The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 952

Chapter 952 Collecting The Stone Slab

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“The green stone slab in your body is so strange. It’s as if it’s the most important part of your body,” Su Yu said, staring down at Jinmu. In fact, Jinmu’s original form was nothing. It was the green stone slab inside him that was the most bizarre part. It was capable of reinforcing his body to the extent that it surpassed the Almighty, and could be said to be nature-defying.

Besides, Su Yu noticed that the green stone slab had used only one crystal the whole time. The second one had always remained in a state of dormancy. If both of the crystals were operated simultaneously, he believed that Jinmu would undergo a vast transformation for the second time. Then, Su Yu wouldn’t necessarily be able to contend with him.

“Hahaha, so what if you know?” Jinmu laughed cunningly. “If you dare touch me, I believe you’re gonna regret it, because you have absolutely no idea whom you’re up against!”

How could Su Yu not know? Who else could that familiar Mortal Fairy’s Strength belong to if not the Central Prefecture’s King? He was the most terrifying of all the Prefecture’s Kings, and had the strongest capabilities.

“Whom I stand against is none of your business. Let me see what have you actually hidden there.” Su Yu operated his Transparent Eye and glanced at the inside of Jinmu’s body again. The green stone slab was compressed, the small portion of it about to disappear into the space within his body. Su Yu squinted his eyes as he stared at the miniature space seam. He laughed coldly. “If I’m not mistaken, your soul is within that space, right?”

Jinmu had such outstanding cleverness, and he didn’t seem like a puppet without a soul and spiritual intelligence. The only explanation was that he had concealed his soul, and Su Yu hadn’t discovered it before.

Jinmu’s pupils contracted and anxiety flickered in the depths of his pupils. He stealthily operated his bodily strength in an attempt to shift the Underworld Pearl, yet it wouldn’t budge. In the meantime, the green stone slab inside him began trembling lighty under the manipulation of a consciousness. Whiffs of pure spiritual energy were slowly and painstakingly instilled into the green stone slab.

Jinmu’s body surface underwent transformation again. An even stronger, more immense energy was accumulating deep inside his body. “Humph!” Jinmu still hadn’t given up his retaliation at this point of time.

A wine-red light flashed in the depths of Su Yu’s right eye and a space energy broke into the miniature space by force.

“Ahh! What are you doing?!” Jinmu’s face fell dramatically. He immediately operated his thoughts to close off the space. However, due to the green stone slab, the space was lodged and he could not close it. Su Yu’s space energy barged straight into it without any hindrance, and hauled out all of the things inside the space.

Red light shone on Su Yu’s chest, and a soul that resembled a purple sapling was entwined with space energy.

“There’s an existing soul just as I expected,” Su Yu said coldly. He slightly squinted his eyes, and began operating the light of reincarnation, gathering it into his Soul Dimension. He was planning to brutally interrogate him in there, and make him reveal his background.

However, Jinmu looked as if he had encountered something extremely terrifying. He screamed in horror, “Stop it! Stop it now! Put me back into the space, or else I’ll…”


His words trailed off, and a mass of intense flames appeared in his body, igniting the sapling in an instant. After a shrill, agonized scream, the sapling was reduced to nothingness.

Su Yu’s eyelids jumped, and he cautiously retreated. Coldly, he said, “Did someone devise a detection seal inside his body? And once he left the space, the seal activated itself, and destroyed his soul?”

Was the Central Prefecture’s King really behind him? Su Yu was only making a guess. He couldn’t be entirely certain. After all, the Heavenly Knife Region belonged to the Central Prefecture, and there was only one mortal fairy.

When the energy of the flames had dissipated, Su Yu felt remorseful. Jinmu had possessed a rather deep understanding of the man behind the scenes, as well as various cultivation techniques. If he could have forced the answers out of him, it would have served him many benefits.

Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief, and looked over at Jinmu, who was wedged under the Underworld Pearl. Now that his soul was gone, the green stone slab inside Jinmu’s body had stopped working as well. Both of the crystals fell into stillness. This delighted Su Yu. It seemed that the green stone slab only worked when manipulated by consciousness. If he could obtain a reliable soul, hand the green stone slab to him, and then find another reliable body to incorporate it into, wouldn’t his power be doubled?

Activating a crystal alone had been powerful enough. If both of the crystals were activated at the same time, Su Yu believed that even the All Creations strong men would be defeated.

Without a second thought, he gathered up Jinmu’s entire body along with the green stone slab. Su Yu then looked in the direction of the Red Blood Palace, and immediately flew to Gongsun Wuxie’s side. He took a look at Bing Wuxin, who had lost consciousness, and enquired in shock, “Was she that severely injured?”

“You could say that, if my slap is counted.” Gongsun Wuxie chuckled.

Su Yu was grateful. Gongsun Wuxie had gone to great lengths to help him keep his secrets.

“Hey, she’s in a coma now, don’t you want to show some affection? The opportunity is precious,” Gongsun Wuxie asked alluringly as she tapped Bing Wuxin’s plump buttocks.

Su Yu shook his head. “Do I seem like that kind of person?”

“Too bad. Sister Wuxin is so focused on the Path of Swords that she won’t ever develop feelings for anyone. If you don’t make things happen now, you won’t get another chance when she awakes.” Gongsun Wuxie shrugged.

Su Yu was speechless. His eyes turned cold and he said, “Let us leave quickly, the Red Blood Palace management must have sensed the commotion just now, so we’d better leave.”

Gongsun Wuxie didn’t want to expose her secret of being involved in the great battle too. She nodded, and followed Su Yu to take a detour on her way back to the faction.

Not long after, a seam in the space cracked open. Mo Tianxuan strode out from it, and stood above the deep pit of flames. She glanced at the desolation in the aftermath of the disaster, her brows slightly raised. “Such a strong power. Was that the Mortal Fairy’s Strength?” There was puzzlement in her eyes. The appearance of the Mortal Fairy’s Strength in the vicinity of the Red Blood Palace was not a matter to take lightly.

Before long, many of the elders of the inner sanctum had arrived as well. The Great Palace Master of the outside sanctum had come too.

“Inspect the vicinity and check if any clues were left behind,” Mo Tianxuan ordered. As she stared at the deep pit, a doubtful gleam flickered in the depths of her pupils.

Half an hour later, the elders congregated again.

“Have you found anything?” Mo Tianxuan asked.

First to speak was the Great Palace Master of the outside sanctum. He stared at the deep pit below him and said, “Based on my measurements, it must have been some sort of round-pearl-like treasures that caused the commotion. There was also some ghostly scent left behind, so it was most probably the Underworld Pearl.”

Mo Tianxuan nodded. She could tell that too. The one and only Underworld Pearl in the Jiuzhou continent was held by the ruthless demonic man. He had been here!

“Anything else?” Mo Tianxuan questioned.

Master Ghost from the inner sanctum held several drops of dried blood and emerald green liquid on his palm. He said, “This is the mixture of an extremely strong essence blood and some Mu spiritual liquid, which had sustained great damage by flames. Judging from the scent of Mu, it seems very similar to the mysterious Mu man that Deputy Region Master Xiao brought with him.” His eyes shone with shrewd light. “Palace Master, I think that besides the challenge, they were here for other motives.”

All the elders agreed with his proposition. They had also found broken fragments of Deputy Region Master Xiao’s body. The only inexplicable part was the reason they were here, fighting the ruthless demonic man. Judging from the scenario left behind after the battle, they must have perished at his hands.

Mo Tianxuan pondered this for a moment, with Su Yu’s figure hovering in her mind all the while. Now that she thought about it carefully, wherever the ruthless demonic man had appeared, there would be Su Yuxian’s traces, sooner or later. Now, the ruthless demonic man had shown himself somewhere nearby the Red Blood Palace, and Jinmu and Deputy Region Master Xiao happened to have animosity toward Su Yuxian. Mo Tianxuan didn’t believe that it was merely a coincidence.

“How did you slip past my soul searching technique?” Mo Tianxuan mumbled under her breath, as doubts and confusion arose in her heart.