The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 958

Chapter 958 Sealing A Cultivation Technique

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Su Yu’s eyes flickered. “Is that really the case?”

“Junior brother Su, you don’t need to suspect me. I believe that you have surely come in contact with such Treasure Talismans before,” Bing Wuqing said.

Su Yu had come in contact with Treasure Talismans. Elder Jing’s Formation Breaking Hammer’s Treasure Talisman had been obtained by the Shao family in the past. Once it was activated, it would release the Formation Breaking Hammer’s phantom image, which possessed the Formation Breaking Hammer’s true power. However, it could only be used once.

Moreover, Treasure Talismans were quite rare because making them would greatly damage the original magical treasure, and if too many were made, the magical treasure would even be destroyed.

The magical treasures used to craft Treasure Talismans were usually objects which couldn’t be used by their owner, and since selling them would be a pity, they would just decide to use them to craft Treasure Talismans.

“I know them.” Su Yu nodded calmly.

Bing Wuqing said, “It will be simpler then. If you can trust me, I can help you make the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm’s Treasure Talisman, and you should be able to use it several times.”

“Aren’t cultivation techniques a different matter to magical treasures?” Su Yu asked her. Magical treasures could be used to make Treasure Talismans, but was it also the case for cultivation techniques?

“It’s obviously possible, but you will need some special means. Only I can achieve it,” Bing Wuqing said.

Su Yu mulled it over for a moment, before he said, “What do you want from me in return?” Su Yu had already agreed to help her get the final victory in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, so what did she want more? Did she want to try thwarting Bing Wuxin once again?

“You don’t need to be nervous. It’s just a small request.” Bing Wuqing smiled brightly.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered. “As long as it’s an acceptable request, I won’t mind fulfilling it. However, you should first craft three talismans.”

Bing Wuqing nodded with a smile, and took three archaic pieces of golden paper. A sharp sword was depicted on the paper, and it was emitting a scalding aura. It was like a burning fire sword.

“These are three damaged talismans, which have already been used, and lost their former magical treasure’s phantom image. Now, as long as you seal your technique’s attack in them, you can use it with the talismans. Even if people discovered that you had used the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm, you can just say that you bought the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm’s talisman from the black market. Their presence in the black market isn’t any secret, even though they rarely appear there.”

Su Yu nodded to show that he fully understood.

“Now, attack me,” Bing Wuqing said.

Su Yu hesitated for a moment, but as he thought about her cultivation level, he set his mind at ease. Even though she didn’t reveal any aura, Su Yu, who had witnessed countless Divine Master experts, could discern that she was a Level Nine Divine Master, and could tell that she possessed power at the peak of the Divine Master Realm.

“Fine, but be careful,” Su Yu said, and started using the Sun Divine Palm. Sunshine was condensed in his right arm, and a bright sun started rising from it. It illuminated the surroundings, and quickly went toward Bing Wuqing. All matter would be melted by the sun’s radiance, and would be erased from the world.

When the sun’s radiance closed in on Bing Wuqing, she didn’t try to defend against it, and just extended a single finger to touch the sun’s radiance. A shocking scene then appeared, as the sun’s radiance which engulfed the sky coagulated, and was engulfed by a blue light membrane.

Su Yu, who was using the cultivation technique, was also interrupted forcefully. The dazzling sun’s radiance started going into the archaic talisman in Bing Wuqing’s hand, and it became filled with spiritual power, and powerful spiritual energy.

The eyes of Su Yu couldn’t help but flicker. “You can seal cultivation techniques?”

This was the skill that Bing Wuqing was the sole person capable of achieving. The only explanation for such a strange gift was bloodline’s power. Just as Bing Wuxin possessed Ancient Heavenly Sword’s bloodline, Bing Wuqing possessed a bloodline which providing her with the gift of sealing cultivation techniques.

Bing Wuqing just smiled, and didn’t reply. She indicated that Su Yu should continue. After a short while, the refinement of three talismans was completed.

Bing Wuqing took a few light steps forward while wearing a faint smile, and put the three talismans in Su Yu’s hand. She said, “I have finished making the talismans, and now, it’s up to you to fulfill my small request.”

Su Yu replied after he thinking it over for a moment, “I can refuse it as long as I find it harmful”

“Junior brother Su, it’s just a small request. You don’t need to be this nervous,” Bing Wuqing said with a smile, “Close your eyes.”

Su Yu furrowed his brow, but after a moment’s hesitation, he closed his eyes.

Bing Wuqing extended her jade-life finger, and tapped Su Yu’s forehead. The touch was warm and soft, and it felt like a piece of warm jade, and was quite soothing.

“It’s fine now,” Bing Wuqing said.

Su Yu opened his eyes, which were filled with suspicion. Even though he had closed his eyes, he had still been paying attention to all of Bing Wuqing’s movements. Was it this simple? Su Yu was confused, but Bing Wuqing still hadn’t done anything harmful to him.

“Fine! Junior brother Su, please leave, you don’t have much time left,” Bing Wuqing said meaningfully.

He didn’t have much time left? Su Yu was taken aback by this. Would the Glittering Jewel Wonderland open up shortly?

“Farewell!” Su Yu cupped his fists at her, before walking toward the gate and leaving.

Bing Wuqing looked at Su Yu, and a meaningful smile played at the corners of her mouth. The simple gesture of tapping him was obviously anything but normal.

After Su Yu left the inner sanctum, he rushed toward the outer sanctum. There was a vast forest between the inner and outer sanctums, and it had many demonic beasts. It had many Level Nine Fairy Realm high-grade demonic beasts, and one could also occasionally run into Divine Master Realm demonic beasts. However, they didn’t pose any threat to Su Yu.

Just a short while after Su Yu had left the inner sanctum, he felt a cold wind assaulting him, and he felt an expert had locked onto him.

He turned his head, and looked over his shoulder. A Level Seven Divine Master Realm youth was following him closely. He seemed around twenty-five years old, had black skin, and a ferocious gaze. His whole body was emanating a wild aura, and he seemed like a wild beast which would prey on people.

“Senior brother, why are you following me? Do you need anything?” Su Yu examined his outfit, and discovered that it was the inner sanctum’s distinctive blue robe.

The dark-skinned youth continued flying until he was just a hundred meters from Su Yu. He didn’t restrain at all his powerful aura, and he engulfed Su Yu with it.

If Su Yu was really just an ordinary Level Nine Fairy, he would find even breathing quite difficult as he was engulfed by such a wild aura, let alone facing the youth.

However, Su Yu had fought even All Creation Old Monsters several times, so how could he fear this person’s aura?

“Are you Su Yuxian?” The dark-skinned youth asked, and revealed his pearly white teeth. They formed a sharp contrast with his black skin, and made him seem more sinister.

Upon noticing from his tone that he didn’t harbor any good intentions, Su Yu said coldly, “Who are you?”

The dark-skinned youth examined Su Yu. It should be usually difficult for a Fairy to speak while engulfed by his aura, yet Su Yu seemed unaffected by it, and was even questioning him back.

“Who I am isn’t important. What is important is that if you don’t want to die, you must tell me what happened between you and junior sister Bing when you stayed in her residence,” the dark-skinned youth asked him.

Su Yu stared at him, and said, “It’s none of your business.”

“Hehe, old man, you are really arrogant. Did you really assume that you can look down upon everyone just because you are proficient in the Wood Clan Language, and had an Ancient Spiritual Body?” The dark-skinned youth sneered at him coldly. “You can act proudly in front of ordinary disciples, but you don’t amount to anything in comparison to senior sister Tian Yu.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu was taken aback. He assumed that the dark-skinned youth had come here out of jealousy, but, in the end, he was just following Tian Yu’s orders.

What dumbfounded Su Yu even more was that Tian Yu was a woman who belonged to the Right Palace Master’s camp. She was a peerless genius ranked second in the whole sanctum. She was quite young, yet she had already cultivated to the Level Nine Divine Master Realm, and had surpassed countless outstanding youths.

The Level Nine Divine Master Realm was a level which many martial artists in Jiuzhou Continent couldn’t reach even after spending their whole lives trying, yet she had managed to achieve it. Just from her cultivation alone, it could be seen that she wasn’t inferior to Bing Wuqing.

If Bing Wuqing’s fame wasn’t too resounding and dazzling, and didn’t overshadow everyone, Tian Yu’s name wouldn’t be unknown.

Outsiders just knew that the Red Blood Palace had a single genius woman, Bing Wuqing, and they were all unaware that they also had someone as talented as Tian Yu.

It would be impossible for Su Yu to be unaware of this woman’s name, and this was also the reason why he was dumbfounded. Su Yu stared at the dark-skinned youth, and asked in suspicion, “Is it her who wants to ask this? Or, are you just making use of senior sister Tian Yu’s name?”