The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Enemies Met Up

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Judging from the size of the figure, it certainly wasn’t a human being!

Boom! Boom!

The booming noises broke out from the giant’s eyes. The sound was like the dull rumbling of thunder and made the blurry haze ebb and flow.

Two yellow halos extended from those eyes, just like two venomous snakes that were sneaking out of their cave. The halos contained certain absolute power that was very similar to the All Creations Mighty Force.

Once they appeared, the entire space of the secret realm began quivering lightly, and the people within it felt a sense of insecurity as if they would be transported out of the secret realm at any moment.

The faces of Gu Taixu, Lü Chuyi, Bing Wuqing, Tianyu, and Bai Shanliang, who were heading toward the source of light they had seen earlier, changed dramatically.

“All Creations Force?” Lü Chuyi’s pretty eyes were filled with shock. “There’s a special restriction in the secret realm. Those with All Creations cultivation or those who launch an All Creations attack will be transported out. What’s happening right now?”

Such circumstances had never occurred during the previous expedition in the secret realm. The only possibility was that someone among the participants had brought along a treasure with a power that surpassed the All Creations.

The Purple Cloud Secret Realm restricted the allowed level of power to below the All Creations level, in order to protect the secret realm from the damage of All Creations and to ensure the safety of the participants. Even though the secret realm was capable of transporting endangered individuals out of it in time, the precondition was that the power of Space Transportation wasn’t influenced.

The All Creations Mighty Force was an energy that could affect Space Transportation. Under the attack of the All Creations Mighty Force, the secret realm would be rendered unable to transport the afflicted victims out. Even if the participants did not know about that, they should have understood the severity involved. The person who performed the All Creations Mighty Force had the intention of murdering others in mind.

Who was daring enough to kill blatantly, and who was the one being attacked? Without any significant hatred or feud, no one would actually commit such an act. After all, the people in charge of the factions were all outside, monitoring the situation. If any of them was provoked by the loss of students, the attacker wouldn’t necessarily be able to escape unharmed.

Gu Taixu flashed a small smile. “We’re finally going to meet someone interesting, and it’s in the same direction as the source of light.”

Bing Wuqing, Tianyu, Bai Shanliang and the rest picked up their speed and headed there.

The remaining strong ones in the secret realm sensed the gust of intense energy as well. After some contemplation, they all headed in this direction.

In the outside world, Mo Tianxuan and the True Man of the Purple Cloud raised their brows at the same time, and wisps of anger rippled in their eyes.

“All Creations Mighty Force, but suppressed to an extent that is permitted within the secret realm. Someone is plotting to make use of the opportunity to kill.” The True Man’s voice was resonating with coldness as he slightly narrowed his eyes. Undoubtedly, his suspicion fell upon the Red Blood Palace. They were the only two factions that housed presentable All Creations experts in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

Mo Tianxuan’s eyes turned cold instantly. “Humph, if I wish to get rid of your geniuses, would I do it sneakily like this?”

The True Man of the Purple Cloud thought carefully. Although Mo Tianxua preferred to go against the norm, she was daring enough to own up her deeds. Since she denied all knowledge, it most probably wasn’t her.

With narrowed eyes, the True Man glanced at the people in charge of the 16 great factions and remarked coldly, “If anyone is killed as a result of this, no matter who they are, I will certainly ferret out the culprit, and sentence them to death, both their body and soul!”

All of the people-in-charge of the 16 great factions looked worried. They were also curious about which faction had actually brought the All Creations Mighty Force into the secret realm.

Inside the secret realm, the yellow halos that came out of the giant’s eyes resembled two gigantic pythons and were heading straight for Gongsun Wuxie and Meili.

An immense sense of crisis afflicted both of them at the same time. Subconsciously, Gongsun Wuxie touched the necklace around her neck, which had a projection of her father sealed in it. If she broke it into pieces, the projection could be summoned forth. But, if she did that, it meant that Gongsun Wuxie had encountered undeniable danger. And based on her promise to father, all of her adventures had to come to an end. She would return to the Severed Fairy Cliff and lose the right to venture out again. Hence, Gongsun Wuxie would never use the projection unless there was truly no hope left.

“Meili, let’s strike together!” Gongsun Wuxie yelled as she set up the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow, and fired it at the two dim yellow giant pythons.

Meili clenched her canine teeth and bit her pinkie, resulting in a drop of remarkably bright essence blood which she hurled it into the air. All of a sudden, the turbulent energy of bleakness erupted with magnificence from the essence blood. The virtual shadow of a cheetah stood in the Void, towering and imposingly majestic. The figure seemed like the king of all ferocious beasts, emitting an absolutely formidable aura.

With a loud growl, the cheetah quickly pounced forward like a shooting stream of light. Its paws were extremely sharp, forming numerous pitch-black thin lines as it clawed at the space of the secret realm as if trying to divide it into halves.

Apparently, this was also a power that was closing in on the limit which could be withstood by the secret realm!

Meili’s small face quickly turned pale. It was clear that the drop of essence blood had cost her dearly.

Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes shone as she shot out several talismans in a row. The talismans overlapped, giving rise to an explosive boost of power.

Their respective attacks had far exceeded the ninth-grade Almighty and were fast approaching the All Creations Mighty Force.

The tremendous commotion stunned the people who had just arrived.

“Meili’s Blood Soul Summoning technique! She has run into danger.” Watching the flight, Lü Chuyi’s face fell.

Gu Taixu, who had remained calm up until now, creased his brows. “Why is Li-er involved?”

They had never expected Meili to be the one being attacked by the extreme power. She was the third-ranking genius expert of the Purple Cloud Palace and carried the great hopes of the faction, yet someone had actually dared to lay hands on her!

“Go to hell!” Gu Taixu snorted coldly. A seam cracked open between his brows, and skyrocketing violet light covered a large half of the secret realm. The endless white mist was penetrated, and the intangible, oppressive gravitational pull was reduced by half. A seemingly large distance of a few dozen miles was like the blink of an eye to a peak Almighty like Gu Taixu. His power of bloodstream was strong enough to remove the restraint of the secret realm!

Emitting wisps of coldness and murderous desires, Gu Taixu strode out.

Meanwhile, the fight was continuing deep in the swamp. The joint attack by Gongsun Wuxie and Meili could be considered to have the extreme power of the Almighty: hardly any of the ninth-grade Almighty could withstand it.

Each of the attacks struck one of the yellow giant pythons respectively.

The cheetah that had been created by Meili’s blood drop charged forward with a ferocity that could engulf the mountains and the rivers. The virtual shadow of the cheetah got entangled with the yellow giant pythons, both freezing momentarily in the Void.

However, very quickly, yellow splendor erupted from the cheetah, which was shattered into pieces by the giant pythons.

All of Gongsun Wuxie’s talismans, combined with the sea of fire that exploded, was nothing to the giant yellow pythons. They shot through the sea of fire and headed straight for the bony cage.

Both girls were overwhelmed with shock.

“What kind of secret technique is that?” Meili queried in utter shock. Even Gu Taixu had to be cautious when facing her Blood Soul Summoning technique, but it was embarrassingly weak and tenuous in contrast to the yellow halos.

Gongsun Wuxie was equally stupefied. She had fired so many talismans at once, yet the power they had unleashed couldn’t even rival a single attack from the yellow halos.

What on earth was that gargantuan figure? Why was its attack so massively powerful? They couldn’t afford to spend more time thinking about it. Gongsun Wuxie and Meili both felt immensely threatened.

The space started to vibrate all around them. The secret realm had detected their crisis and was about to transport them out. However, just then, a disorder occurred. Not only were they not eliminated, but numerous fine, subtle space turmoils filled their surroundings.

“Da*n it!” Gongsun Wuxie retrieved a handful of silver-white talismans from the pocket at her waist. They emitted surges of space power.

“Space talismans?” Meili’s mouth was wide open with disbelief. Space talismans were the rarest kind among all talismans because only ten people were capable of crafting them. They were the Nine Great Prefecture’s Kings and the Severed Fairy Cliff Master. Only those ten individuals with paramount strength of the Mortal Fairy Level had the ability to craft space talismans.

Unless one was directly descended from them, it was hard to imagine that a person would purposely craft the space talismans for one’s own defense. Moreover, Gongsun Wuxie wasn’t just holding one piece of a talisman: she was holding a handful of them!

These talismans were used by Gongsun Wuxie to save her own life. Every piece was transported to a certain distance with high accuracy, avoiding great danger. However, right now, the space in the proximity was in turmoil, causing Space Transportation to be disabled.

“I can only fight hard now!” Gongsun Wuxie withdrew her talismans and raised a hand to toss out a piece of talisman carved with mountains. The mountains were vivid and realistic, and extremely picturesque.

“Eight Folds Cliff!” The talisman exploded, transfiguring into eight thousand-feet tall cliffs. The cliffs were steep and straight, shrouded in white clouds and filled with enigmatic hues.

At the top of the cliff, broken swords could be indistinctly seen. They were arranged in a densely packed pattern, which made it seem like a graveyard made of swords. It gave off a harsh, cruel ambiance.

“Severed Fairy Cliff!” Meili’s bright eyes opened wide in shock.

The cliff in front of her looked so much like the legendary Severed Fairy Cliff, an underground monarch that controlled the dark influences of the continent. Rumor had it that the Severed Fairy Cliff was artificially constructed from the celestial rocks, so it was sturdy beyond measure. It was said to be so impregnable that no weapons could ever crumble it.

The eight virtual shadows of Severed Fairy Cliff before them overlapped, forming eight protective shields. Each of them was equivalent to the full-force defense of a peak ninth-grade Almighty strong man.


The two yellow halos penetrated the first cliff like a piece of paper. The same happened to the second cliff and those after it. The speed of the yellow halos only slowed down when it reached the seventh cliff, but it was only slowed by one-tenth. The eighth cliff was penetrated amidst an earth-shattering rumbling. The virtual shadows of the Eight Folds Cliff added up to the combined defense of eight peak ninth-grade Almighty. Nonetheless, it was easily torn down by the yellow halos.

Shortly after, the white bone cage suffered the same fate. With a creaking sound, three white bones were callously destroyed by the yellow halos, which then aimed straight for the two people inside the cage.

Gongsun Wuxie inhaled a deep sharp breath. The power of the yellow halos far exceeded her expectations! Worry filled her eyes. Now she couldn’t perform any techniques to defend herself in time, so she could only squeeze the projection jade pendant around her neck into fragments and summoned her father’s projection. But it would mean that she had given up on her freedom.

“Watch me!” At the critical moment, Meili bellowed and bit her finger again, and a drop of essence blood flowed out. The essence blood transformed into an enormous virtual shadow of Mystical Tortoise, which gave off an old, weathered ambiance.

“Follow me!” Meili grabbed Gongsun Wuxie, and they ducked into the virtual shadow of the Mystical Tortoise at the final moment.


Just then, the two yellow halos fell towards them. The Mystical Tortoise’s virtual shadow trembled intensely, but it managed to successfully hold off the yellow halos.

Gongsun Wuxie was relieved and delighted. “You’re amazing…” she began, but then she felt a burden falling into her arms. Meili had closed her eyes and had fallen asleep in her arms because of extreme exhaustion. Meili collapsed right after performing her essence blood power twice.

Gongsun Wuxie wasn’t in much better shape. Her Vital Energy and physical strength had been greatly depleted from continuously firing the Heavens Made Divine Crossbow. Even the brief fight had worn her out.

She was overwhelmed with despair when she realized that the Mystical Tortoise couldn’t hold off the attack completely. The two yellow halos managed to penetrate the Mystical Tortoise after a short-lived stagnation. The virtual shadow of the Mystical Tortoise broke apart and scattered, revealing both of them. The yellow halos struck at the two of them like thunderbolts.

Gongsun Wuxie gritted her teeth, holding Meili with one hand and made her final struggle with the other. “Cosmos Imprint!” In the instant in which the Mystical Tortoise was able to hold off the attack, she got an opportunity to strike. A blue-white imprint was tossed forward. The imprint revolved in the air, and a shocking space-engulfing power erupted from it, drawing everything in the surroundings into it.

Inside the imprint was a man-made space. Once drawn in, it was like being stranded in an independent dimension which it was nearly impossible to get out of. Likewise, such space treasures with independent dimensions could only be crafted by the Mortal Fairy’s Strength. The two yellow halos were sucked into the imprint with a whooping noise.

But before Gongsun Wuxie could enjoy her victory, the imprint began to suddenly quiver, and its surface shimmered with a flickering bright light. “How is that possible?” Gongsun Wuxie was utterly shocked. A foreboding premonition crept in, and she gripped Meili and retreated quickly. However, it was now too late to retreat.

The imprint began to expand drastically, growing from the size of a fist to a skull, its light rapidly flickering.


A thunderous, ear-shattering sound shook the entire secret realm, resonating in all directions. The space treasure Cosmos Imprint was shattered, and the space fluctuation that erupted from it roused terrifying waves of turbulent airflow.

Gongsun Wuxie and Meili bore the brunt of the impact. They were swept from their feet and sent flying like specks of dust. Meili was forcefully shaken out of Gongsun Wuxie’s arms and sent flying backward amidst the dust and debris that filled the air.

Gongsun Wuxie spat out an arrow of blood from her mouth, and her petite body ricocheted around like a stone.

Worse still, the two yellow halos were intact and undamaged. A halo shot toward each of them. The one targeting Gongsun Wuxie was extremely fast and brutal, and it arrived right in front when she was already injured. She had sustained a great blow and didn’t even have time to squeeze the jade pendant around her neck before she was compelled to a blind end of her plight.

Her life flashed before her eyes and the dark silhouette of death shrouded her heart.

“It’s going to end here just like that…” Gongsun Wuxie muttered under her breath as the yellow halos filled her visual field. She knew that this was going to be the final color she saw in this lifetime. Just as she was about to close her eyes and accept her imminent destiny, a beam of violet light suddenly covered the yellow halos.

Gongsun Wuxie felt as if time and space had been paused. When she managed to react, her waist was being gripped by a big hand which emitted scalding heat. Gongsun Wuxie lifted her head to look at her rescuer, and her pupils constricted intensely. She saw snowy white hair, a silver mask, and a pair of eyes so profound it was as if there was a whole other universe hidden in them.

The surprise of escaping death by a hair’s breadth moved her heart, and her joy transformed into hot tears, which trickled down from the corners of her eyes.

“Brother Su Yu, you’ve come to save me.” Gongsun Wuxie was choking on her tears. They were tears of joy.

She had thought that her life was going to end right there, but at the final juncture, Su Yu had pulled her back from the brink of death. The feeling of revival could not be simply described with words.

As she stared at Su Yu, her heart beat wildly in her chest. She couldn’t suppress the feelings in her heart any longer. She clung onto Su Yu’s neck, burying her head in his arms and bawling her eyes out, like a little child who was being bullied.

Su Yu tapped on her back gently, his solemn eyes pinned on the yellow halos. They gave him an enormous sense of danger, and he could sense an even more precarious scent was lurking somewhere in his vicinity!

He turned to look. A well-built, handsome youth was carrying Meili. Beside the youth was a gorgeous, elegant figure.

As he stared at the youth, Su Yu’s pupils shrank. “Gu Taixu!” A name that had been encrypted deep in his heart leaped out!