The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 967

Chapter 967 Venerable Purple Cloud

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Su Yu’s heart couldn’t help but beat faster as he stared at her beautiful face. There was no man in the whole world, who didn’t desire a woman such as Mo Tianxuan. She was even more attractive when she was speaking in the way she was now, which went against her usual ice-cold conduct.

An odd look appeared on Su Yu’s face for a moment, before he recovered his usual composure and looked calmly into Mo Tianxuan’s eyes.

Mo Tianxuan furrowed her brows and spoke with displeasure. “Can’t you just submit to me one time and let me enjoy myself?”

Since the first time she had met Su Yuxian until now, she always felt like she couldn’t control him, and she didn’t like it at all.

Su Yu’s face was still expressionless. “Palace Mistress Mo,” he said. “If you have something to say, just say it. If we let them wait for a long time, they will surely become suspicious.”

Mo Tianxuan removed her fingers from his chin and snorted. “Since you are already close to Bing Wuqing, how can I touch you? I asked you to stay here just to warn you about something.”

Su Yu pricked up his ears. “A warning? Palace Mistress Mo, please state what it’s about.”

Mo Tianxuan clasped her hands behind her back and looked at Su Yu. “I have heard that Bing Wuxin openly accepted your courting and is just waiting for her mother’s consent before getting engaged to you officially. Is this the case?” Mo Tianxuan had just returned to the Red Blood Palace had obviously paid attention to this matter.

Su Yu thought carefully before saying, “Although there is still a misunderstanding there, it is as you have stated.”

Mo Tianxuan said, “I will have then to ask you whether Bing Wuqing also wants to offer herself to you?”

In response, Su Yu just shook his head firmly. “No, she just wants to thwart Bing Wuxin.”

An appreciative look appeared on Mo Tianxuan’s face. “Since you can keep your sobriety even while facing a peerless beauty like Bing Wuqing, I really must give you more esteem. Bing Wuqing won’t fall in love with anyone, and she’s as heartless as her name implies. Even though she seems emotional, she’s the most heartless one,” Mo Tianxuan said slowly.

Su Yu nodded and asked, “Palace Mistress Mo, did you ask me to stay here just because you are concerned about my marriage?”

“That isn’t the case. I don’t care about whom you marry, but I still must warn you to keep your distance from both of them. You mustn’t touch either of them.” Mo Tianxuan spoke solemnly, and it seemed like she wasn’t just cracking a joke.

Su Yu pondered her words before he said, “Palace Mistress Mo, please explain clearly.”

Mo Tianxuan looked meaningfully at Su Yu. “Fine, I will explain it clearly, and you should listen carefully to my warning. You shouldn’t interfere in the fight between them, and regardless of which one’s fiancé you end up becoming in the end, it won’t be good for you, and it could be a disaster for you.”

Mo Tianxuan stopped speaking and didn’t reveal anything else. It seemed as though she knew a secret which mustn’t be divulged to others. She created another spatial rift with a single hand, and said, “Let’s leave.”

Su Yu was still thinking about what Mo Tianxuan had just said, but he didn’t really take it seriously because it was impossible for Su Yu to really become Bing Wuxin’s fiancé.

Mo Tianxuan held Su Yu’s shoulder and stepped into the rift. The space around him started revolving, and when their surroundings became clear once again, they were in a desolate prairie. Bing Wuxin and the others were already here.


When Su Yu and Mo Tianxuan stepped out of the rift, many disciples immediately encircled them.

Mo Tianxuan said, “We will go through another ten spatial teleportations on the way, and you all must rest for an hour between every teleportation.” Spatial teleportations put a huge strain on people’s minds, and they would all feel tired after every teleportation.

Mo Tianxuan let go of Su Yu and patted his shoulder lightly. It was obvious that she was asking him to bear her words in mind.

Su Yu hesitated for a moment before he moved his lips. “Thank you,” he said. Regardless of anything else, it was obvious that Mo Tianxuan wanted to protect him. She didn’t cause trouble for him as he had expected. Instead, she warned him to distance himself from the fight between Bing Wuqing and Bing Wuxin.

As Su Yu looked at them from a distance, he couldn’t help but feel curious about them. What was their relationship? Were they twin sisters?”

“What has she done to you?” Bing Wuxin asked as she strode toward him.

Su Yu revealed a faint smile. “She hasn’t done anything. Thanks for your concern.”

Bing Wuxin snorted, and looked away, “Who’s concerned about you?”

“Hehe, sister Wuxin, if you don’t care about him, I care about him too much.” Gongsun Wuxie showed herself. “Since sister Wuxin doesn’t care about your thanks, why don’t you express your gratitude to me? How will you thank her? Is it with a kiss brimming with love? Will be just a slight peck or a long kiss? Will it be with our tongues, a normal one, or you will try all types?” Gongsun Wuxie opened her eyes widely, and they were both filled with expectation.

Bing Wuxin, who was next to them, narrowed her eyes and spoke in a deep voice. “I’m still here!” She was really annoyed. Gongsun Wuxie was taking liberties with her fiancé in front of everyone. Didn’t she take her seriously?

“Well, sister Wuxin, even though you don’t want it, you still don’t want to let other people get it.” Gongsun Wuxie narrowed her eyes and looked at Bing Wuxin.

As they stared at each other, it was obvious that faint hostility emanated from both of them.

Su Yu was left with no choice. “We should seize every moment. Long-distance teleportation will take a big toll on our soul power and will greatly consume it,” he said.

Bing Wuxin cast Gongsun Wuxie a meaningful look, before she closed her eyes slowly, and started resting.

Gongsun Wuxie pouted, moved over to Su Yu’s side, and nestled against him.

After an hour had passed, everyone finished recovering.

Mo Tianxuan once again created a rift with a single hand, and they all went through another teleportation. Such a process was repeated several times, and after ten hours had passed, they finally reached a mountain shrouded by clouds. The mountain’s height reached two miles, and it had many giant peaks.

It one looked at it from afar, it would seem like a heavenly pillar supporting the sky. It was really an awe-inspiring sight!

A purple fog engulfed the upper layer of the mountain’s peak, and several palaces and groups of people could be faintly seen there. Such a place would seem like a heavenly realm to mortals.

“This giant peak, whose height is almost two miles, is where the Purple Cloud Palace is situated. As substitute servants, you should all come with me,” Mo Tianxuan said.

Su Yu and the other nine people all rushed over to her and followed Mo Tianxuan as if they were her servants.

Su Yu thought for a moment before he took a mask crafted by the little kylin and put it on.

Mo Tianxuan noticed what he was doing, and she raised her brows. She examined the mask’s materials in surprise and found that her gaze could not penetrate the mask and see the face behind it.

Mo Tianxuan moved her lips but didn’t say anything. Su Yu had a sensitive status, and his name as Master Su already resounded through all Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. All kinds of people were present in the Wind and Clouds Meet, and it would be better for him to hide his status for now.

After they arrived, Mo Tianxuan ordered them to rest where they had landed. After around an hour had passed, ten people came out from the foggy giant mountain’s peak, and they all descended to their level.

Su Yu had met one of them before. It was the bald monk who was proficient in the Wood Clan’s language and had been present in the Desolate Evil Jungle’s sacrificial ritual.

It seemed like they were all elders of the Purple Cloud Palace, and when Su Yu examined their cultivation levels curiously, he was surprised by what he saw.

Among the ten people, five were all Level Nine Divine Masters. The Red Blood Palace didn’t have any elders at such a cultivation level beside the Right and Left Palace Masters, and the outer sanctum’s Great Palace Master. From their elders’ power, it could be said that the Purple Cloud Palace surpassed the Red Blood Palace.

“Where is Venerable Purple Cloud?” Mo Tianxuan asked.

A female elder with a tattoo on her neck spoke respectfully. “Palace Mistress Mo, the venerable had already waited for a long time, and we just followed orders and came here to welcome you.”

Mo Tianxuan sneered and said, “A hundred years have passed since the last time I have seen that old Daoist. I wondered whether he had made a breakthrough and approached the Mortal Fairy Realm. I rarely came here, and I must surely exchange some blows with him.” After she spoke, she tore the void with a single hand, crossed the void, and left.

Her voice could still be heard. “You should all help settle my sanctum’s disciples and my servants. If I find they are missing even one of the hairs on their head, I will look for you.”

The elders, who had come to welcome them, looked at each other in dismay. What kind of person would discard her own disciples and go to exchange blows with a faction’s master?

The Red Blood Palace’s talented youths couldn’t help but grumble inwardly, while an embarrassed look appeared on their faces.

The Purple Cloud Palace’s people arranged a place for them, and Su Yu and the others all went to the mountain’s third peak. This peak was named Purple Sun Peak, and it was where they usually received guests.

When they arrived, they discovered that all the talented youths from the other sixteen factions of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands had come here. When they examined them, they noticed that many Level Five Divine Masters were present here, and Level Six Divine Masters weren’t rare. They even found some Level Eight Divine Masters among them.

Moreover, there was also a hidden Level Nine Divine Master Realm’s aura fluctuation, which was noticed by Su Yu’s Soul Eyes.

Su Yu’s became apprehensive because he noticed that this Level Nine Divine Master didn’t belong to the Red Blood Palace and the Purple Cloud Palace.

“The Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands really have many hidden experts. There is a faction besides the two great sects which can train a Level Nine Divine Master Realm genius.” Su Yu was surprised, and he wondered which faction had managed to train such a person.