The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Prodigies From The Inner Sanctum

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Before he set off, Su Yu headed for Bai Shanliang’s house. In just half a day, he had recovered a great deal. Bing Wuxin, who had come to pay him a visit, was there too. She locked eyes with Su Yu as he came through the door and glowered at him. She looked away.

Bai Shanliang laughed out loud as he saw what passed between them. “Husband and wife don’t quarrel for long. I never thought that my banter back then would turn out to be true. Now that you two are together, you should thank me for being your matchmaker,”

Bing Wuxin glared at him. “Who’s with him now?”

“Wuxin, it’s your fault then. I heard from a senior brother who came to visit me that you have announced him as your fiancé. Now that you’ve come to this stage, how could the two of you still not be together?” Bai Shanliang said with a smile as he rubbed his hands.

He looked at Su Yu and then at Bing Wuxin. “I enjoy helping others a lot, and I don’t ask for anything in return. Of course, if you’re willing to grant me some gifts, like a million crystals or a million merit points, I’d still accept them out of goodwill, in appreciation for your gratitude towards me.”

Bing Wuxin laughed coldly, her white teeth showing. “Would you like me to attack you with my sword?”

Bai Shanliang remained calm and relaxed. Turning to look at Su Yu instead he stared at him with a smile.

Su Yu’s lips twitched, but then he looked at Bai Shanliang’s body which had yet to recover fully. He thought for a moment and took out a drop of the Fountain of Life. “Senior Brother, this thing may be useful for your wounds. Take it and see.”

Bai Shanliang was a little stunned. He was only joking and hadn’t expected Su Yu to actually give him something. He wanted to reject the gift but when he glanced at it he was amazed. “The Fountain of Life? The Original Life essence that only the Mu could condense?”


Su Yu only felt a beam of light and saw a shadow flash past. There was nothing left on his palm. Such rapid speed could be compared to lightning.

Su Yu was speechless as he marveled inwardly at Bai Shanliang’s agility. He had always had superb vision and an outstandingly quick response. Yet Bai Shanliang had been able to snatch the object from his palm so easily. His capabilities were not to be belittled.

Now that Su Yu came to think of it, as a matter of fact, none of the individuals of Demon Mountain were mediocre. The Heavenly Sword Spiritual Body, Bing Wuxin, had nearly slain both the soul and body of the ninth-grade Almighty Deputy Region Master Xiao, while Gongsun Wuxie had a profound background and countless treasures in her possession. The counterfeit Heavens Made Divine Crossbow which she owned was unassailable. Bai Shanliang’s body had acute poison all over his body, and he had managed to escape from the hands of the Great Soldier Blood Bone successfully, which suggesting a deeply concealed potential. Six months ago, Su Yu couldn’t even escape when he encountered All Creations Old Monsters.

Bai Shanliang clutched the jade vessel, his eyes as bright as jewels as they shone with shrewd light. He was smiling cunningly as if he had just come across some valuable treasures. “Hehe, wonderful, wonderful treasure! Judging from the scent, it’s the scent of the Fountain of Life of the All Creations Old Monster level!” he said. “It’s a waste to use it on wounds. In the process of fighting an enemy, take one drop of this, and if there’s still one breath left, all injuries will recover fully in an hour!” Bai Shanliang was reluctant to use it for healing his current wounds.

All of a sudden, a shrewd light shone in his eyes as he caught a glimpse of the space ring on the tip of Su Yu’s finger. With a turn of his eyes, he clasped at his chest and his face turned pale, his body quivering unsteadily. “Ahh! Ahh! My wounds are flaring up again, I’m afraid just one drop of the Fountain of Life is not enough.”

His poor acting skills not only made Su Yu’s veins throb but had irritated Bing Wuxin as well. How could Bai Shanliang be so shameless?

Su Yu was speechless. “Are you here to act cute?” He thought for a while and then retrieved the jade vessel which contained twenty drops of the Fountain of Life. He took seven drops from it and handed the rest to Bai Shanliang. “The Glittering Jewel Wonderland is full of perils. Keep these for self-defense.” Su Yu didn’t want to come out of the Wonderland to find all the familiar faces were gone.

Seven drops of the Fountain of Life would be enough to give him seven chances of survival. That would only work, however, if they met enemies of similar capacities. If they ever came across a very strong opponent, no amount of the Fountain of Life would be of any use.

Bai Shanliang was overjoyed. He clutched Su Yu’s hand with two hands and shook it vigorously, his eyes filled with tears. “Junior Brother, you’re my family!”

“Get lost!” Su Yu did not like this overt show of emotion. Disgusting chills ran down his body.

He took out another seven drops, placed them in a small jade vessel and handed it to Bing Wuxin. “You take it as well, in case of untoward accidents.”

Bing Wuxin froze a little as if she had never expected Su Yu to give it to her. She turned to look at the Fountain of Life before her and bit her lip. It seemed like she wasn’t willing to accept Su Yu’s gifts easily because it would mean that she had given in. But then, as Su Yu had said, the Glittering Jewel Wonderland was full of danger. No prodigies dared to say they would return alive. The seven precious drops of the Fountain of Life were an amazing life-saving item, and wouldn’t even be traded for gold.

What made it hardest for her to reject it was the fact that Su Yu had given Gongsun Wuxie a few drops of the Fountain of Life last time, but had neglected her, his fiancée. She just couldn’t let go of this matter. Now that she saw the Fountain of Life once again, she was very sentimental.

Bing Wuxin hesitated for a moment, and tenderness flickered in the depths of her eyes, but her facial expression was still as cold as ever. She grasped the jade vessel but still wouldn’t give in. “Humph, I owe you one.” However, the delight in her eyes had given away the sweetness she felt in her heart. Only after toying with it for a while in her hands did she decide to keep it.

Bai Shanliang witnessed all of it with a smile. “Hehe, Wuxin, Yuxian, my intuition is telling me that I have a wedding to attend very soon.”

“Go to hell!” Su Yu and Bing Wuxin exclaimed unanimously.

“What are you guys sounding so happy about?” Gongsun Wuxie walked out off the courtyard with a yawn. Like a curious child, she looked at Su Yu, and then at Bing Wuxin.

Su Yu asked, “Are you ready to set off?”

“I’ve been ready for a long time, I’m ready to bid farewell to my immortal body, and recover the youthful, charming body of a young lady!” Gongsun Wuxie said with a giggle. She was determined to acquire the Glittering Jewel Fairy Cane.

Su Yu nodded. “In that case, let’s get ready to set off. Here’s the Fountain of Life; take it.”

Gongsun Wuxie was clueless about graciousness. She merely held it in her palm immediately, overwhelmed with joy.

Suddenly, the look in Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes changed, and she said to Bing Wuxin with a face full of sincerity, “Sister Wuxin, let me give you mine.”

Bing Wuxin stared at Gongsun Wuxie, clearly sensing her challenge. The curve of a sneer appeared on the corners of her lips. “Keep it for yourself: I have my own.” She was very sure now that Gongsun Wuxie had feelings for Su Yu and was trying to make her jealous. This greatly annoyed Bing Wuxin. When Su Yu had pursued Gongsun Wuxie previously, she had said that she would never accept him. Now that Bing Wuxin had announced that she was going to marry Su Yu, Gongsun Wuxie had stepped into the game again. Her indecision made Bing Wuxin very irritated.

Gongsun Wuxie was slightly startled, as she cast a grumpy glimpse at Su Yu while maintaining the sweet lovely smile on her face. “Oh, that’s amazing. Let’s all be alright in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland!”

Feeling awkward, Gongsun Wuxie walked to Su Yu’s side, her small mouth pouting. Then she saw the sword box which Su Yu carried on his back, and her eyes grew wide. “Eh, Brother Yuxian, do you use swords too? What kind of swords are these? They’re beautiful.” Greed shone in her eyes, revealing her desire for Su Yu to give her a blade.

Bing Wuxin looked over, also staring at the three silver sword hilts that were exposed. Her brows furrowed slightly. “I want to ask you the same question. So, you know how to use a sword too?” They had known each other for a long time, but she had never seen Su Yu perform sword techniques of any sort.

Bai Shanliang looked over as well, and shrewd light shone in his eyes. He touched his chin as he scrutinized the swords. “Their scents are concealed by the jade box, so the grades cannot be determined,” he said. “But judging from the material, they seem extraordinary. Silver, like metal and wood at the same time. I’ve never heard of such unique materials, to be honest.”

“I’ve been rather into the Path of Swords lately. I’m just giving it a try. You lot are overthinking things,” Su Yu replied calmly.

The three of them were doubtful, but Su Yu had never used a sword before, so they did not press the matter.

The four of them headed for the inner sanctum together. Along the way, they met many young experts from the outside sanctum, but they all distanced themselves from Su Yu’s squad when they crossed paths.

The Demon Mountain was a phenomenal existence of the outside sanctum, even the entire faction. All of the several demons in it were special individuals. In the eyes of some outsiders, the Demon Mountain of the Red Blood Palace was even more famous than most of the students of the inner sanctum.

Very quickly, Su Yu and the others arrived at the inner sanctum.

The main hall was full. There seemed to be about a thousand people there. Su Yu had never seen most of them before. Almost all of them were students of the inner sanctum, their cultivations varying from the ninth-grade fairy to the Almighty.

Due to extended training in isolation, they rarely showed themselves. Moreover, Su Yu barely came to the inner sanctum, so it was reasonable that he didn’t know them. Of course, they were a few whom he was familiar with.

Among the crowd, a handful of people were rather conspicuous. In the jam-packed central area of the main hall, a circle of thirty feet was automatically left vacant. In it stood seven to eight youths, consisting of both males and females.

Su Yu recognized a youth wholly clad in black who was giving off an air of ferocity and sternness. It was the one who had stopped him yesterday and warned him not to go near Bing Wuqing again. He stood out amidst the crowd, with his seventh-grade Almighty cultivation.

The rest of the youths were all strong practitioners of the eighth-grade Almighty and above.

Su Yu was rather stunned. How was the group of seven eighth-grade Almighty practitioners so young? Needless to say, they were definitely the elite of the Red Blood Palace inner sanctum, the strongest batch of prodigies.

“Yuxian, there are a few of them whom you have to get to know. They are the top ten strongest individuals of the inner sanctum, if you encounter any difficulties in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, perhaps they could help you,” Bai Shanliang said. He parted the crowd with his hands and led the few of them straight to the central circle.

People were angered as they were shoved out of the way. However, when they recognized Bai Shanliang, even the faces of the students of the inner sanctum changed dramatically. They retreated one by one as if they had seen a ghost.

The heartfelt dread quickly spread through the crowd, and before long, the crowd parted, leaving a large area vacant. As the inner sanctum elites in the center of the hall noticed the commotion, they turned to look.

Their gazes paused momentarily on Bai Shanliang and Bing Wuxin, and they glanced at Gongsun Wuxie and Su Yu. They stared at Su Yu for a little while, looking confused. They had been in isolation all year so hadn’t heard of the emergence of Master Su, whose name had shaken the Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

“My senior brothers and sisters, how have you been? I’ve missed you guys a lot.” Bai Shanliang stepped forth to greet them with gracious laughter.

The elites showed their respect as well, chatting with him as if he was one of their own.

After warming up the atmosphere, Bai Shanliang pulled Su Yu over to the group. “You lot have been in isolation all year. I suppose you don’t know him yet?”

They scrutinized Su Yu from head to toe…A ninth-grade fairy, with ordinary, average cultivation. The only strange thing about him is his appearance, which seems so old. He must be at least seventy or eighty years old?