The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 951

Chapter 951 Meteor Light Stream

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“Time Freeze!” In critical times like this, Su Yu had no choice but to expose more of his magical powers. A purple dragon flew out from Su Yu’s left eye, and confined the entire space ahead, entering the state of time freeze. The spiritual energies of the world, and the fluffy white clouds, all entered the state of time freeze, as if they had been transported to another time and space.

Jinmu was fixed on his spot as well, standing motionless. However, amidst the frozen time, there was a whiff of energy that overrode all other lives and remained unafflicted. The Mortal Fairy’s Strength was only slightly slowed down, but it wasn’t confined in the frozen time.

The same scenario had happened when the Central Prefecture’s King’s projection had shown himself for the first time. His comprehension regarding the Power of Time wasn’t profound enough, hence he couldn’t pose an impact on the Mortal Fairy’s Strength. The only fortunate thing was that this Mortal Fairy’s Strength was very weak. Now that it was decelerated, Su Yu gained enough time to respond.

The fiery red wings on his back flapped open, and he sprang into action immediately. He took out five round balls and tossed them into the sky. They surrounded Jinmu and enclosed the space around him.


The Mortal Fairy’s Strength flew past a thousand feet from Su Yu, and shot straight out of the sky. Wherever the Mortal Fairy’s Strength had passed by, the heavens and the earth were bombarded, and long cracks and seams were formed. They stretched all the way to the depths of the starry sky. The mighty force penetrated the Sun, the Moon and the galaxies. It pierced the immense sky of the Jiuzhou continent, and shook the whole world.

The Red Blood Palace sank into a state of chaos and tumult. From the ordinary students to the management of the inner sanctum, all of them were stunned.

As for Su Yu, even though the force had acted a thousand feet away from him, he felt as if a colossal battleship had just brushed past his shoulder. The strong, intense turbulence was like a deluge, which pushed Su Yu thousands of miles away. His entire body was in excruciating pain as the concussion raged inside his body, and his throat was filled with a bloody sweetness. His clothes had also been torn to shreds amidst the brutal havoc. Su Yu’s heart was still pounding hard when he sensed the residual destructive force in the air!

As he stared at Jinmu, Su Yu thought deeply about what had just happened. What on earth is that green stone slab, how could it possibly contain the Mortal Fairy’s Strength? Intuition told Su Yu that he could not allow that green stone slab to display its full powers. Otherwise, it would give off the Mortal Fairy’s Strength once again, and no one would be able to fend it off.

“Meteor Light Stream Formation!” Su Yu bellowed and flew toward Jinmu, now that he was still in the state of time freeze. All of a sudden, the five round pearls began revolving rapidly, with Jinmu being the central point. The speed was so astounding that it produced strong flows of air and formed a vortex-like existence, incessantly sucking and swallowing the surroundings.

Jinmu, who stood amidst the vortex, was finally able to remove the seal at that moment. His mind was raging with shock. “What kind of magical power is this?” He couldn’t comprehend the technique that Su Yu had just performed. His body was rendered immobile, as if it was somehow frozen on the spot by some supreme power, leaving only his mind to operate. Jinmu considered himself to be knowledgeable about numerous Ancient Spiritual Bodies, and had a masterly understanding of various magical powers. Yet, he couldn’t identify the magical power that Su Yu had just performed.

Su Yu did not reply. He closed his eyes slowly, and began weaving signs with his hands to activate the Meteor Light Stream Formation. “Now, have a good taste of the formation that you taught me!”

Jinmu’s surroundings experienced intensely strong air pressure. Although his body was mobile now, it was still difficult for him to move. “Humph, the power of the Meteor Light Stream Formation depends on the round pearls of the formation. Unless you have a semi-manufactured fairy artifact, do you think it will affect me?” Jinmu sneered. He forced himself to take a step forward, his stare pinned on Su Yu. He was like a caged ferocious animal that was about to break free from its restraints. The murderous intention in his eyes was clear and forthright.

“Are you sure?” Su Yu asked indifferently. With a press of his palm, the five round pearls were rapidly closed in, and kept narrowing the space. Very quickly, the space shrank from a thousand feet to just thirty feet. The sucking force abruptly strengthened by many times. Jinmu’s entire body was oppressed by the strong air pressure, and was rendered motionless again. It was even difficult for him to speak, “I want to see how much longer you can carry on, and what you…can do…to me…”


Finally, the five round pearls descended. The first one slammed onto Jinmu’s body, but with a snap, it shattered like an egg which had collided with a rock, and turned into powder. Shortly after, the second one collided, and was pulverized as well. The same happened to the third and the fourth ones. Semi-manufactured fairy artifacts were extremely vulnerable when faced with Jinmu’s strong physique.

Finally, there was only one round pearl left. It couldn’t form a strong airflow by revolving on its own, thus it couldn’t oppress Jinmu. Jinmu recovered a small part of his mobility. He grinned, revealing his cruelty. “How do you think I should deal with you?”


Just then, the last round pearl struck. Jinmu tried to avoid it, but the residual air pressure still existed, so he couldn’t dodge it completely. With a cold humph, Jinmu raised his hand and struck with his palm without even giving it a look. However, as his palm came into contact with the pearl, Jinmu was stunned, and he felt that something was wrong. A mighty force that could move the mountains and overturn the seas penetrated his arm, and simply shattered his entire arm into flesh and blood. Only then did his face fall with terror. The realization struck him, and Jinmu lifted his head to look. He discovered that this round pearl was starkly different from the other four, and he couldn’t identify its grade. In an instant, the round pearl slammed onto Jinmu’s body with an invincible force.


The blood-curdling sound of bones shattering reverberated all across Jinmu’s body.

His reinforced body which surpassed the Almighty was like a piece of paper under the collision with round pearl, as cracks and seams appeared all over his body.

Shortly after, with a dull thud, his body was compressed to a flattened state.


Following the loud, intense booming sound, Jinmu was squashed on the ground. The immense force of the Underworld Pearl falling onto the ground made the lands in the nearest thousand miles tremble forcefully. The resultant strong impulsive force swished across the trees and woods, and hundreds of thousands of enormous trees and pebbles were sent flying into the sky. The spectacular scene made Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie, who were watching at the side, marvel in awe.

Bing Wuxin stared at the Underworld Pearl and thought about it. Round pearl, how familiar, where have I seen it, or heard of it before?

“Ahh! Sister Wuxin, watch out, someone’s mounting a sneak attack!” Suddenly, Bing Wuxin heard Gongsun Wuxie’s anxious cry. Before Bing Wuxin could react, she sustained a brutal blow on the back of her skull. Her vision darkened instantly. It was made worse by the fact that she had been badly injured previously, so she collapsed onto the ground. Besides Gongsun Wuxie, there was no one else behind her.

“Hehe, Sister Wuxin, I’m so sorry, but I can’t let you find out Brother Su Yu’s secrets,” Gongsun Wuxie said with a smile as she withdrew her fair dainty hand, and hauled Bing Wuxin up.

When the smoke and dust dissipated, a colossal pit was revealed on the ground, It had a diameter of miles. Inside the pit, there was lava everywhere, and amidst the intense flames all across the ground, a badly shattered body was compressed under the Underworld Pearl, unable to move. That person was Jinmu. Half of his body was squashed under the Underworld Pearl and had turned into sludge. Another half was naked and exposed, and full of cracks which were dispersed all over his body.

“Brat, this…this is the treasure belonging to the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison, the Underworld Pearl, why, why is it in your hands…” Jinmu opened his mouth with painstaking effort. It wasn’t just his body that was compressed, the green stone slab in his body was compressed too. It was flat and square and had been rendered unable to operate.

Su Yu stood on top of the Underworld Pearl. He was surprised. He couldn’t believe someone had actually recognized the Underworld Pearl.