The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 950

Chapter 950 Eerie Stone Slab

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Jinmu and Deputy Region Master Xiao were paying close attention to the scene, and their faces fell at the same time. Jinmu’s face was dark and gloomy. The replicas could easily recover from normal injuries, which made them almost equivalent to immortals. But they had a serious weakness. They could be easily restrained—and the way to restrain them was by with flames!

The explosive power of the flames just now had not only destroyed their bodies, but their essence blood as well. The strongest replica had been finished off within seconds. Jinmu turned his cold eyes, and his gaze shot toward the sky in the distance, where two people were riding forth on clouds. One of them was sprawled on the clouds, with a strange-looking weapon in hand. The weapon was incubating another surge of terrifying flame energy. Standing beside her was none other than Su Yuxian, who had escaped the siege!

“How dare you come back!” Jinmu’s face was glum, but his fearful stare was fixed on the strange-looking weapon. “A counterfeit of the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow. What an impressive source!” The weapon in Gongsun Wuxie’s hand was actually named the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow.

“Humph, how dare you hurt Brother Yuxian’s fiancee! I’ll burn all of you alive.” Gongsun Wuxie snorted, and pulled the trigger continuously.

Jinmu’s face fell. “All step back!” The replicas received the order and stepped back. However, before they could retreat and avoid the attack, Bing Wuxin’s eyes shimmered with a fierce cold gleam. “Song of the White Frost Sword!” In an instant, all the replicas turned into ice sculptures and were rendered motionless. This act wouldn’t kill them, but it could get them killed!


Several enormous explosions turned into intense, powerful flames, which engulfed all of the replicas in one shot. Amidst the dreadful flames, the replicas could be faintly seen struggling, but they were unable to escape. They were being burnt and melted, dissolving into nothingness. Finally, there was only a ground full of spiritual liquid and ten drops of remnant blood left. “Oh yeah! They’re all gone!” Gongsun Wuxie staggered onto her feet and giggled.

Deputy Region Master Xiao’s face fell dramatically, and his panic and terror rose again. Without the replicas, how could he contend with Bing Wuxin? And now there was even an immensely powerful Heavens Made Divine Crossbow to face as well!

Jinmu’s face was dark and gloomy, his eyes flickering with his murderous intention. The words he spat out were cold and harsh as well. “You have destroyed the replicas that I went to great lengths to collect! How do you plan to compensate me?”

“If you’re dead, we wouldn’t have to compensate you, will we?” Bing Wuxin asked coldly, the swords howling behind her. The first blade of sword flew out, transforming into ice and snow that filled the sky and covered Jinmu. His body quickly turned into an ice sculpture. But Bing Wuxin wasn’t at ease. She stared at the ice sculpture, and her face gradually turned solemn.

“Petty tricks!” Despite having transformed into an ice sculpture, Jinmu could still speak. With a shudder of his body, all of the ice on him was blown off, revealing an unscathed Jinmu.

“Beware! Something’s not right with him! Pride of the Heavens Sword Formula!” Bing Wuxin bellowed. The second blade of sword turned into a broken ray of light and headed rapidly toward Jinmu.

Jinmu did not try to dodge it, but slowly closed his eyes. When he opened them again, there was a murderous vibe surrounding him, and his entire temperament had changed. It had become more profound, more stern and fierce, and more spine-chilling.

“A bunch of petty insects, you have forced my original form to strike!” Jinmu’s eyes began to gleam with a light shade of greenish-blue, and a terrifying air was erupting from the inside out.

Su Yu’s heart raced. He examined with his Soul Eye, and his face fell. “Be careful! Some mechanism inside him is being activated!” Su Yu hadn’t noticed this before when he looked through his body. Now he could clearly see that there was a subtle, slim hidden space inside his body. The space had always been confined, hence even the Transparent Eye had failed to notice it. It only showed itself now that it was being activated.

A green stone slab slowly materialized. Two pieces of crystals were embedded in the center of the stone slab. When he fixed his gaze on it, Su Yu could not help but be astounded. “Top-grade crystals!” Both of the crystals were extremely rare top-grade crystals. Even the Red Blood Palace only had three of them in their possession.

One of the crystals appeared dull and lusterless. More than half the pure essence energy in it had been consumed. Another one was still in a state of dormancy and had never been used before. Right now, that dull crystal was consumed at an even faster pace, frenziedly instilling very pure energy into the green stone slab. Jinmu’s energy grew denser and thicker.

Right at that moment, Bing Wuxin’s broken light ray struck forth.


When the sword that could slice even a ninth-grade Almighty into pieces came into contact with Jinmu’s body surface, it seemed to have struck on an All Creations Old Monster. Not only did it fail to cut open his body surface, but the broken light ray ricocheted backward and transformed into a sword shadow again. It returned to Bing Wuxin’s back with a howl.

Bing Wuxin’s bright eyes grew solemn. “His body has hardened! No, his body has been strengthened. Now, it’s no different from the Almighty peak.” Her intuition told her that the opponent’s body had been tremendously strengthened.

Gongsun Wuxie snorted. “I’ve got this!” She raised the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow, and unleashed a shot in his direction. In the blink of an eye, an entirely golden splendor flew toward Jinmu like a stream of light, and exploded with a loud boom. Hot scorching flames set a corner of the space on fire. Even the Void shuddered because of it. Nonetheless, amidst the vast fire, a figure stood unmoving on his spot, totally unharmed.

“Ha, two Ancient Spiritual Bodies, and a counterfeit of the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow.” Jinmu’s voice sounded like a demon’s from the flames. It was extremely evil. “Today, all of you, don’t even think of escaping!”


All of a sudden, the remnant shadow in the flames disappeared.

Bing Wuxin bellowed, “Oh no, everybody, be careful!” Just as she spoke, a black remnant shadow materialized behind Bing Wuxin’s back, like an apparition. When Bing Wuxin noticed, it was too late. A pitch-black fist pummeled toward the back of her head with a horrifying force. The force was enough to smash Bing Wuxin’s skull into smithereens.

Bing Wuxin’s guard was up. The two sword shadows on her back began vibrating ceaselessly. They were unsheathed at the moment the fist struck forth, shielding Bing Wuxin’s skull.


The two sword shadows recoiled forcefully, and a large portion of the force of the punch was unloaded. Bing Wuxin reacted in time. She leaned forward and prevented her vital spot from the blow, and the punch instead landing on her back.


Even so, Bing Wuxin was still severely injured by the punch. With her mouth full of blood, she rolled forward several times.

Su Yu’s face grew stern. “Wuxie, you hold the fort!” He turned into a gust of wind and flew forth, catching Bing Wuxin who was badly injured and plummeting from the sky in his arms, to prevent her from falling to the ground and sustaining further injuries.

“Leave me alone, quickly leave with Wuxie and return to aid the faction,” Bing Wuxin said as she struggled to leave Su Yu’s arms.

Su Yu did not reply, his eyes fixed on Jinmu all the while. He was instilling Vital Energy into Bing Wuxin with one hand to unclog her damaged meridians. He said, “You’ve been injured, just leave the rest to me. You go and stay with Wuxie.” He hauled her up and gently pushed her backward, his gaze still fixed on Jinmu.

Jinmu stopped and sneered at him. “Even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beauty. You could have run away, yet you chose to return and meet your death. That’s extremely foolish!”

Su Yu was calm and composed. He said, “If I were you, I wouldn’t be making insulting remarks. I’d be considering whether I could leave this place alive!” Streaks of cold light flickered in the depths of his eyes.

“Haha, how dare you speak so shamelessly? Not unless Mo Tianxuan arrives in person! Fine, I’ll take your essence blood first!” Jinmu said.


Jinmu’s speed was so fast it seemed to have surpassed the Almighty, and was comparable to the teleportation of All Creations Old Monsters.

Su Yu couldn’t even track Jinmu’s figure with the naked eye. He teleported behind Su Yu, and struck the back of his skull in the same way as he had attacked Bing Wuxin. It was a fatal strike. It was true that his naked eyes couldn’t keep pace, but Su Yu’s Soul Eye was very responsive, and it had detected Jinmu’s teleportation right away. Without any hesitation, Su Yu’s body surface began rippling with the Five Pulse Dominant Wave. In the meantime, a green spiritual ruler appeared on the back of his skull. The green spiritual ruler was highly intelligent. It could estimate the position of the point of attack by itself, and block it in time.


With a dull thud, the green spiritual ruler was blown off, hideous cracks appearing on its surface. Su Yu’s heart ached terribly. It was the treasure that had been with him since the Heavenly Mysterious Divine Pavilion, the Six Directional Ruler. It was a pity that it had been destroyed just like that.

Jinmu’s punch was fierce and brutal. It was only hindered for a moment before it continued launching its attack. When it came into contact with the Five Pulse Dominant Wave, it experienced an instant of impediment. However, the Five Pulse Dominant Wave could only defend against the attack of sixth-grade Almighty at most. A single punch from Jinmu had exceeded the Almighty level and could be compared to the mighty force. The Five Pulse Dominant Wave crumbled by itself after swaying for some time. It seemed like Su Yu was about to suffer the lethal blow. He was helpless and unable to hold it off anymore.

Gongsun Wuxie and Bing Wuxin were both stunned, and launched their attacks consecutively. However, Jinmu did not so much as glance in their direction. Instead, he flashed a deep, cold smile and aimed for Su Yu’s skull.

Right at that moment, Su Yu finally earned some time to respond. Violet light shot out from his left eye as he screamed, “Time Acceleration!” The time around Su Yu quickened by multiple times. Jinmu’s punch that was as fast as lightning appeared extremely slow in Su Yu’s eyes. They were far away, so he supposed Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie wouldn’t notice the effect of the Power of Time. But it would only last for three breaths, and within a short span of time, there was only one chance for Time Acceleration. He only had one chance to kill Jinmu.

With his eyes pinned on the green stone slab inside Jinmu’s body, Su Yu’s eyes flickered with shrewd light. His fingers whisked continuously, and silk threads fluttered in the air, cutting open Jinmu’s abdomen and entered his body. Unless he destroyed that green stone slab, Jinmu couldn’t possibly be properly killed. He was most probably like the replicas, which were close to immortals.

The silk threads flashed past in an instant, and they were about to slice the green stone slab into halves and destroy it. All of a sudden, the green stone slab seemed to have sensed something. The piece of dull top-grade crystal flew away from the stone slab and fended off the head-on attack of the silk threads.


An ear-piercing, shrill sound reverberated, and the top-grade crystal was sliced open. But top-grade crystals were exceptionally hard, so it took a moment longer than usual to be cut open. The green stone slab continued heading in the direction of the Void, and was about to escape.

“Humph!” Su Yu snorted, and the silk threads immediately penetrated the green stone slab. Blood actually gushed out from the stone slab, as if it was some living creature. Seeing that Su Yu could cut the green stone slab in half and destroy it with a whisk of his finger, suddenly the stone slab trembled vigorously, and a blood-curdling energy erupted from it. The strength of the energy overrode the All Creations Mighty Force, and it turned out to be the Mortal Fairy’s Strength. The instant the energy appeared, the silk threads were rendered fluttering away.

In the meantime, the Mortal Fairy’s Strength dashed out from Jinmu’s body along the silk threads, and headed straight toward Su Yu. Upon the emergence of that energy, dark clouds rolled in the heavens and the entire world quivered. Even the faraway inner sanctum could detect the advent of the terrifying energy.

Su Yu was a moth compared to the gigantic mountain pressing onto him. The feeling of having nowhere to take shelter and being on the verge of death made Su Yu’s heart race and his muscles bounce. In the moment of crisis, Su Yu bit his tongue, in an attempt to regain his composure.