The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Birth Of The Divine Sword

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“Before the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, there will be a great assembly of prodigies, named Fengyun. All of the students who belong to the factions in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands can take part in it,” Bai Shanliang said. “As long as they can fight for the first hundred positions in the great assembly, they will obtain the quotas successfully.”

Under normal circumstances, it was usually the students of the Red Blood Palace and the Purple Cloud Palace that earned the first hundred positions. All year round, the two great factions plundered the excellent geniuses from the 16 great factions through internal recruitment. How would they be able to rival the two super factions in the official competition? It was even more challenging for the other influences to cultivate excellent students.

But Su Yu wasn’t incautious. He had been to unique places such as the Yuling Mountain and Tianya City. He never doubted that there were a great number of outstanding youths in those places. Acquiring the first hundred positions in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands was extremely challenging. He might not be able to attain one of the first hundred position without exposing his real identity.

“Senior Brother, thanks for your advice,” Su Yu said.

Bai Shanliang sighed and said, “I’m the one who ought to thank you.” He had been unconscious at the time, but Bai Shanliang was still vaguely aware of who had rescued him.

“You’re welcome, Senior Brother. You have a good rest now. I’ll report to the faction; I believe that they have a lot of questions for you,” Su Yu said.

When he left the courtyard, Bing Wuxin was nowhere to be found. Only Gongsun Wuxie was there, pacing the yard anxiously with her brow creased. Upon hearing Su Yu’s footsteps, Gongsun Wuxie immediately said, “You’ve finally come out! How’s Brother Shanliang?”

“He’s alright now. Where’s Wuxin? Was she so mad that she left?” Su Yu’s brows were slightly furrowed. “Could she have failed to refrain her temper, and has gone looking for Bing Wuqing to settle it with her?” With Bing Wuxin’s temper, that was certainly possible.

Based on Su Yu’s observation of Bing Wuqing, Bing Wuxin was highly unlikely to be a match for her, especially with that creepy power of bloodstream, the Ancient Sealed Spiritual Body. Without special counteractive tactics, Bing Wuxin would certainly lose in the fight.

Gongsun Wuxie giggled. “Rest assured, although Sister Wuxin is rather brainless and has a rather flat chest, she hasn’t lost her mind yet.”

Su Yu glanced at her flat chest, and his lips slightly twitched. Flat chests took great courage as well.

As she caught Su Yu’s sneaky glance, Gongsun Wuxie’s dainty face reddened. She glowered viciously at Su Yu. “I feel personally attacked.”

Su Yu laughed. He said, “Go take a look at Bai Shanliang. I’m going back to get prepared.” The Fengyun Great Assembly of Prodigies was a place where experts and masters gathered. It was not a matter to be taken lightly.

“Hold on!” Suddenly, Gongsun Wuxie held out a space ring. “Fairy Ling sent someone to deliver this a few days ago. It’s the second item exchanged for you, the Vital Energies of 500 fifth-grade Almighty.”

Su Yu’s eyes shone, and he grasped it. After inserting his soul to examine it, he found numerous tiny water droplets encapsulated in rubber. Inside the water droplets were strong, intense spiritual energies. They couldn’t be considered top-notch, but they were of the level of fifth-grade Almighty.

Once the water droplets were shattered by pinching, the Vital Energy within would leak out immediately. There were at least 500 of them. Not even the ninth-grade Almighty could ever attain such immense, vast Vital Energies.

These spiritual energies were the crucial items to activate the divine crystal of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy. Su Yu desperately wanted to know what kind of memories of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy were contained in that part of the divine crystal.

Now that the long-awaited Vital Energies were here, Su Yu retrieved the corresponding amount of Heartbroken Zither Grass. “These are the herbs that were promised. Could you deliver them to Fairy Ling.”

Gongsun Wuxie smiled and said, “Why don’t you deliver them yourself? Aunt misses you a lot. After all, we were once your sex slaves.”

“Misses me? I suppose she wants to kill me instead?” Su Yu shook his head gently. He ignored Gongsun Wuxie who was giggling, and returned to his own courtyard.

After closing the doors and windows, Su Yu retrieved the Five Elements Divine Prison. As he stared at it, he frowned deeply. Two months’ time, under a time acceleration of 500 folds, was equivalent to ninety years. But his comprehension of demonic words was not up to where he expected it to be.

He had only increased his understanding by nine words. It had taken him 90 years to increase his knowledge from 90 words to 99 words. The further he progressed, the tougher the words became. It was even more difficult than all of the previous levels combined.

The 91st word took three years.

The 92nd took a good six years.

And the 93rd took nine years.

Following the same pattern, the last 99th word took Su Yu almost a few dozen years to comprehend.

It was something incredulous in the real-world setting. Even for cultivation techniques of the fairy level, a few dozens of years would have yielded a massive improvement, and all that time would only enable one word to be comprehended. Su Yu also had a stronger soul than the average person.

Besides, his proclivity to be enlightened was considerably great due to the body-refining effect of the mysterious liquid of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, which he was experiencing all this while.

The last 100th word took Su Yu an unimaginable amount of time to comprehend.

For nearly 50 years, he had been losing himself for millions of times amidst the world of demonic words, but all the while had never succeeded in rising to a higher level. He had reached a bottleneck in the comprehension concerning the Five Elements. Something seemed to be missing, but he couldn’t tell what.

Now he was about to set off, Su Yu was not in the right frame of mind to keep spending time on it.

With a move of his heart, Su Yu took out the purple token. It was Su Yu’s Tianya Decree.

“The Real Spirit Dragon Veins must have collected enough already?” Su Yu muttered under his breath.

Previously, he had handed 30,000,000 crystals to the silver-masked man but hadn’t received any news till now. He supposed it would arrive anytime soon. Once he had them, he would ask the Evil God for his help to continue training for the First Dragon Body and attain the top-grade state. By then, his bodily strength would be more substantial as it was now.

All of a sudden, Su Yu felt his heart thump. There was a summoning voice in the depths of his heart.

As he glanced at the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl in his arm, Su Yu’s eyes glimmered with excitement. Immediately, he condensed a piece of his soul to enter the space of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. The moment he showed up in the space, a wave of shocking scorching heat came head-on.

The entire space of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl was scorched to the point at which it was slightly floating.

Su Yu stood before a mass purple sun as enormous as the majestic sun. The purple sun was full of intense, powerful flames that could annihilate the heavens and the earth. Even the Old Monsters who had just achieved the All Creations level wouldn’t necessarily be able to withstand such flames.

Amidst the purple sun, a petite, adorable purple small kylin was surrounding three streaks of violet flames, ceaselessly reinforcing them with strange seals. The seals were very unique, and they did not seem to be human.

Before long, the small kylin stopped reinforcing. It opened its mouth and sucked the numerous purple flames from all directions until nothing was left. All of the flames were contained in the small kylin’s stomach.

The three streaks of violet flames revealed their true appearances. Three blades of 3.3-inch long swords that were gleaming with silver splendor were suspended midair.

The sword blades were as thin as the wings of a cicada, emitting tender chills. They looked like they could destroy one’s soul, as well a person’s life.

Traces of electricity, all with various colors, flowed through the sword body.

At the center position of the sword body, the pattern of a kylin’s head was faintly visible. It was like an equipment-crafting master had engraved his name on the equipment, which represented the craftsman.

Only when the roiling heat energy dissipated did Su Yu approach. He gazed at the silver long swords, his heart full of anticipation.

A few years had passed, and the authentic Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords had finally been crafted!