The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 965

Chapter 965 : Merit Points Inspection

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Mo Tianxuan squinted her eyes and clenched her fist. This guy! She couldn’t help but look at Bing Wuqing who was next to Su Yu, and she restrained herself.

“How did this guy manage to get close to Bing Wuqing?” Mo Tianxuan thought. It seemed like she respected Bing Wuqing greatly. If Bing Wuqing hadn’t intervened on Su Yu’s behalf, Mo Tianxuan would have already searched his soul hundreds of times.

Mo Tianxuan resumed her usual stern look and said, “Do I need to state it once again? All those people whose merit points do not reach four million should leave the hall now.”

Tian Yu gave senior brother Li, who was next to him, a meaningful glance. He strode forward and looked at Su Yu, the corners of his mouth curled up to reveal a mocking smile. “Junior brother, please leave. Palace Mistress Mo wishes you to leave, but you are still oblivious as to what should you do even now. Do you want me to make you leave?”

Upon hearing what Tian Yu had to say, many of the others who were jealous of Su Yu also joined in. “Junior brother Su, I know that you are longing for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, but it’s a pity that only the sanctum’s elite are capable of participating. You have only recently joined the sect, and you must cultivate diligently for a hundred years and wait for your next chance.”

Even though they spoke in a calm tone, it was obvious that they were taking pleasure in Su Yu’s misfortune. It was unknown whether Su Yu would even be still in the Red Blood Palace in a hundred years.

Most of the inner sanctum’s disciples didn’t let it show on their faces, but they were all delighted by this. Su Yu possessed Bing Wuxin, and now he had also taken Bing Wuqing. He had taken the Red Blood Palace’s most beautiful sisters for himself, and many people hated and resented him due to this.

With Su Yu in this predicament, Bing Wuqing moved toward Su Yu and softly said, “I will pay enough merit points for junior brother Su.” The Red Blood Palace allowed people to share merit points with each other as long as they were both willing.

Upon hearing her, displeasure appeared on many of the elites’ faces. Their jealousy became more intense and almost turned into hatred. They had all worked hard, risked their lives, and used both their time, blood, and sweat to manage to gain four million merit points, yet a person like Su Yu, who had just joined the sanctum a year ago, could easily get four million merit points by depending upon a woman.

Mo Tianxuan’s gaze flickered, and she examined Bing Wuqing while wearing an odd look. She said, “Wuqing, are you sure about offering him four million merit points? Your merit points don’t reach eight million, and if you really give him four million, you will lose your right to enter the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.”

“Mistress, I’m willing to do it for junior brother Su,” Bing Wuqing said gently, as her face became flushed. All her actions demonstrated her feelings for Su Yu. Bing Wuqing was giving up a great chance for Su Yu. Could it be that she was really in love with him?

Tian Yu’s expression became gloomy, and her eyes brimmed with killing intent as she looked at Su Yu. If Mo Tianxuan wasn’t here, it would be difficult for her to restrain herself from attacking Su Yu in front of everyone.

What had just happened had infuriated many of the arrogant genius disciples.

“Su Yuxian, if you are really a man, you should just depend upon your own power and work to gain merit points openly. How can you depend on a woman? I really look down upon people like you.” A handsome youth named Tang, with a tall and straight figure, berated him. It was obvious that he was jealous of Su Yu and resented him.

“Su Yuxian, even if you get the merit points, so what? It will be difficult for you to become one of the top hundred geniuses in the Wind and Cloud Meet. Therefore, it will be better for you to just give up now rather leaving yourself with a bad name. This will be best for you,” a senior sister, who had a birthmark, said. Even though she seemed to have his best interests at heart, she was also jealous of him.

No one was willing to accept that a new disciple, who didn’t possess anything, could get instant success, and stand above them. As a matter of fact, Su Yu hadn’t done anything wrong, and he hadn’t even asked for Bing Wuqing’s help.

Everything had been done by Bing Wuqing, and people should be criticizing Bing Wuqing, not Su Yu. The reason why they were targeting Su Yu was that Bing Wuqing was too powerful, while Su Yu was much weaker.

While facing the crowd’s criticism, as well as their gazes which were filled with jealousy and disdain, Su Yu still wore the same expression as before and looked at Bing Wuqing calmly. “I appreciate your good intentions, but you should keep your merit points for yourself.” Su Yu had rejected Bing Wuqing’s offer in front of everyone.

Bing Wuqing revealed a faint smile. She had been able to discover Su Yu’s true identity, so could not fail to be aware of whether the merit points which Su Yu got recently had reached four million or not. She had been putting on an act.

Upon hearing Su Yu, a relieved look appeared on the faces of the infuriated talented youths.

Senior brother Tang said with a smile, “Junior brother, you really have an outstanding character, and I believe that even if without the Glittering Jewel Wonderland’s opportunities, you will achieve highly, hehe…”

“That’s right. It’s better to cultivate peacefully in the Red Blood Palace rather than risk your life in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland like us when it is uncertain if you can survive,” the senior sister, who had spoken a moment ago, said.

Upon hearing them speaking one after the other like as if this affair was to the satisfaction of everyone, Su Yu couldn’t help but sneer inwardly.

The friendship of his fellow disciples was non-existent. They only cared about getting the advantage for themselves. If they had behaved differently, Su Yu might have lent them a helping hand if he had run into them in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland and found them in trouble, but now, hehe…

“Who has told you that I can’t get into the Glittering Jewel Wonderland without Bing Wuqing’s help?” Su Yu crossed his arms in front of his chest and spoke coldly. “I already gathered enough merit points long ago, and you don’t need to worry about it.”

The crowd was astounded. He could achieve it by depending on himself alone? How had he managed to achieve it? Gathering four million merit points in a single year was more difficult than ascending to heaven, and regardless of how they mulled it over, they still found it impossible. The only explanation was that someone had helped him in secret and offered him merit points in advance.

Surprise appeared on Mo Tianxuan’s face. She hadn’t expected Su Yu to have enough merit points. “Fine. I will start with you and inspect you before I examine the others.” Mo Tianxuan extended her jade-like finger. “Take out your identity badge.”

Su Yu threw his identity badge at her and stood there calmly. He was unruffled and composed.

When the crowd witnessed his expression, they all realized that there wasn’t any need to inspect his identity badge. It was obvious that he had four million merit points, but the question was where had he managed to get them? A newcomer, who hadn’t even been here for a year, had surpassed them. No one would be willing to drop this matter.

Everyone looked at the jade ornament. The merit points inspection wouldn’t just reveal how many merit points someone had: it could also check the source of those merit points and ensure that the person was carrying out the sanctum’s missions as usual. After all, there were many wealthy people who would try to exchange crystals into merit points.

Mo Tianxuan narrowed her eyes and stared at Su Yu for a while. She wanted to pick up some clues from his expression, but it was obvious that he was confident in himself. She picked up the identity badge and tapped it with her finger. A wisp of All Creation Power penetrated the badge, which caused it to shine with azure light. It shot out a light, which formed a light screen on which the source of Su Yu’s merit points was depicted in detail.

Before the light screen became clear and distinct, many inner sanctum’s disciples expressed their disdain. “Humph! Humph! It’s four million merit points! Who knows which woman has gifted them to him?”

When the azure light disappeared, the light screen became clear and distinct, and several lines of words appeared clearly before the crowd’s eyes. A cursory glance revealed that nothing had been gifted to him. All earnings were from just two categories. The first one was rewards, and the other was missions.

Among the rewards, there were several that reached tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand merit points. The first reward had been given to Su Yu for the contribution he had made in the Elegant Spirit Mountain. He had exposed the hidden ghost’s identity and saved the sanctum’s disciples. The reward was a hundred thousand merit points.

The second reward came from his contribution in Tianya City, where he had recaptured the lost stores. He was gifted the highest reward possible, a hundred thousand merit points.

There were several similar rewards depicted there, and those top-notch rewards of a hundred thousand merit points each made the crowd suck in a breath of cold air. They hadn’t heard of anyone getting a reward of a hundred thousand merit points for many years, yet Su Yu had managed to get three. If just this alone wasn’t enough to shock them, then the mission section’s income dumbfounded them.

“Mo Yang’s execution mission! The reward is three million merit points!” Many people exclaimed in surprise upon seeing it on the screen.

Mo Yang was famous, and his mission had been present on the Ghost List for more than ten years, but no one had managed to complete it. Many inner sanctum’s disciples had attempted it, yet none of those who went to carry it out came back. Now it seemed that the mission had been unexpectedly completed by an outer sanctum’s disciple. Everyone was shocked, and they accepted that Su Yu’s merit points were authentic.

“Oh my God! Look over there! It says that he gifted someone three million merit points!” When the crowd looked, they saw that such a matter was really recorded. He had given away a present with a value of three million. Such a dazzling offering was like a slap to their faces. They had all said that Su Yu depended upon gifts to gather enough merit points, yet it was recorded that he had offered three million merit points to someone.

“He presented it to… Bing Wuxin.” The crowd looked in surprise and confusion at Bing Wuxin.

Some of the male disciples who were in love with her were both startled and ashamed. They knew they would never be that generous and would surely not offer her three million merit points. Some of the female disciples were jealous of her.

A slightly odd look appeared Bing Wuxin’s face as she realized she was the center of attention. Normally, no matter how many people stared at Bing Wuxin, she could treat them as thin air. Now, however, she felt quite unwell as she looked at their faces. Their expressions were unclear.

“Is Su Yuxian really in love with Bing Wuxin?” someone asked. This was the only possible explanation as to why Su Yu would offer Bing Wuxin three million merit points.

As the crowd was just discussing this spiritedly, Gongsun Wuxie giggled, and said, “Everyone, I must inform you all that this is brother Yuxian and sister Wuxin’s love token, and they will shortly get engaged.”

Upon hearing her, a commotion arose. Such news was no lesser than a bomb to the disciples, who were in secluded cultivation all year round.

“What? Bing Wuxin is going to marry him?” Many anxious male disciples cried out involuntarily. In the eyes of many inner sanctum’s disciples, Bing Wuxin was a peerless beauty, only outshone by Bing Wuqing. Many of them admired her and couldn’t accept such a startling piece of news.

“Su Yuxian, do you think that you are qualified to get engaged to Bing Wuxin?” the handsome senior brother Tang asked sternly. His flames of jealousy were about to melt Su Yu.

Before Su Yu could open his mouth to explain the situation, Gongsun Wuxie said with a smile, “Senior brother Tang, you are really broad-minded and are in love with everyone. You were fighting for Bing Wuqing for a while, and then you were crying injustice for Bing Wuxin. Which one do you love?”

Senior brother Tang obviously loved them both, as both their appearances, cultivation level, and talents were right at the top. However, how could he say such a thing?

“I don’t mean that.” Senior brother Tang quickly wore a proper expression, stared at Su Yu. “I just feel like a peerless beauty such as junior sister Bing mustn’t decide to marry someone rashly.”

Gongsun Wuxie said with a smile, “If she doesn’t marry someone who is willing to offer her three million merit points, why should she marry someone like you, who only knows how to talk big?”

Senior brother Tang’s face became flushed, and he quickly tried to justify himself. “I don’t have any presumptuous thoughts toward junior sister Bing, and I just feel that she deserves better…”

“Shut up!” An ice-cold voice drifted over to them.

Bing Wuxin’s gaze was ice-cold. “It isn’t up to you to decide who is a good match for me. I can marry anyone I want, and anyone who feels like he’s more outstanding than Su Yuxian can ask my sword’s opinion.” As she spoke, she felt her heart throbbing faster, and she subconsciously stroked her chest. This was the first time she had experienced such a sensation. It was a new feeling, which was both marvelous and baffling.

The whole place descended into silence. Bing Wuxin’s protection of her lover was conclusive proof.

Senior brother Tang’s face became flushed, and he closed his mouth unwillingly.

Mo Tianxuan smiled with her eyes as if she had just watched a marvelous show.