual Body? And even the legendary bloodline of the Heavenly Sword race!” Bing Wuxin turned out to be an Ancient Spiritual Body. “Rumor has it that individuals of the bloodline of the Heavenly Sword race possess an intrinsic mastery of sword ambiance,” he said. “Once they achieve great heights on the Path of Swords, and one of the nine blades of sword shadows on their backs is activated, it means that they have attained a certain level of talent. In the future, it will decide their prospects on the Path of Swords. Have you activated three blades?!”

Jinmu’s excitement kept growing. “Although that Space Spiritual Body brat has run away, if we could return with the essence blood of the Heavenly Sword Spiritual Body, we could compensate for our mistakes!”

Bing Wuxin’s creased brows gradually loosened. It seemed that Su Yuxian had escaped. “If you want my essence blood, you’ll have to wait until your next life!” Bing Wuxin’s eyes were filled with a cold gleam. The broken ray of light pierced through the sky again, and slashed toward them.

Jinmu was calm and composed. He laughed. “Despite the fortitude of the Heavenly Sword race, they have their disadvantages as well. During the early stages of their training, their cultivations will be suppressed by the sword ambiance of the nine blades of virtual sword shadows. Hence, their cultivations aren’t strong enough. Once their swords miss the targets, their enemies will find gaps to attack through,” he explained.

Once he had finished talking, the ten remaining figures took flight simultaneously and attacked the broken ray of light at the same time.


However, the blade was extremely ferocious and unassailable. The ten replicas weren’t capable of holding off the strike. They were penetrated by the broken light ray one by one, and sliced into countless jagged pieces.

Bing Wuxin’s cold eyes glimmered. “It’s over now!” The broken light ray experienced a burst of speed as it headed straight for Jinmu. Nonetheless, right at that moment, a scene that Bing Wuxin hadn’t expected unfolded before her very eyes. The replicas that had been chopped into fragments by the sword energy formed brand new bodies again!

Two of them had flown close to her, and before the broken light ray could return, they invaded the space a hundred feet from Bing Wuxin. Her face fell and she let out a soft startled cry. “Song of the White Frost Sword!”

The first virtual shadow of long sword on her back turned into a white silhouette and swept out suddenly. All of a sudden, hazy white snow flurries filled the entire sky. The chills were shocking, and they almost froze the heavens and the earth.

The pieces of snowflakes radiated astonishing sword energy. When they landed on the body surfaces of living creatures, the sword energy contained in them instantly severed their vigors from the inside out. All of the replicas suffered the same tragic fate. As their vigors were destroyed, their entire beings turned into ice sculptures.

At first glance, they seemed to have been frozen to death. In reality, they were actually obliterated by sword ambiance. But, it was far from over yet.

The replicas came one after another and joined in the siege. “Go to hell!” Bing Wuxin bellowed coldly. She lifted her hand and the broken light ray gave up hunting down Jinmu, and rushed back to provide aid.


In an instant, many of her opponents were sliced into jagged pieces. In the meantime, cold frost kept fluttering in the air, turning humans into ice sculptures. In the blink of an eye, nine replicas were destroyed. Before Bing Wuxin could give a sigh of relief, a premonition of danger intruded her heart.

She lifted her gaze, and was met with Bi Lingtian, who was striding toward her with his hands behind his back, his pair of flowery, emerald green eyes wide open. He looked calm and composed, and there was an air of supremacy and strength about him.

Bing Wuxin’s eyes turned grave and stern. She gritted her teeth, and pulled out both swords.

“Song of the White Frost Sword!”

“Pride of the Heavens Sword Formula!”

Two virtual shadows of long swords pierced through the heavens and headed straight for Bi Lingtian, as if they were chasing after the clouds and the moon.

Bi Lingtian still had his hands behind his back and seemed totally fearless. In his emerald green eyes, the flower petals were blossoming soundlessly, making his flowery eyes look eerier and devilishly bewitching.

A creepy scene unfolded. Nine virtual shadows of long swords appeared on Bi Lingtian’s back as well. They were very similar to the virtual shadows on Bing Wuxin’s back.

In the meantime, the first and the second sword shadows flew out simultaneously, turning into white frost and broken light rays that filled the whole sky, and dueling with the two oncoming sword shadows.

It was the same sword ambiance, but Bi Lingtian’s cultivation was way higher than hers. Both of Bing Wuxin’s sword shadows were blown back, crashing into her as they recoiled. Her face fell, and she hurriedly withdrew both of the sword shadows. She attacked with the sword formulas continuously, and quickly pulled back, but it did not hinder Bi Lingtian’s sword ambiance.


Bing Wuxin opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood mist, her eyes grave and somber. “Emerald Eyes, Flowery Pupils!!”

Bi Lingtian was also an Ancient Spiritual Body. He had a pair of mysterious eyes, which could replicate the enemy’s techniques and perform them in a short period of time. Combined with his oppressive cultivation, he could often display powers that were far stronger than his own. He had never once lost throughout the years. No one could decipher the Emerald Eyes, Flowery Pupils. It was considered an unassailable power of the eyes.

Like a bolt from the blue, a strong gust of wind blew. It was actually Bi Lingtian, who walked like he was strolling in a park as he approached Bing Wuxin, and slammed his palm on her cranial vault.

Bing Wuxin’s face kept changing, but she didn’t even hesitate before launching a strike with her palm. However, there was a huge disparity between their cultivations and her palm just couldn’t fend off the head-on attack. With a cracking sound, Bing Wuxin’s arm bone was fractured.

Just as her cranial vault was about to be smashed into pieces, all of a sudden a gust of flames that seemed like streams of light shot forth from somewhere in the Void.

Bi Lingtian only managed to turn his head to look before he was struck by a speed that could rival teleportation.


Gigantic, astounding flames erupted like a volcano, and shrouded a corner of the sky, devouring Bi Lingtian.

Bing Wuxin immediately performed the Song of the White Frost Sword and transformed into chills that filled the sky, holding off the terrifying flames.

When the flames dissipated, there was only a mass of dull, emerald green liquid left in the region where Bi Lingtian had been. It was mingled with a drop of dark black blood, all of its vitality lost.