The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 959

Chapter 959 Shanliang Is Injured

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“You don’t need to suspect what I stated isn’t true. It isn’t a secret that senior sister Tian Yu is one of the people infatuated with junior sister Bing,” the dark-skinned youth said, “Now, I will ask you for the last time what has occurred between you and her.”

Upon hearing him, Su Yu was dumbfounded for a long while, and then he realized that Tian Yu must be a lesbian. Even this world had lesbian women.

“Nothing had occurred. I merely used junior sister Bing’s cultivation ground,” Su Yu said. He really didn’t feel like fighting this person.

The dark-skinned youth’s expression turned for the better, and he stared at Su Yu. “You had better not deceive me,” he said.

The dark-skinned youth got a blunt reply, and he immediately turned around. It seemed like he wanted to report this matter to Tian Yu straight away. Before he left, the dark-skinned youth warned him again. “This will be the first and last warning. Don’t try to get close to junior sister Bing, or else, no one will be able to save you.”

Su Yu couldn’t help but shake his head while looking at him, and he went back to the Demon Mountain with his mind still in a mess. Upon reaching it, he discovered that Bai Shanliang, who had been carrying out a mission, had returned.

Moreover, it seemed like the current situation was anything but normal. Even Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie, who were in secluded cultivation, were now in Bai Shanliang’s house. When Su Yu entered the house, he was surprised when he saw Bai Shanliang. A green fog was rising from his body, and revolving around it.

Su Yu could clearly smell the acrid scent of the green fog without even approaching it. It was the scent of something rotten, and it assaulted his senses. Su Yu clicked his tongue, as he looked at the green fog, “A poisonous fog?”

Su Yu activated his Soul Eyes, and his pupils couldn’t help but contract when he looked at Bai Shanliang. His body had a green liquid running through it, and the liquid had already fused with his blood. All of his blood vessels contained the liquid.

The face of Bai Shanliang, which was usually pale, was now a greenish color, while his eyes were closed tightly, and his whole body was convulsing. It was obvious that he was in pain.

Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie were both standing before the bed wearing solemn expressions. They both furrowed their brows.

“What has happened to senior brother Shanliang?” Su Yu walked over anxiously.

Bing Wuxin just glanced at Su Yu, and didn’t reply. She looked at Bai Shanliang with a grave expression.

Gongsun Wuxie turned her head around with her face filled with anger and grief. “Brother Shanliang was sneak attacked by someone.”

“Who was it?” Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold. Bai Shanliang had taken care of him in the Red Blood Palace, and he was one of his few friends.

Gongsun Wuxie revolved her Vital Energy, and lifted Bai Shanliang’s shirt to reveal his chest. A big black palm print was engraved there. This black palm print’s five fingers were distinct, and they resembled a ghost’s claw. Moreover, it was also filled with eerie ghost energy.

“Ghost energy? Did senior brother Shanliang run into a ghost?” Su Yu recognized the origin of such a palm print. It really belonged to a ghost.

Gongsun Wuxie nodded. “That is right. He was attacked by a mysterious All Creation Realm ghost. He wanted to control brother Shanliang, but he managed to escape away.”

General Blood Bone! Su Yu knew just a single All Creation Realm ghost, and it was General Blood Bone. “How did senior brother Shanliang run into him?” Su Yu asked in surprise.

Gongsun Wuxie replied, “I’m not really clear about this. Both senior brothers Shanliang and Renyao took an investigative mission, and in the end, brother Renyao went missing, while brother Shanliang was badly injured.”

Investigative mission? Was it an investigation about General Blood Bone? After Su Yu had discovered General Blood Bone, he had transmitted news about him to the sanctum, and shortly after that, both Bai Shanliang and Tian Renyao went off to carry out a mission.

“It was an investigative mission about the ghost who escaped from the Elegant Spirit Mountain,” Gongsun Wuxie said. She clenched her teeth, while her gaze became ice-cold.

It’s really the case!

Su Yu’s heart sank. General Blood Bone was in the past just a remnant soul, which occupied Manor Master Zhang’s body. Yet, he had recovered until his cultivation reached Level Nine Divine Master Realm. When they ran into him last time, his cultivation level had already returned to the All Creation Realm. General Blood Bone’s power was rising quickly, and was gradually reaching its past peak state. Moreover, his concrete power was still a mystery.

Since Bai Shanliang and Tian Renyao had run into him, they would surely have met a bad end. Now, Tian Renyao had gone missing, while Bai Shanliang had suffered heavy injuries. It had really cast a shadow upon the Demon Mountain.

“When did he come back?” Su Yu walked over and asked.

“Three days ago,” Gongsun Wuxie replied.

Su Yu’s furrowed his brows. “Why isn’t the sanctum still treating his injuries?” The sanctum shouldn’t have any reason for abandoning Bai Shanliang, given how high his status in the outer sanctum was.

“The Great Palace Master, Palace Master Hua, and Palace Mistress Kong Chan all came over to have a look at him, but they can’t deal with this. They can only wait for Palace Mistress Mo to take care of it, but she has already left the sanctum, and it’s unknown when she will come back,” Gongsun Wuxie said.

Even the Great Palace Master couldn’t deal with this? The Great Palace Master was a Level Nine Divine Master Realm expert.

Su Yu stared at Bai Shanliang’s injuries, and said, “Senior brother Shanliang has two types of injuries. The first one is from the ghost palm print. It has ghost energy, which is corroding his internal organs, and even if medicinal power seeped into his body, it will be corroded by the ghost energy, hence why it can’t be used to treat him.”

“As for the second one, it’s slightly strange. What is the acute poison inside senior brother Shanliang’s body? His whole body has no blood in it at all. It was filled with just that green poisonous liquid. It’s a tricky problem.”

For the former, Su Yu could use the Milky Way Star Sand to absorb the ghost energy, but for the latter, Su Yu didn’t dare to touch it rashly. That green liquid was quite strange.

“Wuxie, you have told him?” Bing Wuxin looked at Su Yu, before she cast a glance at Gongsun Wuxie.

At this moment, Gongsun Wuxie widened her eyes, and looked curiously at Su Yu, before she shook her head. She said, “I took a hundred and one oaths, and it’s surely not me who has told him.”

Bing Wuxin looked back and forth at Su Yu and Gongsun Wuxie before she coldly snorted, stared at Su Yu, and said, “I don’t care how you manage to learn about Bai Shanliang’s bloodline situation, but you still must keep this matter a secret.”

Bloodline? Could it be that the green liquid was Bai Shanliang’s blood?

“Bai Shanliang comes from a special clan, and has special blood. His blood innately contains acute poison, and the reason why he can make extremely deadly poison is that he adds his blood essence to it. This is why you usually see him with a pale face. He has often lost a large amount of blood.”

“He possesses a special skill, and once he runs into great danger, he can activate his bloodline’s power, and deter all enemies. However, its consequences are that his bloodline’s power will need to go to sleep for a while before recovering to its usual state. It won’t pose any danger to him, so you don’t need to worry about it.”

“The true trouble is that ghost’s palm print. We are now just depending upon the Vital Energy imbued into Bai Shanliang by the Great Palace Master to prevent the ghost energy from spreading, but this can’t cure it. If Palace Mistress Mo doesn’t come back in time, his life will be in danger.”

Was this the case? Su Yu was surprised. Since he possessed bloodline’s power, does he possess an Ancient Spiritual Body’s bloodline? Does Bai Shanliang also have an Ancient Spiritual Body?

“If it’s just this alone, I have a way to deal with it. I can give it a try, and see whether I can treat his injuries. However, I don’t want people to see the process. So, please leave for now,” Su Yu said.

Bing Wuxin looked at him suspiciously. Even the Great Palace Master couldn’t deal with this, yet Su Yu had a way of dealing with it? However, as Bing Wuxin recalled that Su Yu was proficient in many mysterious techniques, she nodded despite her skepticism. “Wuxie, let’s go out.”

Bing Wuxin brushed past Su Yu without glancing at him. However, she had just passed by him when she stopped in her tracks, and her gaze became sharp. “Wait!”

Bing Wuxin’s pretty eyes stared at Su Yu, and were locked into his forehead. Her gaze was brimming with killing intent.