The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Bloodred Light Of Arrow

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His soft shout reverberated in the blurry haze. The clouds and mist dissipated, and two petite figures appeared before him.

“How did you…” Senior Brother Liu was stunned. How had the two of them been able to sneak up behind him?

Gongsun Wuxie wrapped her arms around her chest and cast a look at the treasure beneath his feet. Half-smiling, she said, “Senior Brother Liu, so you can actually walk! I’ve been worried about you.”

The young girl, whose name was Meili, wore a cold expression. “Humph! Right from the start, I could tell you weren’t a good guy. Sister Wuxin is right about you intending to harm us. There must be some kind of danger ahead, right?”

Senior Brother Liu was shocked, and his expression kept changing. He flashed a pretentious apologetic smile. “You have misunderstood, junior sisters. I felt uneasy about letting you girls travel on your own, so I was going to take the risk and come and check on you.”

Gongsun Wuxie brandished the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow in her hand, and asked with a smile, “Oh, you were coming to check on us? Senior brother, you must have been disappointed then?”

Meili touched her teeth, her right leg gliding in just above the mud. She looked furious and was clearly prepared for a fight. Now that they had made it clear, any attempt to resolve the conflict using flowery speech would be futile.

Senior Brother Liu’s heart sank. Things had gone beyond his expectations. He could be said to have made the wrong move. Gongsun Wuxie was way more cunning than he had thought. Not only had his scheme failed, but he had also landed himself in a vulnerable position.

“Junior sister, you had better learn to give and take. None of us will benefit if we fight here. To be frank, ahead of us is a faction that isn’t on good terms with the Red Blood Palace, and they have a few extremely powerful students to hold the fort. If we startle them, we’ll all be in trouble,” Liu said in a low voice.

Gongsun Wuxie positioned the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow and sneered at him. “You’ll be the one in trouble, not us.” She believed that with her and Meili’s speed, no one in the entire secret realm could catch up with them. No matter how strong their opponents were, without body techniques and speed, who could do anything to them? On the other hand, even if Senior Brother Liu wasn’t eliminated by them, he still couldn’t escape his fate if he met the other group of people.

Liu’s face darkened. “Gongsun Wuxie! You’d better think carefully about whom you will be offending if you eliminate me!” His heart was thumping wildly and he was extremely nervous. He had made it this close to the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. If he got eliminated here, wouldn’t he miss out on a massive, extremely important opportunity? No matter what he had to do, he could not be eliminated. He was a little remorseful. Why had he ever thought of getting rid of Gongsun Wuxie along the way? He had been careless!

“Haha, it doesn’t matter if I forgive you. Your arrogant Senior Sister Tianyu won’t necessarily accept my kindness. Instead, she’ll find it reasonable, thinking that I’m afraid of her. If that’s the case, do I have a reason to let you go?”


Gongsun Wuxie launched a blow with the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow, showing no mercy. The immensely strong fire-based talisman erupted with boundless intense flames which moved forward quickly.

In the face of a strong blow that could destroy a peak ninth-grade Almighty, how would the seventh-grade Almighty Senior Brother Liu dare to retaliate by force?

“Ahh! Gongsun Wuxie, you’ll regret this!” Liu activated the green leaf beneath his feet, spun on the spot and took off rapidly sideways.


The waves caused by the strong flames sent soil and dirt flying in all directions, causing Senior Brother Liu, along with his leaf treasure, to be overturned. Seeing that he was about to be consumed and destroyed by the flames, Liu bellowed. The leaf treasure radiated mellow shine and encased him like a dumpling.

When the flames surged onto it, the green leaf withered gradually and was slowly burnt away, but Liu had escaped his tragic fate by hiding in it.

“I’ll see how many treasures you have!” Gongsun Wuxie launched another attack.

Liu was shocked and furious at the same time. He hadn’t recovered from the last blow and was about to face another terrifying attack. He gritted his teeth and hurled out three green leaves continuously. Two of them grew with the wind, turning into gigantic, thousand-feet leaves. They merged with each other, forming an enormous wall that blocked Liu from the explosive flames.

The last green leaf enveloped Liu. Like a stone mill, it began rolling rapidly above the swamp at a very fast speed, moving no slower than Gongsun Wuxie and Meili. It only took a couple of breaths for him to escape to a hundred meters away. Once he was out of the girls’ visual fields, he concealed his scent. He thought that he had successfully escaped.

“Meili, I’ll leave it to you.” Gongsun Wuxie snorted coldly and activated the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow again. She destroyed the two green leaves that had formed the wall.

Meili gritted her canine teeth, and exclaimed ruthlessly, “How dare he plot against me! I’ll punch him to death!” With a howl, she broke through the wall of fire and sprinted straight after Senior Brother Liu. Gongsun Wuxie followed closely behind her. One after another, the girls chased after Liu with intense ferocity.

Liu’s face changed dramatically as he activated the green leaf with greater urgency. He ran quickly while shrouded in it, shock and frenzy clear on his face. He had no more leaves to stop the two girls. Once this leaf was consumed, he would have no more means of escape. Not long ago, he was a hunter. Now, he was the prey.

“Where are you going?” Gongsun Wuxie laughed coldly as she followed a hundred feet behind Meili, targeting Liu’s scent. However, right at that moment, Gongsun Wuxie seemed to have sensed something. The jade pendant on her chest pulsed rapidly as if warning her about something. “Be careful Meili, there’s danger!” Gongsun Wuxie said. Quickly, she fished out the several bones the size of a thumb and tossed them all around her. Immediately, a white bony frame grew from the depths of the ground, enclosing her within. If she could sense it, how could Meili not, given that she was as sensitive as a wild beast?

“Who’s there?” Meili exposed her arms, neck, and legs. All of a sudden, numerous fascinating talisman symbols surged all over her body, from the inside out. Her skin turned from dark to the color of wheat, which was rich with luster. From afar, she looked a wheat-colored human made out of metal.

Soft air-breaking sounds made the air quiver. However, the screeching of cicadas sounded from all directions, making it unable to for one to identify the exact direction.


All of a sudden, a blood-red ray of arrow light seemed to have materialized out of thin air. It landed fifty feet in front of Gongsun Wuxie. It was so close that, despite Gongsun Wuxie’s swift body techniques, there was no way she could turn her body around. Luckily, she had prepared early on to use the white bone cage to keep herself locked within. With a soft clank of the white bones, the blood-red light of the arrow was blocked on the outside. Much to her shock, the arrow light was nailed into the extremely sturdy bone. She fixed her gaze on it and found that a blood-red feathered arrow had been propelled straight into the white bone. If she had been shot, Gongsun Wuxie’s body would surely have been penetrated by the strong force and been thoroughly ruptured.

Meanwhile, Meili was also taking a blow from the arrow.


The sound of metal clanking reverberated. With a dull thud, Meili’s dainty body was crushed upon by the red light, flying backward and crashing into the white bone cage. Her body did not manage to block the arrow, and her shoulder blades were pierced from the front right through the back. With all her might, she managed to ensure the arrow avoided her vital organs at the critical moment.

Gongsun Wuxie immediately opened up the cage and pulled the injured Meili inside. Her eyes were radiating cold hatred as she stared into the depths of the blurry haze. An immense sense of danger overwhelmed her.

Senior Brother Liu had left stealthily, long before the blood-red arrow light appeared. After advancing for three hundred meters, he turned to look back with his heart still palpitating rapidly. He wiped away his cold sweat. “Luckily I wasn’t discovered!” As he recalled his own unlucky circumstances, he could not help but laugh slyly. “But then, those two little s*uts have finally been gotten rid of, right? Humph, wanna eliminate me? Dream on!”

He stored the leaf away and was about to get up to leave the region as soon as possible. However, right at that moment, a bright and clear voice rang out suddenly. “I see that the way you were rolling on the floor was very skilled. Why get up now? Won’t it be great if you keep rolling on?”

Out of the blue, Su Yu stepped out from the blurry haze a hundred feet ahead from him. He was staring at Senior Brother Liu with a cold gleam in his eyes.