The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Test of Constitution

Han Zhi had long had lewd thoughts about Ruo Lan. Furthermore, Han Zhi had been favored by an elder in the faction and was his personal disciple. His status was extraordinary.

But Ruo Lan was deeply in love with Li Guang, even though she had never admitted it. Then, Han Zhi had assaulted her and blamed Li Guang.

Li Guang was still as furious as ever, one hundred years later.

Li Guang had contributed much to the faction, so the faction had given him a chance. He was sent to Shenyue Island in order to find a suitable disciple within a hundred years. Xu Rong went with him.

Whoever found the most talented disciple would obtain a Liuxian Token, and they could consequently request anything within the power of the faction master.

With Li Guang's Liuxian Token, he intended to investigate the incident and clear his name. He did not want Ruo Lan to misunderstand him for eternity. He had waited for this moment on Shenyue Island for a hundred years, getting old and haggard.

The Holy Disciples were all touched by his story; who had known the Holy King had such a tragic story? What kind of patience and willpower must he possess to be willing to wait a hundred years for this opportunity? He had spent his whole life waiting for the chance to explain everything to the love of his life and clear his name.

"Su Yu, I will never forget your act of benevolence," Li Guang thanked him.

Su Yu shook his head, "You did me a favor by nurturing me, I should repay you. You have given me an opportunity to see the Zhenlong continent. I should be the one thanking you."

Li Guang was apologetic, "Even though you are a Holy Disciple, I never taught you anything. It is too bad... My life is coming to an end. I will die within a month. I'm afraid I am unable to teach you any longer."

"Teacher!" All the Holy Disciples fell to the ground in disbelief.

Even though the Holy King was more than a hundred years old, he was still spirited and hearty; he was overall very healthy. How could he only have a month to live?

Xu Rong, who was standing to the side, grimaced, "Your Holy King was attacked multiple times by Han Zhi when he came to Shenyue Island. Once, he was injured and became ill. For him to survive this long it's a miracle."

One month only one month to live.

Everybody was in grief. Even if the Holy King was proven innocent, he could never spend his life together with the person he loved.

Was his life worth it, then?

"Get up, all of you. In this life, all I wished for was to prove my innocence to Ruo Lan. I will die with no regrets, you all need not grieve me once I'm gone." Li Guang's old face wore a satisfied smile.


A huge gale blew in from above and the sky suddenly turning dark.

Everyone lifted their heads, only to see a huge, strange bird with a three hundred foot wingspan circling down from the heavens. The wind gusts it conjured howled and whipped around everyone on the ground. Its magnificent aura blanketed the surroundings.

Su Yu had to use his vital energy to remain upright, and even then only barely managed to keep his feet on the ground.

He squinted his eyes as he looked up.

The horrifyingly strange bird's energy was strong, similar to Li Guang and Xu Rong!

The eyes of the strange bird carried a humanlike arrogance as they scanned the crowd below.


The weird bird landed, creating a storm.

Sand, stone, and dust were kicked up into the air.

"Hehe, it's over? That was faster than imagined," A mocking voice came from within the dust.

Looking in the direction of the voice, a green-robed youth of about twenty years old calmly stood atop the giant bird's back.

His appearance was normal and his aura was suppressed as if he were a normal youth. His eyes, however, stood out; they were unnaturally bright as they gazed across the crowd, like rays of sunlight.


The green-robed teen descended from the bird, turning to look at Li Guang, "Old man Li Guang, your body seems fine. I'm shocked you're not dead after master's beating."

"Insolence! He dares to humiliate a Holy King!" Zhao Guang furiously grunted!

The green-robed youth squinted his eyes, staring at Zhao Guang.

Thud, thud, thud

With just a glare, Zhao Guang stumbled back and chokedblood gurgling up his throat. He was appalled. Even Li Guang was unable to injure him with just a glare!

"Ants dare be so loud?" The green-robed youth smiled coldly, "So what if I insult a Holy King? They are the lowest lifeform in the faction, they're not even worthy of being disciples!"

Li Guang took a step forward, shielding the Holy Disciples behind him. His eyes were calm, "You are a disciple of Han Zhi? You've already surpassed the level of a Holy King and have reached the Dragon Realm. He may be evil, but he was lucky to get you as a disciple."

"Hehe, he must be much luckier than you. How else would he get your woman as his concubine?" The green-robed youth gave a mocking laugh.

Li Guang's pupils dilated and he stepped back in shock. His voice trembled, "You mean to say Ruo Lan has become Han Zhi's concubine? Han Zhi forced her!?"

It was imaginable that Ruo Lan had been so devastated and isolated after the attack that Han Zhi had been able to take advantage of her once more, manipulating her and stealing her freedom.

A bolt of anger and grief welled up in Li Guang's heart.

Han Zhi had hurt and violated her. But Ruo Lan, both ignorant of the truth and alone following the assault, had become his concubine while Li Guang was sent to an island for a hundred years!

The whole situation was a tragedy in its purest form.

"What right do you, an ousted disciple of the faction, have to speak the name of my master's woman?" The green-robed youth's gaze turned cold. He surveyed the surroundings "I am the core disciple of the Liuxian Faction, Cao Xuan! I received orders to test your constitution, as well as to bring you to the Zhenlong continent!

"The top five of the Fight of the Century, step forward!" Cao Xuan ordered.

Liu Guang, Meng Lang, and Jiang Xin stepped forward from Fenghuang Valley.

Su Yu and Zhao Guang stepped forward from the Sanctuary.

Cao Xuan looked at them, his gaze lingering on Li Guang, Su Yu, and Zhao Guang. His gaze was cold.


Cao Xuan flew to the puppet, pointing between its brows with his index finger.

The puppet opened its mouth to deliver a piece of paper with the rankings of the top five. The top among them was Su Yu from the Sanctuary!

Cao Xuan's gaze turned icy. That meant Liu Guang had obtained the Liuxian Token! He hid his displeasure at this realization before turning back to face the group.

Cao Xuan took out a transparent crystal ball from his sleeve, coming to the front of the three from Fenghuang Valley.

"You, put your hands on it," Cao Xuan ordered Jiang Xin.

Jiang Xin felt a mixture of fear and respect, swallowing deeply before placing her petite hands on the crystal ball.


The crystal ball turned a deep red color as two words manifested on the surface, Worthless Spirit.

"Such a useless constitution and you want to enter the Zhenlong Continent? Scram!" Cao Xuan chided her.

Jiang Xin's petite body trembled, her face white as a sheet. She she had lost the right to enter the Zhenlong continent! Bitter tears fell from her face and her shoulders trembled. Jiang Xin sat on the floor and cried loudly.

This mysterious continent's entry requirements were too cruel!

"You!" Cao Xuan did not bother with Jiang Xin, instead pointing toward Meng Lang.

Meng Lang quivered. He swallowed deeply as he placed his hands on the ball.

The crystal ball turned red before showing a row of words.

"Low Grade Yellow Class Spirit," Cao sighed, "Only a deserted island would have people of such poor potential. You will be the bottommost scum in the Zhenlong continent."

Meng Lang was not humiliated, but was instead elated! He had the right to enter the Zhenlong continent!

"This is the test of your constitution," Li Guang whispered to Su Yu and Zhao Guang.

"What is a constitution?" Su Yu asked.

"Holy Kings differ from martial artists in the fact that we possess holy power. But holy power is only known as such in the Shenyue continent. Its true name is spiritual energy! It is an energy far surpassing vital energy. Only by absorbing spiritual energy can you break through to levels above the Holy King," Li Guang said gravely, "Whether you can absorb vital energy, or the rate of absorption of vital energy depends on your constitution. Most people cannot absorb vital energy. They are Worthless Spirits, like Jiang Xin.

"And most people absorb vital energy at a slow rate, like Meng Lang, who has Low Grade Yellow Class Spirit.

"Constitutions are split into four different types, Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow. Low Grade Yellow Class constitution is the lowest, and its rate of absorption is the slowest. His progress will be limited. Dark spirits are of a higher quality, but Dark spirits are extremely rare. Earth and Heaven constitutions are only legends; the Liuxian Faction has never had people with either of those constitutions."

Su Yu and Zhao Guang finally had a general understanding; only by having a constitution that could absorb Holy Power or spirit energy, could they progress above the Holy King. Otherwise, they were fated to remain stagnant at Level Nine Peak of the Martial Paths.

But did the two of them have the required constitution? Su Yu was worried.

"You need not have to worry too much, we can see who has the constitution required way back in the early stages of your development as a martial artist. People with a suitable constitution have higher levels of perception and cultivate new techniques much higher and faster than the average person," Li Guang consoled them, "While Jiang Xin was in the top five, she relied on hidden weapons to earn her position. Her perception and cultivation speed were not great. Thus, it was normal for her to have a Worthless Spirit.

"Su Yu, your level of perception is extremely strong, and the speed of your cultivation is shocking. I am curious about how high your constitution is," Li Guang said with a smile.

Zhao Guang was visibly envious. Su Yu, being such an outstanding figure, might continue to be a geniuseven in the Zhenlong continent.

"You!" Cao Xuan pointed to Liu Guang.

Liu Guang was nervous as he put his hand on the ball.

The red light glowed, and the words "High Grade Yellow Class Spirit" appeared!

Cao Xuan lifted his brows, visibly surprised. After a moment, he regained his composure and smiled politely, "Junior Liu Guang, the Liuxian faction is a complicated place with many powers at play. You, being a newcomer, will definitely be oppressed. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come find me."

Liu Guang was surprised at the affection, his face turning red. "Yes, yes, thank you, Senior Cao Xuan," he cautiously replied.

Li Guang was surprised, his expression slightly grave, "To think Liu Guang had such high potential! Cao Xuan wants to recruit him as a disciple under Han Zhi."

All Fenghuang Valley disciples had been tested. Cao Xuan's expression turned cold as he pointed as Zhao Guang, "You! Come over!"

Zhao Guang's heart beat wildly as he placed his hand on the crystal ball.

The red light shined and the words "Medium Grade Yellow Class Spirit" appeared!

Zhao Guang was elated, visibly surprised!

Cao Xuan looked over to Li Guang and exhaled briskly, "To think you managed to find someone just barely capable of making the cut!"

Unhappy, Cao Xuan's gaze finally landed on Su Yu.

As King of the Century, Su Yu's constitution might be shocking!

Cao Xuan pursed his lips, feeling a little uneasy. His expression was grave as he stepped forward and placed the crystal ball in front of Su Yu.

Li Guang, Xu Rong, Liu Guang, Zhao Guang, and the rest watched carefully.

Liu Guang's constitution was at High Grade Yellow Classcould Su Yu have the rare Dark Class constitution?

Su Yu cautiously placed his hand on the ball.

The crystal ball glowed a soft red before a shocking small line appeared!