The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 97

Chapter 97: When one door shuts, another opens

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Confusion and doubt mixed with their conflicted expressions.

After a moment, Cao Xuan secretly let out a sigh of relief, "Worthless Spirit Heh, you surprised me."

After the flash of red light, the phrase 'Worthless Spirit' was clearly visible.

Li Guang was astonished, finding it all hard to believe, "How could Your level of perception and your speed of cultivation are all much higher than the average person's, how could you be a Worthless Spirit?!"

Even though Xu Rong did not favor Su Yu, she could not believe it either.

Zhao Guang was utterly confused. Su Yu's quick rise to power suddenly seemed like a meteor blazing across the sky, only to crash to the ground.

How could he have a worthless spirit?

In the midst of all the confusion, Su Yu's expression remained calm.

Only he knew how he got his level of perception. His level of perception was not extraordinary. The reason it appeared so was thanks to the illusion brought about by speeding up time two hundred times.

As for his cultivation speed, it was due to the consumption of large amounts of elixirs and natural treasures, not due to the absorption of vital energy.

To have a worthless spirit was within reason.

Slowly retracting his palm, Su Yu was disappointed. A feeling of bitterness slowly welled up in his heart.

He had the Nine-Dragon Cauldron, but was destined to forever be stuck at Level Nine of the Martial Paths?

What type of exciting world was the Zhenlong continent? How large was it? How many geniuses resided there? How many powerful warriors resided there?

Was he destined to be trapped on a tiny island in the middle of the vast ocean, to be an ant his entire life?

He had once promised the Duke of Xianyu that he would find an immortal elixir to cure his arm. He had once promised himself that he would become a successful person and control his own fate.

All he had done in the past Did it have to stop here?

My love for the martial paths still lives, why was I given such a constitution?

At this moment, Su Yu felt as though he had returned to the martial arts training institute overnight, back to the era where he was the weakest silver student.

In half a year, he had blazed a path through the continent like a rising star. But today, he had been beaten back into his original shape He was still the weakling he was half a year ago.

Liu Guang, who feared Su Yu, laughed uncontrollably.

"Dragon and worm Hahaha, I was right. I, Liu Guang, am a dragon, and you will be an ant forever!" Liu Guang's worry disappeared as he laughed heartily.

Xu Rong's eyes gradually turned cold, "Splitting you and Xianer was a wise choice!"

Su Yu could feel everyone's eyes on him, but he stayed silenthe was too tired to rebut any insults.

The words 'Worthless Spirit' had decided Su Yu's fate.

While multiple other talents would head to the Zhenlong continent and leave their mark on the world, the victor that had lorded over them would become a lonely, lost soul, destined to be an ant forever.

The rays of the evening sun fell on Su Yu's figure, pulling a long and lonely shadow. No one could have guessed he was King of the Century.

"Brother Yu" A soft, gentle voice spoke. A warm, smooth hand grabbed his palm.

While it was gentle, it was persistent and forceful, sending a warming strength into Su Yu's soul.

Xia Jingyu was bright and beautiful as she bravely held Su Yu's hand, "This world still has me. It doesn't matter if this is an island or the mainland. I will go wherever you go."

Su Yu's was touched. At the lowest point of his life, her beautiful face still accompanied him.

Life without her was going to be very, very lonely.

Gripping her gentle hand, Su Yu fell silent for a moment, then looked up at Cao Xuan, "Test her constitution, you will not be disappointed."

Cao Xuan frowned, "Her? The Spirit Testing Ball can only be used eight times, why should I waste it?"

Xia Jingyu grabbed Su Yu's hand tightly. "There's no need," she insisted.

Cao Xuan did not care about Xia Jingyu's pleas. Cao Xuan turned his gaze and brought the crystal ball forward. "Hehe, on the account that you're so down, I shall give you a chance and let her try," he teased.

"Brother Yu, I don't want to" Xia Jingyu refused.

Su Yu ignored her, placing her small hands on the crystal ball. His gaze was calm, wearing a pitiful smile, "If one day you return from the Zhenlong continent, please tell me what the outside world is like"

A red glow grew, a radiant line of words flickering on the crystal ball's surface!

"Top Grade Dark Class Spirit!" Cao Xuan, who was not expecting this situation, was dumbfounded!

Dark class constitutions were extremely rare within the Liuxian Faction. Including Cao Xuan, only a few core disciples had them.

As for Top Grade Dark Class constitutions, they were the best constitutions within the faction! Only one other person until now had one, the top disciple within the Liuxian Faction!

Her appearance would cause an uproar in the faction!

Cao Xuan's gaze shifted; if he dragged her under his teacher's tutelage, what type of rewards would he get?

He did not realize that Xia Jingyu was blushing, staring at Su Yu with tears in her eyes, "Brother Yu, how will you manage alone here?"

Su Yu gently let go of Xia Jingyu and gave her a stern smile as he shook his head, "I have a pair of eyes helping me see the outside world. I will not be lonely."

Cao Xuan was eager to get his reward. The test was over and they should return soon.

Wearing a gentle smile, Cao Xuan was extremely polite, "Junior, time will not wait for us, we should move now."

He looked at Zhao Guang, Meng Lang, and Liu Guang, "What are you all in a daze for? Board the Garuda, we leave immediately!"

Liu Guang's expression fell. Ever since the discovery of Xia Jingyu's Top Grade Dark Class constitution, he had become negligible in the eyes of Cao Xuan. The promise made earlier had fallen through, making him feel uneasy.

Xia Jingyu's eyes did not look away from Su Yu. After a moment, she shut her eyes. When she reopened them, she was crying. She smiled, "Brother Yu! One day, I'll definitely come back to tell you" She sobbed.

As she wept, Xia Jingyu's words were lost in the wind.

From this day on, she would be in a bigger, wider world, and Su Yu would be lonely once again.

"Wait! Junior Cao, I have a granddaughter. Her potential might be pretty good," Xu Rong hurriedly said.

Cao Xuan's nostrils flared, "Who cares about your granddaughter? I need to report back to the faction immediately! Get lost!"

"Let's wait for her granddaughter," Xia Jingyu was still confused.

Cao Xuan's expression turned gentle. He had to respect Xia Jingyu.

"Alright, go and return quickly!" Cao Xuan waved his hand, impatient.

Xu Rong thanked him, hurriedly making her way to the Fenghuang Pavilion and bringing over Xianer, who was cultivating her abilities.

Xianer was unaware Su Yu had arrived. She was even more clueless as to where her grandmother was taking her, arriving before the garuda in confusion.

"Place your hands on this," Cao Xuan said quickly, his heart impatient.

Xianer did not even have the time to take in her surroundings before Xu Rong pressed her little hand onto the crystal ball.

The red light flashed, a line of words clearly visible.

"Medium Grade Dark Class Constitution!"

The clearly visible words caused the impatient Cao Xuan to laugh, "Haha, another Dark Class constitution! It's even a Medium Grade Dark Class constitution."

Obtaining two Dark Class constitutions in a row, Cao Xuan had never been this happy in his life.

Xu Rong's body shuddered, tears flowing down her face, "Great! Great! Great! The Xu family the Xu Family has hope!"

"This junior, please come here." Cao Xuan was extremely happy, smiling as he invited Qin Xianer up.

Qin Xianer scratched her head in confusion, scanning her surroundings. She still had not processed the situation yet.

At that moment, her big eyes scanned past a familiar figure.

A familiar face, appearance, frame, and clothes

Although, his hair had become a mysterious silver and his pupils had become a royal purple. But his gaze was still the same as when he had protected her from the bloodbath in the Duke of Xianyu's manor.

She might mistake a person's appearance, but she would never mistake a person's soul.

"Brother Su Yu!!" She had been pining for him for a long time. Now that he was in her sights, Qin Xianer threw herself in Su Yu's arms.

She enjoyed the familiar embrace. The days of pining and farewells transformed into a sour emotion in her stomach. She broke into tears.

Su Yu hugged Xianer, conflicted.

Liu Guang's gaze turned cold. Getting off the garuda and stepping forward, he grabbed Qin Xianer's shoulder and smiled, "Junior Xianer, come together with senior to a greater faction. Let's train together, alright?"

Xianer's shoulder shuddered, her eyes swollen from crying. She fiercely turned her head, "I only want Brother Su Yu. I don't want to leave with you! Let go!"

Liu Guang's expression turned rigid. Why was Su Yu so important to her? She was throwing a tantrum!

Liu Guang sighed, "Xianer, both of us are dragons. Su Yu does not have the right. You both are destined to different worlds. Even if you love him, it is not meant to be."

Xianer hooked her arms around Su Yu's neck, "I don't believe it! Brother Su Yu is the best!"

Cao Xuan squinted his eyes, "Junior Xianer, come with me. Su Yu is an ant."

"I don't believe it! Give me the crystal ball, Brother Su Yu is better than all of you all!" Xianer extended her hand, asking for the crystal ball.

"I can test him one the last time, but you'll have to come with me after." Cao Xuan was a little impatient. How could two girls of considerable potential have such close connections with Su Yu?

Xianer touched her sharp chin, chuckling as she hugged the crystal ball. She thrust it over to Su Yu expectantly, "Brother Su Yu, try it quick. Tell them that you are the most powerful!"

In her heart, Su Yu was irreplaceable.

Su Yu lovingly rubbed her forehead, "Xianer, go with Jingyu first. After I finish dealing with the things here, I will follow, alright?"

He did not wish for Xianer to see him at the lowest point of his life.

"Brother Su Yu, you're not going try it now? Show these people Brother Su Yu is the best."

Xia Jingyu had tears in her eyes, "Xianer, Brother Su Yu is even more spectacular than the rest of usthere will be someone more powerful to come fetch him. We will go first, and meet again soon"

"I see" Xianer smiled, smugly skipping up the garuda, "As I said, Brother Su Yu is the best!" Waving her hand, Xianer laughed, "Brother Su Yu, catch up with us quickly!"

Before flying, Xianer seemed to recall something. She whipped out a jade bottle from her sleeve and tossed it towards Su Yu.

Xianer blushed, feeling a little shy, "That. grandma gave that to you. Yes, it was grandma, not me."

He grabbed it. It was a saint grade spirit elixir and a divine grade spirit elixir. Both bottles were filled with cracks and depressions as if they had been fought for.

Su Yu's eyes turned red, Xu Rong would never give those elixirs to him.

The bottles had been deliberately collected and left for him by Xianer.

Every elixir was filled with Xianer's innocent love.


An intense pain welled up within him.

Cao Xuan was impatient, willing the Garuda to take to the skies.

Looking at the garuda fly further and further away, Su Yu watched until it turned into a black speck and vanished into the horizon.

Tears welled up in Su Yu's eyes, a pain circulating his heart.

He had been strong until today. His face still remained calm.

But today, saying goodbye to Xianer and Jingyu made it difficult for him to suppress his grief. It felt like the Earth had continued to turn without him, leaving him behind in the cold vortex of space.

"Xianer" Su Yu clenched his fist, forcing back his grief and his feelings of unjust.

Li Guang was shocked for a long while, his expression filled with pity and compassion. He gently sighed, "Su Yu You, take care of yourself. A lifetime of normality does not mean that you cannot be happy."

Since it had come to this, Li Guang could not find any words of consolation.

Su Yu's fate was indeed unjust.

At that moment, Li Guang looked over to the crystal ball in Su Yu's hand. The red glow was fading, showing the words 'Worthless Spirit'. He sighed.

"Su Yu, if you have nowhere to go, you can come back to the Sanctuary Oh!" Li Guang suddenly let out a squeal of surprise!

He watched as the words 'Worthless Spirit' gradually lost their luster and another line of words came to replace it!

Su Yu also noticed what was happening with the crystal ball, his gaze grave.

The small words gradually came together. Judging from the length, they weren't the words 'Worthless Spirit', but something else.

Could this could this be Su Yu's true potential?

As the words became clearer, Su Yu's heart rose to the top of his throat.