The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 975

Chapter 975 The Purple Cloud Crown

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Senior Brother Liu was startled at first. When he saw that it was Su Yu, he was even more stunned “It’s you?”

Once he had regained his composure, Senior Brother Liu scanned his surroundings. When he was sure that Su Yu was alone, he was overwhelmed with surprise and delight. “You’re on your own?” It seemed unbelievable that Su Yu would appear here alone. He was frustrated that he had not been able to locate Su Yu and complete the task that Senior Sister Tianyu assigned to him.

Su Yu had his hands wrapped around his chest as he asked detachedly, “Oh? Does Senior Brother Liu wish to see me on my own, or with others?”

Senior Brother Liu removed the green leaf that was on him, and the leaf withered and turned yellow instantly, losing its vigor.

As he straightened his body, Liu did nothing to hide his hostility at all. Letting out a peal of cold laughter, he said, “I can’t tell if you really are stupid or just pretending. Senior Sister Tianyu has clearly warned you, yet you still dare to show up in front of me. That on its own would be fine, but you’re even daring enough to speak rudely to me! If I don’t get you eliminated today, it’ll be unacceptable!”

Su Yu was rather bored and uninterested. “Is that so? Aren’t you afraid of being questioned by Palace Master Mo once I get transported out?”

Senior Brother Liu snickered. “You can complain all you like! Based on my observations, there are most probably fewer than a hundred strong ones who will remain in the Purple Cloud Secret Realm this time.”

“The Red Blood Palace can count itself lucky for each of its students who gets shortlisted. Do you think Palace Master Mo will make things difficult for the supporting pillar of the faction that’s about to pursue greater opportunities at the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, for an eliminated student?” Liu asked.

There were quite a number of capable individuals who consecutively eliminated their acquaintances. Therefore, it was possible that more than a hundred participants would be eliminated in total. Perhaps, among the 60 individuals from the Red Blood Palace, the number of students who could be ranked among the top hundred would be fewer than expected. Under such conditions, each and every qualified quota was valuable, so why would Mo Tianxuan speak up for an eliminated student?

Su Yu rubbed his chin, and said with an enlightened expression, “I see, Senior Brother Liu. Thank you so much for resolving my worries.”

Liu was contemptuous. “What a weirdo you are, talking nonsense at the brink of death! I’ll eliminate you right now!”

Liu stepped onto the swamp and leaped into the air like an enormous bird. His right palm was roiling with turbulent Vital Energy, and the intrepid Vital Energy of the seventh-grade Almighty condensed into a long spear, which penetrated Su Yu from top to bottom.

Su Yu remained unruffled. With a flick of his sleeves, a black, shriveled claw was revealed. It was covered in eerie, horrifying ghostly energy and gave off a spine-chilling vibe. Puffs of remnant All Creations Mighty Force was faintly visible.

All of a sudden Liu, whose murderous desire was written all over his face, sensed a gust of the All Creations Mighty Force, and his face fell dramatically. The long spear which was descending was withdrawn, and he bellowed, “Stop it! What is that?” He felt a great sense of danger from the ghostly claw.

Slowly, Su Yu raised the hand which was clutching the ghostly claw, and said, “Why, this is something that will eliminate you, Senior Brother.” He finished speaking and brutally hurled the ghostly claw in Liu’s direction.

“How dare you!” Liu was in shock and was enraged. In his eyes, Su Yu had always been a student of the outside sanctum, perhaps slightly proficient in Mu words which gave him slight leverage. But in terms of cultivation and capacity, he was mediocre and ordinary. Like an ant, Liu could simply step on him and end his life. Who knew that this fellow actually had a ghostly claw of unknown origins in his possession and that the thing had terrifying power.

Liu’s threat landed unheard in Su Yu’s ears, and the ghostly claw slammed down from the air. With a blood-curdling scream, the ghostly claw surged with turbulent ghostly energy, forming a gaseous mass of ghostly mist that was thirty feet wide. A twenty-feet wide virtual shadow of the ghostly claw snuck emerged from the mist and ferociously grasped towards Liu through the air.

Liu was vexed as he screamed, “Go to hell!” He immediately threw the long spear.


An ear-piercing explosion made the earth tremble as the two objects collided with each other. The long spear was shattered by the ghostly claw, while the virtual shadow of the ghostly claw was perforated by the long spear, forming an aperture with the diameter of a human arm.

Cracks and seams appeared all around the aperture and stretched out in all directions of the ghostly claw until the ghostly claw was crushed into smithereens.

When the virtual shadow of the ghostly claw found its way to Senior Brother Liu’s side, all that was left was a mass of remnant ghostly energy, which Liu easily destroyed by slapping both his palms on it.

The clash of the two objects proved that they were equally powerful.

Liu’s face darkened as he stared at the ghostly claw on Su Yu’s palm, wisps of smoke shimmering in his eyes.

Su Yu only felt a little regretful. After all, there were merely a few faint wisps of the All Creations Mighty Force inside the ghostly claw. During the killing of Shao’s Family Master, a lot of its energy had been used up. After the huge decline in power, it would be difficult for it to destroy a seventh-grade Almighty like Senior Brother Liu now.

At this point, the All Creations Mighty Force contained in the ghostly claw was almost entirely consumed. Except for its sturdy material, most of its powers could hardly be put into great use right now.

“I’m curious to know how many treasures like that you actually own.” Liu was annoyed and enraged. He was forming fascinating curves in front of his chest with both his hands, and a mass of mellow radiant glow appeared above his head.

The Divine Imprint!

He wished to manifest his own power of Divine Imprint.

Under normal circumstances, the Divine Imprint was the strongest power that powerful Almighty individuals could possess. Once manifested, it entailed their strongest possible strike.

When he first crossed paths with the Almighty strong individuals, Su Yu feared the Divine Imprint the most. However, after pulling through numerous battles, Su Yu was far more composed now than he was before. As he gazed at the Divine Imprint that his opponent was about to perform, he said, “Fine, I shall try the refined power of the treasure talisman.”

A piece of old, battered light-yellow talisman fluttered onto his palm gracefully, giving off glimmering brilliance. A pattern of the Sun was imprinted in the center of the talisman, emitting a cold, sharp aura.

Right at that moment, Senior Brother Liu manifested the Divine Imprint. It was a huge, pitch-black imprint, with a black colossal bird carved on it. It had a long, sharp beak full of hideous teeth that stretched backward. It was extremely horrifying.

After the Divine Imprint appeared, the sculpted ferocious bird moved its eyeballs, and then flew out from the Divine Imprint with a shrill shriek. All of a sudden, clouds and mist were roiling, and spiritual energy was vibrating.

Su Yu was affected by sound since he was only a few steps away. Instantly, he began to fret with anxiety and vexation, and he couldn’t calm himself. A wave of ferocity that he couldn’t suppress began growing wildly in the depths of his heart like a weed, making Su Yu gradually lose his rationality.

“Soul attack?” Su Yu queried. This unknown ferocious bird was in fact, adept at a soul attack which greatly affected one’s rationality. If one had no means of defending themselves, they would be quickly manipulated by the ferocious bird and lose their mind.

In a duel between experts, even a minor error could become the determining factor of victory and defeat. Losing one’s rationality would have a huge impact.

As soon as Su Yu lost his rational ability, Senior Brother Liu’s eyes shone with a cold gleam. Like a sly hare, he dashed forth with his fingers forming a claw, slamming towards Su Yu’s cranial vault. Killing Su Yu wasn’t necessary. He only needed to make him sense a life-threatening crisis, and then he would get himself eliminated.

“You’d better surrender to your fate! Not even an eighth-grade Almighty is able to defend themselves against my Divine Imprint, let alone you!” Senior Brother Liu’s voice was creepy and he had a triumphant smile on his face. “Farewell, Junior Brother!”

However, just as Liu was about to strike Su Yu, a clear brilliance shone in Su Yu’s eyes. His timing was perfect as he hurled the treasure talisman out of his hand.

“It really is time for farewell, Senior Brother.” The corners of Su Yu’s lips twitched upwards into a smile as he softly muttered the word explode.


All of a sudden, the treasure talisman erupted, and a colossal bright sun appeared out of nowhere. The emitted rays of sunshine pierced through the fuzzy haze, and in an instant, illuminated the entire summit to a point that it seemed like daytime.

Senior Brother Liu was enclosed in the sunshine, his eyes unable to open because of the glaring light. He couldn’t even recognize Su Yu who was standing before him. A loud shocked scream escaped his mouth. “The treasure talisman of Heavens Extinguishing Divine Palm? Impossible!!”

It was the rare skill of the Central Prefecture’s Guards, the second technique that hardly anyone could successfully master, the treasure talisman sealed with the Great Moon Palm. Why would it appear in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands? Before he could figure it out, Senior Brother Liu detected an immense imminent crisis, a crisis which made him think of death. Once such a crisis emerged, he would lose the qualification for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

“No!” With a loud scream, Senior Brother Liu operated all of the Vital Energy in his body, and condensed an armor on the surface of his body, in a futile attempt to hold off the attack. However, the armor condensed out of Vital Energy dissipated like a tender wind amidst the sunshine.

Senior Brother Liu bellowed with reluctance and shame and was enveloped by a space that befell upon him. Very quickly, he disappeared into the blurry mist, leaving behind three whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy.

When the rays of sunlight had dissipated and the surroundings were once again covered by the mist, the scene had shaken half of the secret realm. The fleeting moment of illumination exposed many of those who were hiding in the mist, revealing their trails and locations.

The source of the light experienced an even greater exposure.

Gu Taixu and Lü Chuyi were standing on top a summit and staring in that direction.

“Ruolan Swamp, the Heavens Extinguishing Divine Palm.” Lü Chuyi’s delicate brows were slightly creased. “Could the Blessed and Heavenly Lands have been infiltrated by someone from the Central Prefecture?”

Gu Taixu’s eyes were filled with profoundness, as though he was pondering on something. He said, “Probably not, the Central Prefecture has their own quotas of recommendation, and there’s no need to arrange spies in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands.”

“But the Heavens Extinguishing Divine Palm is the unique skill of the Central Prefecture’s Guards and has never been exposed to outsiders. Besides them, no one has ever mastered it,” Lü Chuyi said.

Gu Taixun shook his head lightly. “Never exposed to outsiders indeed, but I know someone, and he is a master of the Heavens Extinguishing Divine Palm!”

“Who is that?” Lü Chuyi noticed something unusual in Gu Taixu’s eyes, something she had never seen before. It seemed like agitation and excitement, but murderous desire and resentment at the same time, as if he had come across an enemy whom he hadn’t seen in a long while.

As far as she could remember, Gu Taixun had never regarded any of his peers with importance. He had never been defeated either, so why would he have an enemy?

All of a sudden, a figure appeared Lü Chuyi’s mind. If there truly was someone who could outshine Gu Taixu, there could only be one possibility.

At the Heavenly Mysterious Divine Pavilion, Gu Taixu had been defeated by someone before, and that person… Lü Chuyi could not help but shudder and grit her teeth, her gorgeous eyes filled with something that resembled either anticipation or dread.

“I’m not sure, but once we go and check it out, we’ll know.” Coldness formed on Gu Taixu’s lips as he mumbled under his breath, “I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”

A fair distance away, Tianyu and Bing Wuqing stood shoulder to shoulder, also staring in the direction of the source of light.

“Heavens Extinguishing Divine Palm? Humph, the Central Prefecture’s people are really dauntless!” Tianyu remarked coldly.

Bing Wuqing flashed an elegant, tender smile. She was the only one who knew from whom that Heavens Extinguishing Divine Palm came.

Her beautiful eyes shone, and Bing Wuqing asked with a thoughtful look, “Do you want to take a look at this person’s aura?”

Somewhere, Bai Shanliang was giggling as he counted the Purple Cloud Vital Energy above his head. All of a sudden, his gaze was attracted to the source of light, and his eyes grew solemn.

“Heavens Extinguishing Divine Palm? That’s strange! The Central Prefecture has no reason to arrange spies here, let alone expose their identity so brazenly. Aren’t they worried about the geniuses of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands?” Bai Shanliang said. “Hehe, anyways, my Purple Cloud Vital Energy is sufficient now, I might as well go and take a look.”

Outside the realm, the True Man of the Purple Cloud and Mo Tianxuan had also noticed the anomaly in the secret realm.

The True Man raised his eyelids for a moment and closed them again. He wasn’t too surprised about it. “Oh? The treasure talisman of the Heavens Extinguishing Divine Palm? It’s rather rare. I don’t know which student has found it.”

Mo Tianxuan said, “Must be from your Purple Cloud Palace, my Red Blood Palace doesn’t have such filthy rich students.”


Right at that moment, Senior Brother Liu was transported out.

Mo Tianxuan’s scowled. “You’re the one thrown out here by the Heavens Extinguishing Divine Palm?”

Liu was unable to accept that he had been eliminated. The Glittering Jewel Wonderland was a golden opportunity that only happened once in a hundred years, and he had let it slip right through his fingers! He was stunned for a good while before he could recollect his thoughts. His face was full of rage. “Su Yuxian!! I will hate you till the end of time!!”

“Why is it Su Yuxian again?” Mo Tianxuan thought…

The True Man grew curious too. First, it had been Tang Ling, now Senior Brother Liu. This person had eliminated two absolute powerful individuals of the Red Blood Palace. If he was lucky the first time, had he been lucky this time as well?

“Haha, Palace Master Mo, it seems like this filthy rich student is from your faction,” the True Man laughed as he said.

Mo Tianxuan was irritated. “Su Yuxian!” When he came out, she would definitely punish him. Most importantly, she wanted to know where the treasure talisman of the Heavens Extinguishing Divine Palm came from!

In the secret realm, Su Yu had gained three whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy by eliminating Liu. He now had four whiffs altogether, all of which belonged to him alone. Along with Su Yu’s own, he had five whiffs of the Purple Cloud Vital Energy in his hands. The five whiffs coalesced and formed a very faint purple crown.

“I’d like to find out what use will the solid crown will serve once I gather enough Purple Cloud Vital Energy,” Su Yu said. The format of seizing the Purple Cloud Vital Energy must be the method commonly used by the Purple Cloud Palace students.

According to the custom, the amount seized could determine one’s results, and there would most probably be corresponding rewards and punishments.

He just wasn’t certain whether there would also be rewards and punishments for the competition this time.

At the moment, he had no time to think it through. Su Yu immediately stepped into the swamp ahead, because he could see that Gongsun Wuxie and Meili had landed themselves in great trouble.

Gongsun Wuxie and Meili had the bone cage as defense, so they were unscathed for the time being. But the blood-red light of arrows seemed to be never-ending as they came one after another. The two of them were confined within the cage, unable to escape easily.

Furthermore, the blood-red rays kept crashing into the cage. Every arrow happened to pierce through the previous one, making the light arrows that had been nailed into the bone cage penetrate it.

Gongsun Wuxie’s heart ached as she watched. With flailing hands and bared teeth, she exclaimed in rage, “Which jerk is that? Show up if you have guts!”

But their opponent was hiding amidst the blurry mist. For some unknown reasons, the enemy refused to show himself, only persisted in restraining both of them within the cage.

What could be predicted was that the opponent definitely possessed more powerful tactics than just restraining them, and he was preparing to use them. His purpose was to destroy both of them at once.

Just as expected, an intense vibration arose in the depths of the blurry haze, as if a mighty technique that had been prepared for a long period of time was about to be unleashed.

Gongsun Wuxie felt the ominous feeling gradually become more and more intense.

She lifted the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow and aimed it at the place where the vibration was originated and launched a piece of fire-based talisman.

Intense, brutal flames swept across the heavens and the earth. Any ninth-grade Almighty could have been killed in an instant. But, deep in the mist, a layer of blood-red light screen blocked the sea of flames on the outside with total ease.

Vaguely, Gongsun Wuxie seemed to have beheld an enormous figure with the height of a hundred feet and a robust build. Both its eyes brimmed with a remarkably brilliant yellow splendor. The splendor was the presence that had made Gongsun Wuxie feel endangered.

“What is that?” Gongsun Wuxie and Meili exclaimed in stupefaction at the same time. They had always thought that they were dealing with a competitor, but judging from the situation now, it did not seem to be the case!