The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 977

Chapter 977 Body Of A Puppet

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Gu Taixu was the powerful opponent that had appeared at the Heavenly Mysterious Divine Pavilion and the Zhenlong continent. In the past, even his virtual self was an existence of great strength and power whom Su Yu had looked up to.

Su Yu had dealt with him twice. The first time did not result in a satisfactory conclusion due to the Hong Luan disturbance. The second time they fought, Su Yu’s Pure Divine Decree got sealed, causing him to become totally blind. He only managed to succeed in retaliating and recovering his vision at the very last moment.

It had been so many years since they had met, and now they were seeing each other again.

Compared to his two doppelgangers, the real Gu Taixu wasn’t as dazzling. He stood as motionless as a gigantic mountain, but no one would ever doubt the terrifying power contained within him. This was a man that made people step back at first sight.

Su Yu was scrutinizing him. Gu Taixu’s eyes looked towards him as well, as if trying to penetrate Su Yu’s silver mask. When their eyes met, intangible sparks erupted in the air.

“We meet again!” Gu Taixu said, his eyes resonating with coldness and murderous desire.

He hadn’t managed to penetrate the silver mask, but his intuition told him that the person before him was undoubtedly Su Yu. That was the young man, born in an uncivilized territory and a visitor from the Zhenlong continent, who had destroyed his doppelgangers.

Su Yu inhaled a light breath. Slowly, he said, “Yes, we meet again.”

Their eyes met. Watching them, outsiders would assume that they were old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time. In truth, they were enemies in life and would remain so in death.

However, neither Su Yu nor Gu Taixu exposed each other.

Gu Taixu knew that Su Yu was the ruthless demonic man wanted by the Central Prefecture’s King, and Su Yu knew that Gu Taixu had complicated, inexplicable relations with the Central Prefecture’s King.

It was their fear of each other which restrained them and made them placid and composed at the moment.

Lü Chuyi came toward them. “Brother Taixu, do you know Su Yuxian?” she asked in surprise. Even without seeing the face underneath the silver mask, Lü Chuyi could tell it was Su Yuxian because she remembered his voice.

“Su Yuxian?” Gu Taixu’s lips twitched into a smile of interest and taunting. “I remember now. You have two women, and their names include the words ‘Yu’ and ‘Xian’ respectively.” Gu Taixu’s doppelganger used to incarnate in the Heavenly Law and rule over the lives of the Zhenlong continent. How would he not know about the two women most important to Su Yu?

Lü Chuyi scowled as she stared at Su Yuxian. Her tranquil emotions began rippling as the figure gradually overlapped with the youthful figure in her memory, without her even realizing. What made it the hardest for her to suppress her emotions were the eyes beneath the silver mask, which held such a great resemblance to those of Su Yu. Her intuition told that there must be some kind of relationship between Su Yu and Su Yuxian, but, since her fiance Gu Taixu was present, it wasn’t convenient for her to query.

As she sensed the vague hostility between the two of them, Lü Chuyi changed the subject. Gently, she said, “Brother Taixu, let us check Li-er’s injuries first.”

Only then did Gu Taixu tear his dispassionate eyes away from Su Yu. “She just has some superficial wounds; she won’t die,” he said.

After handing over the Meili to Lü Chuyi, Gu Taixu cast his solemn gaze on the giant who was amidst the blurry mist. “Laying hands on my people without my permission. I don’t care who you are, or what you are, your fate is decided!” he said icily. His words were filled with a natural touch of dominance.

“Hehe, Gu Taixu, the first expert of Fengyun among the youths of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands. I’ve wanted to have a match with you for a long time.” The giant was spitting out human words, its voice as loud as the rumbling of thunder.

The clouds and the mist roiled, and the undercurrents of the All Creations Mighty Force surged. The two yellow halos avoided by Gu Taixu circled around and were aiming at him once again.

“You haven’t understood my meaning,” Gu Taixu remarked detachedly. He took a stride forward and stretched out both of his hands, easily taking hold of the yellow halos that were heading straight for him.

Those who witnessed the scene were deeply shocked. Gu Taixu had actually caught hold of the two yellow halos in his hands! The halos contained boundless power and the All Creations Mighty Force. Gongsun Wuxie’s numerous Almighty peak defenses were just like pieces of paper compared to the yellow halos. But right now, the two yellow halos were being gripped by Gu Taixu’s bare hands.

“What?” A low exclamation of shock escaped the giant’s mouth.

Gu Taixu had a look of nonchalance on his face as he brought his palms together.


With the sound of an eggshell being crushed into pieces, the yellow halos were smashed into nothingness.

Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes flickered as she witnessed the scene. Stupefied, she sent a message through telepathy, “Brother Yuxian, I’m afraid that Gu Taixu’s real cultivation has surpassed the Almighty level. Even though he hasn’t broken through the All Creations level, those who have just stepped into the All Creations are probably no match for him,” she said.

Su Yu did not doubt her speculation in the slightest. Gu Taixu had an unreasonably strong combat power that couldn’t be explained. Su Yu had certainly had the right to look up to him back when he was in the Zhenlong continent, but now…

Gu Taixu smashed the yellow halos into pieces with indifference. He took a step forward, and the muddy swamp underneath his feet began boiling restlessly under the great pressure, like a pot of cooked oil.

The giant fell silent for a second as it felt the immense power of its opponent. But then it laughed without a hint of urgency. “Hahaha, Gu Taixu, your reputation is well deserved! My Boundless Law Celestial Light is derived from the All Creations strong men, and every strike is infinitely close to the level of the All Creations Old Monsters. Even that couldn’t beat you! You truly are a rare, top-notch genius. The number of individuals who could rival you in this entire continent could be counted on one hand.”.

The giant continued to talk. “Confining such a talent in a nook of the continent really is a reckless waste of resources. If you are willing, I can recommend a place, a great domain where you can fully utilize your talents. How about that?”

Su Yu’s eyes shone. The true identity of the giant was unknown, and it did not seem like it came from one from the 16 great factions.

In the whole wide world, influences that could accommodate absolute geniuses like Gu Taixu were few and far between. If the giant was daring to utter such conceited words of arrogance, then it must have come from a powerful place.

“No way!” Gu Taixu replied. “I am Gu Taixu, I don’t need any help to defeat the Heaven Rulers of the generation!” His eyes turned icy cold. Unrestrained by the control of the gravitational pull, he flew forward like a remnant shadow with his right arm raised and slammed down with his palm.

Knowing that its persuasion was futile, the giant said coldly, “Good birds make their own choice of trees to dwell in. I thought that you were smart, but it turns out that you are, in fact, just another foolish person.” With a soft snort, the giant lifted its right palm and smashed it into the air. All of a sudden, the exploding sound of thunder erupted with full force.

The fuzzy mist within an area of ten thousand feet was dispersed by the strong tremor of the airflow, and a bright light was finally once again revealed. It turned out that the impact created by the duel between the two parties had shattered a barrier at the top of the secret realm, causing the mist to drain out.

“Damage to the secret realm!” Lü Chuyi exclaimed in utter shock.

The withholding limit of the secret realm was the Almighty peak, and it could only be damaged by the All Creations.

Gu Taixu’s eyes were endlessly cold, and he retreated a few dozen feet. The enormous bulk of the giant was repelled a few dozen feet back as well. This giant was in fact, equally strong as Gu Taixu!

The most shocking part was the real appearance of the giant, which was unveiled after the fuzzy mist dissipated. It was a silver puppet with the height of a hundred feet. Its entire body was glimmering with a silver-white metallic luster, and it had obscure facial features. Two mysterious formations were hidden inside its eyes. The shockingly powerful yellow halos had been released through the activation of the formations.

Su Yu touched his space ring subliminally, as he looked at the silver puppet.

“Body of a puppet? Great!” Gu Taixu seemed to be enraged. He mustered his energy with two palms, and brutally directed his power towards the silver puppet.

“You’ve overestimated your capabilities!” The silver puppet sneered. Silver light dazzled on its palms, forming a layer of waves that couldn’t be seen clearly by the naked eye. The waves struck at Gu Taixu.

Boom! Bang! Bang!

The incessant, dull rumbling of thunder reverberated endlessly.

The entire secret realm trembled at the sounds of the duel, and numerous damages arose all across it, causing the blurry haze to completely dissipate.

“Heaven’s Web of Ten Directions!” Gu Taixu pressed down with five fingers. Like the hand of the heavens, it encompassed the mighty forces of the heavens and the earth and suppressed the disobedient creatures.

The silver puppet was relaxed and fearless. “Unmoving Mountains!”

The battle was unusually intense. It was not in the least inferior to the battle between All Creations strong men.