The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 970

Chapter 970 A Battle Of Courage And Wisdom

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His vision penetrated slowly. A hundred meters, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred… When it reached a thousand meters, which was the limit of Su Yu’s line of sight, he finally discovered two scuffling figures. He even recognized one of them!

It was a very good-looking young man of about 25 or 26 years of age, with a pair of thick, sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes. He was Senior Brother Tang, who was earnestly protecting his love.

At the moment, he was fully engaged in a great battle with a woman clad in the attire of Purple Cloud Palace. Both of them had top-notch cultivations of eighth-grade Almighty, and every attack they launched swept across the surroundings. Despite being a thousand meters away, Su Yu could still feel the ferocity of their techniques.

If Su Yu was fighting against either of them, without a couple of ultimate prominent skills, it would be hard for him to triumph within a short period of time.

The two of them had been fighting for a while now, and the surrounding area was in a chaotic mess, Both of them had bloody scars and wounds on their bodies, especially the woman, who was breathing heavily from the exertion. Her spiritual energy had been severely consumed, and her strength was being drained. Under the gravitational pull of the Purple Cloud Secret Realm, the consumption of bodily strength was particularly intense.

In comparison, Senior Brother Tang appeared slightly better than the woman, perhaps because he was a male, or because he had received body-refining training before. If no accident befell him, Senior Brother Tang would ultimately rise as the winner.

“Tang Ling, do you really want to fight with me till the end? Both of us have top-notch cultivations. If we are eliminated just like that, it’ll be a pity!” The woman recoiled after landing a head-on attack and rebuked her opponent softly.

Tang Ling paused and stared at the woman. “Junior Sister Cao Ling was the one who started the fight in the first place. If not for my skills, wouldn’t I have been eliminated by you already? Now that you choose to call a ceasefire, I might agree.

Cao Ling smiled gracefully. “Senior Brother Tang Ling, please forgive me for being restless and picking this fight with you recklessly. Here’s a bottle of Strength Recovery Elixir, which is useful for replenishing spiritual energy and bodily strength. I believe this could be some sort of compensation for you. If we carry on fighting, I’m afraid we’ll be losing to a third party,” she said.

Tang Ling frowned. After contemplating the benefits and losses involved, he decided to let it go. “Humph, if we meet again in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, you won’t be this lucky again! This time is fine, but there will be no next time!”

Cao Ling was right. Their great battle was becoming more and more intense. The outsiders could possibly have targeted them already. Perhaps, someone was already watching them closely, awaiting the fall of both parties.

Cao Ling laughed and tossed the jade bottle through the air over to him.

Tang Ling was alert and did not catch it. Instead, he rolled it up with his sleeves. After getting hold of it, he fixed his gaze on it and smiled. “Yes, this is indeed the Strength Recovery Elixir. I’ll leave now,” Tang Ling said with cupped hands. He did not ingest the elixir right away but was planning to take it to a safe place and examine it closely before ingesting it. As he spoke, Tang Ling stepped back cautiously.

However, light contempt appeared on Cao Ling’s face. “Why don’t you take it right here. Are you afraid that I might harm you?”

“Haha, is it possible that you’d feel reassured about the things that I give you?” Tang Ling asked in return.

Cao Ling smiled slyly. “Of course I worry. If I was intending to poison you, I wouldn’t have done it on the elixir, but on the smell.”

Smell? Tang Ling was startled, and then his face fell drastically, as he instantly threw away the jade bottle in his sleeves. Nonetheless, it seemed to be too late. All of a sudden, Tang Ling’s entire body began to convulse as white froth flowed out from his mouth as if he was electrified. He collapsed stiffly, and only his eyes managed to turn rapidly as shock and panic flickered in them.

“Hehe, this long-awaited moment has finally come.” Cao Ling stepped forward, giggling. “Do you know how to deal with your peers? I’ve simulated it dozens of times in my mind, and have even used it often in the Purple Cloud Secret Realm. The effect is very satisfying.”

To the people of the Purple Cloud Palace, the Purple Cloud Secret Realm was like their own backyard. They could apply such dueling techniques anytime. Tang Ling had fallen into the trap.

His body convulsed vigorously and his eyes were upturned, seeming like he was about to be transported away.

Cao Ling squatted down and tapped his cheeks while half-smiling. “Farewell Senior Brother. It looks like you will only take part in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland in a hundred years later.”

Once she had finished talking, Cao Ling grasped hold of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy on top of Tang Ling’s head. However, her face changed abruptly just as she was about to strike. Not only did she withdraw her hand immediately, but she bounced backward rapidly.


She was too late. A blade of snowy white bright light suddenly emerged from Tang Ling’s sleeve and was driven through Cao Ling’s abdomen. The tremendous strength swept Cao Ling off her feet and she flew backward, crashing into a huge tree.

Cao Ling clasped her abdomen and looked at Tang Ling, who was slowly crawling to his feet, in utter disbelief. “You’re not poisoned?”

Tang Ling wiped the white froth from the corners of his mouth, a scornful sneer on his pained face. “Do you really think you can fool me with such petty tricks?” He removed a piece of amber from his chest, and the shape of a white-colored insect was condensed within the amber. It was snow-like and was emitting a light fragrance.

“The Hundred Poisons Spiritual Cicada?” Cao Ling was shocked. The Hundred Poisons Spiritual Cicada was a kind of spiritual insect that had been extinct since ancient times. Rumor had it that it survived by devouring various poisonous things in the world. It was usually used as a spiritual object to resist poisons during ancient times. In the present era, this thing was extremely hard to find. Occasionally, there would be fossils that seemed to be wrapped in amber. Even just fossils, which gave off the light fragrance, were enough to resist poisons.

That was why Tang Ling was clearly poisoned at the beginning but remained unharmed afterward. How could Cao Ling have known that Tang Ling had brought such a valuable treasure with him?

“Junior Sister, it’s over now.” Tang Ling laughed coldly and launched his powerful punch ruthlessly. The punch contained Tang Ling’s full force, and the severely injured Cao Ling would be no match to him.

Cao Ling felt her life being threatened, and a space energy appeared in her surroundings, enveloping her and transporting her away from the region.

A whiff of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy on top of her head was left behind, which Tang Ling caught in his grip. The Purple Cloud Vital Energy flew into Tang Ling’s head, strengthening his original Vital Energy by two great folds.

After completing what had just happened, Tang Ling glanced at the vicinity and prepared to leave immediately, to search for a place to recover his spiritual energy and bodily strength.

“Who’s there?” Tang Ling suddenly called out.

Su Yu was slightly stunned…Have I exposed myself?

After thinking about it, Su Yu retreated slowly. Suddenly, he stopped moving, and his gaze was fixed on a spot a thousand meters away, at a place beyond his line of sight. He sensed an overpowering scent closing in slowly.

Tang Ling seemed to have sensed something too as his face hardened. His stare was fixed on a place a hundred meters away.

Clouds and mist were rolling turbulently in torrents as if some ferocious beast was gradually approaching from the depths of the clouds. The surroundings were silent. The insects had stopped screeching, and even the winds had grown quiet too. Only the clouds which were roiling forth ceaselessly were emitting an unusual oppressive vibe.

Even Su Yu had felt the abnormal oppression from a thousand miles away. He had seen many Almighty experts in the past and had even killed the ninth-grade Almighty with his own hands. However, none of the Almighty strong men could make him feel this worried. It was as if he wasn’t facing an Almighty, but an All Creations Old Monster.

Drops of cold sweat broke out on Tang Ling’s forehead, and he clenched his fists tightly subconsciously. He bellowed in a low voice, “Who is there?”