The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 956

Chapter 956 Reaching A Deal

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Bing Wuqing’s suggestion was quite tempting. The Soul Seizing Palace had colluded with the Central Prefecture, and had managed to work out Su Yu’s true identity. He had desired to kill them for a long time. Su Yu would be happy to see them completely eliminated, so had no obvious reason to reject Bing Wuqing’s suggestion.

However, as Bing Wuxin’s face appeared in his mind, Su Yu said coldly, “I will reject your offer.” Even though he didn’t know why Bing Wuqing was trying to thwart Bing Wuxin, nor understood the grudge between them, he didn’t like to betray people.

There was now a great possibility that he would end up missing the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. This would especially be the case once Bing Wuqing announced Su Yu’s true identity. Once people learned that Su Yu was an enemy of the Central Prefecture’s King, no faction would be willing to face the anger of the Central Prefecture’s King, and help him.

However, Su Yu had made such a choice so that he could keep a clear conscience. It didn’t really matter whether he could get to enter the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

“If you want to divulge my true identity, just do it,” Su Yu said calmly. He had already prepared himself to give up on the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, and leave the Red Blood Palace.

However, Su Yu was surprised to discover that Bing Wuqing wasn’t disappointed or angry. Nor did she try to threaten him. Instead, she looked at Su Yu with a meaningful gaze. “I really didn’t expect you to make such a choice. However, even though it’s unexpected, it’s still reasonable.” She clenched her fist, and the picture she was holding was engulfed by flames and burned to ashes.

“What does this mean?” Su Yu’s eyes flickered as he spoke.

Bing Wuqing said with a smile, “It’s as you have just seen. I will keep your secret.”

Su Yu stared at her, and tried to fathom what this woman was thinking.

“Bing Wuxin is lucky to have found a fiancé like you. I really can’t help but envy her,” Bing Wuqing said with a smile. She envied her because of Su Yu’s true identity, as well as his dedication to her.

“You will give up, just like this?” Su Yu asked. He found himself unable to believe it.

“That isn’t the case,” Bing Wuqing said with a smile. “I will give up on trying to convince you to become my fiancé, but this doesn’t mean I will let go of an expert like you. I will change the conditions. I won’t use you to thwart Bing Wuxin. You just need to help me win the Glittering Jewel Wonderland’s final fight, and get the final victory.”

If Su Yu, who possessed peerless fighting prowess, and who had managed to consecutively kill the Blood Emperor, and five renowned All Creation Old Monsters like the Bright Light Guards, was willing to help Bing Wuqing in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, she would manage to win every fight.

Su Yu mulled this over. Such a condition wasn’t out of the question, and he could consider it.

“As repayment, I won’t just help you keep your secret. I will also provide you with a cultivation ground, where you can cultivate peacefully without being disturbed by anyone,” Bing Wuqing said.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered. “What? You won’t help me eliminate all the Soul Seizing Palace’s members who are aware of that matter?”

“Hehe, are you now regretting your rejection of the previous deal?” Bing Wuqing asked back.

Su Yu shook his head calmly. “It’s better to take care of some matters by myself. I will be more at ease then.”

Upon hearing him, Bing Wuqing pursed her lips, and smiled. “I also have the same opinion.” Her eyes flickered, and she fell silent for a moment, before she said, “Oh that’s right, I must still warn you. The Soul Seizing Palace’s members will come here in two months, and will converge with the other members of the factions affiliated to the Red Blood Palace. If you don’t want them to see through you, you should prepare well.”

Upon hearing her, Su Yu nodded. “Understood!”

Even if she hadn’t warned him, Su Yu would still have prepared for it, and looked for some ways to hide his appearance. There were countless experts in Jiuzhou, and many geniuses proficient in mysterious techniques were among them. He couldn’t be sure that a special person capable of seeing through one’s true age and appearance was among the Soul Seizing Palace’s members. He must strengthen his concealment techniques, and he could hand over such a matter to a certain person, and let him take care of it.

“This is my private cultivation ground, and was prepared by my master for me. There isn’t anyone who can disturb you besides me. You can just cultivate here for the time being, and you don’t need to go back to the Outer Sanctum.” Bing Wuqing threw a purple jade ornament at Su Yu. It had a map, and also had a special aura. He could use that aura to easily pass through some defensive mechanisms and seals.

“See you in two months. I’m looking forward to your performance.” Bing Wuqing cast Su Yu a meaningful glance, before she left while wearing a faint smile. Su Yu was left alone in the empty hall.

Su Yu couldn’t help but furrow his brow as he looked in the direction Bing Wuqing had gone. “Who is Bing Wuqing? Can a trifling disciple manage to dissuade Mo Tianxuan, and make her give up on using Soul Search against me?” It seemed to Su Yu that Mo Tianxuan was a woman who dared to do anything. She dared to violate even a Heart Oath Ancient Scroll, yet she would unexpectedly listen to a trifling disciple.

Moreover, was it really possible that Bing Wuqing had coincidentally ended up getting Su Yu’s picture from a Soul Seizing Palace’s elder? If it wasn’t the case, then Bing Wuqing surely had a colossal faction backing her. Moreover, what was her relationship with Bing Wuxin?

Su Yu, who still had many doubts, went to the cultivation ground given to him by Bing Wuqing, and it was only after he went there that he discovered that it was a pyramid-shaped silver magical treasure. Its whole body was emitting great spiritual power, and it was like a powerful spirit was within the pyramid.

“A semi-manufactured fairy artifact?” Su Yu’s pupils contracted. All semi-manufactured fairy artifacts would start giving birth to spiritual power, and the greater their spiritual power, the more powerful the magical treasure’s might would be.

Su Yu had a prototype fairy artifact, the Five Elements Strong Thunder Seal, but it didn’t possess any spiritual power. This semi-manufactured fairy artifact’s might could probably rival Gongsun Wuxie’s Heavenly Crafter Divine Crossbow.

After Su Yu entered the fairy artifact, he discovered that there was a special dimension inside it. It had many pavilions, kiosks, pools, and seemed like a land in a peaceful valley. A melodious zither’s sound reached his ears. It was capable of calming one’s mind, cleansing one’s heart, and help one concentrate better. Moreover, dense spiritual energy was flowing in the sky, and it was many times denser than the outside world.

“This is a pretty good environment,” Su Yu said inwardly. Since the Red Blood Palace provided a semi-manufactured fairy artifact to Bing Wuqing for her cultivation, it could be seen that they did their utmost to train her well.

This place had several pavilions, and besides the one in the middle, which had its defensive mechanisms activated, the others were all empty.

Su Yu stared at the central pavilion for a moment, before he stepped into the pavilion near him. The jade ornament on his waist emitted a crisp sound as he entered it, and the defensive formation was activated. None would be capable of getting inside without Su Yu’s permission.

After Su Yu entered a room, he immediately put two objects in front of him. They were the second and third moves of the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm which he had gotten from the Bright Light Guards, as well as the Five Elements Divine Prison. The former could be considered a fairy cultivation technique, whose might would become stronger the more one progressed in its cultivation.

Su Yu had already mastered the first move, Sun Palm, and it couldn’t be considered powerful. At least, it wasn’t as powerful as Su Yu had imagined, and its might was even weaker than the high-grade legendary technique, Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art. However, it was only after trying the second and third moves that he would know whether its might would become stronger.

As for the Five Elements Divine Prison, he had now already comprehended ninety Demon Clan’s characters, and if he comprehended ten more, he would finish comprehending a hundred. He would then be able to use a tenth of the Five Elements Divine Prison’s might, and he could forcefully imprison even All Creation Old Monsters.

Su Yu had only two months left, and he must make enough progress in that time.

He first inspected his surroundings, and ascertained that this place wasn’t being monitored, before he started using his Time Speeding Power. He started trying to comprehend the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm and the Five Elements Mysteries Art while time was speeded up by five hundred times.

While Su Yu was in secluded cultivation, a storm started surging in Jiuzhou Continent’s forty-five regions. In the land of the extreme north, a black sun rose from the horizon, and overshadowed the sun in the sky, depriving the extreme north of the sun and the moon’s radiance.

If one carefully observed the black sun, he would discover that a tall youth clad in black clothes was in it. His eyes were shining in divine light, and an imposing aura was emanating from him. It was like he was the king of the whole world.

“One of my Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction’s disciples finally managed to successfully cultivate Heavenly Demon Black Sun Art.” Delight appeared on the face of a man, who had a black imperial crown atop his head, and had turbulent demonic energy around him.