The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Seeing Her Again

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All of a sudden, a powerful stream of air separated the heavy layers of mist. It rapidly moved through the air, its speed so fast that remnants of shadows were left behind. It was impossible to make out their forms.

Tang Ling seemed to have met his worst enemy. He began operating all of his Vital Energy, conjuring up revolving Tai Chi patterns between his palms.

The Yin-Yang Fish Eye revolved rapidly, producing a high-speed revolving force which scattered the clouds and mist nearby. Anything the Tai Chi patterns touched were under threat. The weaker objects would be broken into pieces, while the sturdy ones would be catapulted off immediately.

Su Yu was stunned. Tang Ling still has a trump card to play?

Based on Su Yu’s estimation, such defensive power should be able to hold off the impact of Bing Wuxin’s first sword strike. The assault of a martial artist that had just embarked on the early stage of ninth-grade Almighty probably couldn’t resist such a defense.


A soft noise was heard, closely followed by an agonized whimper and a muffled noise.

The Tai Chi pattern was torn into two halves with ease by the remnant shadow. It was as if the pattern were a thin piece of paper. The remnant shadow penetrated Tang Ling’s body from the front of his chest right through to his back, and a long string of blood spluttered out from the wound.

Under the tremendous impact, Tang Ling’s body was blown several hundred meters backward. He landed a hundred meters in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu could feel the ground quivering as his body thudded down. He was surprised by Tang Ling’s powerful body strength.

Su Yu was even more shocked when the flying remnant shadow slowed down and revealed its true self. It wasn’t some kind of special weapon, but a stretch of wilted branch!!

The wilted branch wasn’t showing any signs of a reduction in its charging impact; in fact, it was heading straight for Su Yu. It seemed to be attempting to kill two birds with one stone.

Su Yu had just a moment to react and he immediately ducked down. The wilted branch flew past, nearly brushing Su Yu’s chest.


With a soft sound, the wilted branch roused a strong air current, which scraped past the skin of Su Yu’s face giving him a searing pain. It brutally tore the fabric of his clothing to shreds, leaving a bloody scar on his chest.

Su Yu’s face fell as he stared at the black silhouette gradually taking shape amidst the blurry mist. He retreated quickly. This person was dangerous, and he couldn’t fight him with force.

When Su Yu moved, the injured Tang Ling finally noticed Su Yu from a hundred meters away.

Making a great effort to ignore his pain, Tang Ling scrambled up immediately. As he looked at the retreating Su Yu, his eyes shone with a sense of hope.

“Junior Brother Su, save me! You and I can join hands and fight the enemy!” Tang Ling yelled, but he was running in the opposite direction to Su Yu.

Su Yu’s face darkened. Da*n it!

Tang Ling was trying to send the trouble elsewhere, luring the enemy into Su Yu’s direction so he could seize the chance to escape!


Right at that moment, the shrill sound of the air being pierced resonated across the sky.

The remnant shadow was everywhere, traveling at an astounding speed. It was moving inevitably toward the two figures on the ground that were subject to the laws of gravity.

Luckily for Su Yu, the wilted branch headed for Tang Ling first.

Tang Ling turned back to look, and his face changed drastically. He screamed in a hoarse, terrorized voice, “Stop it!”

As he spoke, he changed direction, sprinting towards Su Yu.


The wilted branch flew past him brushing against his shoulder. The immense impact bombarded the whole length of his arm into pieces, leaving it a mangled mess of blood and flesh.

However, Tang Ling suppressed the excruciating pain and ran in Su Yu’s direction, heading for him in a straight line.

Once the enemy unleashed the wilted branch again, Tang Ling would dodge it, and Su Yu wouldn’t necessarily be able to respond as quickly as he could.

If Tang Ling was lucky, Su Yu would be killed by the wilted branch, and the enemy would stop and collect Su Yu’s Purple Cloud Vital Energy. Tang Ling would take the opportunity to run away. He was trying to redirect the calamity to Su Yu for the second time in just a short while.

Su Yu’s eyes turned icy cold. “Tang Ling! I have never offended you in any way. Do you really think I am a good victim to be bullied?”

Tang Ling had nothing more to hide now. Sneering cunningly, he said, “Junior Brother Su, I’m sorry for you. I’ll advise you to come again in another century!”

At the same time, Tang Ling flipped his hand and tossed out a misty, glimmering talisman which he hurled towards Su Yu.

“Body Freezing Talisman! Explode!” With a soft yell, the talisman exploded, and a vast mass of green radiance shot out from within, shrouding Su Yu. Su Yu suddenly felt the pressure in his surroundings multiply. The effect was like that of submerging a mortal deep underwater, slowing them down significantly and rendering them nearly immobile.

Just then, the mysterious figure in the mist happened to toss out the third wilted branch.

The straight branch was like an arrow fired from a bow, charging with a force that could kill both of them at the same time.

“Farewell, Junior Brother Su,” Tang Ling scoffed, as he adhered a piece of yellow-colored talisman on himself. His speed picked up by three times. Despite the shocking speed of the branch, Tang Ling would now be able to avoid it.

Faced with imminent danger, Su Yu’s eyes turned very cold. “Senior brother, in my opinion, you’ll be the one who comes again a hundred years.”

Why would Su Yu show Tang Ling any mercy when he was being so callous?

“Time Seal!” Su Yu yelled in a low voice. Violet light brimmed in his left eye as a purple dragon hovered around Tang Ling and entangled him.

In an instant, Tang Ling’s body stopped moving. It was as if he had lost control of his body. His mind was the only thing that remained active, as panic, terror, and rage filled it. Unfortunately for Tang Ling, the wilted branch gave him no chance to react.


Like a watermelon being smashed, Tang Ling’s head was blown off there and then. Space vibration appeared in his surroundings and transported him away, leaving behind the Purple Cloud Vital Energy above where his head had been.

The wilted branch did not slow down but headed for Su Yu, who was still frozen to the spot, instead.

Su Yu’s right eye was radiating a red brilliance. “Space Vortex!”

A mass of vortex materialized, taking in the charging wilted branch and transporting it to some unknown space.

Su Yu marched out of the area of green light with great difficulty, and his body recovered its mobility. Fortunately, the effect of the talisman had a time limit, otherwise, he would have been killed by Tang Ling.

After liberating himself from the talisman, Su Yu didn’t even bother to take another look at the Purple Cloud Vital Energy before disappearing into the haze.

Just as he left, two figures broke through the mist. They were a man and a woman.

The man was handsome and gallant, with a high nose bridge and a slender body. He gave off an imposing, regal aura. He had an air of powerful confidence about him, like a monarch standing before the commoners and giving others a sense of inferiority. His cultivation had even reached the Peak of ninth-grade Almighty! The man was even a step ahead of the ninth-grade Almighty, seeming vaguely as though he had stepped into the All Creations level. The immensity of being between the Almighty and the All Creations was awe-inspiring and intimidating. Regardless of appearance or cultivation, he was a rarity in the world.

Beside him was a woman clad in an emerald green dress. Her manner was naturally elegant and otherworldly, emitting a boundless air of gentle beauty. She followed closely behind the handsome man, her gorgeous eyes gazing at him, intimate, complicated and bewildered all at the same time.

“Brother Taixu, it seems as though a person has been eliminated,” the woman in green said gently. With a light wave of her slender, fair hand, she grasped the Purple Cloud Vital Energy and handed it to the handsome man.

Her thoughtful, loving act could make countless men fall head over heels.

The woman was the best female Heaven Ruler of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, Lü Chuyi. With her peerless cultivation that no other female martial artist could match, her exceptional beauty, and her gentle personality, she met every standard of the dream lover for the martial artists of the continent.

If they knew whom Lü Chuyi had fallen for, they wouldn’t be merely jealous of him, but wildly envious. The handsome man was none other than the King of Heaven Rulers of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, Gu Taixu!

He hadn’t been defeated even once since he gained fame and had attained triumphant progress in his path of training, achieving the Peak of Almighty before the age of 25. In fact, he had accomplished such a level before he reached the age of 20.

Everyone knew that all he needed was an opportunity to pass through the All Creations threshold.

Rumor even had it that Gu Taixu had encountered a great many chances to break through the All Creations but had been delayed due to his efforts in breaking through using the Nine Fairy Elixir.

Gu Taixu was a man of absolute strength and even his peers who admired Lü Chuyi did not dare to show their jealousy of him. There was no one else besides Gu Taixu in all of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands who could so perfect for Lü Chuyi.

Gu Taixu accepted the Purple Cloud Vital Energy without any facial expression, his eyes fixed in the direction in which Su Yu had escaped. With a small frown, he said, “One has escaped, and he seems to be an expert in some kind of special tactics.”

From afar, they had no way to find out that Su Yu had applied the magical powers of time and space.

Lü Chuyi said, “Only one has escaped. I believe that he’ll be eliminated even without Brother Taixu getting involved. The direction in which he has run seems to be where the female martial artist whom Meili has been chasing after went.”

Gu Taixu nodded nonchalantly. “Yes, let’s go. We’ll follow the instructions of the person in charge and try to eliminate the students of the Red Blood Palace.”

The two of them disappeared into the hazy mist like a celestial couple.

In the outside world, the people in charge of the factions surrounded the Purple Cloud Secret Realm.

Students of various factions were transported out from time to time, causing many sighs.


Right at that moment, Tang Ling was transported out by a wave of space power, whimpering in pain. His skull had been repaired and was seemingly unscathed, but the remnants of misery and pain stuck with him.

Mo Tianxuan made him stand still and questioned him with dissatisfaction. “Why did you come out so fast?”

Tang Ling was ranked among the top thirty in the Red Blood Palace. With his eighth-grade Almighty cultivation, he should be guaranteed a position among the top hundred if he wasn’t too unlucky or overly reckless.

Furthermore, he had succeeded in eliminating an eighth-grade Almighty female student of the Purple Cloud Palace not long ago. Mo Tianxuan hadn’t even had the chance to celebrate before Tang Ling got eliminated.

Tang Ling gritted his teeth. He was eliminated by Gu Taixu. Reasonably, he should be blamed for his failure. However, it was a fair competition. Wouldn’t he be criticizing himself for his own weakness and uselessness if he put the blame on the opponent’s excellence?

“It’s Su Yuxian!!” Tang Ling proclaimed, frustrated and ashamed. He certainly wouldn’t put the blame on himself.

Mo Tianxuan scowled. “Him? What happened?”

Tang Ling said through gritted teeth. “He allied with foreign enemies and tricked me with bizarre techniques, thus I got eliminated.”

“Is this true?” Mo Tianxuan asked coldly.

If it were somebody else, Mo Tianxuan wouldn’t really believe it. There was no need to collude with outsiders against fellow faction mates, was there? But with Su Yuxian, everything was possible.

In her opinion, Su Yuxian was a very strange person whose origins were unknown, and whose past was a blank.

She couldn’t help but cast a thoughtful glance at the True Man of the Purple Cloud. Could Su Yuxian be a spy from the Purple Cloud Palace? The True Man only smiled without saying a word. He didn’t try to argue.

An elite of the Red Blood Palace being eliminated by his own faction mate. The Purple Cloud Palace would merrily relish the incident like it was a joke. True Man had no intention of explaining anything. His attitude only increased Mo Tianxuan’s doubt.

“Humph! This Su Yuxian, he’ll get it once he comes out!” Mo Tianxuan was fuming with rage.

Inside the secret realm, Su Yu continued heading for the central region.

Counting the time, almost half a day had passed. If he didn’t seize a whiff of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy, circumstances would turn even more dire and rigorous.


All of a sudden, the sound of metal colliding reverberated in his ears.

There was another fight!

Su Yu’s eyes shone as he immediately headed over to the battle. When he was a thousand meters away, he secretly observed the motion ahead using the Transparent Eye.

The look on his face changed slightly as he watched.

A thousand meters ahead, two masses of illusionary shadows were scuffling. The speed and body techniques didn’t seem to be restrained by the gravity in the least bit.

“How could that be?” Su Yu was shocked.

The speed was at least comparable to a ninth-grade fairy in the outside world.

Nonetheless, in the Purple Cloud Secret Realm where everyone was suppressed, there should be a high level of restraint, making the scene in front of his eyes impossible!.