The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 955

Chapter 955 Two Peerless Women

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Su Yu was led by the two guards into a hall in the Inner Palace. Even though he was nervous, he could only brace himself and go there since he was being closely watched by the two guards.

If Mo Tianxuan really tried to use force on him, Su Yu’s only option would be to leave the Red Blood Palace, and it was only that he would be able to get rid of all troubles. However, the Glittering Jewel Wonderland would shortly open, and if he just left like that, where he could get an All Creation Old Monster’s recommendation to enter the Glittering Jewel Wonderland?

When Su Yu stepped into the hall, he discovered that Mo Tianxuan wasn’t there, and only a white-clothed woman was present. She seemed to be in her twenties, and had a graceful, slim, yet still curvaceous body. She was wearing pure white clothes, which hid her body, and gave her a special charm.

If one looked at her carefully, he would discover that her face was also extremely pretty, and her jade-like face had delicate and refined facial features. She had delicate skin, which seemed as glossy as pebbles.

After Su Yu observed her carefully, he was taken aback. “Bing Wuxin, why are you here?” This extremely beautiful woman wasn’t anyone other than Bing Wuxin. An instant later, Su Yu said, “Wait! You aren’t Bing Wuxin! Who are you?”

This woman was incredibly similar to Bing Wuxin, and even the fine details on their faces were almost identical. It could almost be said that she was her clone. However, Su Yu felt a strange feeling coming from her body. Unlike the ice-cold Bing Wuxin, this woman seemed as gentle as water, and didn’t possess a sharp aura. If Bing Wuxin was a raging flame, then the woman before him would be her opposite. She was as gentle as water, and one would feel boundless warmth if they were to stand next to her.

Their different temperaments made Su Yu realize that this woman wasn’t Bing Wuxin. However, he was still bewildered by their great similarity. There were many people in the world who were similar to someone else, but rarely would they be this similar. Su Yu couldn’t help but be skeptical about this.

If it was just their appearance alone, which was similar to the point that they could be described as twins, Su Yu wouldn’t be baffled by it. If, however, even their souls’ aura was the same, this would be an incredulous matter.

When Su Yu observed her with his Soul Eyes, the soul witnessed by him was unexpectedly similar to Bing Wuxin’s soul. According to everything Su Yu knew, it was impossible for two people to have a completely identical soul aura. What was going on?

Upon hearing a person’s voice, the white-clothed woman turned around slowly, and looked at Su Yu with her bright eyes. She said with a smile, “Are you Su Yuxian? I heard your name long ago.”

“Who are you?” Su Yu asked warily. “Where is Palace Mistress Mo?”

The white-clothed woman looked at Su Yu calmly, her expression serene. “My mistress has summoned you, but it’s me who will receive you.”

Her Mistress? Su Yu rolled his eyes. Mo Tianxuan had taken just two disciples, an informal one, and a true inheritor. Su Yu had already seen her informal disciple, Shangguan Qinger. As for her true inheritor, it was the Red Blood Palace’s number one expert, who was described as a legendary person in the rumors whispered about her. It was Bing Wuqing.

It was known that she had easily managed to defeat the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ number one female genius, and she was a peerless genius at the same level as Gu Taixu.

“Bing Wuqing?” Su Yu’s frown disappeared, and he looked at her in surprise. He had already found the similarity between Bing Wuxin and Bing Wuqing’s names quite odd, and he hadn’t expected that even their appearances were similar.

The white-clothed woman pursed her lips, and revealed a bright smile.

It’s her! Su Yu surveyed the surroundings, and his eyes flickered.”You want to take revenge against me?” he asked.

When Master Gui was about to hand over the mission of killing Mo Yang to Bing Wuxin, Bing Wuqing’s projection had appeared, and had obstructed him. Even someone with a high status like Master Gao was forced to obey her order, however, Su Yu had dared to resist it openly.

When he thought about this, Su Yu found himself slightly speechless. At that time, he had planned to leave the sanctum and didn’t have any misgivings about his actions. Who would have expected that he would end up coming back to the sanctum?

“That isn’t the case,” Bing Wuqing said with a smile, while she took several steps toward Su Yu. Her eyes flickered brightly, as she said, “If I wanted to harm you, the one standing before you wouldn’t be me, but my master, who would use Soul Search against you once again.

“What do you mean?” Su Yu’s pupils contracted. Could this woman persuade Mo Tianxuan to go back on her decision?

Regardless of everything else, the two guards were Mo Tianxuan’s trusted guards. It was impossible to bribe them and get them to pretend that it was Mo Tianxuan who had sent them over.

“You understood what I meant. My master is quite suspicious of you, and wants to use Soul Search against you once again. I can dissuade her.” Bing Wuqing was now just ten meters from Su Yu, and her delicate fragrance fluttered over to him. It was like the fragrance of a peaceful valley’s flowers. Bing Wuqing pursed her lips and smiled. “Moreover, I can obviously still persuade her to continue, and to use Soul Search against you.”

Su Yu narrowed his eyes, and said, “I’m innocent, and don’t really fear any Soul Search.”

“No, you are afraid of it.” Bing Wuqing’s eyes were crystal clear, and were gleaming like the mouth of a spring. However, Su Yu could feel a hidden coldness among her warmth.

“Is it the case?” Su Yu asked coldly.

Bing Wuqing smiled, took out a scroll, and unfolded it. It had a picture of a silver-haired handsome youth on it, and it seemed like the picture of a celestial being. However, it could be seen from the marks on it that it was painted recently.

“I got this picture from a Soul Seizing Palace’s elder,” Bing Wuqing said, giving him a warm and meaningful smile. “You surely want to know whether that elder is in the Red Blood Palace, don’t you?”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu’s pupils contracted. What he was most worried about had occurred. They had seen through his true identity. That damned Soul Seizing Palace!

Su Yu’s expression became grave, and his gaze turned ice-cold. “You know who I am, yet you still dare to threaten me? Aren’t you a little too confident of yourself? Do you feel like I won’t dare to do anything, or that I’m incapable of achieving it?”

Bing Wuqing put the picture away, pursued her lips, and revealed a faint smile. “Junior brother Su, you are speaking too seriously. How would I dare to threaten the renowned new star of the demonic path? I just want to make a deal with you.”

Su Yu spoke coldly, “State it!”

Bing Wuqing walked over to him, and stopped only when she was half a meter away. They could clearly smell each other’s scent at such a distance. She said, “It’s quite simple. I want you to do just one thing: become my fiancé.”

Su Yu was taken aback by this, and he said coldly, “Is this to thwart Bing Wuxin?”

Bing Wuqing nodded while wearing a faint smile. “That’s right! I want to take everything that she has, even her fiancé.”

Su Yu just laughed in response. “If it’s just this, don’t bother going to such trouble. There isn’t anything between us, and I’m not really her fiancé.”

However, Bing Wuqing just shook her head. “No, you don’t understand Bing Wuxin. Once she had decided something, it will be difficult for her to go back on it. Since she had already stated that you are fiancé, then according to my understanding of her character, she will surely carry this out, and you will become her true fiancé before too long.”

Su Yu considered this for a moment. It seemed preposterous. He lifted his eyes, looked at Bing Wuqing and said, “What If I reject it? Can you deal with me? Or can the Red Blood Palace stop me if I want to leave?” If he wanted to escape, only a few people in the whole world would be able to stop him. Even if Mo Tianxuan came here personally, Su Yu didn’t fear her.

Bing Wuxin was still as calm as before, and she said with a smile, “If you want to leave, no one can stop you, but you will lose the right to go into the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. It seems to me like you won’t find in a short period any All Creation Old Monster who would dare to recommend you.”

The Glittering Jewel Wonderland! This woman was so scheming that he became slightly restless. She had immediately found Su Yu’s weak spot. She was right, if he wanted to leave, he would have done it long ago, and he had stayed here until now just for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

“How about it? Why don’t you become my fiancé? As long as you nod, I will immediately order people to destroy the Soul Seizing Palace, and kill all the people who are aware of your problem.” Bing Wuqing smiled calmly, while making a cruel and bloody suggestion.