The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 960

Chapter 960 Stealthy Thief In The Family

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“You belong to her now?” Bing Wuxin became stern and harsh. She stared at Su Yu as if she was looking into the eyes of her enemy.

Su Yu was slightly startled, and he touched his brows subconsciously. With a frown, he asked, “Are you talking about Bing Wuqing?”

“You really did meet with her!” Bing Wuxin was full of anger and resentment. She held the long sword tightly in her jade-like hand, looking like she was about to strike with her sword and slash at Su Yu.

Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes were wide open. She stared at Su Yu, her eyes full of shock and curiosity. She asked in a soft voice, “Brother Yuxian, did you really sleep with that woman? Don’t you feel sorry for Sister Wuxin?”

The two ladies were earnestly firing away, yet Su Yu was still in a state of bewilderment. “All I did was train for two months in her fairy artifact, what’s the problem with it?”

Unfortunately, Su Yu’s words had provoked Bing Wuxin. She laughed out of extreme anger. “You’re still trying to cover up! Ever since Bing Wuqing occupied the fairy artifact, she has never allowed a single man to step inside! Do you think I will believe that she let you stay inside and train for two months? Besides, the spot between your brows still contains the scent that she left behind. She’s trying to tell me that you’re her man now, and I’m not allowed to touch you!” Bing Wuxin had never expected Su Yu to hook up with Bing Wuqing after two months of training in isolation.

Su Yu now understood Bing Wuqing’s intention earlier on. It had seemed like a simple gesture, but she was in fact, instigating conflict between him and Bing Wuxin.

After thinking for a moment, Su Yu said, “Calm down. First of all, nothing has ever happened between me and her. Don’t fall into the trap that she set up for us.”

However, Bing Wuxin seemed to have entered a state of madness. “Fine, then tell me, why would you be training in her fairy artifact? Don’t tell me you have lost your way.”

Why? Of course, it’s because of my agreement with Bing Wuqing. And worse still, I was forced. He certainly couldn’t explain the true reason. “I can’t tell you, but I’m not lying to you,” Su Yu said.

Bing Wuxin cast a deep gaze at Su Yu, and disappointment filled her eyes. She remarked coldly, “I was blind to have chosen you!” How could she possibly believe him, when he wouldn’t even tell her the reason he was training in Bing Wuqing’s fairy artifact? As she recalled all that Su Yu had done for her, especially on Bing Wuqing’s orders, she felt that everything was ironic. Bing Wuxin didn’t want to stay any longer. She strode away and left.

Gongsun Wuxie stomped her feet and caught up with Bing Wuxin. As she passed Su Yu, she lowered her voice and said, “Brother Su Yu, don’t blame Sister Wuxin. She’s too sensitive about Bing Wuqing. She’ll calm down after some time.”

Su Yu said, “Whatever she feels like.” He didn’t like the way Bing Wuxin was prone to fighting and killing, and she was always reckless when it came to dealing with matters. She was far too easily provoked and challenged. It would be extremely difficult to work with her in the days to come.

Su Yu shook his head. Now that the room was empty, he went to Bai Shanliang’s side and started checking his body. After ensuring that he had only suffered the Ghost Palm once on the front of his body, Su Yu began operating the Milky Way Star Sand, and commenced eliminating the ghostly energy contained in the Ghost Palm.

Su Yu was very familiar with the procedure. Half an hour later, a small portion of the ghostly energy was sucked away. The pitch-black Ghost Palm turned dull, and Bai Shanliang’s deeply furrowed brows were gradually relaxing.

During the absorption process, the emerald green poison mist in Bai Shanliang’s body gradually diminished due to the reduction of the Ghostly Energy. The poison mist on his body surface shrank back into his bloodstream through the hair follicles. However, a faint streak of poison mist was left on the outside of his body, adhering to his clothing.

As he glanced at it, Su Yu was inwardly stunned. His eyes hurt slightly when he quickly glanced at it. The poison was so strong that it took just one look for one to be attacked by the emerald green poison liquid. Based on his intuition, the emerald green poison liquid was so strong that not even an eighth-grade Almighty could resist it.

After some contemplation, Su Yu took out a jade bottle and gathered all of the residual green poison liquid inside it. It would be troublesome if anyone happened to come into contact with it. After about an hour, the Ghost Palm on Bai Shanliang’s chest faded thoroughly. All that remained was a contour of the hideous ghostly claw. The ghostly energy that had been eroding Bai Shanliang had been completely removed.

All of a sudden, Bai Shanliang awoke from his deep sleep. He opened his eyes in a state of grogginess and confusion. He looked up at the ceiling in a daze. As his pupils came into focus, he was startled and prepared to get up.

“Senior Brother Shanliang, you’re back in the faction,” a soft, gentle voice sounded in his ears.

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Bai Shanliang immediately turned to look at the speaker. His nervous look was gradually relieved. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, “So I’m back in the faction now.” His eyes still contained a sense of dread.

Su Yu said, “Senior Brother Shanliang, could you tell me what happened in detail? How did you suddenly encounter the Great Soldier Blood Bone?” That ghostly creature had a bone-deep hatred for Su Yu. If he didn’t take early precautions, it would turn into a disaster.

Upon hearing that, bitterness appeared on Bai Shanliang’s lips. “It wasn’t a sudden encounter. We were ambushed!”

“Tian Renyao, I, and several middle-stage Almighty from the inner sanctum were dispatched by the faction to head for a pool of water, in order to investigate the whereabouts of a ghostly creature left on the continent,” he said. “Based on the faction’s command, we were only responsible for scouting out information, and we weren’t supposed to alert the enemy. But unexpectedly, before we arrived, we encountered him. None of the elders survived.”

“Tian Renyao and I ran in different directions. I performed the power of bloodstream to prevent the ghostly creature from striking further. I took the opportunity to escape and return. I have no idea what happened to Tian Renyao, or whether he has been captured,” he said.

When Su Yu heard that, his brows were creased into a single line. It didn’t sound strange at first, but upon proper inspection, there was something very wrong with it. Apart from themselves, who could possibly have known their route? How did they run into the Great Soldier Blood Bone by chance, and get themselves killed at his hands? Someone must have leaked the information along the way!

“Senior Brother Shanliang, rest well,” Su Yu said, “Palace Master Mo will figure out ways to deal with the ghostly creature.” She had most likely left the faction because of this.

Bai Shanliang heaved a sigh of relief. “Since Palace Master Mo has stepped forth, it can’t be bad. Hopefully, Tian Renyao will be rescued. However, I can’t rest for the time being. The Glittering Jewel Wonderland is just around the corner. I’ll have to set off in a few days.”

Su Yu asked, “Shall we head somewhere to wait for the advent of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland?” According to Gongsun Wuxie, when the Glittering Jewel Wonderland arrived, all the outstanding youths and talents of the continent would be summoned. Did they have to travel to somewhere unique for that?

“Erm, don’t you know? The Blessed and Heavenly Lands have limited quotas, and not everyone is qualified to represent the Lands and participate in the competition?” Bai Shanliang was stunned for a moment.

Su Yu was taken aback. Doubtfully, he asked, “Don’t we get recommended by the faction to enter the Glittering Jewel Wonderland once we have four million merit points?”

Bai Shanliang coughed, and patiently explained things. “You don’t seem to understand yet. The four million merit points are only a condition of the Red Blood Palace. There’s another condition. Only those that are ranked among the first hundred of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands will qualify.”

“Only those who have obtained four million merit points in the faction and are among the top hundred qualify for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. The former is to test the students’ loyalty. Only those who have stayed in the Red Blood Palace for a long time could achieve such an enormous amount of merit points,” he said.

“Otherwise, any genius of unknown origins could squeeze their way into the quotas that should belong to other students. As for the latter, it’s an inevitable deed,” he explained.

“According to the rules set by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy in the past, an All Creations Old Monster could only recommend 50 individuals. Palace Master Mo and the True Man of the Purple Cloud are the only All Creations Old Monsters in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, so only 100 individuals will be recommended.”